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  1. Absolutely couldn't agree more! I've ordered a pair of shocks and it certainly hasn't taken the shine off, I Knew it needed work so I am happy to spend on it (a bit) How you getting on with the SLK?
  2. Brave or stupid? You decide 😁
  3. My mot man disagrees, the shock is providing limited or no damping effect, seeing as there is nothing there to absorb any shock?!
  4. Thanks mate. It's still a bit shit as I'm editing on my phone You'd think so wouldn't you? Sadly it's been through 9 owners since it was once loved. The state of the rear shocks literally shocked me, no pun intended.. It had an mot 3 weeks ago I do love the interior though and I'm looking forward to giving it a good clean! I've spend the evening machine polishing it it has come up quite well
  5. They've gone pitted where the white worm is and think it would take ages to get that finish again. They are gettin done chrome so it'll look simmlar anyway 👍
  6. This tt I've just bought has just passed an MOT This is the "shock absorber" on the rear...
  7. Done a terrible quick vid on the TT for those who are interested 👍
  8. Probably a lot! This one is from an individual range though from early 00s
  9. Close! Aviator grey 😊
  10. They look like sink plugs
  11. First purchase of the year and my first car with air ride! Would you belive, spotted for sale whilst out on my daily mandated excersize!
  12. lad on furious driving raved about one recently on youtoob- might be worth a watch
  13. bummer, FB Marketplace it and move on chap, live n learn as you say, pointless throwing good money after bad, especially if it isnt turning you on
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