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  1. Hovercraft to the Isle of Wight, then ferry to Lymington, New Forest , much nicer apart from caravantwats
  2. Fkin roasting in Horsham, wish it would rain , can't remember the last decent downpour
  3. Making it snow what sort of father in law have you got πŸ™„πŸ™„
  4. 80s 130 scrappy one was a saloon , about 500 mm longer than a 79 132
  5. You beat me to it , I was just about to check specifications, I had a 132 seemed lovely for a second car until I looked underneath. Local scrappy had a 130 back in late 80s , great place to shelter when it pissed down, every time I went there .
  6. The way it's sitting arse end down looks like it's already full with a couple of bodies in concrete boots ready to launch into a deep river
  7. I had a Magnum , never fixed it ,PO had smacked in lower arms and assorted other bits, scrapped it , ran well just not in a straight line πŸ˜•
  8. Where would that be πŸ€”πŸ€”
  9. So did I , a T reg , looked great , drove great , rusted out at 8 years old
  10. Buy a HIAB crane recovery lorry , problem solved πŸ‘
  11. Senny's looking good.... but isn't the V a tadge low 😐
  12. Would that work on some old pennies , ranging from very worn 1860 up to a bit battered 1967 πŸ€”
  13. How much was that to hire and which rento company please?
  14. So was it the gas that caused the slight bang
  15. Are commercial tumble dryers gas powered heat ?
  16. 🀬🀬🀬 They set me off in a grump for working on my b2500 pick up .... Trying to change front discs ....fkbme seems like a 🀬 of a job , looks like I've got to split/press the hub apart and all the ball joints to get the disc retaining bolts .... Unless someone knows different 🀬🀬 , any ideas 🀞🀞
  17. Sorry,took me forever to even find the link this was in .... Good news, bad news ... I've 2 boxes of camera stuff... I've found one box.... Not the right box🀬🀬🀬 Other news .. I'm sure it is an Olympus.... just not sure what model ... Had a fkin shit weekend caring for my elderly neighbour, I'm sure the "carers" supplied by the SS are trying their best to kill her off , absolute incompetent 🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬 I'm still looking for the other box , Mrs says she hasn't touched it ....bs 🀞🀞
  18. Sorry, been busy ...and the Mrs has moved them ...will find them in the morning
  19. You beat me to it 😁
  20. I have just received a load of camera equipment, I'm sure there's a couple of bnib compacts in there , I'll have a look when its daylight πŸ‘
  21. Used to travel round the country in a Chivette hatch, 5 up +luggage re-merchandislng old PowerCity stores and setting up new Currys superstores back in the late 80s
  22. Power City then Currys , Fishponds, Bristol 1986/7
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