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  1. Finally changed the oil on the 323...well, ok about a liter and a half because I had to go pick something up and the oil was so slow out of the vacuum (despite a very thorough warming up) that I timed out. Will do it again shortly as it all does need to come out judging by the fact what came out wouldn’t look out of place shooting from a squids arse.
  2. Forgot I also drove a pre-production demonstrator RX-8 rotary when they came out, very weird how smooth and silent it was all the way past 9500 rpm.
  3. Hmmm, no prices because it’s 2 am but... air cooled twin (classic 500) 1.0 3 cyl fwd - a ironically titled skoda Rapid. hire car for a month between company cars, it sounded quite good under load but did not like the passes around Cumbria. I4 - many, many, I5 - Just the Volvo V70T I6 - BMWs, e39, e36 and an I6 diesel 525d and @HillmanImps jag Flat 6 - taking my friends company Cayman s round the Nurburgring - for a few white knuckle laps and then beer and (separate) beds in belgium V6 - Laguna, A twin turbo Galant VR4, 2.5v6 156, a few Mark 1 Shoguns
  4. Clearly assembly of the joint Porsche / Rover venture was left to the BL Friday afternoon club
  5. Indeed, I feel for the poor shiter that received my more or less in budget offering... to be fair, they missed out on a free brake winding kit and a brake fluid tester I’d earmarked as surplus because I’ve rearranged the garage and couldn’t find them again. 🙄
  6. Cheers mystery shiter, off to dunk tunics caramels in my coffee.
  7. Somebody has gone to town... North of border suspected...
  8. Kids mean I’ve been up since 4:15 and first autoshite gift opened. Most practical trim removal tools!
  9. My appallingly shite present has been left at the mercy of the post office today so some lucky* shiter can expect a belated present some time Monday.
  10. I’ve received mine but have yet to dispatch mine thanks to some eBay twattisms and unreliable postage arrival dates... The poor recipient may therefore have the pleasure* of a second Christmas as their shite pressie arrives a few days after Santa has scoffed the mince pies and waddled off.
  11. Have you ever had the fire brigade in attendance on the day you attempted to drive you new our purchase home because your £500 bargain has shat it’s belts on the motorway and tried to incinerate itself from overheating turbo all in one go? oh how we laughed*
  12. Ducks sake, 3 am and I pop in here and find this (again) Maestro Clubman, you can see the dogs so you move over, etc. guess bedtime is 4 am.
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