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  1. So is my gallic beauty of an espace... just one corner though. I suspect I've broken a spring.
  2. I could never get my head round how Audi could have a V8 A8 that was 3.7, surely even number of cylinders had to be an even number... brain just wouldn’t have it.
  3. When I bought it, I thought the loud beep was to announce their activation, so I reversed away, suspicions they were not active and that I wasn’t fully sure fair with the length of the vehicle were aroused when the log shed behind me started moving. More other news, the old 323 has developed a bit of idle wobble and the occasional hot start frumpiness that results in a stall. all symptoms point to an air leak so naturally I’m avoiding finding that and have ordered new plugs, leads, etc first so I can kid myself I’m fixing it by doing easy stuff.
  4. My dad just fixed his with a very large 2x4 to prop it when open. in other news, discovered two of the rear sensors on the Espace aren’t ticking, but will probably take me a month to be motivated enough to remove the bumper and fix them.
  5. You could always pop up to see them during such escapades and ask if they mind being called pikeys. Do let us know how you get on.
  6. Its the presence of a dog in the family, that scuppers saloons for me. Annoying as saloons are my preferred choice
  7. Ah, I also had a cavalier CDi that I put through a fence backwards. I was 19/20 at the time and had opted for the CDi over the SRi for insurance, having stepped up from a mk2 1.8GLi. Curiously and almost definitely unrelated* the accident occurred shortly after I’d discovered the pneumatic rear shock valves in the boot and perhaps inflated them a bit too robustly as a handling experiment. Oh how I laughed sat in the fence with three wheels on my wagon deciding whether to call the AA, the police or my dad first...Happy days.
  8. So this appeared on my drive this evening. 2.0 tdi of the 175horses kind, not the grenading 2.2 or the twat to work on 3.0. full service history and just in time to get me to hospital for my appointments whilst Mrs ODM uses 323 for the school runs. timely big bus purchase with local travel restrictions buggering off soon - my national trust membership is in for a pounding in the next few months
  9. On the prowl for a people carrier of some description and stumbled across this, not practical enough for my purposes but dear god, if only I had balls. Cant imagine you’d even lose money hoofing around in this for six months and moving it in. Appreciating classic, etc, etc. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202102088843889
  10. I knew the Japanese likes their ‘homage cars’ but never seen a Pajero Junior ‘flying pig’ before apparently this is a rare as hens teeth, only about 139 ever sold but quite who’d want to save this horror is beyond me. Seller has admirably taken loads of pics yet has still to capture a good angle... https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202011116013846
  11. Mazda back from the garage with a new set of aux belts and fresh fluids and filters. £170 lighter but continuing its extensive service history and better the devil you know. Would rather not have to put new belts on two years and 3000 miles after the last set but seeing as one made a run for it, not much choice. Garage has wobbled everything around a bit to check for play but everything seemed ok, one rogue water pump bolt needed a tighten but otherwise all ok.
  12. Wife advised the Mazda has stopped ‘that screeching noise from cold’ also reported battery light came on coming home from shop. bonnet inspection reveals an aux belt has gone walkies for the second time on this car albeit a year apart. Wonder if there’s a wobble in a bearing somewhere? currently in a taxi to liberate old mans spare Mazda 3 so we’re still mobile.
  13. Scenic, obscure and leather, also bleeding miles away but tempted. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202102028604780
  14. I had it marked as a keeper but just too much shot to cope with tbh, just need the lockdown lifted so I can justify buying something new to play with.
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