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  1. more random mk3 factz; my mum was on 'celebrity squares' in 1996 (as a contestant, she isnt famous) and the prize was a canary yellow mk3 'sport' estate ! sadly she lost. a bit like this , obvs not barried; my dad had a 1.6 16v 'cesaro' model on a k plate in white which i thought was the bee's knee's when i was at scool , had some propper sporty / spotty seats -wikid.
  2. Enjoying @Kiltoxvideo on the disastra
  3. nice one peter, glad you went for an S, always felt the N/A versions to be flat as a fart .
  4. Another throwback to me at 17 with one of my 323fs... Loved that car!
  5. Its the salt lodge yacht club in Troon 😎
  6. It was a little busy mate yeah took 40 mins, to queue for the ferry but not too bad. The view from our apartment is to die for, absolutley love scotland, sadly heading back tomorrow
  7. Got told off when I tried to get out. All drivers must stay in cars must be a covid thing 😅
  8. Went to Isle of Cumbrae today, not too busy sadly quite overcast but stunning place nonetheless Great views from the ferry like...
  9. Sounds it! Had to get someone to explain this sign to us before...
  10. Cheers chap! Certainly got plenty to do up here and the weather is looking out for us 😊
  11. Thanks for the advice mate! Funny enough some guy in the pub just told us to get the ferry to Millport! So think we will go tomorrow hopefully it will be bearable (busy wise)
  12. Yeah we just expected to turn up. Didn't realise it was school hols
  13. I think they were recently built Thanks, is there any more nice beaches over this side?
  14. @cort16unfortunatley ferry is fully booked all week for aaran 😒 apparently there is another island a bit further up that is only 15 mins on the ferry? We went to Culzean instead Heres another passat pic from where we are staying (the salt Lodge in Troon) 😎
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