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  1. lisbon_road

    Morris 1300

    I wouldn't be worrying about that ride height personally Rob. I think that with so many old cars slammed these days, anything normal looks like a 70s jacked up monster. Our perception of normal has changed. Looks ok to me.
  2. Very impressed with the quality of work and dedication. I've owned about six of these cars, most of which have been pretty much rust free. I did briefly have a 200K mile one which was a bit bad and had gone through underneath just behind the springs and the rear arches were hanging off. That was the only German built one I have had, though whether there's any connection I don't know. Do you have any idea why yours is so rusty? Appreciate the updates as they really encourage me to get with things - if you can do all this, we can all do something. Edit, just read through and I think this is a C16SE Astra. Must go quite well.
  3. Just looking at some old Buses magazines. Came across an article about how Paxton sold coaches in Denmark, including some Paxton bodied Magrius Deutz coaches. Well I never.
  4. I've done the classic job of sealing the plastic trim that goes across the bottom of the windscreen. If these distort, rain water will pour into the heater and the heater turns into a steam generator. I used traditional window sealant, the stuff that doesn't go hard, not the modern PU sealant for bonded windows as I'd never get it off. I avoided silicon for all the paint reasons. Straightforward enough but thought I'd mention that I think part of the problem is the way the rubber seal that goes around the bottom of the windscreen can be misplaced. This leads to the plastic panel not fitting well. This car recently had a windscreen and that seal isn't fitted that well - it looks quite difficult and across the bottom, I'm not entirely sure what it does once the sealant has gone off. Part of me is wondering if I should get more of the car painted. It wasn't very expensive and the areas that are painted don't match well.
  5. I remember being apprehensive of doing a cambelt change. Done countless since, go for it, loads on here to help if you need it.
  6. lisbon_road

    Morris 1300

    Friend of my father ran a scrap yard in East London and used to take the engines out of 1100/1300s and ship them to Africa to be used on boats.
  7. Interesting to see in that Autocar article someone has linked above that the car makers aren't that keen on the scheme being linked to electric cars, because they subsidise the cost of them. If this does happen, I really hope that they see sense and put a 25 year limit on this. Not just on the grounds that 25 year old cars are historic but also on the grounds that they never do any miles so what's the gain. No-one does a significant milage in a 25 year old car, do they? Er..... well apart from me and a few more on here.....
  8. I've got to say in fairness that I've had a trial of a Nissan Leaf and was impressed, I've been in Chinese taxis as above and been impressed and been in a Tesla and been thoroughly scared - not my thing at all. So I am not anti electric car, think they're great. I just don't think this approach is right. Taxis, shared ownership and frankly bikes and buses are a better bet.
  9. With the points Fumbler raised above, including the difficulty recycling the batteries, and the issue of very limited cobalt and other materials required for the batteries, I reckon this is the wrong approach. We used to live in Chandlers Ford, a posh suburb and I'd often see Nissan Leafs obviously used basically as shopping cars. This is just daft. Surely the best approach, as seems broadly used in China, is for the electric cars to be taxis. I've been in electric taxis in Shenzhen and frankly they are pretty awesome and of course drive around all day so that battery gets thoroughly used. I don't know how they manage the charging time but clearly they do. I just don't think this is the right approach, and it brings out thoughts in me that aren't appropriate as I believe we're not supposed to do politics on here! Some sums. Car battery: 400 kg (say). Life ten years. That's 40 kg a year. Shopping car say 2000 miles a year, 50 mpg, density 0.7, 4,54 litres/gallon is 128 kg/year. So replace three kg of fuel with one kg of lithium battery? That's crazy. BUT a taxi at 50,000 miles per year. That's three tons of fuel to replace 40 kg battery. Sounding better.
  10. It is back. They painted the drivers side front wing, which replaced the totally rotted one at the bottom, painted and stone chipped the drivers side sill which was scabby but not rusted through or anything, filled and painted the rear arch drivers side, painted the top half of the drivers door, painted the bottom half of the rear wing and cleaned up the rear arch on the passenger side, again not rusted through and painted it and the bottom half of the passenger side wing. I put most of it back together though they put the front wing on. It looks a lot better than before. I had been told that this was a difficult paint colour to match and they said that they had eight variants but still were not happy with it. It does show but I guess that's why complete sides of cars get painted. A lot better than before though. Since I've had it from Rob: New exhaust cat back New tyres Alloy wheels Front suspension (shocks, ball joints, bushes, track rod ends, wheel bearings, top mounts) Recon cylinder head, water pump, cambelt, aux belt Service stuff Rubber inlet pipe Replacement dashboard off another car Body job as above Not a lot really........
  11. lisbon_road

    Morris 1300

    Rob, you know how to make my day.
  12. lisbon_road

    Morris 1300

    Pick up on a few points. For RayMK and RobT, I know some systems are ok and I can believe that the points in the Metro are quite good. But you have to see just how utter rubbish the distributors in Vivas were. They'd often have huge play in the shafts out of the box, and setting the points was always a sort of juggling act to try and get an acceptable average. They were simply [email protected] Companies sold modified Lucas distributors to fit them, or Bosch distributors from later Vivas or Chevettes could be fitted. It is staggering to think that most of these cars were not running right most of the time. I had an old system called a Mobelec Magnum (great name) which lasted years and now use a Luminition which is old enough that the quality is probably ok. But the idea of having a set of points and condenser in the glove box is a good one of course. Getting off topic but the Viva used a cold start ignition system which maintained voltage across the coil on starting by having a resistor in series with the coil when running. This added to the current crossing the points most of the time. Best bet was to dump that straight away and just use a normal 12 volt coil off something like Rob's 1100.
  13. lisbon_road

    Morris 1300

    I fitted electronic ignition to the Vauxhall Viva in the late 80s. Life is too short to use points. In fairness, the system in your car Rob will be dramatically better than the atrocious rubbish AC Delco supplied Vauxhall with, but I'd still get rid. And a proper one, dump the points completely. One question I've never got an answer to. I hear a lot about modern available condensers being rubbish and have wondered if you could use a bigger capacitor like say a motor start and run cap mounted outside the distributor. They are readily available and decent quality. Just thinking like.
  14. The car is in the bodyshop. I visited today and it is all filled and ready for the next stage, but I had said to them 'take as long as you like' and they got some vans in which are in need of immediate work. So my car waits, which is perfectly ok as it has given me an excuse to get 'the other' Astra out. That's my red, two owner from new, LPG 158K mile much cleaner car. Which begs the question: why do I have two? I have no idea. But I got it out of the lockup this morning and have used it for charity food deliveries today. Some people were really pleased to get some food today, what crazy times we are in.
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