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  1. Sadly, they are all dead I think. Peggy Cummins died not long ago but sadly Sid James and Stanley Baker both died in the '70s. That's a while gone. RIP.
  2. I suggest a special prize for anyone who can get a family member to an AS gathering. I'm looking forward to it!
  3. I got an MOT on an old Clio and it EML'd when driven off the ramp. But the red Astra, after an engine rebuild, first trip was an MOT. It was really noisy and it got worse and worse and they could keep it running for an MOT test. Even my tester said he couldn't pass it. Took the engine apart and there was a nut in there. Never did find out how it got in. Cracked piston. Old pistons and I'd been considering getting it rebored. Had to after that.
  4. Put two Avons on my wife's Zafira. One wore all unevenly and the other is now getting cracked to the point I will have to change it, even though it has enough tread. I think Avon is part of a big group, so perhaps the tyres come from all over the place, but on my tiny sample, I'm sadly inclined to agree with above.
  5. If she's getting stiff in the joints, the doors on a 3 door are generally larger. When my gran was still alive, it was easier to get her in my 3dr Astra than my parents Rover 75. Had to help her bend her knees, bless. But I understand: some people just won't have a three door. And in fairness the Astra doors are huge, and the doors on that little car probably aren't.
  6. It will read out fault codes through the standard available Opcom software, but there's no live data and you know that live data is everything. As to airbags, I have let one off in the garden once. I read that I wasn't allowed to throw them in the scrap without letting them off, so I connected it up to some very long wires and sat with the children at a suitable distance and applied 12 volts. There was an almightly bang and the thing that surprised me was the smell of explosives.
  7. This is a really good thread Stanky thanks for sharing. Impressed with your tenacity, all helps us with our own jobs. Still want to try my OBD1 Astra on your software sometime to see if we can get a response, when we're allowed to (especially as there's no rush and it is in bits).
  8. Hi it is me the glue man (according to Stanky). If that hole is just an isolated bit of rust, glue would be excellent. I got disillusioned with the proper stuff and would advocate araldite. If you can access the back, glue a square on. Ideally find something with a captive nut on it already. Glue is awesome for preventing future rust. Also you could use something like zintec without risk of death due to welding fumes.
  9. The ultimate Autoshite Maestro is on C&C too. 6K miles from new, LHD, Ledbury. Not exactly a bargain but where would you find another? Frankly the only way to top this is with a Chinese one, and that'll be hard to find now. I think China just wipes out older cars without trace. I had a friend - oops have - who had a succession of Maestros in the day. They were a lot better than their reputation. https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1315481
  10. I have sold a lot on ebay, and some have gone for up to £20 though a minimal profit is the case for those where there are more manuals than demand. I had one for I think a Renault 30. I looked on Howmanyleft.com and there were about ten, but there were 13 manuals for sale on ebay. Thinking that my chances were slim, I advertised it and was surprised that it sold to someone in Germany. I got a load from a man who died but it was mostly re-homing rather than getting rich. I'll never know why he had quite so many.
  11. My parents had a Fordson van first. Then a Flying Standard Then a Bristol 403 (really) sadly written off. Then a brand new Mini. They did 60K miles in it in a few years. Then a Triumph Herald that rotted through the chassis in about four years. Then a Wolseley 1500 that also rotted as we lived in Holland and there was a lot of salt. They then bought an HB Viva estate, G reg which was a good car and took it from 20K to 120K. It had only regular maintenance. This was followed by an HC Viva estate which was very unreliable and never seemed to run right. It proved also to have been in some sort of accident. Next a brand new VX1800 estate, which they still have, Then a B reg Montego company car which was ok but difficult to find the years. Then an E reg white 2.0 Montego which was a very good car generally. Then a K reg Rover 820 in grey, also a good car. Then a P reg Rover 820 in gold with cream leather. I never liked it due to the colour, but I don't think there was actually anything wrong with it. Then we're out of autoshite territory and anyway I get a bit confused. Hmm.... remember the older ones, that's an age thing!
  12. I haven't had a chance to look. But I might be able to find a photo. Be good to see a picture of the car with the badges now too.
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