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  1. When I was a kid my grandad told me at the end of the garden at their house a tractor had sunk into the ground years ago. Obviously me being a sad bastard used to dig like mad looking for it. Only years later did he tell me it was bullshit. Crafty old bastard he just wanted the garden digging over.
  2. And while you are at it build a Barrett Estate on Stonehenge. 😂
  3. Kwik Fit... I think I’d take my chances with the fine. 😂
  4. Surely after all this the MOT stations will be impossibly busy at the end of the year?
  5. Yeah I’m hanging on a bit, I’m halfway through some work on the house and a busy time at work. I was going to go with a manual ideally petrol, ideally a 1.6 or a 2.0. The 1.8 is prone to spaffing it’s piston rings which is game over. I’d have a diesel at a push but only the 1.8TD.
  6. I was just looking within 25 miles of Sheffield. Not sure I can be arsed to go to Canvey Island though it’s about 5 hours from my house!
  7. For some reason Focus Mk2 Estates are like rocking horse shit. One would be ideal for me but finding the elusive petrol Focus Estate sub £1500 is proving bloody hard work.
  8. Phwoar!!! There’s a lot of animosity towards the Acclaim sometimes but in hindsight it was probably one of the best cars BL made in the sense that it just worked. You have to wonder what the Montego would have been like if they’d based it on the Accord.
  9. Looks far more accurate in the beige you’ve done it in.
  10. Was the drive of the Montego in lieu of redundancy money?
  11. Those late Montegos were a tidy car (well for first 4 years maybe) I like the late GTI ones.
  12. I think they’re modelled on a Transit Flareside. A really pointless pick up type thing they did in the early 90’s.
  13. The driveshaft bolt set up on those looks like Mk2 Focus ones where it’s rusted on to the splines like a bastard. Sometimes easier to get another strut and driveshaft from the breakers.
  14. First world problems etc but the ALDI Table Saw I ordered is absolute dog shit. That’s getting sent back, I wasn’t expecting a DeWALT for £70 but it’s practically impossible to make accurate cuts with, the mitre fence wanders about all over the shop making trying to make an accurate cut extremely difficult.
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