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  1. I’m worried about my fleet... early 80’s to early 90’s Petrol yokes. And bikes...
  2. Don’t know if this has been posted before but it’s new to me. Wow
  3. I’ll be doing some work the the other one before I post pics of it
  4. My other 106 Rallye. Driven by Peugeot Sport factory driver Michel Boetti during the 1996 French Rally championship, with Boetti winning the French 106 Cup. Matching numbers and was in storage for 20 years. Garage ornament now and won’t be out of my garage very often.... if at all!
  5. Same faker! Still got the novas. Got a few sambas now and 2x 106 rallyes. thanks for the heads up. I’ll go and watch the video now i know the car featured heavily in the 1994 British rally championship video on YouTube
  6. Bloody hell! Requires TLC?!! That’s fukked. Proper fukked. And it’s for sale on eBay
  7. I’d forgotten about that! Ulster Aviation Society at the Maze Prison site. It had skinny rims and mini tyres I think, and the 5” cibie spots at that time. Did I just toss your dad the keys?
  8. Because of what “one above “?
  9. I bloody hope so!
  10. How’s it going brother?
  11. Recent image and an artwork added. Thread bump!
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