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  1. Me as well. Loved it, if that had of been an Auto could have been tempted. If only for the phalic shifter.
  2. That looks fantastic. V6 as well.... Hope you enjoy it.
  3. Google maps is your friend. https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@53.159242,-3.1587762,3a,75y,27.97h,75.95t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s3CkryNryGvkoSzXXfp4fmw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?hl=en&authuser=0
  4. Have they given you an ETA? And is the next journey the final leg? Hopefully yes, and within the hour....
  5. Jesus , feel for you fella, this is turning into a right nightmare. Hope you get home soon, and have caught some sleep in between truck pickups.
  6. My old man had a PT in black. Looked like more of a taxi than the TX2 I currently have. Can just remember steering wheel being massive, and the thing having the turning circle of the titanic.
  7. Glad to see the old girl is still live and kicking. Easiest alloys wheels to clean on that car. Loved the engine noise.
  8. Must admit did have a laugh when I saw this. Thought it was really good. No damage to cars, just an enjoyable hour. Looking forward to next week.
  9. Just for possible info, just seen that the next episode of "The Grand Tour" (love it or hate it, think its jumped the shark myself) has recently been filmed up in Scotland. They have each got an old American car to see if they could be used here. Believe James has a red Huggy. Know no more than this, but you might find prices going up a bit when its released.
  10. Gutted and kicking myself. Saw this last night, and sent a message asking if could view tonight as only a few miles away... Now sold. Should have just buy it now..... Was looking at the auction at 06:30 this morning and nearly clicked the button. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1991-Saab-900-2-0-Turbo-/154355147849?nma=true&si=GB1lBce10vmpaH3OKXCmLLO3geo%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 Keep telling myself it's only the five door, but is an FPT. Anyone on here got lucky??
  11. That looks awesome. Manual or Auto?
  12. Its a local garage to where I used to live. (Still not that far away, but 15-20 mins now, rather than 2-3 mins Approached them years ago regarding a discount and they allow me "trade" price. Worryingly they all know me, even if I just ring up, but getting 3 booked in , over 2 days was a first even for me.
  13. You saying wiper blades reminded me. Froze my fingers this morning. Todays car was my Saab 9-5 which had been stored at the inlaws for a few months. Popped over Thursday to get battery charged as dead as a dodo. Did a quick check over of car and only thing that jumped out was that both wipers had split ends. Now being the total cheapskate/car hoarder I just took the wipers of my spares car for quickness. So plan was to be at inlaws house for 07:30. Change wipers and install battety and then have a slow drive to MOT station and leave car with them at 08:00. Did not think that thr
  14. Combination of too many cars, and moving house recently meant that I've submitted 3 cars for MOT's in the past two days... 2 passed yesterday, and the final one passed today. Few advisories on each but well chuffed. One of the reasons for putting them in for MOT was just to move them from current storage to MOT and then to new house back from MOT. Didn't expect them all to pass. (Well I had hoped the wife's focus would as is her daily driver), but was primarily being done to get them relocated. Now just need to decide if they are keepers or need to be sold.. (10 cars might
  15. If you do decide to sell drop me a message, might even have something floppy top or quirky to put towards it. Looks lovely by the way. Did like my previous one but was the lighter blue and non "mesh" grille , so really like the look of yours.
  16. Was thinking the same. Transit in front of HGV1 drives away on green, but HGV1 does not move till HGV2 is alongside/passed.
  17. Eddy. Is this anything your buildings cover insurance might cover, Dont know and excess might be quite high. Possibly worth a call though. They might even have an approved repairer for peace of mind,
  18. Which was bought by me when advertised by Jim on UKSaabs , many many years ago, Still remember collecting it from Torpoint. Took me ages to realise that J900SKY was quite a good reg for a GM900 convertible...
  19. Defo, something with a three pointed star.
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