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  1. Thinking British Leyland Russet.
  2. In this months Classic Ford magazine it has the Sweeney Consul in it.
  3. Ill take some more pictures when I’ve finished work.
  4. Rotten sills and arches £850 whose he kidding!
  5. Anything but WD40, it’s ok for kids bikes or getting marker off a painted wall. Other than that it’s mammothly shit. ECP QX stuff is 600ml and only about £2-3.
  6. This is one of those ‘You know you are Autoshite if you had a digital clock inlaid in a generic Vintage Car...’ type moments.
  7. Does your manifold look like this one?
  8. Fucking hell Tandy, that’s a blast from the past!
  9. Ha ha! I had that alarm clock, I think my grandma bought it us one Xmas when I was a kid, it had a digital clock where the windscreen was. Height of taste.
  10. I was really anal when I was a kid about realism. Most of the stuff I have from being a kid is all street furniture type cars, didn’t have much appetite for Ferrari etc though I will concede that for about a fortnight in 1991 my favourite car in the whole world was a Porsche 959, I had 4 of them.
  11. I’ll have a look in the Sierraman scrapyard for any rolls Royce shadow screens off a matchbox.
  12. Funnily enough had a similar issue. Waiting on some bits now since 30th September. He says he’s sent it, the post office say he hasn’t. But I’m expected to chase it up.
  13. Fancy a business partner! Seems a piece of piss if you’ve a guillotine.
  14. I’d get the Consul 3000 GT. To my eyes the 180 looked too high and too narrow. Rectify those and it looks a lot more appealing.
  15. When you look at the design proposals some of them looked really good. For some reason the French just went roughshod over the project and it looked like that
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