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  1. my 2003 clio is compliant with all the clean air zones
  2. much as i would love huggy, i'm not sure a skint student is the right custodian for such a fine steed
  3. trabant and a big cadillac brougham
  4. 1250 quid honda aerodeck. kept for a month, only doing a couple journeys, one to heathrow. great fun with vtec but my 600 quid clio is cheaper to run and i dont need an estate, prohibitive 2 car insurance as well. edit: saying that ive spent probably 2-3k on the clio
  5. i paid 99p a litre at tescos in the first lockdown, it was fantastic
  6. i wrote my politics dissertation on this and pretty much said what has already been said government faliure to join the EEC when the british car industry was strong in the 50s and 60s government subsidising competitors when they shouldve made an effort with the british companies in the 80s management being generally pish BMW did I mention management being woeful
  7. my mother always did most of the driving cos dad was away, and we didnt really buy many cars- kept them for a while instead g reg? Ford Orion, me dad crashed that on the autobahn when i was less than a year old on my first trip to germany (around 2000) V87DJH Skoda Octavia estate- fantastic car, many happy memories including my dad getting it to 120 on the autobahn. sold in 2010 and didnt last much longer, had aorund 120k miles on it I think LJ58SDY- current family wagon, Mondeo Estate, around 120k on the clock I think and still going strong mum also bought a mini ??55CTF in 2019 after she broke her leg as she needed an auto to drive- still have that one as well
  8. don't think i'll be able to make this as I work saturdays and cant really afford to take time off at the moment
  9. yeah that was my mistake, drink may or may not have been involved, not that it justifies it
  10. excellent film choice my good man
  11. thats must've been round the clock already surely, otherwise thats madly low!?
  12. my clio does the same thing when its cold weather -checked it today and no gunk funnily enough
  13. the police are too busy protecting the wealthiest to look into crimes affecting the plebians
  14. go on, spoil yourself... until another fine* automobile shows up anyway
  15. what a superb dash that is
  16. aye they might notice that. either way i hope your creative juices will soon flow out like a cascading waterfall
  17. could always do what a bloke i knew did for his dissertation and just write a fake wordcount on the cover sheet
  18. i'd be interested provided i can get time off work, amberly is only about 20 mins from me. no date preference
  19. cleaned the clio for the first time in two years today. its gone from minging to acceptable, still quite a bit of dirt in the carpets but am going to the horse everyday so cba to go that anal on it
  20. great shame. we've got a mark 4 (?) estate dizzler with 115k miles and still going strong. gives me another reason to despise those stupid SUV's and crossovers
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