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  1. In the mid 70’s Matchbox were due to bring out a similar model to the Corgi pathfinder, but the cost of tooling was prohibitive.
  2. Very Miami Vice... Never mind Crayford it’s a Sierraman cabrio!
  3. Mercedes decapitated and sprayed!
  4. Surprised me they only did that casting in a few colours. Quite a scarce one as well that. Meanwhile I’m busy converting a Matchbox MB 560SEC to a cabriolet.
  5. One with the FDS2000 you’d need to diagnose this 🤣🤣
  6. It will only show that its fitted with ABS if it’s standard for that car, if it’s not and it’s an option you can jettison it and remove and bypass the pump.
  7. A £1 scored this Corgi 505 with the bike still on the back!
  8. I’m a hamfisted bastard so I think I’ll resort to plan B
  9. Where does a pension and savings come in to your figures?
  10. It all depends on how much you value these things, £350 a month is a lot to me to spend on something I don’t care all that much about. On the other hand a mate of mine spends £400 a month on a Jag, he doesn’t smoke or drink, he’s interested in new cars. By the same paradox though £350 a month is a lot to spend per month if you’ve all the other usual bills and you are pulling £20k.
  11. Bullshit! It’s £250 plus VAT, and £3,000 initial deposit over 24 months 8k a year. So to Joe Soap in the street that over £400 a month... I did actually advise my sister in law to get a PCP the other day as it goes, never maintains any of the cars she has, runs then until they literally seize. She mentioned an SUV so I suggested a Dacia Duster and get a service plan with it. Anyway it’s not very ‘premium’ so it’s out the window.
  12. Should be no issue whatsoever in bleeding the ABS module, I’m assuming you’ve vacuum bleed the whole system? At risk of repeating myself I’d just whip the bulb out.
  13. This was 20p, worth it I think for the doors and the glazing. I quite like the idea of it seeing the road again but I’m not sure how easy those pillars will be to replace? Could be a convertible conversion?
  14. Bought this for £2 (that’s more like it!). I’ve never seen one before but 5 minutes on fleabay shows they’re not scarce. Nice old thing with some patina.
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