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  1. I’d imagine at most Caravan Club affiliated camp sites they’d welcome a Bedford CF beaver with a Rover 200 on the back and a caravan with open arms.
  2. I don’t get their business model, produce loads of crap nobody wants and restrict to a tiny number a really big seller. You often think some businesses are on the lookout for a shortcut to insolvency sometimes.
  3. Not a lot of use, most I see are at these classic rallies carrying something like a Lister Petter diesel thing doing something utterly pointless like pumping water from one bucket to another. Unless it’s a real beaut most of these tatty old Bedford CF you see are held together with pigeon shit welds and goodwill. You couldn’t depend on something like that to carry a car any distance unless you were absolutely mad. Plus as said VOSA will be rubbing their hands once they see you carrying anything more than a sack of potatoes on board.
  4. That’s the other issue. Expect constant hassle from the police/VOSA, wondering if you are overweight or the cargo on the back is nicked.
  5. A two thousand quid recovery truck would be absolutely fucking fucked. Unless you can find something like an old Bedford CF but even then it’s going to be much more than £2k. Also bear in mind the possibility of it leaving you at the roadside with a car on the back. Just seen there’s an LDV one in Deptford. Tested but it looks like it’s had some serious welding done on it. Worryingly there’s a big bowser of water in the cab as well so that would suggest on the face of it that there’s trouble ahead. But it’s £2,500.
  6. The 2.0 petrol was fantastic in those, the car light enough that the engine wasn’t working very hard so economy isn’t as bad as you’d think.
  7. Excellent, send us your details and I’ll send it across. Cheers
  8. Happy days. Just negotiated the purchase of an ‘05 Zetec Climate for a mate for his first car. Needs a few minor jobs so pads on front and a bit of rustproofing.
  9. Is that one of those that you put in the little solid fuel tablets?
  10. A handful I would expect. Who owns or controls Lucas now?
  11. Best battery by a country mile if you found them at the breakers were the AC Delco Freedom batteries you got on Vauxhalls. The OEM ones are usually good, I recently skipped a 10 year old Ford factory fit one which had a good innings. Dread to think what the retail would have been on that, might have been surprised, at one point Fords own brand oil/coolant were as cheap as you’d find anywhere, I was paying £19 for 5 litres of Motorcraft 5W30 Formula F at one point which I didn’t think was bad at all for the bloke in the street buying a small quantity like that.
  12. Good point. Assembled in the U.K. from components bought in from across the globe. I recall Vauxhall doing an advert years ago, I’m talking maybe late 80’s - I’ve a copy of the advert someplace, about how much of the new Astra was sourced locally. Obviously now most of these little firms in the midlands or wherever making electric window motors etc for GM have gone bust and it’ll be made in China for a fraction of the cost.
  13. Any Britains botherers? I’ve a Farm Trailer, think the tail board is missing though. £1 plus postage?
  14. Doesn’t the Vivaro pitch off the back of this ‘built in England’ bollocks? I don’t know why you’d shout about that to be honest, we’ve turned some right tripe out over the years, I’d be keeping a lid on that. Ford went down that route years ago then ended up massive egg on their face when they moved production to Turkey a little later.
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