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  1. Think you might be a bit out of touch with prices Ed...
  2. 1971 FORD GALAXI 500 2 DOOR COUPE | eBay
  3. And I'm sure the aircon just needs a re-gas... Still doesn't put me off though.
  4. £2.5k I would. Cadillac fleetwood sixty special 1988 4.5 v8 | eBay
  5. 1951 American Nash running up-dated transmission V8 petrol Pontiac firebird eng. | eBay
  6. Possible HGF on the LTD (see my "addressing engine sludge" thread), so I discuss it with a classic car specialist over the telephone and arrange a time and date to bring the car in. I book the afternoon off work, arrange a lift to get home and drive 45 minutes out to this garage only to be turned away because they don't have room to take on new work. WHY THE FUCK DID THEY THINK I WAS BRINGING THE CAR TO THEM?!
  7. Or you can park right up against the curb and climb out the passenger side like I did here. Bench seat necessary.
  8. Lawnmower shite. This is my Hayter petrol lawnmower. British made (in Hertfordshire). Had it a year now and very happy with it. Changed the oil today (Morris Lubricants - also made in the UK), cleaned the air filter, checked spark plug gap, sharpened and balanced the blade.
  9. FFS 1985 Mercury Grand Marquis | eBay
  10. Yeah, I've noticed a few yank tanks around the forum. Shropshire. Would like to meet some shiters irl.
  11. More pictures of the LTD, as requested. It's clearly the star of the show.
  12. Cor! Look at that! What a colour, too! I think the two need to meet one day.
  13. Almost the same. The one used in Terminator was a '75 facelift model (different grill and headlight surrounds, different tail lights).
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