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  1. 1970 Dodge Challenger in 1:64 scale by Auto World.
  2. Another 1:64 scale Greenlight model, but with a Christmas theme today - a 1955 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery of "Bob's Tree Farm" with a customer's snowy pine tree on the roof rack. The opening tailgate is a nice extra. Tow hitch gives the option of a trailer. Greenlight almost managed a fault-free model, but unfortunately, the "M" in "FARM" hasn't printed properly on the driver's side. Despite the minor print defect, I really like this one. It's going on the mantlepiece for the festive season.
  3. Collected my old miniature rail shite from the parents house. Didn't think the buildings would make very good set pieces as they're a slightly different scale to the cars. I'm not sure now. Looks passable at first glance.
  4. 1987 Ford LTD Crown Victoria in 1:64 scale by Greenlight.
  5. 1965 Chevrolet Suburban in 1:64 scale by Auto World. I'm thrilled with this one. The quality, the detail, the whole thing is spot-on. I think this is my nicest 1:64.
  6. Not fed up just yet. In fact, I've got another two versions. I'll post pics in due course.
  7. Another 1982 Dodge Diplomat, this time in NYPD livery. The colour scheme NYPD had going in the 70s and 80s really looked great. I absolutely love this model, even if I did have to break the light bar off to straighten it. I know I've said before, but Greenlight quality control is non-existent. And a pic with the civilian version of the Diplomat.
  8. Builder's sand. The gravel at the road edge is sieved cat litter. Just using what I've got to hand at the moment.
  9. 1982 Dodge Diplomat in 1:64 by Greenlight. I also added another layer of cork to make the road more 3 dimensional. Added some road markings too, but think they could be improved. Practice should help.
  10. Alright, end of box bonanza. Half-dozen Lledo 'Days Gone' models. Purchased in Asda around mid '90s. Now the big stuff. Purchased in the Canary Islands, late '90s. 1:50 scale. Very substantial build.
  11. Various Ford Model A vans with period product advertisements on the sides. CBA taking individual shots. Matchbox, 1979. Boxed Atkinson model D steam truck from Matchbox 'Models of Yesteryear'.
  12. 1:64 Greenlight Jeep Wrangler YJ. This one was a 'Green Machine' which basically means parts of it were painted the wrong colour (met. green). Apparently, that makes it collectible. Makes it look shit in my books, so I covered it up with a mud paint job. Think it turned out alright. Broke the fragile roof frame though.
  13. A break from the box to have a look at some more Johnny Lightning models. 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor ambulance. Same as the previously shown Ghostbuster castings, but this time in a coroner's car livery. 1971 Pontiac GTO. 1966 Cadillac Hearse. In other miniature shite news, I'm working toward building a diorama or two (or several thousand until they consume my house). Below is just a test bed. I've been trying different techniques, materials etc., to get the hang of it. Back to the Johnny Lightning stuff. They look too small when compared with other 1:64. Here's a Greenlight Crown Vic for comparison. They're about the same size, yet a caddy hearse should be noticeably bigger. Think I'm going to be very selective about buying any more Johnny Lightning stuff as they don't look right when displayed alongside other manufacturers.
  14. More from the Lledo 'Days Gone' collection. Ford Model T van in Robertson's Golden Shred livery. Ford Model A (?) van in different Golden Shred livery. No golliwog mascot, which is a shame. Not sure what this gold one is supposed to be. Just says 'promotional model' on the base. Another bus. Smaller than the others. 1:87 maybe. Looks like some kind of overhead catenary rig on the roof. Sun-Maid Raisins advertisements down the sides.
  15. Lledo 'Days Gone' HP Sauce van. Not sure on the make/model. The front wheels sit too low and far forward. Possibly crush damage. I might have a go at drilling out the base and see what I can do repair wise. Next, a wind-up Smart City Coupe by Maisto. Purchased from Asda around '99/'00. 1:33 scale, so doesn't look right with anything.
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