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  1. A mate and i hired a corvette for a road trip across America that had a bypass fitted as standard. It opened up above 3500 rpm and sounded ridiculous, but as a lazy auto it was never revving up there unless you were being silly. Turned out if you pulled a certain fuse out, the bypass stayed open all the time and would be unbelievably loud/hilarious on startup and burbling around. We most definitely didnt* pull the fuse as soon as we were out of the Hertz compound Gratuitous yellow holiday snap.
  2. For the purposes of work* I have blagged myself a few days in the US of A... I managed to tick off a bucket list item I never knew I had by driving/queuing down manhattan in a glow of red brake lights and pissing rain with sax jazz on the radio like I was in Taxi driver. i suspect you think I was in such vehicles as this... but alas, I was in the spiritual successor to the Nova Saloon...the Ford Fiesta....Sedan?!?!? whats it like to drive m9? erm...it’s an auto eco boost with 120 bhp and a six speed auto, it drones like the first f1 turbo cars but is capable of wheelspin and much noise making. The progress can be brisk but noisy but what is most alarming is it’s ability to continue to accelerate for a full 1-2 seconds after you have removed your foot from the go pedal, seriously it’s like an old school turbo it’s that bad. i don’t know if it’s a us thing because they never floor the pedal or what but it’s so weird, I keep finding myself doing it for comedy effect. it haz Apple play, which is my first experience of it and it is not too bad. inside the cockpit, the car is too narrow and my legs rub the door and the centre console becuase my preferred driving/sitting style is to have my legs as akimbo as possible, as if my bollocks were watermelons. I don’t know why, it’s just how I like it. also, I spent most of the first four miles of driving desperately searching for a lumbar support lever. The seat backs offer the same level of support you’d get by stringing Rab C Nesbitts vest between a pair of chopsticks. anyhoo...beer and ribs haz arrived in front of me so Tata for now. also, spotted old SAAB nearby and took shit photo. Stream of conciousness over.
  3. This would suit the other half nicely once I’ve convinced her to like it. Don’t need a replacement for her car until Oct though so two randoms please.
  4. Just say you won a roffle and show her the doctors r8, then do the old ‘oops, not that one, this one’ show her the Megane and the overwhelming relief should flood her with enough endorphins to avoid glassing you at your bro’s party.
  5. 24! Cavcraft, Excellent bullet dodging all!
  6. I’ll take a random. Ta
  7. Who the chuff does a reversal Ona roffle the buggers? if I won the glorious* Doc rover maybe but that isn’t cricket at all.
  8. You might be better offering that to the others...a quid is a bargain but I can’t risk winning it!
  9. I like the idea of a rollover, two chances of clenchy bum for the price of one, imaging if that happened on a few roffles and some poor bastard won three at once
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