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  1. If you could make the surfboards in some system where you could quickly make a batch then it’d be worth doing but if you watch the YouTube videos on how to do it, it’s a lot of farting about to make £1.25 through eBay. If you had some sort of plastics factory where you could make a batch of a hundred one afternoon you’d be laughing though.
  2. Haven’t a clue but there’s no rush whatsoever.
  3. I’ve got a PAS pump you can have from a Zetec for postage?
  4. Quite. But that’s not the way these days you’ve got to pitch in with how you deserve a discount because you’ve been in some way disadvantaged in life.
  5. Very common fault is the wheel cylinders on those, careful in checking them as there are a few different types some of which the union enters straight others at an angle, I had a late one fitted with the TRW ones from the diesel. Easy job though budget for replacing the section of brake pipe that goes from the flex to the back of the cylinder, often the union will have seized on and twist the pipe off. Also go steady on those 2 10mm bolts on the back plate, give them a good clean and a wire brush before you attack them. The inside edge wear on the front is likely a historical issue from the inner void bushes on the bottom arms having gone. Loads used to try and track them up on bollocksed wishbone bushes which was a waste of time.
  6. You’ve done well for it not to fail on the perennial Mk1/2 crap handbrake.
  7. I had several Mk2 Mondeo in a row so yes, every year just after it failed the test on the handbrake or the rear cylinders leaking.
  8. sierraman

    Ford timelord

    Before I keel over I’d like to think I’ll either find out what happened to the Timelord or find a Lonsdale YD41 in a shed.
  9. Is this the format then now, before you’ve turned up to look at the car do a pitch basically explaining about your circumstances and why you are entitled to a discount. If you’ve no money to buy a car that’s nobodies problem but your own.
  10. With a DMF at a VAT reg garage maybe £6-700. Worth it as it’ll go for another 120k minimum on the new one. Good Focus diesel estates are few and far between, I’d check if you’ve a wet belt though, you don’t want a clutch dropping in then the wet belt shit itself a week later. DIYable just loads of labour.
  11. Strangely enough you can get specific pliers for those tricky springs. Inevitably if you don’t counterhold them when removing them they’ll likely fly all over the shop.
  12. I always assembled the components on the surface with the hooks and springs etc then, fiddly but lift it up as one item and pull it over the pivot at the bottom and then over the cylinder at the top.
  13. You could pack it all in and get a couple of hundred quid and be bored to death in an evening so when you put it like that it’s an asset. Corgi 1/36 values are on the slide, acquired several over past 6 months, no more than £3 each paid for relatively presentable items.
  14. I can imagine if you have a sizeable collection especially if it’s rare stuff that the money they command does tempt people to cash in and use the money to chip away at the mortgage or whatever. I doubt it be tempted though, my collection definitely falls into the category of ‘play worn’ so it’s enough for the enjoyment factor to outweigh its financial value.
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