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  1. I could be making a visit before going to work. Was working at the last one when it was cancelled due to the weather..
  2. So went away for a lads stag doo, and took some time out on two nights to go for danders about and see what I could find..... times they are most definitely changing... Wasn't that many years ago that you would have spotted 205, 309, older generation Seat (Fiats in disguise), and lots of old Citroen and Renault chod..... Slim pickings I'm now I'm afraid. Lots of mk5 Escort knocking about. Lots of KA too. All totally rot free I might ad, as was the k11 Micra. All had battle scars and collision marks, but were totally rot free. The k11 had the best sills I've ever seen. Few Xsantia and Xsara about too. Laguna for datsuncog! A Fiat bravo... brava... Always got them confused An early Hyundai Accent which was in terribly good shape One Vectra b.... but surprised to see very few Opels in general
  3. I'll get over to the fellas house over the next few days and get some pics. It's definitely in private hands. V5 etc and registered to him.
  4. I've a mate over here in norn iron that has an invicar in his yard. Owned for donkeys years now. Was privately owned or some such story.. meaning it wasn't relinquished from the owner back in the day when these beautiful machines were removed from service...
  5. At a car show I attended in norn iron recently
  6. The drag racing scene in Malta is fantastic! Cossie powered m1 and mk2 escorts setting blistering times
  7. Tim I am at a crisis point... I've 10 cars at home right now... 11 when this turd gets lifted. That doesn't include the others that are scattered around the province in various barns and units...
  8. 1.2 16v thing.. all for the price of a decent set of tyres.. short mot but it's not rotten, so shouldn't really be that terribly difficult to test.. (famous last words...)
  9. So this happened yesterday... not interesting enough for a collection thread.... but worthy of a post none the less..
  10. I've been hooning about in it all night. Absolutely fantastic wee thing. Needs two front tyres (sidewall cracks which are quite bad), needs two track rod ends badly, and set of wiper blades. Other than that it's absolutely fabulous
  11. Just bought this dreamy wee thing. Utterly boring, but extremely good.. if that actually means anything.. 2001 and 114k. Really in very good condition. Windy windies and no central lockin!
  12. I sooo want thon thee-o-five!!
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