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  1. Been in quarantine/isolation for last two weeks. Took first trip out today to drop some spare food at a neighbour who has a wheelchair bound mother on the 12 weeks no going out list. Had to push Mazda out of way first as following on from wifeys breakdown a few weeks back, there’s clearly a phantom drain. Laguna woke up after two weeks of idle so I took that. Saving a few quid by not renewing the insurance and sorning the white Mazda as I don’t think I’ll be needing three road legal cars any time soon.
  2. Has the rear seat got a ski flap? Suggest buyer clambers in the the boot for the test drive and fumbles the cash through the hatch if they find it agreeable.
  3. They did when my sprog came down with chickenpox the day we due to fly to Spain last year - needed a letter from the Doc and they did a 100% refund. Not sure about these circumstances mind.
  4. I used to carry an emergency KitKat for just such occasions until they changed the packaging. Bravo, Sir.
  5. Started on the button this morning. My money says she left a light on or didn’t shut door properly.
  6. Got a text from the wife as the 323 (1) was having an FTP after her work and she was stranded in the car park. Said it wouldn't start (checked she was in P/N) but no obvious telephone based resolution so a drive it was...fortunately, she's 5 minutes drive away and 323 (2) hasn't yet gone for MOT so I ripped the battery off that and headed over. Tried without battery swap first, dash lights on but all went out and not even a whimper form the starter when I went to crank - so second battery on and it fired up. Took a good few turns before it caught and fired, she swears she hadn't left lights on or anything, my theory is maybe door not fully shut and the interior light has goosed her. We shall find out tonight if there's a phantom battery drain or something else.
  7. Nothing of consequence to add except having a hatch has been very useful for clearing out the wife’s old house as it’s up for sale. Also, French V6 power with a slightly blowy exhaust sounds lovely and is disgustingly addictive fun to floor it. I think I like it even more than the ‘Parp-Boom-Wallop’ hilarity of the Volvo 5 pot turbo.
  8. I’ll have a random, haven’t ended up collecting a car from south east England for at least two weeks now.
  9. 323-1, silver - Idle can be very hunty but never stalls so not investigated beyond an oil change. Battery light comes on in the rain one in three trips, popping it in neutral and flicking ignition off and on again fixes* it so not checked further. ABS module stuck itself on so I pulled the fuse a while back, have a replacement but it’s a battery tray and all gubbins out so not fitted yet. 323-2, White - Slow puncture on right rear, just top it up from the cig lighter when I use it. Boot seal leaks so theres a bit of wet dog smell, keep meaning to try and track it down. Laguna, bit of a screeee then whistle noise on throttle, dunno what it is, Mr posh voice computer doesn’t tell me anything about it so dunno. Robot thought maybe engine mount? Slight blow on exhaust - Sounds good Dashboard lights up like Blackpool Illuminations if you drive with full beans on the revs - Just driving with less beans
  10. Stand down, I’m not itching yet!
  11. Have to say, barring alternators Squealing and one ftp due to a snapped aux belt I’ve been very looked after in the BJ department. £350-£500 will get you an auto FSU if you can find one, they came in 1.3,1.6 and 1.8 spec, both mine are 1.8 and just about manage 35 on the motorway but about 25 round town (less if wife has it idling to keep warm on school run) but they are very good transport devices if not dynamically engaging. Mrs ODM likes them so much I am forbidden from selling one out so when I get the itch it’ll have to be the Laguna out on it’s ear
  12. I do rather like the A2, having never owned one, naturally.
  13. Insured the Renner today so all the fleet is now driveable, Mot pending on white one 22/2 so situation is fluid.
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