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  1. you'll have a desirable* multicoloured Zafira now, sounds like an upgrade to me
  2. not since i left uni to be fair, so about 9 months. I hardly go north of Horsham in the car at the moment 🤣.
  3. i don't think i've ever seen a speedtrap on the a23 mind you, the clio struggles beyond 75 anyway so it aint as if i can get done for owt anyway! (barring down handcross hill, which is a bit boring these days- bring back the copious danger)
  4. i'll admit bowery electric and miraidempa are both grey areas
  5. no fear! long way off yet (unless owt dramatic happens) anyway that's a whole other topic, glad this mondy has been found i never did see it move while i lived there mind
  6. it's just a bit of a pain to go out on the beers anywhere late at night without paying an arm and a leg for a taxi!
  7. eh, difficult to say. we did get broken into, but other than that my last year of uni was a proper laugh. compared to rural sussex it has its ups and downs that's for sure.
  8. bloody hell i used to live on the same road as that car! glad it's been found.
  9. according to radio sussex it will be 30 quid for the day, but only* 15 quid if you arrive after 3pm. i think it's only during 'the season' though, which i'd assume would be summer sort of time anyway back to cars, apologies for the slight drift 🤣
  10. considering it's now 30 quid to park there don't think many others will neither 🤣
  11. i've seen one on an x plate ( i think) knocking about the village. has mismatched blue and silver panels.
  12. cd player ashtray leccy windows are handy otherwise not that arsed
  13. how many ghia's has it got? (this was the best ghia pun i could come up with)
  14. van looks clean as to me without my glasses on well bought i say
  15. if i had the money to buy (and insure) that i'd just buy it and rag it about, like it was supposed to be. bollocks to these 'investors'.
  16. sad to hear the clio might be going. they're good little motors (if a bit prone to random acts of wtf are you doing you daft car)
  17. crad

    Bus Shite

    i'd have it run on some sort of local level with public money- plenty of people here (admiteddly that's just in the village) would be willing I think. it's all a bit pie in the sky i suppose, I just think there must be a better way- otherwise the only future i can see for mass transit is in big cities of the london/brum ilk.
  18. crad

    Bus Shite

    the issue with buses (and public transport more widely in britain i think) is that we seem to think it MUST make a profit- why not make them not for profit enterprises- any profit they do make can be reinvested into the service, but the main priority should be providing a good service for people to reduce car usage, imo. we used to have 2 buses an hour between horsham and brighton, a bus to worthing and i think (i might be wrong) that the compass burgess hill- horsham bus also used to be twice hourly. i know in the sticks it might not be profitable, but make the service semi regular and a decent price and people will use it! (i hope that isn't too political!)
  19. the glorious amber glow of the clio's service light
  20. ex-taxi primera with about a billion miles ¿?
  21. problem with greatest hits is the bloody adverts, they drive me up the wall (and the fact i can't seem to ever get a good signal in the motor when i'm in sussex).
  22. am i a wrongun to say these look almost good??? perhaps i need a new prescription for my glasses...
  23. he looks to me like he's trying to light a fag on a really windy day
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