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  1. In ibiza shite spotting this was mint
  2. Because, unfortunatley, People are lazy, feckless idiots.
  3. e60 5 series 530d SE model, with aftermarket tints and a smokey map
  4. My dad needs to be on As
  5. bASe e39 in doom blue with cloth
  6. Fairs, didn't consider it like that 👍
  7. banana'd 140i - seriously what the FUCK could you do with this when your in it for 9 grand? 2017 BMW 140i UNRECORDED DAMAGED SALVAGE SPARES OR REPAIRS | eBay
  8. Jamie

    Poorly VRS

    Understandable they threw the towel in. I hate shit like that
  9. Jamie

    Poorly VRS

    Have you got access to one of those smoke machines? My mates got one its proved invaluable for vaccum leaks
  10. Jamie

    Poorly VRS

    It's in the right hands to get sorted now at least 👍
  11. Jamie

    Poorly VRS

    Is the engine light on? If not I'd be concerned.
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