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  1. What next eh? Jack Fulton’s Regional Manager simulator? Cleethorpes Toilet Attendant simulator?
  2. Wonder what I’ll be doing tomorrow...
  3. When you find those old Models of Yesteryear now they almost invariably smell of fags, I have this picture in my head they’ll have sat on the Formica sideboard as some old guy will have been bought it in 1977 and sat for many an evening smoking beside it waiting to crystallise his investment in the burgeoning collectors item market. It’s weird how I like these but find ‘Days Gone By’ intolerable.
  4. At Faro they were still using maybe mid seventies Mercedes OM buses, if they’re maintained they’ll last a good while longer than as a service bus. The Port of Dover used 1972 ‘L’ played Leyland Nationals until around 10-12 years ago, long after they’d been rendered obsolete as a service bus. Not a bus but at Arrecife, Cepsa use mid Seventies Mercedes refuelling tankers still, because of how well engineered they are in that environment they’ll keep running indefinitely.
  5. How funny would it be to put an advert up for an A3 or whatever, say a 60 plate S line for £800 and watch the mad fucking deals or offers for 74p that come in.
  6. I have that one. Not in the box though, those Models if Yesteryear seem about as desirable as a bout of syphilis. I quite like the seventies ones in the garish unlikely colour schemes like a metallic pink Hispano Souza or something equally mad.
  7. Wait for him to get there and discover it missed a service in 1988 so the deals off!
  8. Yes but metallic green which in fairness looks better, keep an eye out on Poundtoy as they frequently have BOGOF on Matchbox, I’m looking through, quite fancy the Real Workin Rigs sliding bed truck and the GM pick up.
  9. Have you seen in the premium range they’ve re done the Dragon Wheels. I’m no VW fanboy but it looks great.
  10. I’ve a lot of time for the Z18XER, not immune from a few problems but generally straightforward.
  11. People forget whole of life costs, ok a diesel might save him £5 a week but the chuckie alone would be more than that. Throw in a DMF and you’d have to drive to the moon and back to break even...
  12. Do you find the oil burning on the Focus presents much of an issue at MOT time?
  13. Two came to the U.K. one I believe survives.
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