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  1. Yeah, it is, but good chance the frame isn't quite straight anymore. And you could get a new wing, and a door, and a bonnet, and a new valance, and a bumper, and grill, and new lights, and transmission, and engine, and, and, and. Don't think anyone will though. It will get broken for parts and never see the road again.
  2. Anyone fancy a Chevy Impala with major Collison damage? No engine or transmission included. The owner took them out. He knows the score, even if the mug that buys this wreck doesn't. Oh, no documents either. "Dvla said once MOT‘ed Get an approved club which is listed on the Dvla registry to approve the year make and model of the vehicle" Once it's MoTd! Lol, yeah right. 1968 Chevy Impala SS Sports Coupe Hotrod Custom Cadillac Race Car | eBay
  3. 1979 Ford Mustang Cobra in 1:64 by Greenlight.
  4. 1983 Chevrolet C10 Silverado by Auto World. Nice brown and beige colour scheme. Pictured next to the '81 model (which I believe was a single year front end).
  5. 1975 Plymouth Fury wearing Osage Country (Oklahoma) Sheriff livery. I've shot it with a '77 Plymouth Fury (light blue) and '77 Dodge Monaco (LAPD) to illustrate subtle light and grill differences.
  6. 1955 Chevrolet Nomad in 1:64 by Greenlight.
  7. 1963 Chevy Nova station wagon in 1:64 by Auto Word. Saddle tan with a white roof.
  8. Recently did my CBT, too. Think I'm going to bumble around on a 125 for a bit. I never got to a point where the bike was holding me back - 50 mph felt fast AF.
  9. Passed my motorcycle CBT yesterday. Looks like the fleet will get some two-wheeled shite.
  10. Fleet update: I'm being messed around with the DeLorean. Six months and I don't think they've even started. They don't respond to my emails or voice messages. When I manage to catch them on the phone, they never have any progress to report and won't commit to a completion date. Unfortunately, Small Claims Court is where it's heading. The LTD received two new tyres, a transmission driveshaft seal and parking brake adjustment. I've used it quite a lot this year. Unfortunately, the fuel gauge stopped working, so I've had to record my milage. Worst fuel economy 14.6 MPG, best 18.6. The Saab was put back on the road yesterday. It only failed MoT inspection on one drop link, so I've decided not to scrap it yet. In fact, I've treated it to a new thermostat, a second-hand set of Vauxhall Vectra steel rims with winter tyres, and some Waxoyl on the front subframe. Gearbox oil is on the way.
  11. 1983 Ford LTD Crown Victoria in 1:64 by Greenlight. Uncertain about the livery. It appears in Terminator 2 at the Pescadero State psychiatric prison facility. I assume it's a security vehicle(?) as the livery isn't seen again on any other police car. Shame the wheels sit a little wide. Can't have too many Crown Vics though.
  12. 1939 Chevrolet panel van in 1:64 scale by Greenlight. They also made a 1:64 petrol station in the same Shell livery. Love the little details like the number plate.
  13. Took the LTD along to Mavericks car meet in North Wales this evening. Luckily there were a few other yank tanks for me to perv on. I've fancied a Kia Magentis for ages. It's probably bland AF, but it looks quasi-American without having all the drawbacks (e.g. LHD, doesn't fit anywhere, bullshit handling, low MPG).
  14. 1965 Lincoln Continental in 1:64 by Greenlight. Unfortunately, the rear sits lower than the front on this one. Unintentional gangster lean.
  15. 1980 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am (as appeared in Smokey and the Bandit II) in 1:64 by Greenlight.
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