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  1. Tried to talk the wife through connecting her phone via Bluetooth to the printer to get a photo of kid for school as I’m working away...no dice...
  2. Shame it’s not this week as I’m interloping up here, with a Volvo too...
  3. Postman pat must be raging they’re selling off his van, no wonder Es going on strike. here, have some purple wonderment to cheer things up. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201910173400742
  4. Old dear’s birthday yesterday so in to the car we hopped and shot off to a family meal in the Mazda. During dinner wife was professing her love for the wee little thing and how for £300 it was ace as ‘it just works’ as if that somehow would make bro and sis feel better for having their Q5 nicked off their drive two days ago, anyhow. Meal completed, and the Mazda duly jinxed, we hopped back in the car and I noticed the battery light was on. ‘Oh it comes on all the time that’ said the wife, apparently oblivious to the fact red lights on a car dash might be bad and worth mentioning to me from time to time. I get the feeling a new part may be needed for the alternator stop bolt thingy as it was tightened correctly but seems to have worked loose yet again. I’ve faffed about and got it ok for now (I hope) as I’m working away this week and wifey won’t be too chuffed if it dies on her. Then today, driving over to @beko1987 for a vacuum cleaner related transaction, a bumpy backroad dislodged something and all manner of scrapy sounds were heard from the rear - On walking around I feared a detached bumper or exhaust to be pleasantly* surprised to find its only a plastic wheel arch liner that had dropped off and burnt itself through on the tyre in the 200 metres it took to shut the kids up and confirm there was something sounding decidedly not right. And, now when you’ve been coasting and put your foot down, there’s a weird ‘schooch’ noise for a second before/as it reengages the box. it reminds me a bit of a noise on my manual e36 diagnosed as a thrust bearing but this is an auto and I have no mechanical noise to know if there’s an auto equivalent or if it is something more terminal/trivial. Still drives fine and in the £50 worth of petrol I’ve sparked collector stuff today, it’s managed 32mpg at around 70-75 ish. Mot is due so it’s going in with instructions that if it passes to give it a damn good servicing (oil is black, can’t imagine atf is any better) as well as the 12 month stamp.
  5. Ordered a windscreen chip repair kit for the 323 from Amazon. Used before so should be ok. Especially as this one is so easy even a woman could do it (Their words not mine!!!)
  6. Psyching myself up to book the 323 in for an mot as runs out 6/11. Three chips in the windscreen probably the only major item to scratch head about.
  7. Remember the first day I had breakfast in my old employers Uddingston canteen, never in the history of the world has a Yorkshireman asking for a ‘sausage sandwich’ caused so much confusion...Links, square, sliced bread, etc?
  8. I got some square fuses for the 323. They were the wrong ones. Bugger.
  9. I’ll say yes to this, having slept on it.
  10. Hmmm...time to save up, https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201908271549806
  11. I got a 147 for £200 unseen as a result of the same issue, cup rusting and it dropping one side. I pondered driving home on the space saver as the spring doesn’t foul but I didn’t have the balls/idiocy to attempt a 200 mile drive like that and booked it in to a local garage to fit one. Stupidly, I’d booked the closest in a straight line in London but it was the wrong side of the river and I had a very nervous 30 minute drive listening to the bzzz of the tyre rubbing and smelling rubber burning away until I made it there. Garage were pleased* that it took 2 hours of grunting and fire/bars to undo the crusty bolts bit got it home and got the ecu I needed off it.
  12. As the hire company forgot the gear this morning and I had the Volvo cleared out, seats dropped and a day off work to kill, I decided to help myself to all the fallen leaves on the street that the council seem to not bother collecting anymore. Four bulk bags of leaves later and the street is clear and the Volvo was filthy. Rear doors and boot open and judicious use of the leaf blower fixed that though. it also unearthed a small collection of random crap that had found its way into the gap between the rear bumper and boot that everything seems to roll into. Get digging Volvo lickers, I only found fuses but you might find gold! Mazda is running smoothly, can’t feel a difference on the tyres except the old ones rotated to the front actually have some tread and therefore don’t spin as much. Might give it a wash and wax this week, it’s quite getting under my skin, despite its appalling fuel economy (in part explained by much school run dawdling)
  13. Excitement abounds! A misty morning...time to check the heated mirror repair from a while ago. Much success!
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