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  1. !964 Hillman Minx, which had apparently been swapped for My Dad's Ford Anglia van as a saloon car was considered much safer for a new born.
  2. Two cars in the household; Both Hondas, My 2003 Civic and My Wife's 62 plate Jazz Both fully legal and mechanically sound.* *You expected what?? Sorry I know this is Autoshite but we drive Hondas, deal with it!!
  3. Excellent idea in these troubled times, Could I have no 22 as it's my birthday and the only number I can type without thinking too much?
  4. I work for the NHS; at first I was not that bothered about the NHS clap but seeing so many people embrace it and make the effort I have to admit I was moved and quite emotional. The Friday Morning following my ward had an irate phone call from a lady DEMANDING; AN UPDATE AND I MEAN A FULL UPDATE of her Father's condition. highlighting at great length how she was not happy with our lack of professionalism and inferior care of her beloved Dad who she has not once visited in 17 days. This 'Lady' 'lives four streets away from me so half a mile from the Hospital that Dear ole Dad is being neglected in but guess what? She shared every post about showing Her appreciation of the wonderful NHS Heroes in local Facebook groups and is out in the front garden all happy clappy and so full of praise for us wonderful people. The only one? I shouldn't think so.
  5. Doctormop


    I'm thinking left field; maybe Daewoo Kalos? Hope your stay with NHS has left you cured.
  6. I seem to remember in The Pilot episode Makepeace had a red Mini that got flipped onto its roof by ruffians, The next episode She had a black Mini that ended up in a scrapyard crusher with both heroes inside. Their Governor (Spikings) had a Mk 2 Granada.
  7. The same obviously applies to Rear engine Skodas; I looked at an immaculate one owner from new Estelle in 1993 for peanuts and got a bank loan on a truly horrible Orion instead. I could have bought the Skoda outright but borrowed money for the "Superior" Ford instead. ps The Estelle would probably be running today with basic TLC, The Ford rotted away before I was half way through paying it off. pps Buy the best example of an unpopular car, look after it and You'll never lose in the long term.
  8. An instant response to sensible questions from August this year. Congratulations on winning Autoshite.
  9. You always remember you're first, vehicle or sexual experience Try to guide him to less dangerous memories Safer options exist in the form of a C1/07/G0 Panda/Picanto flavour but then I never listened to sensible advice when I started driving and my £200 Cortina is a treasured memory of30 years ago..... Find a decent solid example and fix any mechanical issues as they arise, It will build character.
  10. Rumour is it belongs to a local chap whose owned it for years but it is just a rumour, can't understand why you'd just leave it when Cartakeback would give you something for it
  11. Been sat outside my Mates front door for seven months now. Untaxed since June 2016 apparently MOT expired last April
  12. Good God The pineapple roof rack and Iron cross might be an improvement for once!
  13. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201910113201405?price-to=2500&postcode=la97et&advertising-location=at_cars&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=New&sort=distance&minimum-badge-engine-size=2.4&radius=1500&page=1 Not sure if this has been posted already But £495 for a Renault 25 "Limousine" with a knackered transmission
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