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  1. I was too, but I'm a hopeless optimist.
  2. What fantastic historical documents these films are. Moar of this please!
  3. Very sorry to hear this. There's some special people out there who, while not being on the beige themselves, have contributed massively to it. She's a kind hearted soul and we've all benefitted from her generosity.
  4. They're fantastic* Get It Bought
  5. That MOD minis' back seat looks like a monkey's arsehole. I'd rather not have anything to do with a car so upholstered, thanks all the same.
  6. That's my fix of proper engineering voyeurism for the week! Keep up the good work
  7. Well bought! I thought i was doing well when i picked up one for 40 quid the other week, but that did include a battery. The angle grinders are also perfectly decent. No, they don't have the torquey grunt of a good mains, or expensive cordless one, but I've been using two of them for grinding, flap sanding and cutting for a couple of years now and have very, very rarely had to resort to a mains one for more welly.
  8. Can confirm that these are decent. Mine's taken a bit of abuse and not failed in any respect. Yet Edited to add: the pricing of these Aldi skins is not the least appealing feature, as evidenced by my ordering the impact driver that they are flogging for a tenner plus postage. ETA 3 - 7 days. Nice little early Christmas present to myself.
  9. Interesting about those V70 engines - i felt guilty about not persevering with mine after woes with the AWD system, the ABS, its general thirst for tyres and petrol, and the insanity of running flexible fuel hose over the top of the tank with no access panel in floor, which rodents then got a taste for turning it into a fire hazard. I still regret scrapping it, but i just didn't love it enough. I really hoped it would be a forever car for me and still have an itch for a Swedish estate* *Goes off on a tangent to the Shitemove thread. Again
  10. Depends. Iirc i found a direct replacement for the brand of sensor that was fitted to early S1s (Bendix?), though it may have the wrong connector and will need the original one transplanting - when i get round to fitting it. My car should have ABS but it's only get 3 sensors and the ABS doesn't even light at switch on, so i suspect it's been disabled by a previous owner. The later Teves sensors are easier to source new, again iirc
  11. Take pride in the fact that you would never exhibit such moronic behaviour, and that theirs is ultimately going to cost them dear. And possibly buy some shares in Autoglass.
  12. Nah, he'd have used 'quoth' if t'were
  13. At least some of the breakdown wallahs got into it because they like solving problems and helping people. I've been fortunate in that most who have come out to me have been that type, and there's also the matter of them enjoying seeing something other than a modern that just goes into limp mode* and requires recovery to the main dealer... (*Though one could argue that's what your XM just did Whatever... Glad you're proceeding again!
  14. Shite-territory Vauxhalls have a problem - they're desperately popular with a certain demographic that inflict smoked rear lights, wildly ambitious spoilers and body kits and certain tuning techniques on the poor old things. Then fail to do the most basic preventative maintenance on them before red lining them mercilessly around council estates. The rest is history. Anyhoo, early BMWs could be a good shout, where an unmolested example without rust can be found. #QuentinWilson Are the parts for these still available and cheap? +1 for the opinion that anything old enough to be untroubled by dpf/dmf/epb, that has been looked after and for which there is still a supply of parts, will deliver 10,000 miles a year. It doesn't necessarily have to be dull as fuck.
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