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  1. Vaguely car related as had to chuck the seats out of the espace to go do a thing. Mrs ODM - "Stop coming up with these shitty projects like car, computers and crap you never finish" Also Mrs ODM - "Can you pop by this address to get something for me" Probably worth a few quid and got it for free - currently filling my office, tomorrows Zoom meeting will be fun - beats the exercise bike!
  2. The length of time it would take to get this pile of bean tins to run again you’d be 99% of the way to being a corpse so a brake failure may be a blessed relief.
  3. The taxman in a first ever has advised I am owed £460 quid so there’s a strong chance I’ll get my arse in gear and finish fitting the parts cannon gear I ordered and then send it for an Mot to see what else it fails on and just write them a cheque.
  4. I realise these are buyers guides but should you need to sell a vehicle and prove its motive power, pushing it down a big hill always helps. (Yes, a billion dollar company actually tried to get away with this… Nothing to see here…)
  5. Always attend family funerals to pass respects to the departed and to collect valuable sovereign rings as they are known to seal deals in vehicle bidding wars. Note however, that it is considered bad form to include the snipped off finger. If your Nan has a smartphone, early intervention is recommended to download candy crush for them as it is a reliable gateway drug game to buying an Xbox m9, which routinely outbids any number of rings.
  6. Always go buy a car on the last day before Mot expiry of your current vehicle, the pressure of needing something to get you or your wife to work will heighten your senses. You will find character building resolve in the threat of being ‘without wheels’ and it most definitely won’t cause you to hand over money for a ropey E36 estate to a corner dealer of high repute* with 280,000 on the current clocks. It should help you avoid shrugging off his parting remarks of ‘it sometimes won’t start first time’ as banter instead of a raging red flag. In the unlikely event that you do purchase such a vehicle, you may find solace in the smooth purr of the straight six, which is particularly smooth at idle whilst you realise that none of the gears will select and moving the gear lever is like fishing keys out of a rainy drain with a wizened old stick.
  7. Make sure to check the underside of the car by lying underneath it. In case they are using shadows to hide rust, ask them to move forward whilst you observe the floor. lying parallel to the wheels is generally advised.
  8. Paris this morning, someone live their best life…
  9. Moderately related, noted a Bentley of similar vintage on the motorway, as I pulled alongside noticed it was the incredibly rare breed Turbo RT, I hovered alongside long enough gain the drivers attention and we shared an approving nod and large grins. Fantastic that there are idiots heroes out there driving them at £1.60 a litre..
  10. Nah, they just need to make sure they crash into my tinfoil cinquecento and they’ll walk away.
  11. Drive back from Durham via the A19 and did @Fabergé Greggsa favour by getting stuck in (a) trafic for a poke about.
  12. Have at it you bastard! kids in bed and round twelve two at the carrier. More angle grinding to try and persuade movement didn’t work so I used a breaker bar and extreme vice clamping to then bray the shit out of the carrier to break the thread lock/rust until I got some movement and eventually the thing came free. Its just sat on the old air filter having the rust treatment dry as I type this. Back at work next week so not sure when I’ll next get chance for a fiat fumble but pleased with progress. Next up will be rear cylinders shoes and handbrake cable. Tidying the garage I found my brake fluid test pen…nice to know all the lights work…I’d expected the fluid might need a change 😂
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