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  1. Word of warning... if you use PU sealant (tigerseal etc) you’ll pretty much have to smash the lenses off to take them off. You access the bulbs from the inside but you never know. Chances of the silicone damaging the steel are very very minor, I’ve done this repair on these cars many many times and never had corrosion as a result. At one time you were able to replace just the seal but chances are supplies of those now will be useless. You could run a bead of sealant round the lens (off the car) then let it cure then refit the lens. But that’s a less than ideal way.
  2. Same format but it’s Edward Force I think. It’s got an overview of the 82-90 cars. I’ll try routing it out. Posted your axles today should be with you end of week.
  3. There’s another three actually, one covers the 69-82, next 82-92 then 93-94. I’d honestly get the Charlie Mack book that covers the lot though. It’s £30 but it’s the best. I have a spare one that covers a lot of the 80’s cars along with Lledo if that’s any use to you?
  4. Any really, I’ve always used clear silicone sealant. A bead round that usually sorts it. Sometimes they can also leak through the rear wiper grommet, it goes hard and the wiper spindle wears it out. Worth checking that, a new OE one is a few quid. Also make sure you have a boot floor left, the later ones are much worse for this but I’ve had them where the spare wheel well was perilously thin, a whack with a hammer and it’s be through.
  5. Yeah it’d look really good with a Richard Grant or a Fibresports kit on it... Only kidding!!! No I think time and money spent on the body will be well spent. Could be worth the cost of a decent respray
  6. I think he was getting at a Zetec being more reliable. Fundamentally it’s whoever owns its decision to do whatever with it, it’s quite easy to be prescriptive about it from afar but if a modification makes it easier to use and enjoy I’m all for it. I mean you wouldn’t chuck the basic dangly mirrors or the grey grill away but a 1.6 Zetec plumbed in properly would look fairly standard if you utilised Ford bits like the CVH sump and the myriad of other bits from the parts bin. It’s by the by now anyway as it’s had the engine sorted. What are your plans with the body?
  7. I get that but it’s not like knocking down the acropolis and building a McDonalds there. Replacing the engine is reversible if necessary.
  8. I don’t think fitting a more modern engine in it is a bad idea at all, certainly makes it a lot more useable, to my mind that’s what it’s all about. A 1.8 Zetec wouldn’t be a bad compromise.
  9. On the whole though people rarely fancy just upgrading to a better washing machine. You might pick one up where someone’s clearing a house after someone has died though as you say.
  10. I had a browse on the Faceache Mondeo Mk1/2 site yesterday. Fucking hell the mouth breather concentration on there was unbelievable. One of them was something like ‘how much is my 1995 Mondeo 1.8 worth?’ Fuck all mate!
  11. Nobody ever gets rid of second hand washing machines unless they are fucked.
  12. You really need the Edward Force book, covers all the releases up until ‘82. It’s been out of print now for some years but you could pick a copy up on Fleabay.
  13. Yeah, been to that one three times, it’s on my way home from work. Saturday I thought I’d hit up the other megastore on Infirmary Rd, bizarre how they have 2 huge shops less that 1/2 a mile from one another but the closest one to where I live is 7 miles away. Anyway it had been picked over, I’ve got my dad on the case now, where he lives the average age of the people living there is about 150, so hopefully the ‘collectors’ won’t have picked over in his store. Once I’ve got more than one I’m planning on making a replica Tenerife Taxi from one.
  14. Billy bargain that is. Worth sticking in the garage for the next few oil changes.
  15. I don’t think there’s a great deal to be made dealing in toy cars, these days people are very clued up about how much things are worth and you’ve so many places to look if you want say a MB9 Ford Escort on eBay.
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