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  1. Pizza collection in the mister2
  2. Just got back from the wirral after collectioning @DavidBs MR2. I have to say I've driven a lot and owned a lot of these types of cars now, I've had a few Mk1 and mk2 mx5s and this is definatley more poised (from what I remember) The gearbox is so nice, handling is razor sharp and the engine is peppy. As with every 21 year old toyota all the electrics work and it just needs the air con sorting. It's been gassed but David said the fans aren't kicking in so maybe a fuse Bruce the bull dog enjoyed the drive home with the roof down
  3. There is a guy I know called Lee who specifically breaks Mk1 TTs so not end of world if you get it, he will have pumps n hazard switches in stock ☺️
  4. Looks like the pedal cover to me if the next photo is anything to go by. That one I roffled earlier in the year had a snapped pedal, it was surprisingly not expensive to fix tbf
  5. this looks a good'un Si, Late model 225 quattro not daft miles not molested just a bit of a dent on the sill 2005 Silver Audi TT 1.8T quattro 2dr for sale for £1,795 in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire (autotrader.co.uk)
  6. Ah very local to me that! I would of picked you up from Preston Station!
  7. My only experience of a KV6 was a black ZT back in 2011, i took in px on my 328i sport. It was nice i drove it to pitlochery to pick up an e46 330ci and my bird at the time drove it back . good memories THink it did about £100 in fuel (Back then!)
  8. Fair enough I just thought to prevent head aches down the line they are good when working but like you say, it's getting rarer and rarer they are properly with the newest examples being over 15 now. They are good cars though and peanuts to fix when the common issues occur. I'll keep an eye out 👍
  9. Any reason you have your heart set on a quattro Si? As you know I've had a few* of these and the fwd ones which came out circa 2003 seem to be the best of the bunch in terms of reliability iMe, no quattro issues. Better on fuel just a 5 speed box as a compromise but no less fun to drive!
  10. The gap widens as you go bigger/lower profile. Pour examplé 265 30 19 rear tyre for my bmw Landsail £64 Michelin pilot sport5 £219
  11. Guy come to pick a set of wheels up off me yesterday and restores sierras for a living. This is his daily. Can't belive he isn't on here 😅
  12. There is an option on carly coding called 'us spec sidelights' or something along those lights, which will illuminate the indicator bulbs albeit dimly - not my cuppa, but also see a lot of scene kids running round with them near me too.
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