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  1. I’d say a Nova from the rear, and metro from the front!
  2. It’s an SR. Bucket seats, fancy front and rear bumpers, side skirts and a boot spoiler etc. Drives just like my old Group N (EG) Civic rally car I had about 20 years ago! Right rapid wee thing - not exactly blistering in the slightest.... but more than capable
  3. with a bit of love and a little detail... it’s a pretty decent wee car. nippy wee bugger too!
  4. So here it is. Little Yaris SR.... 12 odd years old... and an 1800cc. Never knew they were a thing until a couple of days ago.. and this was the only one for sale in Ireland (north or south). basically an updated or de-tuned Celica 1.8VVTi engine with 133bhp. It’s an absolute hoot!!!
  5. So the A3 tdi and the k11 Micra Si 1.3 are heading off to new ownership. The search for a fun beater has turned up a rather unusual vehicle that I never actually knew existed! Very very common vehicle but just a very unusual spec. Updates to follow tomorrow when collection begins!
  6. jeans beetles are a different colour
  7. photo of the bug at the dark hedges over in norn iron. Made famous after being used on the game of thrones series
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