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  1. Good work! I've read elsewhere that sump-off is a bastard of a job. If i ever recommission mine, sump repairs may be on the agenda - a very helpful MOT tester warned me that Euclidean cooling* is responsible for the pinhole leaks these spring, and the Volvo fitted engines don't share the same sump. Will be following any and all PAS/AC developments with interest * No, I'd not heard of it either
  2. ETA i know i may be overthinking this, but my dad, in his last years, was scammed a couple of times, so i know how easy it is for them to reel in the vulnerable
  3. Is there mileage in giving them fake bank details, telling them to fill their boots and immediately contacting the FCA with their number? Or is it equally likely they'd be successful in pulling money out of the account if the details you give out turn out not to be fake?
  4. I agree, Christian devotion used to be the cause of a lot of 'i'm in the right so everyone else can do one', but now I really can't conflate this behaviour with religion - the burgeoning of this 'me first' attitude is most prevalent in millennials and younger, a demographic not buying into organised religion of any flavour, as far as I'm aware. No, this is related most closely to the rampant 'because you're worth it' consumerism and celebrity worship culture that is the new religion in Britain.
  5. I just realised, the Dinky Mini Marcos i had as a kid was one of those few examples of a model that was better proportioned than the full size original. When years later i saw a real mini marcos, i was a bit shocked... Mine was lost in house moves or clearances of course - I'd sort of like to still have that. It was (in my mind) in far better nick than all the ones that Google show me for sale. Istr it had the removable wheels, but i don't remember them being the minilites that seem to have been the usual. I remember them as being more like Compomotives... /wistfulmusing
  6. Sympathising with you on this. While all is currently quiet in the immediate vicinity, it's odds on that one or other of my neighbours will have a noisy domestic dispute within the next 12 hours, most likely loud enough to wake me up when I'm trying to lie-in. Then one of the four separate scrapmen will make their rounds, if I'm unlucky it'll be the one with a loop tape played through a PA system. Later, there will be hooning around the estate of monkey bikes (not road legal), lowered Zafiras (mostly legal, though probably not taxed), modified Golfs (legal if not totally accurately described to their insurers) and noisiest of all, straight through exhaust, hilifted, end of life Discovery's, which will neither be taxed, tested or insured. All the perpetrators of the above can get right to fuck.
  7. So.... you have a C5 and an XM. And you're dailying the XM and keeping the 5 for best??? [emoji15] Brilliant! [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787]
  8. This thread is a great read. Keep up the good work Mr Viking
  9. In my totally non-scientific analysis of emmpeegeees, i attribute it to the following factors: Pointy nose Whomping great diesel engine. Same reason the ZX could deliver such economy, when Ford et al could only dream of such figures
  10. They're quite capable of being staggeringly good on fuel. I think i shit out at 750 miles from a tank, and put some more in, rather than run out. But also iirc, either DW or beko got a thousand mile range out of theirs. I don't even know if that's possible.
  11. He's prioritising two categories of his other customers over you: the ones with lucrative easy* jobs, and the whiners. You need to get a bit more whiney. HTH
  12. "I am unsubscribing as I'd rather not be reminded of how your other customers are ruining old vehicles with fake patina, lo rider stances, bogus roof racks, stretched tyres and ill advised camber angles, because undoubtedly once any of this has been done, the venerable motor is at the end of its life, the market for such molested cars being non existent. A perfect example being your current Customer's car of the month, which saddened me."
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