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  1. Been in my watch list for a while as miss my previous ones. Fantastic gearbox, Started at £2k and has slowly been dropping..
  2. Was looking at Corsa's but was more impressed by the cars on the main road behind. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202310203170460?sort=distance&advertising-location=at_cars&exclude-writeoff-categories=on&include-delivery-option=on&make=Vauxhall&maximum-mileage=60000&minimum-badge-engine-size=1.4&model=Corsa&postcode=dy12qp&price-to=10000&transmission=Automatic&year-from=2008&year-to=2014&fromsra
  3. Jeepers Rookie mistake. Don't tempt fate and assume there will be no problems with new motor. Hope all goes without a hitch.
  4. Knew exactly where you meant. Just checked google maps which goes back to 2009. Does not appear to have moved as still in same spot.
  5. For a second I thought the Rover was on a trailer, and amazed at the parking, Should be going to Specsavers
  6. Well played that man. Was going to suggest a Yeti, but that beats one hands down
  7. Jesus don't do that man. Let alone AS withdrawal, was getting @HMC withdrawal. Glad you are back
  8. I'd wondered if it was Gunnislake and collection of the Crown Vic from HMC. Think this is more masochistic though Looks fab
  9. Dont know where you started from, but hoping end station begins with G.. Watching thread with interest.
  10. Hope robt100 does not mind me saying, but now all passed and MOT'd. Just a couple of advisories for front tyres. Well done Rob...
  11. And a second one via a flap in the centre cubby behind the ignition switch. As its an Aero, you might even have the remote roof via the keyfob. That'll really impress the 7yr old. Great cars. Love mine with a passion. (Well like you, not just the one.... )
  12. The Merc looks fantastic. Is that the phone over the centre air vents? (Think I saw on Hoovies Garage if it is)
  13. MOT next week then... Hope it all goes well. Looks a grand thing.
  14. Just tell him you could not fix the ones on the back, so swapped the hand brake over to the front
  15. Was seriously considering this as local'ish but never realised that tax is in the £675 yearly bracket. Aware that makes me sound like a cheapskate but with a few cars, it soon adds up
  16. Assumed they were looking in wonder at the gaffer tape rear window seal. Must admit a limo is on my "want" list but not sure if I have your cahoonies.
  17. Extract from the ebay ad. The car was running and driving when parked at least 6 years ago, but had a big suspension fluid leak from the pump area. As they appear to be a Merc specialist, assume its not an easy cheap fix..
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