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  1. This was slightly over budget at £225, couple of months mot. I've loaned it out to two friends - semi long term! I've MOT'd it now. Needed a couple of part worn tyres, two small brake pipes..... and something else I can't remember. It's a keeper for the time being as a back up - spare car - loaner - etc
  2. Faker


    I love my tools. I've 2 sealey tool boxes. 1 that I work from regularly, and 1 sealey professional box... full of new tools... that I don't use! I have a few draper expert socket sets that I have from my apprenticeship days. I've had to replace the ratchets a few times... but I still use the sockets for 30 years or more! I have some Mac tools pull bars I have a new sealey pro socket set, and a new teng tools socket set... that live in the sealey pro box I don't use! But they're soo pretty! I've teng torques, teng allen key sockets, sealey and draper socket bits. I've a Halfords pro 3/8 socket set, that's the set I carry in my car along with sealey and draper spanner sets. The Halfords pro socket set is my first go to set for simply every job. It's simply superb. Have the set 20 years. Chrome finish has stood the test of time, and ratchet is super strong. My old draper sets have virtually no chromium finish left! Screwdriver sets, sealey pro and teng tools. Fancy box with draper expert 3/4 drive socket set for heavy work next to box (photo).
  3. I've recently acquired yet another talbot samba rally car, which was intended to be used on the road soon.... given the circumstances over here that's not looking likely. To qualify for the exemptions the last MOT has to be expired no more than 6 months. Ferry and road trip to Scottish land for day trip MOT test possibly???
  4. And.... there was a franchise dealer somewhere over in norn iron for all things reliant... back in the 70s. Scimitar etc were sold new in norn iron, and I have a work mate who still has his dad's one owner from new reliant 3 wheeler hatchback thing on a very fancy (total fluke) norn iron registered number plate... chassis is toast though
  5. Plus... There's a guy outside rathfriland has a yard full of reliant 3 wheelers... been there for years...
  6. There's a fella in Carrick has a few reliant 3 wheelers in his driveway... all covered up.. must try and get a pic or 2.
  7. Dude... I still haven't been able to get up to see the invicar.... but my good friend has offered me the car... 

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      Ah... was meant to be a pm..

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      I can delete this status and start a PM with you if you would prefer? :)

      (I had a feeling you didn't mean to start a status update thread!)

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  8. Certainly was a quality bit of driving
  9. Yeah I kind of forgot to follow this up.... I've been speaking with the fella. Must get up and see him.
  10. I could be making a visit before going to work. Was working at the last one when it was cancelled due to the weather..
  11. So went away for a lads stag doo, and took some time out on two nights to go for danders about and see what I could find..... times they are most definitely changing... Wasn't that many years ago that you would have spotted 205, 309, older generation Seat (Fiats in disguise), and lots of old Citroen and Renault chod..... Slim pickings I'm now I'm afraid. Lots of mk5 Escort knocking about. Lots of KA too. All totally rot free I might ad, as was the k11 Micra. All had battle scars and collision marks, but were totally rot free. The k11 had the best sills I've ever seen. Few Xsantia and Xsara about too. Laguna for datsuncog! A Fiat bravo... brava... Always got them confused An early Hyundai Accent which was in terribly good shape One Vectra b.... but surprised to see very few Opels in general
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