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  1. I agree that BMW is fking awful 🤢
  2. I could do with a shitload of motivation as well please 😞
  3. 🤷🏼‍♂️ are they straight and true with no busted spokes with discs..... with tyres ..... with a nice large frame attached !!! I'll try and look back at the advert to remind me !!! Thanks
  4. As much as it is good that they gave her a good send off but to change programming on obscure tv channels when all the big channels are covering it does seem a bit much . Cheers Liz 🇬🇧😪span widget
  5. Saab Gifferin 900 complete with unisex bedpan 😃
  6. .... the start line was covered in debris and that was before they even moved 🤭
  7. "Can you tell what it is yet" I picked a shitty weather day to go spotting 😕
  8. 900 miles , 16 hours , same day return 😱!!!
  9. Only a short one day return trip , bonus antenna, who needs a top tint get a vinyl personlised sun strip 👍👍
  10. Whereabouts in Germany? And whereabouts are you?
  11. I've a Record no.21 for sale , near to you just past Gatwick
  12. You'll be needing to buy another one ... I have a few available. What make, model , size was the broken one ?
  13. What sort of mpg did you get out of that beast 🤔
  14. Can you make a DIY stinger or just get a length of barbed wire of barbed wire 🤔🤞
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