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  1. Fixed axle. I have the Taylor Woodrow one but it’s not as good condition. It also came with a mint Sambron Jacklift and a Diesel Road Roller.
  2. 99p Bargain on EBay was this, apart from a bit of chrome wear its immaculate.
  3. Springs and shockers yes, other stuf doesn’t matter
  4. Possibly. A lot of cabs are run round the clock, one driver taking another off. Most cabs though last 3-4 years in the trade then they’re hanging. Or exceed the age limit unless it’s somewhere back o’beyond like Chesterfield, you can run any old fossil there.
  5. As much as I like the old stuff, cars these days take the mileage much more readily. Years ago there would have been either a Mercedes or a Volvo that would have hit those miles, anything else would have been like triggers broom, rebored to death then scrapyard engine after engine chucked in it. Every weekend you’d be out there come rain or snow fixing the fucker ready for Monday. But then I guess people back then had the sense not to travel hundreds of miles for a pittance.
  6. Assuming a car was 20 years old that’s an average of 37,500 miles a year commuting. I think doing that continuously you’d have died due to a life of arriving home late and living off Greggs Steak Bakes.
  7. Maybe I should buy an ERF and run the fuckers into the barriers. 🤣
  8. People overtaking a queue on a dual carriageway to then indicate in at last moment. What the fuck do these people think we are all in the lane for? What pisses me off further is when people in front capitulate and let them in.
  9. It makes me feel pity and sorrow for the poor cunt that has done 750,000 miles in a doom blue 1.4 Astra. The perennial timing chain rattle must be deafening by now. What a fucking miserable way to spend your life. All those hours...
  10. I have the same trailer in yellow that I’ve picked up somewhere along the line. Guessing it’s ADAC branded.
  11. Well you still see plenty of S,T plates knocking about. Can’t say the same about any Omegas or Scorpios of the same vintage.
  12. Just looked at their website. What mad bastard pays £1,400 for a Hot Wheels?!?
  13. Not a fan of the real thing but the Matchbox one is ok.
  14. That’s right, was definitely there in round about 2004. Went for a quote on a respray on a car and it was sat there. As you say long gone no doubt. Some useful businesses on that little industrial park at Whit, used the tyre place and the engineering shop years ago to weld a cast manifold for us that was on there. Test station is good as well.
  15. There used to be a big thick set guy with a beard that worked there. Whit is an occasional haunt of mine, I use the test station on the Station Road industrial estate. Don’t know if you remember but on the industrial estate down the side of where Guy Salmons there used to be an old seventies White US flat front tractor unit sat derelict at the side of the units?
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