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  1. Had five minutes spare last night so had a quick poke around again. Crusty white thing is crusty. Emergency supplies squirreled away in the air box. Nothing chewed through though. Random wires removed with the swift tug technique. Some more blebbage to be noted. Missing door stay Paint generally a bit flat and a big bonnet scratch. Gave the bumpers and rubber a once over to make it look slightly more presentable pending more work.
  2. Just adding in the todo list from for sale thread so I have it to hand.
  3. It’s not raining this morning so going to poke about and see what jobs need doing. - Front brakes seized - Remove whatever those wires were - Look underneath for crustification - Passenger door won’t lock - Wipers don’t work - Front seats heavily worn out - No pads on the tiny pedals inside - investigate the brake pipes - Investigate the pile of rust that is the master cylinder and possibly replace. - Speakers are very crackly! - Spit and polish all round - Flush coolant and replace - Put a code reader on to see if it even has an ecu… - I imagine oil, plugs and filter might be in order after 47 years in storage.
  4. Seems the 90’s are my soft spot and after languishing as a forgotten thread, absent of any mechanised metal of note, it is celebration time as a new car was delivered this fine evening… Starts and drives, albeit stoops very quickly off throttle as the front brakes are seized so they will be getting whipped off first. looks fairly solid in the main…wonder what this bit belongs to? No mayo in the coolant…although looking at how black it is, you’d be forgiven for mistaking it for Brent crude! Smoll engine, is smoll shocker. brakes stuff a bit crusty all round some wires Yes…about those mix tapes! Kids already want to be taken to school in it!
  5. Shed is still in car as I haven’t taken it out. Sat in it today to do a conference call as it was in the sun all day and lovey and warm, shame about the four billion shed spiders that have woken up and turned the interior into a Halloween set.
  6. In answer to the question nobody except Mrs ODM is asking…will a £10 eBay win of a 2m by 3m shed fit in an Espace… Yes…but nobody said it had to go back together🤞🤞🤞
  7. red-ish Mk3 disastra. Also today, no photo but driving through Bradford I happened to spot a Mk2 cav saloon in full slab sided calibre body kit, a small knee tremble was had.
  8. True…I also bet the youth of today wouldn’t know a tin of Brasso if it entered the room and polished the tits off their Chinese shiny tat they bought from B&M. Probably no need for Brasso now, don’t see many homes on Instagram with brass horse tack nailed to the walls…another ‘why did they do that?’ question.
  9. I love the smell of meths, I think the off putting whiff is the other stuff they’ve put in to discourage drinking it. Oh how I miss the days my mother saw fit to keep an old glass bottle of lucozade filled with the purple stuff under the sink and a label written on it saying ‘not juice’ - Why did 80’s parents need so much of the stuff anyway?
  10. Not much going on here, thought I had convinced the wife to let me get a new Dacia jogger and sell the Espace but in the time it took me to go collect some gear for the garage, she’d been on eBay looking for kitchens so I can’t sell it as apparently I have more Shitely activity coming my way. I did one vehicular thing today, refilled the wife’s screenwash with some B&Q advanced red stuff. I must pass on my congratulations* to the master perfumier they employed to mix it - I normally like the smell of screenwash but this stuff is eye watering my horrific. It must require an expert hand to make it smell like the perfect blend of Methylated Spirit, stale wine and cat’s piss. Cleans well though.
  11. In the absence of anything interesting happening to the fleet, the Espace keeps going and the Jazz does the same, I’ve decided to merge two activities together. There we’re no takers for the quad bike and the kids have no use of it so ive decided to borrow the chairs and running gear to improve the little race car project I never finished from lockdown. I reckon the rear axle and engine can stay where they are on the quad and a bit of cut and shut can move the front axle forward to get me something Lotus 18/25 ish looking for the kids to risk near death in. Will no doubt need some head scratching and I do need to make some space in the garage by clearing out skirting boards and various household jobs first. Before you get too excited, it’s unlikely I’ll be converting the quad to independent throttle bodies though
  12. Absolutely nothing of note has happened to the fleet of late. The Espace continues to go along, it needed a new suspension mount as it had popped through over a speed bump but other than that no issues. Wife's Honda Vajazzle is going fine with the only hiccup being me reversing it into a bollard... So why the update? Just before Christmas I awoke to find a quad bike minus a front wheel abandoned outside the house. It would seem either a scrote has been out and about without their mum's permission and crashed it quite heavily, or it has been 'borrowed' by another type of scrote. Anyhow - A rummage in the bushes found the wheel and a chunk of the hub that had come off with it, so I wheeled the lot to safety and pondered. A few weeks on Facebook without reply, I did the honest thing and phoned the Vin through to plod to see if it had been reported stolen. A visit from a couple of friendly PCSOs later, we agreed it should be logged as 'found property' and if nobody claimed it after 28 days (now long gone) it is indeed now mine! It's a Kayo Fox 70cc kids quad, they fetch about £800 new but parts are pleasingly dirt cheap so I've set about getting it going again for the kids to try and kill themselves on it. Main issues of note - It's taken a hit so hard the left hub has sheared off. - One of the handlebar mounts has sheared off - probably same impact as the hub - Ignition has been mullered and there's no key - Bodywork is cracked to bits (don't care) - Throttle control has been snapped off - Recovered wheel rim has a big dent in the rim (won't matter for the kid's speeds) I would imagine whoever crashed this thing had broken a couple of ribs at best, I don't put much faith in Chinese castings but it must have been some wallop. No doubt costs will escalate but to start with I've ordered a new ignition barrel and key for the sake of £20 and got the battery on charge It's one of these so looking forward to getting it going
  13. I liked to have a go at the basics, brakes bulbs, fluids but with kids and work and stuff, I. Just don’t have the motivation to do it myself. case in point, the espace has a sticking rear caliper and it needs a strip/rebuild (or replacing). It isn’t a massive job and I was going to tackle the repair attempt last weekend but a look out of the frosty window and I just phoned the garage, I’ve no heated garage to work in and limited time to faff with it. Repairs in summer are much easier to face but failures in winter are cash for the garage. Have found a good Renault Indy (Owner drives an Avantime, when it works) so no concerns sending it there.
  14. Very few updates on my fleet as nothing of note has happened at all since purchase about a year ago and saving to finish kitchen so frivolous purchases are outlawed. Espace had a service Friday and got the front left suspension top mount fixed. Rear calliper is sticking too and I had plans to look at that myself yesterday until I woke up and realised it was freezing and sacked it off.
  15. You know its autumn when the leaf’s are falling (over)
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