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  1. Timing belt, water pump, fuel pump done. Runs well and is quite potent too!
  2. 3F1C67AD-4D04-4556-BF30-2DD4EAFDF3E7.MOV
  3. Clio 172/182/197/200 Twingo 133 Yaris t-sport 1.5 or 1.8SR (I’ve the 1.8 SR and it’s a hoot). ST fiesta Mk1 Corsa vxr fabia vrs Micra 160SR (I want one).
  4. Anyone on the beige pages who knows me.... knows that I’m a sucker for small French competition cars...... so.. I found myself a little 1992 106 XSi. Original paint and virtually pin straight. However it’s got a welded up sunroof needing attention. Converted to hillclimb-sprint car in ‘96, and last used in ‘04. Been in storage for 18 years. Original Northern Ireland registered car with me now being the second officially recorded owner.
  5. In theory yes you may be correct. No history of being overheated etc... examine head machined face, no pitting or other damage... throw a steel rule across the face and check its square. Always worked for me
  6. Yep track still there! Unreal!
  7. Oh I mounted the old scrap panels to the yard fence
  8. so some samba rally car collection photos , and a selection of offcuts and panels that will now make up a piece of either garage wall art or simply yard fence art..
  9. Seen it in the flesh (well tin and 2pac) and it’s very good.
  10. You know me soo well by now! Was a clubman spec competition samba.. suffered a little bit of a light - yet significant roll Easter 2016. Sat in stock / storage until such time parts were obtained - then waited patiently in a virtual queue for 2 1/2 years before getting the nod to drop it off! Not repaired to show standard, but useable and presentable standard. Be returned to fighting competition form in due course..... with white squares on the doors!
  11. Always was! I06 rallye indigo blue
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