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  1. Tv and radio ads which... actually, ALL tv and radio advertising can get in the sea, but the ads that can get in first, to be trampled into the sharp shells and rocks, broken White Lightning bottles, half corroded oil cans and shopping trolleys that will cut them to ribbons, by all the other ads right behind them, are the ads with the 'catchy' little whistle embellishing them. Which is what I have been subjected to this morning by the neighbours' fencing contractors who, despite working in the great outdoors in glorious weather, with birdsong to entertain them, have brought their fucking Makita builder's radio with them, tuned to a commercial station with a playlist made exclusively of the worst 80s shit, but limited to 16 tracks, so Starship 'we built this fucking city' and Phil Collins' Sussudio will be back around in 3, 2, 1... Fuckers. So i remembered i had some pressure washing to do. That drowned it out.
  2. Just the best seats in any car, ever.
  3. ^^ I say well done for not being bullied into paying a substantial amount of dosh for a basket case, and for not letting it spoil your day.
  4. I always felt Fronteras to be handsome beasts in either body. Well bought!
  5. chodweaver

    E10 fuel

    (Except in Devon, Cornwall, North Wales, North England and Scotland). So it's only ethanol free in south Wales, the Midlands, east Anglia and the south east then...
  6. Something very similar was on the K reg BX TXD i had (a run-out trim level to use up bits off the TZD and TZS models if ever there was one). They looked wank on that, too.
  7. Not well enough paid for an 800, then. And at the time, an 800 might have been de rigeur for mayoral duties, complete with little flag. A new 214 would probably have been a bit of a stretch for Richard anyway, financially...
  8. A great loss to this forum, but nothing to the hole he must have left in your life, Mrs Spart. Thank you so much for coming on here to let us know and allow us to get involved in honouring him. I read his posts with interest, and despite never meeting him, I'm very sad to hear of his passing, for he was obviously a good man with many skills. As many have already said, there is much help available from this forum. Please just ask. Deepest condolences to you and others closest to him. Rest in peace, Spartacus.
  9. Definitely, but no more so than the circular blades that can be fitted to brushcutters. Still somewhat haunted by the memory of a neighbour stumbling and pirouetting in front of me with a hired 'cutter at full chat. I soon found an excuse to not continue helping him with his garden clearing.
  10. I put everything that i had done while i had it, in a spreadsheet when i roffled it. I'll see if i still have a copy
  11. Isn't this just a plot device for a Porridge episode where Fletcher absconds?...
  12. No, Subs. Elder son works* for UberEats - When he started, they were still being used by Subway, but Subway have since brought their deliveries back 'in house'. The reason? Too many complaints from customers that only half their subs were being delivered - there were no tamper-proof stickers on the bags and some drivers had been helping themselves. * If the shit hits the fan, I'm sure that Uber will claim that he is not employed by them, but contracts directly with the customers...
  13. I think that's the 'after' pic [emoji20]
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