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  1. I was thinking different wheels and create an RS2600?
  2. Would I be a right bastard if I saw it in Tescos and bought a spare one to custom?
  3. Hmm Capri... Might stake out Tesco’s tonight...
  4. Local car boot sale to us is open Sunday.
  5. I think Charlie needs a hard reset to clear all this bollocks out of his head that he’s spouting.
  6. Just checked at the Entertainer you have to spend £15 for free click and collect. I’ll hang fire and keep an eye out, I pass it frequently anyway.
  7. I often think surely modding a car on PCP you’d be fucked if they found out? A mate had his XF chipped, I thought it asilly thing to do as if they caught wind of it the warranty would be void in the very least.
  8. At £3 they’re ok value but RRP of £6 they’re having a laugh.
  9. Popped in, 5 packs but no open doors. Close but no cigar.
  10. I’ll make the Entertainer a port of call later then...
  11. I think if Alan Sugar started out like that he’d still be owing on the handcart.
  12. Those flags make it look like it’s the mayor of Wythenshawe.
  13. I was talking to a chap from the EA last year he was saying they are really clamping down on people breaking cars up at home as a business, not folks breaking their old car up but people doing it as a business especially when they’re renting a unit and buying a couple of cars a week and chopping them up without adequate facilities.
  14. The units on the Station Rd at New Whittington always seem occupied, don’t know what the rents are for them but they’re not a bad size for a small one man band garage set up. One of the other issues is the worry of someone using the premises to break cars (not nicked ones...) as you start to go into an expensive minefield of where these cars are being depolluted. All sorts of people will just let the oil piss out everywhere and puddles of coolant everywhere it’s just going to attract the EA.
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