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  1. Rimmers have a sale of Rover parts including body panels at very cheap prices. I think there are many on this forum, and presumably these won't be available again If this is the wrong place for this post, please move it but it doesn't seem right for any of the others. Rover 75 complete body side for £60, wings for various around £15. Nothing to do with me and I don't even own a Rover.
  2. Don't need a lot of kit. Socket set. I set the camshaft positions with a bit of angle iron, some hacksaw blades and a few feeler gauges. They just need something to set them straight.
  3. All above sensible. Just to add, they like oil changes at about 5K miles. Changing that gasket at the same time as a chain change is sensible. I wouldn't worry about genuine GM parts, they're not considered especially good.
  4. Great photos. I went in 1989, to a car rally which was the first international event they'd had since the country opened up. We only saw a handful of foreign made cars: an Opel, a Ford Granada and (weirdly) two HC Viva and two FE Victors. All the other cars were Russian, apart from the ones at the rally which took place at the race track in Riga.
  5. Looks a good trip Rob and the car is clearly a good one. I'd just get a radiator and put your mind at rest. A decent old stock one if you can but if not a cheap one, they're generally ok in my experience.
  6. Cheapest prices normally if you buy 20 litres or so, if you can justify it. ECP, and ask nicely for a discount as it isn't something I can find on the web.
  7. Many good opinions. Bad news if you just breeze into your part worn tyre place and let 'em fit what they want. Better if you scour adverts and get choice, matching, hardly worn pairs of decent brand tyres. Takes patience; you either have that mentality or you don't. I'd never buy cheapo Chinese tyres though. New, old or whatever.
  8. Might be interested in the Z18XE service kit, though you'd need to post. I can provide a courier label if that helps if you can give me weights and dimensions of package.
  9. Everyone has a view. It might be worth a friendly visit to see if it is a case of CBA, as they're unlikely to bring out the shot guns. But then I'd give up. I've fitted a Sierra and an Astra in the past with lock sets with two (or three) keys from a breakers for £20-25. The Sierra set was fitted in about 20 minutes I think. But appreciate your car might be more difficult, perhaps much more difficult?
  10. I do find that VHS tapes are now selling on ebay. I admit they are slow to move, but they are going.
  11. I would not worry about declaring it as worth £1000. Values of cars more than 20 years old are so vague that it wouldn't be dishonest. They're all worth what you can get for them and it looks clean enough. That was some rear ending while parked up though. You must've been well miffed. I certainly would've been.
  12. Do you chop the ginger up? Presumably you don't just put a lump in.
  13. Buckingham is likely to be United Counties. Their first National was L reg I think, so '74 most likely.
  14. As a request, if anyone finds out if this event will be on next year, it would be good if it could be posted here. The factors are of course whether Aldi get permission to open on Boxing Day and whether the organisers decide to do it again - we can't take their time forgranted of course.
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