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  1. Me too, on our way to the Blackwall tunnel to go to East Anglia
  2. I thought it looked a bit Moto Aspes engine like from a long long time ago and as it happens I think they did use Minarelli engines at one stage
  3. So 4 hours south is still way to up country for me. Hope you get it collected
  4. If you happen to come across a tatty one of these in an auction let me know 😬
  5. Narrow it down a bit to save everyone Googling West Calder. I'm hopefully out and about on some travels this coming week
  6. I'm stopping now. Top of page 8, 03.30, coffee empty, piss, sleeppppp Morning Lbf
  7. It's 01.40 and I've got to be up in about 5 hours.... but I'm only on page 5.... Great thread to read... Just one more coffee, doughnut and one more page.... said I about an hour and a half ago... 🙄
  8. Citroën designers ahead of the game or just nuts. Circa 1955
  9. Pedant... One to many "w"s and one too few "o"s in there as well... 🤔
  10. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
  11. Is that it.... or is there more cars lit up... Modern fkin art... More art in the 2cv
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