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  1. Stanky, amazed you knew what it was.
  2. Paid £60 for my Vauxhall Viva in 1984. Man said it was £40 for the tyres and £20 for the rest. I've still got it though. £175 for the Rob T Astra was good, 30K miles on it now, but doesn't compete in this list.
  3. This is fantastic and threads like this encourage the rest of us to get on with our simpler projects. That new petrol tank. Is it a GM one or a pattern one? I had a pattern one for another car that rusted horredously without leaving my garage, perhaps due to modern petrol, or perhaps it was just uncoated. I gave the replacement a coat in some expensive sealant and reckon it was worth doing to a new tank as the surface was very clean and would take the sealant well. Just a thought.
  4. I think part of the problem is that whilst there might be some Chinese tyres which are ok, which ones are they? I also buy branded tyres, but have also dumped a Continental at 3 years old due to cracks and have seen Michelins cracking too. Another vote for Kumho. An old friend who worked at a tyre centre always said that they are as good as any other brand.
  5. Yoss, to show that they could look good, here's 252 on the running day for the end of Atlanteans. There was one in Barbie if I remember rightly; I'll see if I can find it sometime.
  6. Superb car. My parents 1800 estate with high ratio back axle could see 35 mpg driven gently. But Rocket is right about most of them, especially twin carb.
  7. Did someone mention Southampton Atlanteans? In the last years, they always reminded me of pictures I'd seen of Lancaster bombers that had just made it back over the channel with bits shot off. 252 or 1252 somehow managed to look a bit better, and was the oldest for quite a while. It made it into preservation but not for very long.
  8. Looks very impressive. There used to be a road in Southampton where three of these were always parked. One had an old record siliconed to the roof presumably to stop a leak. There was a garage and one day I saw it open, and there were even more of them in there. Good luck with yours though it doesn't look like it needs too much. Definite candidate for patina restoration.
  9. And it really doesn't look too bad in those first pictures.
  10. Some good work Stanky. I'd be up for helping as you asked above but would need to check closer to the time.
  11. I'd guess that it is reasonably efficient over a wide range of power, so reducing the maximum power wouldn't increase the range so much. Don't get me wrong: I totally agree with your general point. I've been in three electric cars and have been seriously impressed with them, but the idea that they are 'guilt free travelling' isn't right. They need masses of resources and electricity and so on. I don't want to stop them, but we do need some realism.
  12. Just a quiet opinion, I like car free city centres most of all. They made some small parts of Southampton car free during the pandemic and the newly elected Tory council are trying to open them up to cars again. This is certainly not universally popular, and hardly in line with government policy. We've covered a lot elsewhere how some of the biggest emitting offenders are some earlier Euro 6 diesels and how some of the most dangerous pollution seems to come from the smallest particles from direct injection engines. Very difficult problems to solve for sure.
  13. Does anyone get underdog syndrome? No, not personally. Paranoia is universal, everyone in the Universe has that (if they are old enough to remember the Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy). Underdog Syndrome is this. When you have two cars. One is pampered, gets money spent, well looked after, modifications to improve it. The other is more of a WBOD, gets looked after - sure - but not everything it needs. And yet the underdog always seems to drive better. I have two Mk3 Astras (it takes all sorts ok). One is really well looked after: garaged, rebored, gas flowed head, the list is endless. The other came from RobT and is well enough looked after but far less spent and is generally the underdog. But it always seems to drive better. Is this partly psycological? Anyone else?
  14. Sadly, they are all dead I think. Peggy Cummins died not long ago but sadly Sid James and Stanley Baker both died in the '70s. That's a while gone. RIP.
  15. I suggest a special prize for anyone who can get a family member to an AS gathering. I'm looking forward to it!
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