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  1. I paid £500 for a 2.5T V70 of the same style about a year ago, so this is probably around the 500-800 mark? with added Jersey-ness who knows?
  2. Agree with the above. There’s some signs of rust on the inner rear arch inside so I’ll have a good poke about and once I’ve figured out how cosmetic or otherwise the rust is, I’ll slap a new set of shoes, discs, pads on it. This is an early seicento so the 1.4 is a complex change and apparently buggers the handling. The 1.2 8v from a Punto is a common swap more for the extra torque than than anything else. we've only two cars in the fleet at present so pulling out engines would be frowned upon (let alone a donor Punto being stripped on the drive) so I’ll content myself with filt
  3. This thing is like a little yellow lump of happy. I've had a shit day and not been able to shake the grumpiness. Decided about ten o clock to just go for a drive, nothwithstanding being in my 'jamas and was grinning away like a madman as soon as I hit the country lanes and redlined the thing and feel so much better after fifteen minutes of those roads, boy can it handle. I also think it's because the engine whine as it revs lets me pretend i'm blasting around in some kind of straight cut gearbox monster (cover your ears). A rummage through the delights of the hi
  4. It’s had a significant amount of Italian tune ups since purchase!
  5. Predictably minor disaster as kids managed to scooter into the wing ? A dent kit was ordered and last night was spent faffing about to fix that and other minor body dents. Made some improvements, not perfect but a bit better.
  6. I’m in love with the little thing, it is hilarious to drive and I appear to be 18 again, throwing it at roundabouts and country lanes, heel and toeing and generally pissing myself. to passers by it’s probably a bit like the Father Ted milk float episode but it feels a hundred miles an hour inside! Fixed the burnt oil smell with 2 cans of brake cleaner and a new rocker gasket. Should probably have put a bit of cardboard on the drive before cleaning but hindsight and all that... Apparently you can chuck a cam in from a Punto to give a 5 or so Bhp increase so but no ru
  7. Dangerous things, four pints in and squinting you’d think you’d bought a Prelude, then you’d wake up and find the stunner you pulled is ever so slightly a bit wonky-proportion-headed. I do want one though.
  8. I was still trying to puzzle the gearbox as every listing of seicento Sportings has them as five speed and lo and behold this morning completely by accident I managed to slip it into fifth!! I have had some non-communicative gearboxes in my time but by some margin, this is the worst. So bad that for the next three times I tried to get it back in to fifth I couldn’t find it again The mini trip I was on where I found fifth was to sue it as a van. 200kg of building sand, no problem. Not quite the 800kg I stuffed in the V70 but it got a bit more garden wall built today.
  9. Had a few days with the yellow fella to acquaint ourselves, first job when the post arrives is to pop a new rocker gasket on, as the obvious source of burnt oil smell was detected. Also refilled the screen wash once I’d figured out where the hell the filler was but no fluids were present, no pump noise either and many hoses to nowhere so added to the list. perils of a yellow car. Bought some flexi builders buckets from toolstation, put them down on roof, took an hour to find them. All good so far and kids love the thing, although on arriving home tonight after
  10. It has arrived home and is outside cowering from the wife. Spent an age rattling trim, coasting revs and switching fan blowers about to find a squeak then stuck my window down and realised the squeak is most likely coming from drivers wheeel bearing. not to worry, I think I can afford some consumables as it’s only cost me £6 and a train ticket so far.
  11. An excellent roffle win, top shiter etc. car has only moved from trailer to garage so this is its first run out. Top of gear stick was worn due to 90,000 miles of no doubt ragging the tits off the little fella so I was left wondering how fifth would be for the motorway, on the Punto Sporting they were geared very short with a gulf to top where all forward momentum was lost...It seems Fiat solved this by removing the fifth cog from the box altogether. As a result, a sat nav indicated 70 is achieved at a pleasant* 5400 rpm. Steering is a bit wayward, drags heavy to the left
  12. Sorry been working in the train and deepest dark of beyond meant no signal before this happened. Pez and manouvres IMG_6146.MOV
  13. All is going surprisingly smoothly, had time for a coffee and biccies in a little coffee shop in Stowmarket. No poo count to add although the whole of Stowmarket genuinely smells of horseshit and I have no idea why. i even googled ‘why does Stowmarket smell of horse shit’ but drew a blank. Probably for the best. Collection activity not far now!
  14. No poos yet and no pasties either on the covid express. Not really sure of the value of enforced maskness when there’s nobody else in my carriage - I suppose it does make it a bit harder to lick the windows. Yes I tried. Quite boring, empty trains.
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