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  1. I am yet to caress a Y10 or whatever that is
  2. Excellent - was due a clearout of shite I love giving presents! I'm in.
  3. Never look someone you’re trying to piss off in the eyes. Look at the top and center of their forehead, freaks them out more than eyeballing them. Brain does something weird and doesn’t like it…
  4. haha! Don't worry - I toyed with playing around today but have only got as far as insuring it and shuffling cars on the drive.
  5. Steering was fine thanks! I do think I've left the other key somewhere - turned the car upside down to no avail. Bet I put it on the roof or something stupid...
  6. All home and sound. Much obliged for the impromptu mechanicing on the drive. @Grumblespeed top seller, etc.
  7. vehicle acquisition last leg. No pez shot as there’s half a tank in it.
  8. Doncaster secured… To y cup or giant hands…you decide. as I type I get a helpful* update…good old transpennine ex-press-crement
  9. Ditched my usual LNER for a Northern train, surprisingly not shit and fag burned seat style rolling stock. Illusion of working* created.
  10. Not going far afield today for a collection but it’s Friday so pointless diversions welcome. Poo count zero - reflecting confidence in travel arrangements. Confidence short lived - ventured the idea of a lift 15 minutes down the road from Mrs ODM… Complete this sentence… “Get to fu…” Alternatives explored - Bus was predictably shit and slower than crawling on my belly over broken glass. Therefore decadence levels upgraded to Taxi class. We await a Lexus IS300.
  11. All done and back on the road. Cheers. Mentioned the fitters as I know there’s a strong country Durham contingent of shiters.
  12. Solved by a very helpful ring around of Indy tyre men of the north. shout out to the ones that didn’t help but passed me on and now one is coming! We R Tyres - Sunderland on the way, Tyres2u NE dipton couldnt do it but told me to ring We R tyres. and https://www.leadgatetyrecentre.co.uk couldn’t help but told me to ring dipton. I love small businesses, no charging for nitrogen in my tyres, just three blokes helping out a punter with a knackered tyre.
  13. Bollocks. Sat in Beamish Car Park with a metal shard pissing air out of tyre. Spare not coming out of underside. Anyone got a 5 stud renner wheel with a 225 55 R17 spare? or know a decent mobile fitter?
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