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  1. would put the fear of God into someone who don't know how to handle one knob Also exactly the trannie that I wandered in here to post
  2. that moggie thing ^ scrolled down to this bit looks like you chaps have been busy on ebay
  3. heading home tomorrow so update for the last 4 days on project southpaw New brake lines fitted up while underneath I found that the gearbox loom to be in a similar state splice as other sections of the loom. no wonder that all the smoke has leaked out. Also a bit worried about that nyloc which isn't locked! will have a look tomorrow. Swivel bearing preload was set as per the manual, new CV joints installed and then new stub axles fitted then bearings and hubs fitted up, at this point I found that the spacer was missing that fits between the outer bearing and the hub lock nut Nipped out to get a pair of them and spotted a pair of western power defenders. must be the last two in their fleet. doubt they will be investing in new defenders πŸ€ͺ anyway, spacers fitted, end float adjusted and hub sealed up. yay just one more side to do. two front hubs done and steering track and drag arms fitted time to get it back on the ground. slinky low going from 2" lift to a 1" drop. Arse end is still 2" lift for now today was getting to the bottom of 1990 lhd loom, I have a spare 92 onwards loom - well most of it anyway. but to fit this to the car even with the body looms is going to be a ballsache. This car is a 1990 GA suffix - same as the CSK 2 door, didn't make many nor for very long. Looms are hard to come by, going to have a chat with Autosparks and see if they can help with a LHD pattern toa RHD installation trial fitted the front wings and deck panel, may need a touch of paint. Chamonix white I think Anyway, watch this space, loom is next week or maybe the week after
  4. thanks black and white 'orse is called Tidy or Tidy 'orse. she is mother to the chestnut who is called Tammy
  5. that knife must be 9" or the press is tinyπŸ€“
  6. Ok folks, time to introduce Project Southpaw, the left hooker! geddit? Arrived at chez Churchhouseclassics Monday this week. Brief from the owner is generous, convert to rhd, get it road legal, lower it from the comedy 2" lift, treat it as if it were mine.... here we are on day of arrival, one careful owner, one owner who cares and many who did not dash top heater were extracted fairly easily as were pedal box and brake lines to the front callipers. I do tolerate a 200tdi πŸ˜‹ though of course 8 pots is just 😎 It would have been VM originally but at some point a previous owner installed a 200tdi. next up, steering column and loom came out Front axle off next, not necessarily needed but brakes out, comedy 2" lift off, dead dampers out and rubber bushes replaced by blue poly made it easier Both front hubs had significant play!!! Disappointed especially as customer paid to have the swivel balls replaced recently. In the tray is the remains of the right side outer bearing race.... seriously! The situation improved marginally with the remaining 3 wheel bearing races on the front axle Alas new! front swivel bearing here had damage. ..... what can a chap say? LHD steering box was dropped out, dead easy! 4 bolts and 2 nut and bolts. Gravity does the rest Parts shipment of stuff to get it fixed arrived on thursday which was a beaut Refurbed rhd steering box ready to install RHD swivel housings installed onto original axle New 1" lowered spring from FamousFour standing next to 2" "comedy" 🀑 lift springs Axle was rebushed to blue poly and refitted with new lower springs and new monroe dampers. ongoing investigation on rhd loom is taking place. Yet to find an OE loom that has been removed from a 1990 GA suffix car that has not been massacred. Nor are Autosparks able to assist in the short term. BUT rest assured there will be an answer... The only rust on the car after welding work instructed by the current owner, was around the LH front footwell / inner wing area. Cut all the shite and shonky bits out Started welding is all back up again Youtube video with lots of expletive* will follow when I relocate from North Devon where Broadband is criminally limited.. Thanks for reading
  7. someone who is living the dream πŸ‘
  8. 4 days into Project southpaw which I will report on tonight. Owner wants that tidy, safe and reliable. and RHD
  9. it is possible, thing back to 3 way venn diagrams you used to mess about with at school 😁 There is a space in the middle but it is quite smoll
  10. 2001 Ford Maverick 2.0 auto 😁
  11. I think you are on the verge of answering your own question with the Sprint 🀣 🀑 seriously though, and as Artdjones says, they are old cars now. things wear out, previous owners bodge or/and fit cheap parts. I would jump into mine and happily drive it 200 miles with not a lot more than checking the fluids
  12. Another friends car, complained that it was making a racket in reverse but ok forwards. Shims on the diff cross pin had disintegrated but also the nose section that connects the diff to the rear subframe had cracked! Might not seem a drama but I have never seen one that is about to fail. When they do fail the subframe drops, traps the handbrake cables and the arse of the car his the ground. First the diff, this planet gear is moving up and down on the cross pin (the silver shaft that you can see running vertically under it. Result is that sometimes when one rear wheel wants to turn at a different speed to the other the diff gets all locked up. Big give away was the amount of non metallic swarf in the diff oil (shims are or should be brass) then onto the diff nose, this lump fits between the two subframe arms and connects the propshaft to the diff The tube that runs through the middle should be a single solid lump 4mm thick walled. however stresses cause them to crack on the diff side. This was was minutes away from disaster. It is likely that the diff failure caused the crack because of additional stress Refurbed diff was Β£400 ish, there are more expensive options available with new crownwheel and pinion. this one is reburb tastic and 1 year warranty next up the new crank pulley and viscous fan is too tight on the PAS belt The bit on the left side of the smoll pulley is shorter on Mk1 Stags. this is a Mk2 stag. needs the longer extension. Working now, very rude health..
  13. latest on the Triumph Staaaag engine build from hell And it continues There are other Staaaags that I enjoy working on though
  14. at least I was in before the lock eh
  15. I met a chap at Severn Valley Railway today who has an S3 109 carawagon that he is restoring. Fab
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