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  1. Can you jack it up at a crazy angle to avoid fluid loss when swapping the shaft? Keeping the car out of the salt is a good plan. I could not agree more. Just remember, we're still in September so there's a bit of time yet!
  2. Do you use a torque wrench? Er generally don't need to retighten suspension. Otherwise, distortion of hubs worth checking. I have a dti if you need one
  3. This is a fantastic car and thanks for sharing your story with us. There are always problems when you buy a car of this age and you clearly are determined to sort it out. Good to see that there are such crazy people in your country too. Looking forward to more updates.
  4. I have a friend who is a car salesman and has worked for Mercedes, Vauxhall and Ford at least. He's told me that the bulk of their training is all about finance, very little about cars.
  5. Looks good. Thanks for sharing pictures of Norway trip. Would appreciate knowing what you stick the headlining material on with, and any tips like do you stretch it as you put it on. I've three sagging headlinings to fix sadly!
  6. I claim the least. 1984-current: 1967 Vauxhall Viva 1994: 1970 Vauxhall Viva estate 1994-5: Volvo 343 1996-2018 1986 Ford Sierra 2007-current: 1994 Vauxhall Astra 2016-current: 1996 Vauxhall Astra This excludes cars bought to sell or break and my wife's cars. A couple of the ones bought to sell stayed for three months or so, so perhaps they should count: 1989 Sierra 2001 Corsa 1996 Astra 1994 Astra 1995 BMW 5 series special edition But still not a lot!
  7. Sierras always need compliance bushes, the ones in the lower suspension arms that locate the anti roll bar. I'd recommend going for polyurethane even on a road going car. The originals weren't very good and everyone used to fit so called solid heavy duty ones. And they weren't very good either.
  8. I remember the parts man at AC Barnes telling us that when the HC Viva came out, they were selling them so fast that it was only when they did a stock take that they realised they'd lost one. It had been stolen. I suspect it was his favourite story. Great photo.
  9. I have a wind back tool if you need it. I don't like using it much though. Rear discs always seem a bit complicated to me.
  10. I had a problem recently which was sort of similar and turned out to be a wheel bearing. Yours does sound more convincingly brake though. Might be worth taking the pads out and running the piston in and out, if you don't want to splash out on another caliper. Just an idea.
  11. Have you considered running the piston in and out a few times to see if it frees up?
  12. Good bit of work. That isn't easy and welds look pretty good.
  13. I think that the lack of success of the A40 Farina, such an innovative car, is a whole other story. There are a few HA Viva cars left: I believe that they and most of the HBs were surprisingly well made as Vauxhall were trying to shed their reputation for rusty cars that dated perhaps to their first unitary cars and most of the stuff they made in the 50s. Standards slipped though and most of the later HA vans certainly could rust. I don't think anyone knows what the '90' meant - how about VX4/90 which was applied to at least four completely different ranges of car!
  14. Bear in mind that they should be taxed, even if it is free, if they're on the road. You're spot on about the MOTs, though (which I think is crazy - and my MOT examiner says it has made his job boring!)
  15. No idea but your house looks in a nice area.
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