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  1. I sooo want thon thee-o-five!!
  2. As per title boys and girls. In the very near future I'll be looking to ship a small bare shell from East Midlands to Belfast. If I can get it up north ( Bonnie Scottish land ) I could hop on a ferry, sail over and fetch it. Alternatively... in an ideal world... it could be stacked on a pallet - fired on a curtain side truck, and get delivered. Cost is an issue... quotes of in and around 4 ton at present for the latter.. £264 cheapest quote for Dublin to Liverpool ferry ( car and trailer - return ) plus fuel and time also costly... Suggestions!
  3. I'm working ( as per bloody usual ) so I will have to tag along some other time folks
  4. Loving the fiat ducato. Looks in good shape
  5. My mate gave 35k for it, ten years ago. It was pretty mint (even though a cat c.. maybe d). It sold for 50k needing a respray! It was used for fun, and not necessarily kept in a heated garage. It developed spiders webs all under the paint. Was valued in excess of 70k if he'd have got it painted. Quotes of 10k were being bandied about...
  6. Faker

    Stance hilarity

    That rover is tasteful, no stretched tyres, no contact with the body, no ridiculous camber angles, and looks to have a sensible footprint on the road. The Merc above is nothing but a joke. A fking clown car..
  7. 13 Ferrari and 2 rollers. Both rollers and 2 Ferrari vanish 3x 328, at least 3x348, one or more 308, couple of 400, testorossa. Using todays prices... That's a hell of a lot of money to push out in to a field for 10 years. 10 years ago they were worth about half the present value going by what my mate paid for his 328 gts
  8. A friend recently sold a cat c 1985 328 gts which was a damned nice car in fairness when he got it a dozen or so years ago.... sold around 2 years ago for 50k needing a bit of tlc. There's some pretty high end classic ponies hiding in that field...
  9. Read this article the other day.. definitely not much of a friend to push potentially a million quid worth of prancing pony stock out in to a field for years...
  10. I shall check my diary and confirm attendance!
  11. Faker

    Stance hilarity

    You can renew car tax for 40+ year old cars online with no mot in N.I using the dvla web page... however the legislation covering it hasn't been passed yet in N.I! So we can do it! But it's not legal. Neither are electrically assisted pedal cycles legal in N.I. The authorities in N.I have been advised to excersize discretion
  12. Faker

    Stance hilarity

    Well it can be enforced... generally when something terrible happens like the aftermath of a serious collision. Experts (forensic etc) can determine if a substandard component failed, or major modifications hindered or compromised a vehicles handling capabilities. Germany have just proved it! They have a zero tolerance
  13. Faker

    Stance hilarity

    I'm not trying to be a keyboard warrior or an arse.. But you did read the info posted? Where it clearly makes reference to breaches of corresponding Great Britain legislation...
  14. Faker

    Stance hilarity

    Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom, and as such governed by the exact same legislation, all be it sometimes it's worded slightly differently. I posted the attached legislation segments on a retro rides page rant about modified cars and iva - sva. It's there in black and white. Breach of type approval, and or construction and use legislation, by an owner or mechanic fitting substandard or dangerous components, could end up being prosecuted. As I've already mentioned. Ordinary Bobby isn't that well versed on finer details. But there are more and more directives being implemented to tackle dangerously modified cars.
  15. Faker

    Stance hilarity

    Some of those yokes would be illegal here. I can quote you scripture and verse... but in Europe the authorities are much harder on modified vehicles... end of. Traffic cops in the UK are a little more switched on than your average bobby, but there is generally a hell of a lot of grace given with modifications and modified stuff. It's absolutely horrifying the amount of bodged crap is out there.. added to that it's scary how much stuff isn't declared to insurance. I know a lot of cars are returned to near enough standard just for MOT. Stretch tyres is illegal, if it's clearly over the top (as in the bead of the tyre does not fully seat in the bead of the rim... there's ones that can put keys, debit cards, even phones down the side of the tyres! Tuv and type approval are enforced heavily in Europe. Anything that's too far from manufacturers tested and proven design is a defect. Just look as the camber on that Merc! Lethal!!
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