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  1. Faker

    106 garage ornament

    Not 2020 anyway brother
  2. Faker

    106 garage ornament

    But it's not a road car...
  3. Faker

    106 garage ornament

    It's been at 2 shows, where a good mate of mine likes to sabotage it... I don't mind as it actually keeps its identity private.
  4. Bought this last year. Transpires it competed in the 1995 and 1996 French Rally Championship, winning the 1996 Championship with French man Michel Boetti driving. British driver David Blades used the car to great effect over a few years with many class wins. Still in its original shell too. Last pic with red white and blue is the car now.
  5. Aye the big chrome badge has to go. I'll get a smaller white one for it... somewhere...
  6. It's a proper Devon, type 4 1670 twin port with twin 40s
  7. Well.... I could have posted a collection thread, but I only travelled a dozen miles to collect. Added to that..... these are very definitely a "scene" vehicle... in fact they're iconic. Yes I know that autoshite holy grail is the proton satria and skoda felicia... but this has been on the bucket list for decades.
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