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  1. Just to prove this thing actually moves here are some pics from some random B&Q car park She is sitting 100% level and the ride is far superior! It looks alright! I did accidentally reverse her into the hedge after misjudging the lack of length in the spaces lol
  2. the scratch has come out with some effort I used my Machine polisher with some Meguires Scratch X this worked rather quickly as the LR paint is extremely soft.. It was then top coated with this Before And the after The rest of the body was also treated to a good coat via machine, to save my arms Lol It came out surprisingly well!! very happy. H
  3. Right..EAS Shenanigans!My main issue with this old P38 is the suspension sits off kilter and it annoys me to a great degree! Note the height from this picture!That was standard!! ---------------------------------The first thing to do on the road to EAS levelling is to make the calibration blocks which fit inbetween the bumpstops and axles.I borrowed my Granddads broom and made it a tad shorter From bottom to top is..."wade mode""standard""motorway""access" To punch the heights inPut the suspension on high, jack it up a bit more (one jack on the front crossmember just in front of the radiator, the other one under the towbar) and put your blocks in, starting with the highest. Release the jacks, then poke the rocker on the dash for access height. so it drops down and sits on the blocks. Open the door to inhibit it. Go to the Heights tab in the software and click, Get Sensor Heights, make a note of the readings for each corner. Go to the Calibrate tab, click Read All and you'll see two sets of numbers. Top ones are what it is programmed to now and the bottom set of numbers will show the same numbers. Change the bottom set to what you have just noted down and click Write. If you then click on Read All again, you'll see that the top set, the programmed heights, will have changed to what you have just input in the bottom set.Jack up, take your blocks out, fit the next set (Standard) and do the same thing for each height setting. The result of my labours! I've got my monster truck back too!! To give a sense of perspective those posts the gates are attached to stand at 6"2 On the road you can be eye to eye with a Transit! Driving her is great. it is even better than before, she no longer leans and the handling is superb.. Ride has improved even more so too! Next up with every light there is dark..I parked her on the road and came back to this..I know I didn't do this myself..Not happy.
  4. Right.. EAS levels should be done and dusted tomorrow, due to my woefully short memory i can't remember if i've said that before!! Anyway, dropping some food/supplies at my sisters "2 metre style" i noted the amount of leanage!! There is quite a bit of leanage, even worse when you have passengers!! So the elimination of the "drunk" lean should be tomorra or the next, depends on whether it is pissing down or not!
  5. Sounds like a good price there!! I'll probably go down that route!!
  6. The old girl was sat under a tree for the last week, unfortunately the local birds decided to shit all over her!! 👿 A good old clean was in order Quality control cat was happy with the result Next thing to update is the water ingress issue, i've posted about this quite often however i think it is cured!! Since fixing it I had to wait weeks for it to rain so i could see if the sealant worked, Over the past week it has belted it down!! I gingerly stuck my hand under the carpet and it was dry!!!!! 🤑 🤗 The sigh of relief was immense! H
  7. This is the relay in question.. It sits around here behind the trim panel.. It has around 7 pins IIRC replacing it with a 4 pin stops the auto adjustment when the key if turned off. However after every little fix the car likes to reward me with another fault! This time the exhaust decided it didn't want to be solid anymore, and a few holes appeared!! LOL And when driving it there was a horrible banging and clanking noise, turns out the baffle plates have all fallen out the centre muffler!! And are rattling around, the upside to this is, she sounds very throaty! I've been expecting this, as the exhaust is original and always been crispy 🙃 Also considering she has been a Pembroke/Swansea/Bristol car since around 5 years ago i'd say a mild steel system lasting that long in the sea air is quite good! Oh and I did use the rear bumper to lean on while I was looking and I heard a "twang" and the bumper sagged 🤣 You can't make this shit up!! Turns out the bracket off the chassis needs fabricashun and weldage.. So a massive ziptie has been employed! This is a common issue in P38 circles, not too bad an issue, just patience!! Oh and there is this... And this.. She needs some Love care and attention with regards to the interior and the body, mechanically she is pretty fit... "he says"
  8. Next little fix was the rather drunken body lean... Its always had it dunno why, from what i can gather the PO fiddled around with the heights or a garage did and fooked them up... It was especially annoying because an idiosyncrasy of the P38 EAS system is it'll level to the lowest corner when turned off, so in Wade mode it would drop stupidly low! 👿 One issue with me personally is my lack of patience "depression related" not for here though! So today twas the day i'd sort this lean.. The before.. Note the wheel gap difference between NS and OS.. Annoying!! To rectify it, you have to tell the computer what height it should go to, the only issue is you cannot punch in the heights in Inches or cm etc etc the height sensor just see's a set number with no relevance, every car has a different set of numbers.. In the last 2 months i had the EAS go to shit and it needed a new compressor, so in that haste i bought the cable and downloaded the FREE Eas unlock software from RSW solutions and today i decided to plug the cable in and set the heights. This is all the computer shows you. A random set of numbers, which you have to fiddlefuck with to get her to the right heights, oddly you can only input +2 increments, What i did in a nutshell was jack it up on the passenger side and used my Great eyesight "not" and a tape measure to get it near enough.. and here we are now.. Dead level! Very happy with that............. Right up until the point i turned it off!! Tick tick tick goes the valveblock and it looks like i have a fat chick in the passengers seat permanently!! Fuck this i go.. And pull the trim off under the passenger seat and remove the EAS delay relay and replace it with a standard 4 pin relay, this effectively turns off the self levelling the minute the key is turned off.. No pictures as i was red with rage at this point, i might of booted the fucking original relay into the next village. so no pictures probably ever!! Upside is, it sits perfectly level 100% of the time!! Nice...... very happy with that!!
  9. They're very easy cars to love Even when things seem to just fall off them! 🤣 Always faniced one, bought one in a moment of madness, and have enjoyed every minute of owning it, even when it breaks!
  10. When I did the drag link it was noted that the steering damper was worn out.. 😷 So i put in an order for a nice shiny Terrafirma one Pulling the old one off is easy as pie, 2 15mm bolt heads and 18mm nuts see it removed. New one bolted on, it was a tad harder to fit thanks to having to extend it a tad, the old was one dead it had no resistance Once done I took the old girl around the block, and it handles superbly, it is meant to dampen the shock through the steering wheel That it does very well.. Once home I poured a glass of Coke and sat on the tailgate, just relaxing in the breeze This is why i love these old RR's 😎🤪
  11. Looks like good fun, but i think towing a trailer would be easier
  12. A good rule is to never fix all the faults Mine has rewarded me by letting all the baffles in the exhaust fall out and rattle!
  13. Next in the ever growing list is the Drag link as posted above.. The new one arrived today, which was surprising! Hats off the the delivery people who put up with an Idiot buying long awkward car parts!! A good idea when replacing a part like this is to keep the old one for reference. In this case the old one i know to be set correctly, so i used it as a guide and set the new one to near enough the same length A tape measure helps In any case you don't want the wheel too far off centre LOL I got it bang on, which i'm happy with.Bolting it up is relatively straight forward, in this case 2 19mm nyloc nuts In the above pic you'll note the blue poly bushes.. They also arrived today..Fitting them is as simple as removing the U clamps, which are 18mm bolts and sliding the new ones on.. Poly bushes resist deformation under load, and don't degrade like rubber does, so a worthwhile upgrade..Blue is comfort biased apparently The old ones were worn to excess..Upon taking it around the block i noted it handles better than ever and the infernal knocking is gone, the new poly bushes are a vast improvement too! However as this car likes to kick me after spending on it, the sunroof seal departed the roof and almost flew off Some glue saw it good.. Brother with the camera!!Nice shirt eh!
  14. Next up was a simple little repair.. 🤗 The power steering fluid reservoir can "sweat" some oil out and it makes the thing a dust trap, it looks odd and shouldn't leak!! The old seal is pretty well ruined! New seal vs old one, you can see the difference! 🥴 And fitted! No more leaks present!! Result! ------------ Oh and a small little thing done today was a full detail on the 18" comets.. Just one pic at the moment, as i have parts coming tomorrow for a full update!! I hope!!
  15. That is a proper Vauxhall, a proper car.. Far superior to the cars that came after IMO.. Loved the interiors on them.. Yours looks like lovely, nice to see one that has survived!
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