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  1. They're just 18" old type ones. Something tells me your Range Rover will need bigger ones, so £2.49 sounds pretty good to me.
  2. I've given up buying branded windscreen wiper blades. After all, it isn't like they are some part buried in the engine. Just got some GSF ones for £1.48 each.
  3. No suggestion at all. You might be taking my comment a bit seriously. Looks an interesting purchase, that's the main thing.
  4. Autoshite isn't dead yet then. Congratulations.
  5. Agree with all the comments, it is absolutely stunning and many thanks for sharing with us. I checked and am pleased to see: Good to hear that it is 'helping the air quality across London'. If it ever goes there....
  6. Thinking about this, you're right that they were unreliable so people (we!) had to continuously adjust points, clean plugs and so on. It's just not that complicated to do. I s'pose they could rebuild dynamos, alternators, those dynamo control boxes and a few other things.
  7. Just wondering, what does an auto electrician actually do on a Mk1 Escort? There's like just a few wires.
  8. It is a Leyland Atlantean. It went on to work in Cornwall for Western National. Had long lives ISTR.
  9. In other news, I've bought another one. Yes, another Mk3 Astra. I have no idea why but this is Autoshite. It is a 52K mile special edition (yeah right) one which has not moved in 12 years. It looks basically very sound, though the headlining is very mouldy. The bonnet is rusty and the bulkhead at the bottom, but the wings, doors and arches look immaculate. It is the same Titanium Silver as mine. I will either (1) clean it up, white room it and sell for a fortune. Or (2) find it is rotten underneath and use the clean panels on mine, save the engine, gearbox, cat, steering rack and other stuff and weigh the rest in. Further news later this week. Including what her indoors thinks.
  10. Thread resurrection. Well I still have 'em both but it seems the silver one has got hairy exhaust syndrome. Can anyone recommend where to get a better exhaust than this not very old ECP Kalrius one? I can get EuroFlo off ebay, which I've never heard of, and GSF list Walker but seem to be listing only limited stock at certain branches, though commendably cheap.
  11. The door is open for the Chinese companies to fill the market for smaller more sensible cars. We're just holding up a white flag and saying come on and take the market. History says, if they get that end of the market, they'll soon attack the more expensive end too.
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