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  1. Episode 21 is up for those with interests Pretty much covers everything you know so far with the exception of I am well chuffed that a silly priced ad in Carandclassic has caught the attention of Silverstone Auctions who want the car at their Auction end of July!!! Shit load of work to do and probably the best platform to sell it and move onto the next car. Detail detail and detail from next Wednesday when I get back to Devon Scarey stuff
  2. #2 sons car developed a thirst for brake fluid. I was stuck in Devon so he just topped it up. when I got home a couple of days later I checked it and fluid was dripping off the drivers side rear drum (ov-powa). do not drive it I instructed and showed him the leak. Ordered the parts and aimed to fit them the following weekend. Mrs thestag proned me to say the little fuckwit had been hooning all around town in it. I threatened to cancel his insurance unless he gave his keys to the mrs, which he did. Removing the drum identified the cause as the slave cylinder peeing fluid out past the seal, everything was dripping with fluid so many springs n'stuff that the easiest way to move forwards was to remove the hub, one 6ft breaker bar on the hubnut and it was free. interestingly - for me anyway - hub bearings are of the sealed variety, and looked to be a recent install Because of the excessive amount of shite all over the place, I removed also the hub carrier and back plate for a thorough cleanse. Made up the new shoes with handbrake and spring setup. Attached the handbrake cable which was a ballsache and one side is done. bled the brakes and it is back to rude health again
  3. Hi Simon Great to hear that you are using it more. I enjoyed seeing it and you at SF19. It is a nice and together car 😎 that runs sweetly. Glad the oil loss is under control Water in the footwells leak, check the wiper spindles where they come through the deck panel. remove wipers, nut and rubber seal. dop a blob of silicon between rubber seal and deck and reassemble. Don't go medieval on tightening the nut back down again or you just distort the seal. Other thing I might do it get in the car with a torch while swmbo attacks the car with a hosepipe. you might just see where the water is coming in, sometimes it works its way down the door seal past the quarterlight and then drips down onto the floor. I think I share your views on mappable ignition and similar "improvements" such as adjustable shocks and springs and stuff like that. You could spend a life time fiddling with it to get that sweet spot and find it is exactly the same as the out of the box oem solution. 😋 which is cheaper in the first place 🤣 Been there done that and have the 'kin t-shirt leccy ignition modules that are dirt cheap category. me? wouldn't trust them any further than I could throw them. Again been there and done that. Many think its cheap, I can buy 2 for my "trouble free motoring". Yeah about that, 🙄 in the pissing rain, on the hard shoulder of the m5, with the mrs standing behind the crash barrier with a footwell mat trying to protect her new hair do from the rain. See where I am going with it? There is bugger all wrong with a quality condensor and set of points. I bought a couple of dwell meters, one was 50p and the other a snap on jobby from the 1970s was a little more. Setting points and dwell is simple, and easy to maintain. the points start to pit then the condensor isn't doing it's job. I run a pertronix system on the staaaag but have a baseplate set up with points and condensor in the glovebox. I am assured that the pertronix will never fail me! bold claim, if it does then I am straight back to old skool. Re your lucas dizzys, if you want me to have a look at them drop me a PM, chances are that they just need a stripdown and clean. so long as the bushes in the shaft are good, the mechanical advance springs are correct and the top section of the shaft moves easily there is not that much more to do. Vacuum advance is the most likely thing to fail. suck on the vacuum pip and if you can draw breath through it is time for a new one. Set up baseplate with points and condensor and at your annual mileage check it once a year as part of your service schedule. Cheers Richard
  4. episode 20 is online for those interested. It brings this little story up to date
  5. Agreed 100% on the cooling efficiency 👍 Mine is back on again now but I do think these also prevents the unwitting and plain stupid from redistributing parts of their anatomy to the inside of the bonnet and surrounding area.
  6. I was worried that it was just me that though daddykins should send them off with a resolute "goan fukyaself then"
  7. winning at life ford capri 1.3 mk ll stunning condition ! 1976 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ford-capri-1-3-mk-ll-stunning-condition-1976/233251481392?hash=item364edf2730:g:lkEAAOSwJO9c~Be7 get rid of all the shiny shit and rong rimz and win at the universe too
  8. OUCH https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mk-1-Granada-Coupe-3000-Ghia-Great-condition-before-damage-No-Reserve/223549766345 Mk 1 Granada Coupe 3000 Ghia don't fancy the chances of straight chassis rails but maybe a valuable source of spares
  9. been a fun packed week with shitefest19 bang in the middle. For those with time and interests, episode19 is on youtube, alas it is out of sync with this thread. This episode runs up to MOT pass which you know already. Trying to catch up but takes an hour or so of valuable beer time to edit up a video. I am 2 episodes behind Episode 20 is ready to upload and 21 is in process. If you don't want spoiler for the next installments of youtube stop here! still here? then let us begin first up, fix that irritating ignition issue, ended up pulling the whole engine loom apart and then found the fault within 0mm of the connector to the main loom! gah, still at least I was able to identify areas of the loom that really needed replacement. bored with wires and waiting for supplies from vehiclewiringproducts I diverted my attention to ticking tappets, in a nutshell, bit of a cockup in measuring hydraulic tappets. reduced size of shim by 15thou and everything is perfectly perfect. That green bonnet is next, teasingly rust free but struggling with an interesting paint issue test sanding found that the issue went down to the primer the paint was clogging the random orbital sander, so dusted off the top mm or so of paint with the prep wheel. The paint was blistering as I was doing this and I was very careful to avoid any heat in the panel nearly 5 hours later and some spent discs found a better back seat back than the one I have fitted. Had to weld up some self tapper holes for later carpet fit, flat it back and prime it, then flat it back, and fill it and prime it again. Not getting it perfect, it needs some patina but not so it looks orible. And yes that is a saw bench Painted I am very very happy with it. not bad for me, out of the gun new back wing was supplied with very nice etch primer. note not all black coverings are etch! some might as well be cheese. This stuff was good filler primer went on too phat which meant that I spent an hour flatting it back next day Having prepped and primed the rear bumper corners I marvelled at the complex details. Not one straight line on the whole thing! How the hell they pressed these things out of 3 chunks of 2mm steel I have no idea. Then today opened the drivers door and found that the seat belt had become trapped. fucking fuckedy fucksticks cunting bastard wankstain! then it rained... A lot managed to find time though to lay paint on the rear wing, which is 99% but has three fish eyes. Paintjob guru chap told me not to worry, he will sort it when he polishes and details the car end of this month Last thing I did today was sort the fuel leak to the near side carb. Much much more to come Oh and bobtail is next
  10. awesome stuff. loved my mk2 cavalier. some of the detail in these images brings back happy memories. not the rust though
  11. no need for it but strangely attracted to owning one Land Rover Series 2a IIa 109" Breakdown truck, period livery, looks fantastic! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Land-Rover-Series-2a-IIa-109-Breakdown-truck-period-livery-looks-fantastic/264354135002 Checks sellers other items Land Rover Series 2a IIa 109" 1971 Breakdown Truck,Tax & MOT exempt,sign written https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Land-Rover-Series-2a-IIa-109-1971-Breakdown-Truck-Tax-MOT-exempt-sign-written/264326189302 I cannot understand how these can tow anything more than an A35 without the steering getting very light.
  13. echo all other comments above, thanks Kirton and CFAFC for hosting us. My first but not my last SF Tried to explain to Mrs Thestag what it was all about and the best I could come up with was load of blokes from across the UK and France gathering in a field with a diverse selection of shonky and not so shonky motors to drink beer and talk bollocks. great fun it was
  14. bugger, fumes getting the better of you or has it departed completely?
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