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  1. Come to mention it... you said that already. My bad
  2. I thought it was a diesel!!!
  3. Light enough knock to be fair. Indirect injection and it could simply be diesel knock
  4. Look a bit like the old ford transit. Chinese manufacturers making a Suzuki Carry / Hi-Jet / Subaru sambar sized micro van. Not cheap either
  5. Did look like good fun... to a point... If it were for like minded individuals who were actually trying to adhere to a basic level of discipline and a hint of safety and self preservation.... it would be fantastic. Your video does look like a free for all - with folk being spun out by other entrants for the hell of it. The goal being to hit - spin as many competitors as possible rather than actual endurance. Credit where due and all that - you clearly tried to avoid contact and managed to drive home!! Targa rallying is now the grass roots of motorsport - with the necessar
  6. There’s a conversion kit for turning a standard mini in to a period pickup. As mentioned the tags and V5 is where the value is
  7. I had a couple of 405 derv back in the day. Both td and both surprisingly quick. I’m hankering for an estate if I’m being honest, as it would be an ideal tow car for the 106 Rallye down the line. David Higgins works team had a white 405 estate as a chase car during the 1994 British championship. Photo of said 106 with said 405 in the background. Found this one for sale in Northern Ireland the other day. Really nice car but I don’t have a spare £2k for the asking price.
  8. Couple of underfloor pics. Had been treated to a bit of a tidy up (not by me)!
  9. Faker

    Renault 14 Madness

    165/70/13 are exactly the same radius and diameter. Also easier found than 145/13 nowadays
  10. I’m worried about my fleet... early 80’s to early 90’s Petrol yokes. And bikes...
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