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  1. If you didn’t know otherwise you could be forgiven for thinking you were reading a copy of Viz.
  2. Repairing bangers roadside in minus temperatures in January beats watching the idiot box. Apart from possibly that documentary the other day on the Jonestown Massacre.
  3. In true shite style it’s already stripped down waiting for a bumper to arrive Weds. Autoshite Accident Management.
  4. Boot floor looks straight, boots fine. Tail lamp is fucked but I’ve managed to source one. At least the car that hit it has left a number so can’t say fairer than that. I’ve rang him, it hadn’t damaged his, I’ll go back and say call it a couple of hundred and we’ll forget about it.
  5. For FUCK SAKE!!!! Come home from work and someone’s stoved the back of the car in.
  6. I remember eating about a hundred Bernard Matthews Turkey Dinosaurs to collect enough tokens to get the Rhino Rod in about 1996. It’s a wonder I’m not dead with cholesterol.
  7. I think when man reaches 30 he regresses back into being about 8 years old and starts getting excited about model cars again once you’ve reached that point you start trawling the car boots like a man possessed, clutching your testicles with excitement at finding a Volvo Cable truck or a Japanese Issue Mitsubishi Galant.
  8. I think I’d call myself a fair weather car booter, I’ve not usually even gone until about June time. Why are car boots so bloody early as well? Sunday is the one day I’ve not got to get up at the crack of dawn!
  9. Car boot at this time of year? The car was thick with ice this morning! That’s commitment!
  10. Wants testing with it under load, could be it isn’t getting enough charge.
  11. If it steers fine and the battery turns out to be good then I’d live with it, just clear the codes before the MOT.
  12. Does there actually feel like a fault with the steering or is it just the warning lamp? Failing batteries in modern cars can give all sorts of wierd faults. Definitely try giving the battery a long charge.
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