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Found 1 result

  1. Hello all, This one started as a pub conversation, something along the lines of 'can you still get a rare MOTd 80s motor plus tax and insurance for under £1k?' That then led to lots of ebay, gumtree, marketplace scouring which then led to a bid or two. Admittedly a number of those bids were made after a the odd rum and coke.Then one Friday evening, whilst in the pub, I threw in a bid for this and won. Great I thought, at first. Then I thought… How am I going to get it home? Where am I going to store it? How am I going to let the wife know? (when I already own 3 other cars)Anyway, I arranged to collect it the following weekend from East London, turns out it hadn’t been used for 18 months (which was not stated in the advert!) other than a trip to the MOT station.The old boy I bought it off was a lovely chap as was his son (turns out he has a couple of R11s himself, more on that at some point later). It had been in their family for 18 years, they told me about trips to France and the memories they had shared in the car, so it just had to come home with me to start another chapter of its life.So onto the car.Here’s the advert…1987 Renault 11 TL .I have owned it since 2004 & sad to see it go.. 181000 miles, I have regularly serviced it, so the engine and gearbox are in excellent condition.Being a 34 year old car, there are things that will need doing. It has dents & the lacquer on the roof & bonnet it showing its age. Feel free to view or ask any questions. It has been 1 of only 2 TL models left in the UK.And the pics… And my first impressions…Wow, it’s dirty inside! Looks like it’s been used for runs to the tipBodywork is scruffier than the pictures make out, dents in drivers door and rear boot/bumper, front OS wing crumpled and corroded, front panels round grille corroded, roof and bonnet have serious lacquer peel with the paint having cracked, various small repair patches here and there. All that said, it looks pretty solid.God, it really is dirty inside.Drivers door closes occasionally but mostly bounces back open.Engine is dirty but looks like it’s been well maintained.Is that mould on the switchgear??But all that said, after speaking to the old boy I bought it from, there was no way I was not taking it home. It drove back the 161 miles to South Staffordshire without missing a beat and of course I ended up loving the little thing. So that’s the start of the R11 adventure, more to follow soon.Shaun
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