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  1. Another Oil/Filter change for the old girl today, plus the new battery which has been promptly fitted and works a treat! Oil for the Rover V8 is a point of contention some say use 20w50 while others recommend 10w40 and others 10w60 etc etc According to the owners manual it recommends a good 10 or 5w40 which is theory sounds about right for the british climate.. I also have an owners manual for a 1987 RRC and even in there is recommends 10w40 or 5w40, so I guess the people who built them know what they're doing. So oil of choice, again personal taste! Sump plug out and promptly dropped in the can, so I had to go elbow deep to dig it back out... Old Filter spun off, luckily only hand tight! New filter primed up and spun on.. Filled the old bus up and took her for a good hard drive... Verdict is good, it sounds good and hasn't blown up so that's a bonus!!! ;)
  2. A few P38 related issues/fixes. #1 the passenger side leather seat had some kind of filth on it, from godknows what do out with the cleaner... While I was there the entire interior got a wipedown and condition with some leather cream.... After doing the carpet on the doors it promptly fell off... contact adhesive later and it is all back where it should be.. Now an electrical fault, but wait it isn't the cars fault "for once" it this case the 1yr old Hancock battery decided to suddenly die, it still read 12.7v but seemed to have lost all its cranking amps. I did notice that the starter motor has been slowly getting "erm" slower for the past few weeks. New Yuasa battery incoming hopefully it'll last longer, it was ordered from tayna and is already winging its way here, est time of delivery is tomorrow! Meanwhile she hasn't had a wash off for a few weeks, so 2hrs spent washing the crap off it yielded some good results. One thing worth noting if you have a P38 is to not discount a bad battery as the cause of the sometimes mysterious battery drain these can get, Also worth doing a quick parasitic draw test which literally takes 5mins to do, this will discount any drain issues it might have..
  3. Read the description... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bedford-CF-Motorhome-a-reminder-of-some-terrible-life-choices-/265345781696?mkcid=1&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=710-53481-19255-0&fbclid=IwAR1q_aySAc_lZPTSpG0kLSGjWdOqIYZ0kgt1TIIlDOjGCceryMIbh_UWaSY&siteid=3&customid=link&campid=5337717012&toolid=20001 🤣
  4. Always fancied a nice 1987 Jaguar XJ40 in either Grenadier red or Moorlands Green, or maybe a nice Y60 Patrol. However whenever I think of spending over £2000 on a vehicle, a small part of me wants to spend it on this.. Something must be wrong with me head, but eh.. Its all good fun.
  5. Undersealing work completed it was spread over two days, mainly because I couldn't be arsed to do both sides at once!! Not the prettiest job in the world, but it is functional this coming winter will be brutal to the cars undersides, so hopefully this will prevent the steel being eaten away by the salt.. Did manage to get some fuel for the old bus today, by that I mean she rumbled past all the petrol pumps and lobbed £40 of LPG in her which is around 230mi, the looks I got off of some was priceless. Nice having a duel fuel car sometimes.
  6. Love a good Range Rover, this is a stonking motor in the right colour too! Yours and Alaskan Blue are my particular favourite. . Shame it has lost the EAS, not too bad to recommission if needed..
  7. More crust busting having first washed half of Pembroke beach off of the bottom of it! Luckily it isn't bad at all, just some surface rust from years of being caked in sand and moisture, a quick blast off and going at it with a wire brush and file. That stuff it's coated in is Jenolite which I have mixed feelings about, it has good reviews, however still suspicious!! My next step will be some hammerite underseal which will hopefully cover the jenolite and prevent any crust, the converter is also a primer apparently so eh!! And finally here she is before all the rust busting took place, after a 436mi round trip to cornwall and back! More progress to come! Good ole P38!
  8. Some intermittant chassis work. Kind of hard work trying to strip and paint a car you use daily!! Chassis is being stripped of any rust and old paint in preparation for a coating of underseal.. Upon scraping the front half of the chassis it looks brand new. # The old underseal is coming off quite easily.. Only issue I can see immediatly is the rear shock absorber mounting areas, they're no where near being terminal but having rust I can see but not treat is a pain in the rear, especially the drivers side mount which is abstructed by the massive fuel tank Anyway I'll get around to wire wheeling the rust and giving it a coat of Jenolite, the above has already been coated doesn't seem to have done much however. The rear quarter has also got some surface appearing from a previous repair, a quick dose of rust converter applied should keep it at bay for a while. I should note at this point she was a pembroke/swansea car her whole life so some light rust is not too bad.. And to finish off I gave myself and the old bus a wipe over, both inside and out. At this point a body off clean up of the chassis is on the cards, only a 3hr job to do believe it or not so that is a possibility..
  9. Bloody p38 threw a curveball at me earlier this week in the shape of some crispy bits! 😷 before anyone jumps to conclusions, the 2nd owner owned a Yacht, subsequently dipping her arse in the sea hasn't done the chassis too much good. However all is not lost! The chassis being twice the thickness of my D2 chassis "I measured" the crust hasn't weakened it in any way! Rear shock mounts are the prime area for mine, just a light treatment for now as my product is stuck in the fangled delivery system. I've thrown some jenolite on there, which i'm sure will do nothing.. However eventually I plan on having the body lifted off the chassis and the chassis blasted. More to come tomorra! Hopefully the hammerite turns up!
  10. Thanks! The P38 is a very simple beast it was first conceived in the late 80s and came out in 1994 so not exactly a modern unit! However they gained a bad rep due to improper maintenance and a lack of understanding, yes they do suffer from electrical faults, but all issues can be fixed with ease. Almost everything on her works now, just the Radio left to fix.. Which aint bad considering when I bought her almost nowt worked!!!
  11. Right..where was I!Oh yes A/C condenser fans! Luckily on evilbay there are several recourses for P38 parts, mainly because most people get sick of them and part them out! £20 later and a week of waiting! we have a box of tricks. Removal of the old fans couldn't of been easier, upper rad cover off first. And then spent 2hrs "no joke" pulling and hammering on the bumper, because it has to come forward, anyway I got there in the end luckily all the bolts relented. Fitting of the other unit was again very easy, however a little upgrade was to replace all the securing bolts with some nice T40s I had left over from a transmission service, far nicer fastener than the crusty old bolts Only issue is cosmetically the "new" fans look shyte! So with just right right amount of product I gave them a going over First up some scrapy scrapy and brushy brushy was in order to knock off the rust chunks. The some "Kurust" which as we all know does fook all, apart from turning black.Which it does if you knock it on plastic/fiberglass or indeed anything! Lets face it anything that says "enviromentally friendly" is going to be useless Where was I?Oh yes, And after that Kurust set I gave them a coat of silver paint, from 66.3ft it looks 1/2 decent, so long as you have your back to it and eyes closed. And here are some complete pics after a quick body wipe over. After all this she decided to idle at 7300rpm A quick removal and clean of the IACV got everything right. DONE!
  12. Some slight cosmetic improvements. A glaring issue some p38's "mine included" have is the wealth of plastic trim on them going a nice shade of grey.. Which as you can imagine makes the whole car look a tad shit, some don't really care but I do so something had to be done.. So armed with £3 worth of spray and some gusto the work commenced. Here are the parts prior to the coating,, The pimp juice i'm using seems to last a good while, in my particular case.. Just spray on and leave for 5mins then buff off.. You can also use it on interior trim pieces, very handy on the dashboard in the middle of summer, makes for a nice blinding effect on the windscreen and who doesn't like that!! Anyway. After! Quite satisfying to look at! Anyway my next job on the old bus is to fit a 2nd hand set of condenser fans to her, as mine are completely fubar'd! They should be here in the next few days.. Oh and coz i'm a sad git I got out late from work and put some shine on the old bus.. Ahh. Gotta love the Peeeeeeee38..
  13. Regarding shock absorbers TF are junk IMO and if you have the Blue shelled +2 they're not suitable for EAS due to their length and the simple fact the shocker prevents airbag overextension. I fitted Britpart standard shocks to mine not too long ago and it transformed the car, far smoother than the TF shocks which were bone shakers. Some have also had luck with Monroes and Bilsteins. The Keyfob can be a pain in the arse, I recommend second-remote-repairs aka Jon Dean He's an expert in such matters and can repair even the worst P38 remote! And finally the upside of a NANOCOM is the ability to turn off the immobilser to prevent the engine disabled issue. Oh and EAS won't give you any issues so long as any potential problems are caught early, it is a system from the early 1990s so fairly old hat nowadays in the grand scheme of things. So long as it doesn't drop height when parked or take an age to lift when either adjusting or moving though the various heights, then you have nothing to worry about, Airbag condition is a consideration, they have a life of around 8-10yrs use depending.
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