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  1. If such a show/channel went mainstream, it might prove very unpopular with people who have 'favoured' testing stations - ones where their cars "never have a problem"... Not that I could condone such practices. Oh no. Not me. Nope.
  2. The tank only has a level sensor in it, right? No in-tank pump? If there is the latter, I'd be looking at the wiring connector shown in the pic of the second grommet hole. It's probably brown plastic on the plug, but it don't half look like something well rusty that would struggle to make a good electrical connection... (Prolly barking up a tree that doesn't exist)
  3. Get a dashcam. A decent one that is capable of recording front and back and when the ignition is off. I hope I live long enough to have a dashcam 'implant' - it'll be fascinating to see how much more law abiding everyone* becomes once they're being recorded in every interaction with another person. Also, I'm looking forward* to finding out just how unreliably my own memory is...
  4. Impressive! Have you considered a career in vehicle design? Tata could use you...
  5. A friend* effected just such a bodge on a certain Vel Satis of the beige. I was actually worried when later replacing said bodge with the correct part that the appalling squeak (successfully banished by the bodge) would return and I would be forced to reinstate the bodge as the better engineered solution. But the shite gods smiled on me that day...
  6. WTAF! What boils my piss is the combination of older residents who still have hedges at the front of their gardens (and much preferable to a concrete sectional wall they are, too) and the local scrotes that believe any hedge is a suitable receptacle for their discarded Red Bull and Carling cans and their spawn's Capri Sun and Haribo packaging. Same as the local woods are for their old sofas, mattresses and push chairs. MK council evidently want a good shoeing for that sort of attitude. Grrr.
  7. So the trip would read 0550? That would definitely have put my aspi brain at ease.
  8. For the longest time, my Tapatalk showed no ads at all - I don't know how - I use it for three forums and it might have been that one which had paid for ad-free access, conferred ad free for all of the ones I access. And all that went to shit about three months ago at the last Tapatalk enforced upgrade. And the ads are low grade toss, all the time, so yeah, perhaps it's time to try the browser version again... Sent from my BV6000 using Tapatalk
  9. See what I mean? Ffs, Tapatalk Sent from my BV6000 using Tapatalk
  10. 'Ad closed by Google' It bloody was not! It fucking bugged the shit out of me until I CLOSED IT. I could understand its appearance if I was in a Google browser, but I'm using Tapatalk, the makers of which are obvs effing coining it in by trying to entice me, repeatedly (and have been doing so for a solid month) to buy the latest and greatest exercise bike, as advertised by a skinny burd in a lyotard. If this is like the Peloton ad that someone else on here was having a wee rantette about, I can quite understand it. The only consolation is that the onslaught of advertising for this and other similarly-marketed products ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEES that I will never buy one, and will be dissuading anyone I ever meet from buying one too. Cahnts. Sent from my BV6000 using Tapatalk
  11. That's an opportunity to print out your painstakingly* prepared print out of all the work done on it... Sent from my BV6000 using Tapatalk
  12. I'd gladly pay £40 for a decent haircut that DIDN'T include any newspapers, daytime tv, muzac (whether correctly public entertainment licensed or not), discussion about football or holidays - in fact, my ideal barber would be a mute, non smoker with no tattoos, good personal hygiene (including not coughing into his sleeve) and no interest in anything except cutting my effing hair. Every haircut I've had at any barber's in the last twenty years has been improved by a torrential downpour. Sent from my BV6000 using Tapatalk
  13. On the one hand, the fire might have raged for just five minutes and it was nowhere near hot enough or long enough to heat up and damage the big metal bits, so block, head, manifolds even would all be usable. OTOH, who'd want to spend the time/money replacing all the melted bits, only to find out the whole thing was toast? Only someone hell bent on getting such an engine for peanuts, not >2k. Verdict: seller is deluded. Sent from my BV6000 using Tapatalk
  14. I believe a good few of them headed for the hills - in Spain. Sent from my BV6000 using Tapatalk
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