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  1. I'm happy to change the rubber connections in fuel lines to compatible marine stuff as someone recommended before. The Vauxhall Viva gets so little use that I'm already wondering about an electric fuel pump to be able to empty the tank anyway, then bung the fuel in something else when it goes for a rest for a few months. I was thinking about converting it to lpg but I can hardly get it round here anyway.
  2. What's going on with the Mk2 Cortinas with what at least looks like FD Victor grills and lights?
  3. Anyone had the buyers who are on a ship at sea and want to buy the car for their son/daughter/friend/whatever? It is some sort of scam but although I have had two of the enquiries, I've never got far enough to see how the scam works. I did send one a load of photographs, I was very suspicious but nothing to lose by sending pictures. Second time, I just dismissed it. How many people on ships at sea want to buy cars unseen? But someone must fall for this, or it wouldn't be worth their while.
  4. I like the green one in the photo. Agree with the minimalist sentiment. I never owned one but knew people that did. They were ok, but quite noisy like most of the alternatives. I think they're so well thought of for three reasons. First, the money Ford poured into motorsport gave them a really good image, so everyone thought they were driving a rally car. Second, the marketing was very good and kept the image up with subltle tweaks to the appearance and go faster versions. Third, they seemed to have slightly less quality problems than some of the alternatives, which were dreadful.
  5. I believe that the liklihood of punters turning up is inversely proportional to the story they tell of the effort they are putting into coming. If you get a great long song and dance about changing shifts, directions, help from friends, whatever, there's not a lot of chance they will appear. If you just get 'ok see you at three' then they probably will. Worst car ever was a VW Touran, 180K miles and very very rough. It was priced at £2400 from memory and just a few hundred more would have got a much much better car, or the same money a simpler car in better condition. Hardly a
  6. lisbon_road

    Morris 1300

    That 123 ignition is interesting. When you rev the engine on many older cars, the timing light just shows a blur. Be really interesting to see if your MGB runs better, probably less fuel and better emissions. Sorry Rob, we've gone a bit off topic..........
  7. lisbon_road

    Morris 1300

    That's fine, and I don't disagree. OE upgrades will use proper automotive electronic components and might be much more reliable. Providing you can get them - if they were ever fitted and if they are available now and not too ancient.
  8. lisbon_road

    Morris 1300

    I originally had a Mobelec Magnum system, which actually did last for many years. I then went for a Lumenition system which is generally well thought of. I think I got it secondhand, though not much used. I just looked them up and they're quite a price now.
  9. lisbon_road

    Morris 1300

    I own an HB Viva and fitted it with electronic ignition in the 80s as that system was really really dreadful. There must be Metro systems that can be used, but now it is probably easier to go for a decent after market one. I do think the Lucas distributor on a Mini/1100/1300 was much better than a Delco one though. The Viva has a cold start system, which does start quite well, but it must increase the running current across the points which seems like a bad idea. Better to have everything in decent order and dump the cold start.
  10. As a cyclist, I've a few tools I've found by the side of the road. A nice 10mm spanner being one. Really amazing how many bits of broken springs you see these days. They don't make 'em like they used to for sure. I often pick them up and chuck them in the scrap metal, largely because the ends look rasor sharp. Glad it made your day. I also, er, have sold a few wheel trims on ebay that I've found at the side of the road. One was collected rather than being posted, which made me hope that it didn't have any distinguishing marks.
  11. lisbon_road

    Morris 1300

    Shame about Cavalier, perhaps you'll tell us more sometime. And I called your other car a Morris! Sorry.
  12. lisbon_road

    Morris 1300

    Is the Cavalier having a rest Rob? Good to see the Austin doing well.
  13. This is amazing work and your detailed posts are greatly appreciated as they encourage the rest of us to get on with our stuff, though I doubt that there's anyone doing anything as amazing as this. Waterless coolant: yes, not convinced. It definitely has lower heat transfer capability. High concentrations of ethylene glycol can lead to polymerisation which causes all sorts of pump leak problems. I'm not sure if the same can happen with propylene glycol which I believe is used for waterless coolants. Keep it simple: I use traditional blue antifreeze with water out of a dehumidifier as
  14. I've seen it before in a car, years of MOTs and somewhere along the line it gets an advisory for steering rack wear and never gets mentioned again.
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