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  1. Let me get this straight. A water leak from the hood soaks a £1K control box because it is in a footwell? Is it me or what. That is mental. It's a convertible, surely they should anticipate water leaks occasionally? With the best fitting hood out there, it could be left open by mistake or something.
  2. Great car. I've driven a standard one and found it very good to drive, loved the way it didn't rush. Five speed box must be a really worthwhile modification. Perhaps electronic ignition too, though this set up seems better than Ford or Vauxhall ones way back. Looks like you are going to sort it out properly too.
  3. I sent a section of exhaust and a manifold for an Astra to a man in Suffolk via MyHerpes. He contacted me and said it hadn't turned up. I contacted MH who were useless as ever, and their website just said 'there has been a problem but the parcel will be on its way shortly'. Buyer was decent about it all and I refunded him - I looked at the claim process and it said about having to have a receipt for the original item. Fat chance. I visited a friend and was amazed to see the parcel there in her hallway. I'd reused a massive box she had and it looked like I'd forgotten to remove the la
  4. Looks good. Keep it original, it'll be the exception. CVH engines don't seem to last well but (IMHO) if you have a decent one, they are just fine.
  5. I can't remember when I joined Autoshite. But I have had my Vauxhall Viva since I was 18 (1984), and my red Astra for at least 13 years. My Sierra I had for a long time but is now sold and the other Astra from Rob T is about four years. Doesn't the time pass?
  6. If you think that is odd looking, google JLR270D for the previous design of Winchester, which I simply cannot ever remember seeing. More curves.
  7. Long reach half in 19mm socket, and 18mm. Very useful for tightening up the shock absorber nuts on my car, with a long allen key socket, a 3/8" drive for the allen key socket, a stillsons on the long reach and a bit of cloth so it doesn't get scratched. That's my excitement. Now edited to say that my 3/4" socket set is also awesome. Don't use it very often, but when I do, sad autoshite happy moment.
  8. Good job on the helicoils. Lot of wheel bolts are that size, you'll be ready for them. Enjoyed this thread - really inspiring.
  9. Very impressed that you can just buy a new wiring loom. Presume someone has a diagram and all the parts are relatively standard. Couldn't do that for many a younger car.
  10. At the beginning of lockdown, I started doing food deliveries for people in isolation. As there was no traffic, I could coast anywhere with even a slight downhill without annoying anyone. Can judge it so you hardly use the brakes at all. I do coast, and don't generally drive that fast. I think I have done it more in the last few years and I hardly ever seem to replace any brake parts now.
  11. Wow, impressed with this determined work. Pictures would be good. I had a look and that outer arch is a very distinctive shape, v difficult to carve off something else for sure.
  12. I'd suggest making up cardboard templates, seeing which ones you can make out of sheet steel. If some are really difficult, I'd take them round a scrapyard and try and find something similar. I remember a man making a rear valance for an HB Viva out of the roof of a Maxi as the bends were in a similar place (Story was that the Maxi owner continued to drive it for a while ...... I believed this when I was told.....) Good luck, a formidable job but worse has been done.
  13. lisbon_road

    Morris 1300

    I wouldn't be worrying about that ride height personally Rob. I think that with so many old cars slammed these days, anything normal looks like a 70s jacked up monster. Our perception of normal has changed. Looks ok to me.
  14. Very impressed with the quality of work and dedication. I've owned about six of these cars, most of which have been pretty much rust free. I did briefly have a 200K mile one which was a bit bad and had gone through underneath just behind the springs and the rear arches were hanging off. That was the only German built one I have had, though whether there's any connection I don't know. Do you have any idea why yours is so rusty? Appreciate the updates as they really encourage me to get with things - if you can do all this, we can all do something. Edit, just read through and I t
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