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  1. Hmm seem to be getting better than average MPG out of the old bus recently. New fangled electric cars are no match for the efficiency of the old Rover V8 LOL
  2. The old beast is back together, the hardest part of the entire job was feeding the LPG injector lines through the upper intake.. After she was all back together, she fired up first time and ran a treat, very happy with that!! The only issue was coolant was still pouring out!!! It turned out that the coolant pipe that runs from the intake to the upper rad hose, which is steel had a pin hole leak in it and it was squirting coolant out at quite the rate!!! Hmm So on to ebay I go and 2nd hand they want £140 for a pipe that looks just as shit!! So armed with some reinforced rad hose and a few hose clamps I fixed it! Attacking the upper pipe with the angle grinder rendered it cut in half, I removed the bracket and slipped some hose over it joining the two pieces together. Hard too see but she went back together! At her natural habitat No more coolant leaks now, which is nice! Even added a chrome parking sensor cover
  3. Heatshields are a pain in the ring to remove, i'd heatwrap them to aid in refitting/removal in the future. the studs that connect the mani to the cats can shear.. Brake accumulator is an easy job, just make sure you depressurise the system before fitting, just pump the brakes a few times with the key off to remove any excess pressure.
  4. Getting there.. Mounting surfaces cleaned up and valley gasket and lower intake refitted. Front accessory bracket fitted along with the belt tensioner along with the other rocker cover Only issue I encountered is in my haste to remove the fuel rail I bust one of the injectors!! 2nd hand unit is in the post, hopefully I'll have this thing buttoned up tomorra!!
  5. 1) Slipped liners. "not at all common" 2) Headgasket 3) Camshaft wear "common" 4) fuel economy LOL "terrible" 5 Oil leaks "standard" All standard stuff really 4) is what most people get hung up on, i'm doing 21mpg out of mine being the Bosch motronic injection it is a tad more advanced than the Lucarse sagem system on the Gems cars which struggles past 16mpg.
  6. Well if mine ever goes all crooked I'll know who to ask
  7. No reason not to Well apart from the V8's issues, which are relatively easy to fix,
  8. Oh ans tidied the wiring in my door it was banging around and the last time I used the window the window mechanism got in a tango with the wires!! Not ideal/ Just ziptied out of the way,
  9. @N Dentressangle Don't know if you're still having issues with your window.. Just to add some infro, in the window rail that the glass slides up/down there are plastic guides which do wear out and cause the window to either tilt or judder as it is moving, you can just about make out the part here quite simple to change thankfully.. Upper right corner of the pic. HTH
  10. Still waiting on parts.. So Rocker covers and associated brackets and bolts cleaned up.. Exciting eh?! no?? ok..
  11. I agree it surprised me with the lack of black death. And yes the only way is up, just gotta do the job!
  12. So been procrastinating like shit, it has dawned on me that staring at it probably ain't gonna fix it.. So... 1) off with its upper intake and coolant pipe. A few minutes later after removing all 12 bolts "13mm" in the right sequence, I got to lift the bastard off... I did forget that the rocker covers stop the old intake coming off... So off with its rocker covers... 140k mind you I'm quite surprised by the internals. Then we have a gander at the valley gasket, looks right mint to me. Out with the shagged valley gasket reveals the surprisingly clean valley. Camshaft is even not entirely fuckered, which is nice very rare for a rover v8 to not be completely covered in carbon shit inside, a testament to LPG as opposed to petrol, this old motor had the sweet fuck all of oil changes before I got it.. I've got a case of brake clean to hose it off, and it'll be coming back together eventually
  13. Yep nothing better than loading it up with its arse on the ground and then starting it and watching it level off.. Nice to have, compared to the old Classics that would start to sag if you put a packet of peanuts on the back seat
  14. That can be annoying. I had 250kg worth of coal and wood in the back of mine last week
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