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  1. That's been a little bit of a pleasant surprise. Drives bloody marvellous... usual lacquer peel.
  2. I always like to have a spare car about the home place, and it's presently a k11 Micra Si 1.3. Now I really don't want to use the micra during the winter on salted and gritted roads... So a cheap winter beater is required (Not really required at all.... but I'm buying it anyway) So a family friend has upgraded and is selling off a 2.0 tdi sport.... s-line no less.... sooo... a collection thread begins
  3. Faker

    Chrysler 180

    Big avenger on steroids. Used the same doors I believe
  4. That beetle could be mine for £6.5k!!
  5. 22 for me.... And that's only the cars.. Doesn't include bikes... I'm going to thin that down some very soon... space, storage costs, and the inability to actually do anything with them being the issue...
  6. ZRs are great Apologies I didn't realise your mg was a 160. Hopefully get out over the winter for an outing... but definitely going to return to the sport in some form next year.
  7. Nice collection. EG civics are magnificent. Used to have a wee group n one back in the day (almost 20 years ago)... MGzr do make a bloody decent entry level rally car! 1.4 with almost 100hp. Fair play. I've a few competition cars myself, and hope to get back out again soon. Present fleet is something like 22 vehicles... Nova I've had almost 20 years and it's as it is in the photo. White samba is mint. Blue samba has had a bad shunt, red white and blue 106 is fantastic and has been in storage for almost 20 years. Other 106 (number 30 - pic from 1994) is a bit of a basket case no
  8. Type 4 1750 with twin 40 downdraughs on the red and white yoke... bloody flies actually.... (Yeah it's hard on petrol)!
  9. Get yourself one of these... start living the dream.
  10. My 172 had aftermarket lowering springs fitted when I got it, look was ok but not a pleasant ride. A mate had a cup, with cup springs - which were lower than standard 172, handled better, and still managed to be comfy. Supposedly they were eibach 25 or 30mm springs. Fitted a set and they transformed my car.
  11. Clio 172 and 182 have gotten quite expensive over the last year or two. I owned one for 4 years as my daily driver. Without doubt one of my favourite cars ever... would love to own one again but prices are getting OTT now... gathering a bit of a cult status. With the amount that end up as track day cars... the prices for good standard cars will continue to rise. Some pics of my old one.
  12. Not 2020 anyway brother
  13. But it's not a road car...
  14. It's been at 2 shows, where a good mate of mine likes to sabotage it... I don't mind as it actually keeps its identity private.
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