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  1. Vic is better looking and funnier than me but I do like his humour
  2. .... Retest was amusing. Because of Spanish reg the test was done against the VIN number. Which the tester manager to get wrong by one digit. He then had to do the entire test again. But these things happen. It passed which is the good news Now onto cutting noise inside by at least 10bD, made up a card template for the gearbox cover transferred it to 2mm thick steel sheet fitted to the car, screws tighten it to the trans cover test drive found that under extreme torque the transfer lever (nearest the heater controls) was kissing the cover. After adjusting it I fitted gaiters that I bought from carbuildersolutions Last job before whizzing home to see Mrs and lads was to "trial" fit flexi fuel filler pipe in place of heater hose. again from carbuilder solutions Fin for now, UK reg is next key step
  3. .... first test drive, promising but no indicator cancel engine fan caused irritation. Car originally had 2.5VM Diesel fitted. At some point this was changed to a 200TDi. Fan and viscous however are from VM, they fit but the fan was in a state. Because all new viscous units are a. shit and b. made from cheese I ordered a VM fan to fit to the OE used VM viscous unit. Parts manuals are very helpful when it comes to this. Dealers and LR parts counter want reg number, spanish was no use to them and they kept trying to spec the wrong fan or a viscous made from cheese similar issues with the fan shroud, this is needed to force air over the intercooler which sits to the right of the radiator. Made up my own mounts and had to adapt the 200tdi shroud Then found that 1990 LHD range rover had wiper and washer on the rear t'other way around, ffs. Need a new wiper arm or an hour to switch them over. And then MoT 12 mile drive to the station was noisy, very noisy, like 100dB noisy. but the car rides and handles beautifully disappointment that it failed, panhard rod bush was loose on front axle and fuel feed pipe was now leaking Fuel line was a 10 second fix, panhard rod was slightly more complicated. Polybush blue. The inner stainless tube is the correct width, the shoulders on the bush are too narrow by about 1.2mm. This allowed the halfs of the bush to walk outwards and give the play. I cut a 14mm hole through a 1mm washer, fit it over the inner tube and it pressed against the shoulder of the poly bush holding it in place. Will be onto Polybush.co.uk next week re this tiny issue ready for retest and the fucking drivers side seatbelt will not secure in the catch! Turned out to be a lump of plastic dropped into the top by some mischievous Pixie and there's more ......
  4. oh I would be interested to see that, I have a more up to date thread on here there are a few videos of old red shed on my channel, yet to start work on it though https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuPaTTqVo_Tw0_4ypXxY0lQ
  5. Happy New Year folks, lets bring this up to date, Youtube channel has been changed to reflect my business name but the content and scope are exactly the same https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuPaTTqVo_Tw0_4ypXxY0lQ My 1993 Vogue daily driver has been behaving itself and despite it's thirst for unleaded has been performing well. Costing me about £15 more for pez rather than LPG on the 200 mile trip to Devon so I suspect despite enjoying the smooth and lusty acceleration it will be back on LPG again soon, jury is out because it is soooo nice on pez but I am limiting it to below 2.5k rpm else it would empty the tank even quicker This has given me time this year to get Southpaw the ex-LHD Spanish RR finished. Which is good news as I need to finish the S3 109 van before another customer 1979 RR arrives in Feb for mechanical and electrical overhaul Sweary videos are up on my youtube channel - always interested in feedback as to how they might be improved Anyway enough bollocks here is Southpaw just before Christmas Removed the d-post covers and despite loads of dust and sand there is no rust cleaned it all and once dry dynax s50'd it before fitting better condition d-post covers passenger side in a similar state found this body? number on a plate near the n/s top vent, never seen one before, but then I have not had many d-post covers off 90s cars Heater control bezel has tiny bulbs in fragile holders on the back of it, these can be a balls acre to fit. Watch the vid for top tip on cutting plastic etc to make life easier* Battery clamp is usual, threaded rod and angle bar affair. not failed me yet Screen was quite badly scratched, right across the drivers side. I used one of those cheapo ebay screen polishing kits and it got it good enough to pass an MoT. Expect that driving towards a low setting sun will make life miserable though until a new screen is fitted rear seat was removed, owner wants this car to be 2 seat and stripped right out instrument dimmer packed up which made all the instrument lights go off. caused me some bother until I realised root cause. unit originally fitted allowed lights to be dim. this unit was working until recently, i suspect that dimming 60w headlight bulbs overloaded it somewhat anyway stripping both units allowed me to get one unit to work correctly dash did come together quite nicely in the end More to come ....
  6. just chillin before bed, oh drew pritchard on the telly.... he is a self proclaimed number plate aficionado and chooses black and silver pressed ally plate for a 76 NSU RO80 CUNT telly off
  7. Stag engine is an odd design but it works and omg that noise I was amazed when driving an X308 V8 Jaaag that I had to look up at MX5s. Staaag is lower than the X308. it is tiny on the roads. Old datebombed* dunlops make handing fun but predictable
  8. Land Rover Series 2 & 2a 3 Wheel Nut Brace https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Land-Rover-Series-2-2a-3-Wheel-Nut-Brace/392469175306?hash=item5b60fc5c0a:g:xNwAAOSwfjtdm7Mo £13.00 Buy it now+ £6.00 P&P Best laugh I had for the last 2 decades
  9. thank goodness I had the sense to stay with hotwire efi classics yours does look good though 😎
  10. don't know about you lot but when this thread has a new update I find myself buzzing with excitement.. "What overpriced shonky shite will I find!" Alas more oft than not someone has misunderstood the thread title and I finds only dissapoint ☹ Could Herr Bollocks change the thread title so as to avoid future confusion and disappointment to something that everyone* could understand please
  11. 1977 Jaguar XJS Pre HE Manual E-TYPE Replacement https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1977-Jaguar-XJS-Pre-HE-Manual/254439442833 I am rather hoping that the seller coughed when he popped in the BiN of £20bags Unless he is so inbred that he has webbed buttocks I should really be in the "Fucking scrap it" thread
  12. antique car armstrong siddeley https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/antique-car-armstrong-siddeley/223795303421 just fucking scrap it mate
  13. reliant rialto van https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/reliant-rialto-van/401993523467 🙈 Oh just fuck off you twat!
  14. let me quote your unpleasant and inaccurate bollocks again when you get to the bottom of the hole do stop digging 🤣 p.s. That ^ was my sense of humour
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