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  1. I've been using my LTD as a daily and the results are in... 15.2 MPG
  2. Looks familiar. Triumph Toledo 1972 (dolomite/ 1300 / 1500 etc) | eBay
  3. 1986 Ford Taurus in OCP Detroit Police livery from RoboCop. It's a Greenlight, so smudges inside the windows, but otherwise very well executed. I used to have an OCP Taurus when I was a kid. It came with a RoboCop figure. Nostalgia!
  4. Took the LTD grocery shopping. It's currently my daily driver. Pretty good so far, I just minimise parking anxiety by going when it's quiet.
  5. 1989 Chevrolet Caprice in 1:64 scale by Greenlight. San Diego "Volunteer Sheriff". An interesting livery. Push bars on the front, too. It's not a very good roller though and has unreachable smudge marks on the inside of the windows. Unfortunately, this is typical of Greenlight.
  6. Yep, master cylinder was definitely failing! Replacement installed. Went in nice and easy.
  7. Driver's side reverse light socket was shot. Wired in a new one easy enough. And that's where my winning streak ended. Found the reason for water ingress into the boot. Can't find a new seal, and it wouldn't help anyway if I did. Think I'm going to paint it up and pretend I never saw it consider my options. Ordered a new master cylinder but the old one is really fighting me (surprise*). It's had the last of my WD40, for whatever good that does. Only the rear brake line fitting has come loose, and even that is trying to twist the line with it. The front fitting is threatening to round and the nuts on the servo aren't moving at all. Think I'll try fire next.
  8. The LTD is running and driving! Now with road legal plates! Idle quality is about 90% there but careful fettling will be needed to finalise. Brakes bled but feel spongy/sinky AF. Suspect the master cylinder. Looks very crusty and probably original to the car. Tail lights are letting in water. I'll have a go at making new seals myself. In the meantime, it kind of fits in the garage... The Saab's fate is uncertain. It needs tyres, thermostat, possible suspension work, regular fluid/filter service, also due a cambelt soon. I'm very indifferent about the car and don't really want to spend the money on it. I'm parking it for the time being, but scrap prices make cubing it a temptation.
  9. 1976 Pontiac Grand LeMans Safari in 1:64 scale by Greenlight. AS colours, lifting tailgate and tow bar!
  10. More Waxoyl today. Driver side front caliper was sticking a bit. Cleaned it up, greased and pushed the piston in. Hopefully that, plus some regular use, will sort it. I've threaded the EGR port and plugged it with a M12 grub screw. A friend is attempting to repair the spacer plate. Wheels back on and cleaned her up. Starting to look pretty good!
  11. More tinkering with the Ford while I wait for gaskets to arrive from the US. Today's improvements include cleaning out the rear wheel wells and applying waxoyl, plus a bandage repair to the exhaust as it's blowing next to the fuel tank. The exhaust is shagged and needs replacing, but I can't seem to find one. It will end up being another fabrication job.
  12. Purchased a Haynes AutoFix manual for my parent's K13 Nissan Micra. Not used it before, it's an online jobby as they're not doing paper versions anymore, apparently. The spark plugs are overdue but it requires the intake manifold and throttle body to be removed. I didn't want to balls it up and thought it would useful to have an official procedure. Well don't waste your money - it's useless. The information is completely generic and no help. Things like "remove anything obstructing access to the spark plugs". It also has a helpful* tutorial video of a completely different engine. Now I know how to change the plugs on a Renault... I contacted Haynes because a 'shop manual that can't tell me how to do something simple like the spark plugs is a waste of space and I felt it was a swizz having paid out. They replied with a load of marketing BS about how this is their new direction and it will help me access OBD codes so "you will know what the problem is when you hand it over to a workshop."!
  13. 1981 Chevrolet Silverado 10 Fleetside in 1:64 by Auto World.
  14. The LTD is back! It spent the last 10 months with an incompetent garage. Now it's just differently broken. I've replaced the brake fluid, repaired a broken ground strap and removed mushrooms growing in the passenger footwell. The big problem is poor running (high, rough idle) and stalling when put into drive. Definitely pulling a vacuum leak as confirmed by spraying carb cleaner around the carburettor base. Odd, as the garage was supposed to have rebuilt the carb. Well, that gasket doesn't look new to me... A new gasket then. No biggie, right? Well check out the carburettor spacer plate. The passageway, which is holed in several places, is part of the EGR system. I think it's too far gone to be repaired. Replacements are scarce. Minded toward fabrication at this point. I want the EGR blocked off whatever I do. Suggestions welcome as I want it back on the road ASAP.
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