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Prick and collect - you RODney plonker

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It’s really early . I think this is the earliest I’ve been in a train .

I’m off to pickup my new car which is rather exciting . Hopefully the train network doesn’t let me down . It’s not really that far but it takes fucking ages .


Nice outside though 


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3 minutes ago, chompy_snake said:

If you are off to Thornaby and getting a car. My suggestion would be that you are going to be fetching a sort of blob like motor that goes Brum using dead dinosaurs dispensed from a black pump .... And it may as well be a German car (except for the badge).

If he achieves that I'll be astonished;)


Assuming that Thornaby ain't the most salubrious of locales?

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1 minute ago, 320touring said:

I intend to sample said delicacy on the morrow..

Don't think the A68 cafe will do them, you'll have to head a bit further south for tea if you want that before heading home.


Might be game for that though.

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