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  1. Looks to me on those plugs like it’s running a tad rich.
  2. Have you thought of swapping the front seats with some from a later 323? Assuming they’d fit? That distributor cap looks fine, so long as the contacts are clean and there’s no cracks or splits in it.
  3. It’s funny last night I was reading the 1969-82 Charlie Mack book and there were some of the powertrack stuff in there so you posted it while it was fresh in my memory.
  4. Ive been waiting years for someone to find one and be able to quote the Observers book of cars factfile.
  5. A matchbox race and chase Porsche?
  6. I think I’ll follow that, looks a good readable magazine. I fell out with reading Car Mechanics a while back, the ‘buyers guides’ were really badly researched and didn’t offer anything beyond what you would look at on any car.
  7. But what about a Ritz? There must be one or two still in someone’s garage
  8. Honest John as he’s called talks bollocks.
  9. Majorette did a 1/36 5 door version
  10. Puzzled as to why you only got a wireless on the Saloon.
  11. Yeah it’s in that great shite tome, the 1992 Observers book of cars.
  12. Final call for a Mighty Metro Scalextric set? Free... It’s going in the skip tomorrow morning otherwise.
  13. The stall I pass on a Monday has/had loads of models of yesteryear, sat unsold even at a quid a go for a minter. There’s no market for them, which is a shame as they look so 70’s in the really out of character metallic colours you could get them in.
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