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  1. It certainly exists Rob. It remains easy to drive and totally reliable. Up to 117.000 now though I admit the rear arches are looking a bit grim. Worse than when I bought it from you. I'm finishing the engine, will probably swap the dash and possibly paint/clean up the underside while we are on lockdown. But I am reluctant to start welding as I don't think we should be doing anything dangerous and I do not have enough gear to do it. I have enjoyed owning it, though to this day I have no idea why I bought it. I look forward to a chance for you to see it again one day after we have returned to normal, if we ever do. Might be a good thing if a few things don't actually get back to where they were.
  2. The engine in the Rob T Astra runs ok but I have K sealed it, and it leaks oil. Knocks a bit when it starts up as well. I noticed someone selling a recon head, water pump, oil pump, pistons and rings and other bits on ebay for £40, apparently taken off a car that had done 1000 miles and was rear ended. I collected it, which got a bit complicated as the gent was on the IOW, but fortunately got it before we were all told to stay put. It all looks pretty good and the pistons are reasonably clean with new rings. My engine runs ok, and the markings on the pistons in the engine (H3) are different to the new ones (H4) though I think both are standard size. I'm thinking of leaving the pistons and rings well alone as I generally feel that new rings in old bores is fraught with problems as the rings bed to the bores. There is no lip on the bores though, remember years ago when you'd get a huge lip? Anyone an opinion? I will be fitting the head and the water pump with a new belt. The tensioner looks fine and not very old so I will leave that. The head looks good with new studs, thermostat and I have a set of new bolts and head gasket set which was £4 from an autojumble. I'll fit the new big ends out of the new set of parts for sure, which isn't difficult on an Astra as the sump drops off as long as the exhaust is loose. I'm not that skint really. I'm just tight!
  3. You could get the ebay tailgate and take the window out. Not that any of this is possible at the moment, but plans can be made for then they are possible. Great car, good luck.
  4. I know this is not completely relevant, but running cars on lpg, the oil looks clean even after (say) 8000 miles. I change it thinking perhaps I should, not because it looks horrible.
  5. @artdjones yes I have heard something about cheap Russian steel being used. No idea if it is true, or if it was the whole story.
  6. @sierraman, yes they were plastic. Easily replaced with alloys though. Rust wise, sad to say, the better Sierras were the WFO marked made by Ford Germany in Belgium. The Dagenham ones marked SFA rotted much worse. My original was a WFO. Don't like slagging off our factory, just saying how it is.
  7. @xtriple, it is up for £6K. Difficult to judge the right price. I might try an auction when the weather perks up. Have put it on Passionford with no response, not even a smart comment. This is a more friendly forum. @newpod, your Cavalier man needs to read up on the rules. I followed them very closely. You can't just screw random stuff onto a new shell. You might get away with it if you don't tell anyone of course but that's another matter. A Ford dealer told me that years ago when reshells were more common, they would rivet the transit plate that comes with a new shell where the VIN number should be. Would not get away with that now, though I suppose there might be a few still about. I forgot to mention the new petrol tank and pump and all lines. I sealed the tank as the new ones aren't protected inside and rot in no time at all. I reckon the sealant really sticks to new tanks.
  8. I followed the process and filled in the forms. They said I needed a new VINnumber but decided I was allowed to keep the registration number. That's it for me!
  9. @LightBulbFun, the new shell does not have a VINnumber. It is entirely blank. I got a letter written to authenticate the shell as being a new Ford Shell, and submitted this to the DVLA with loads of other stuff and a new VINnumber was issued with the same actual registration number and original date of manufacture - in fact the shell is 1986 also. The new number actually starts DVLA. I had to stamp the new number on an aluminium plate in place of the orginal under the bonnet and into the shell itself.
  10. The ending is happy for sure. But it could be happier. It needs a new owner. It has hardly done any miles since this saga and is ready to go. Been fun writing this, but that's the bottom line.. Anyone interested? Incidentally, I had the pepperpots recoated and they look very smart now. They've been recoated since the picture above.
  11. And then it came home and I got it finished. It received a new VIN number from the DVLA - they took a bit of convincing, but I found someone human eventually - so for sure it is legal.
  12. Here is the shell in the local paint shop. I made up wheels to transport it on and we pushed it down the road. It wasn't far - fortunately.
  13. Now I built my own Sierra. DOHC engine, MT75 box, original Mk1 looking otherwise with Pepperpots. Endless new parts: new bumpers, side strips, window trims, all suspension and steering and brake parts. Black powder coated suspension, all new bushes. New castings for the wheel bearings at the front. The list goes on and on. The shell was sprayed in two pack Ford Diamond white with exactly the correct stripes down the side - nothing else looks right. I did a lot of work on the shell while the original car was still on the road, as the picture attached shows. Basically I took the decent panels off the old car and put them on the new one and put duff ones in their place, makinf sure that I had a really good set of doors and closures. And insane levels of rustproofing, I just got the stuff everywhere including the trapped sections over the doors.
  14. As the miles crept on, the car was still good but it started to show age through - of course rust. Not that it was bad by Sierra standards. I remember one MOT when I got it on the ramp and was sitting inside (those were the days) and the examiner came out from underneath and calmly asked me 'why isn't it rusty?' The answer was that it was a Belgian body, and they seemed to last longer. But at 190K, it was starting to go. One day, I saw an advert on ebay for a new bodyshell. It was in Yorkshire. I could not resist. I borrowed a work van, hired a trailer and off I went.
  15. Here is a picture of the lpg conversion under the bonnet. It wasn't difficult to do, but after this I modified it to the injection manifold and then rebuild the Pinto engine - another picture. After that. I converted it to and a DOHC engine and MT75 box, which I never connected to the lpg.
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