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  1. Sounds about right, I had an indicated 116mph four up…
  2. Marvelousness. Thanks to Mrs ODMs utter revile for anything technology related, coupled to her unwillingness to drive on ‘big roads’ we sailed through the Dartford Crossing but we didn’t pay it as we passed through on her phone (like I would as a passenger) so I know it’s hard to believe but after a four hour straight drive from Kent to Leeds, paying this slipped my mind. Thankfully, my predisposition for changing vehicles means that I haven’t forgotten to pay it before in the Espace so my first strike has been used up and I got away with £2.50 after a brief and uncomfortable buttock clench on opening the letter. Moral of the story, drive over it with different cars every time.
  3. I had a Mk2 1.8GLi on an 87D if I recall. D679 MRH a ridiculous car for an 18 year old at the time when my mates had shitty Novas and fezzy pops.
  4. Weekend road trip ahoy so I finally gave the big bus a wash for the first time since purchase in April (well, I payed the locals to do it). I’d found a clay bar kit in the garage I hadn’t used so decided to give her a going over with that. I realised the enormity of the task once I’d started, it was like giving Bella Emberg a sponge bath but at least she’s looking respectable enough for the wife to be seen in now. Also Hoovered out the palatial inside ready for the kids to filthy it up again.
  5. Actually did a car thing for the first time in ages...battery had died on the Espace and buggered if I could find the radio code. Turns out you can pay Renner £10 or much better, just register with your reg number for their 'My Renault' app/account and you can get the code for free, although it insists on fat too much personal info for my liking. No doubt I'll now get a gazillion piles of marketing guff through the door although the postman might wonder who the hell Mr Twatoff Pinkterton* is... (Don't tell 'em your name, Pike)
  6. Maybe they've upgraded the ANPR to include LTBJSC* and it won't open anymore *Likely To Be Jimmy Savilles Car (not casting aspersions about the current owner/driver but an early 80's plush motor in off white has a whiff of a bag of boiled sweets, puppies and duct tape in the boot). I best I add, I was born in 1978 and my recollections of such cars are peak 'stranger danger' era
  7. Ooh, a pickup...but big though, if only there something smaller out there.... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/284270568121
  8. Decided to look into the engine idle issues properly on the Mazda as it actually stalled on me the other day. Not really sure what I’m suspecting as the coolant header tank was empty, the rad is full, the temp gauge is normal and there’s no Mayo on the dipstick - oil is as golden as honey. First checked all the leads were sparking - all ok. Then checked for air leaks - All ok. Then pulled the plugs for a nosey, a little bit of oil above them and cylinders 1&2 looked a bit sooty. Can’t remember when I changed the plugs last so went and got a set this morning to change the over. Naturally, when I came to change them, the plug now looked pretty normal on removal 😕 However, on checking all the connections to the leads at the dizzy end, one came away in my hand. Fortunately, I had spare but known good old leads I’d taken off the other 323 in case of a failure so C as this so swapped over and then restarted the car. still much wobbly on the idle so I unplugged the maf and it then started to idle roughly in a completely new way so at least the mad is kind of functioning. Took off the maf and blasted it through with brake cleaner in case of detritus and set it back in place once dry. Still no dice and the same idle wobble. It seems to have improved and sits still but the coughs once in a while. Coolant is staying level, it isn’t spitting out the rad under compression and the exhaust has a ‘put-put-put’ idle wobble. Heater still blows hot and cold on demand and temp sits firmly in the middle. I guess I need to do a compression test of the cylinders or maybe it’s injectors? It’s very sooty Advice welcome. As for the Espace... Have done around 1000 miles in the espace and it seems to be doing rather well as a family cruise bus. Big, comfy and the 2.0 engine is actually pleasant to bumble along in. However, I hit a speed bump a bit hrs and suspect I’ve snapped a bit of a spring or some other suspension but as there’s a definite rattle on anything except billiard smooth road. A cursory look underneath showed all droplinky bits and pieces still in place so it’ll be off to the garage for them to investigate further due to my fear of spring compressors. also at Arley Hall yesterday, I noticed a distinctly mechanical burnt smell, I suspected it was my left rear brake sticking but as there were a million giffers around, I couldn’t rule out multiple codgers burning their micra clutches out in such a tight car park. However, pit stop at hearts head moor for an ice cream confirmed the drivers side rear brake is binding slightly. so that’s two things on the renner. Big car in shit at hide and seek shocker.
  9. So is my gallic beauty of an espace... just one corner though. I suspect I've broken a spring.
  10. I could never get my head round how Audi could have a V8 A8 that was 3.7, surely even number of cylinders had to be an even number... brain just wouldn’t have it.
  11. When I bought it, I thought the loud beep was to announce their activation, so I reversed away, suspicions they were not active and that I wasn’t fully sure fair with the length of the vehicle were aroused when the log shed behind me started moving. More other news, the old 323 has developed a bit of idle wobble and the occasional hot start frumpiness that results in a stall. all symptoms point to an air leak so naturally I’m avoiding finding that and have ordered new plugs, leads, etc first so I can kid myself I’m fixing it by doing easy stuff.
  12. My dad just fixed his with a very large 2x4 to prop it when open. in other news, discovered two of the rear sensors on the Espace aren’t ticking, but will probably take me a month to be motivated enough to remove the bumper and fix them.
  13. You could always pop up to see them during such escapades and ask if they mind being called pikeys. Do let us know how you get on.
  14. Its the presence of a dog in the family, that scuppers saloons for me. Annoying as saloons are my preferred choice
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