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  1. Unavailable in the U.K I think that Mercedes is. Sadly!
  2. Tempted to try Tesco tonight but given recent trips I feel it will likely be a waste of time and diesel.
  3. sierraman

    End of shite?

    Cars will probably be on the road longer as it’s a difficult decision to scrap a 15 year old car over a dead clutch, it could be £2,000 car realistically now so spaffing £500 on it might be worthwhile.
  4. sierraman

    End of shite?

    Could work in the opposite direction, values for older stuff going up as fewer can afford a new car, old bangers tend to be a distress purchase so prices may continue to be steady.
  5. sierraman

    End of shite?

    This ^. I mean who amasses the a band of 6 to go and look at a car, at the most it’s a bloke/woman and the wife/dad/son etc. The other rule is never bend over backwards and discuss a time outside when you’d be in anyway. Funnily enough this can work in your advantage, the times I’ve gone to view a car and they’ve been that grateful that someone normal, polite and punctual has turned up, hasn’t done cunty things like ‘best price’ or asked ridiculous questions like ‘is the mileage genuine?’ And, get this, had the money in hand to proceed and an assurance they’ll never hear from me again once the cars gone. You’d be amazed how far this gets you.
  6. sierraman

    End of shite?

    Every now and again something crops up at less than a grand but it’s few and far between and no good if your car has just shit itself and you need something pronto. I don’t even bother looking below £1500 these days, 99% of it is just scrap. I think it’s a number of factors over and above what’s mentioned already. Fewer can be arsed with selling cars privately now given the number of wasters offering ‘best price now’. Anything below a thousand quid I’d just bale tbh, at that price level generally I just don’t want to deal with them, too many problems like unreasonable expectations and dithering.
  7. Wasn’t there some big disagreement about money and then he disappeared?
  8. I wouldn’t hold much hope at Tesco, the contract supposedly ended this month. Were I the sales manager for Mattel I’d be writing the P45 out now for the people responsible for such a hash of a marketing strategy.
  9. Anyone remember which matchbox motorcity this was part of? I’ve had it maybe 30 years. Never seen another. I have the road mat somewhere.
  10. They’ll make a film about this shit one day. A bit like raiders of the lost arc but about a band of misfits that track down the last Lonsdale. It’s a shame we haven’t got a bent copper in tow that could look up last known address...🤣
  11. I agree, I’d much sooner spend the £9 on a ratty original one at a swapmeet or whatever. That’s another situation I cannot see where the margin is, I get that some will do it as a hobby but the margin must be hardly anything if you were doing it for a living. I don’t think I’ll give up the day job!
  12. These selling them on eBay must actually be losing money in real terms. Most seem to be £16, so £9 off for purchase, £3.50 off for postage, £1.60 off for fees. Profit is not even two quid. Deduct your time and diesel off that and it doesn’t take Theo Paphitis to realise you aren’t going to be making the FTSE 100 anytime soon. 😂
  13. It is excessive I reckon. Anyone seen if Matchbox have picked a new retailer?
  14. I had the 1/18 Majorette model in that scheme. Looked fantastic, really underrated model, long gone now though in the great purge of 2014.
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