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  1. And lastly.. Aircon which is needed in this weather, epecially in a car which is 90% glass! Anyway I convinced myself it was a load of different electrical gremlins, however just to humor myself I hooked up my A/C gauges! Hmm that'll be why.. With the tiny can of refrigerant I had sitting around some was added in to the system, which yielded goof results. She took the charge and there were no audible leaks.. So... Interior vent temp 45f which ain't bad, however she has a dead blower motor so blowage is mediocre at best!! Time will tell if it holds the charge!
  2. Must of jinxed the old girl!Never say everything is fine within earshot of any Land Rover... Yesterday she developed a very audible squeal from the front of the motor..Turns out the tensioner for the aux belt decided it didn't want to do its job anymore. Luckily I have a spare OEM Dayco unit sitting on the shelf, so thats gonna go in! Old unit is easy to get at. The Fan has to come off to allow access, however due to the slippy belt it was a damn sight harder to whack it loose, but I got there in the end with my big hammer!! I just rest the fan down the bottom of the rad. Belt release on the V8 is easy as pie, luckily I have just the right tools for the job, 15mm socket and a long'ish bar! Once off the removal process is just 1x 13mm bolt which in my case came out without fuss!Old unit out! The tensioner has a little stud/nipple/lump/whatever to hold it in the block and prevent it spinning..New unit, an OEM dayco unit this time. New unit fitted! Far quieter and less likely to throw the belt, which is an added bonus!! Shroud back on. Done. H
  3. Been some time since the last update so I shall fill in some blanks on the old bus! P38 has been a good old barge for the most part so I gave her a full'ish service recently..Engine OilGearbox oilTransfer box oilwere all done..I'll start with the engine. http://www.detailingworld.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/smile.gifNew fluids to pour in/out Once I got my girth underneath the torrential downpour can commence Plug with a new washer ensures it doesn't leak, but to be fair another leak is neither here nor there with this thing! Plug put back in, tighten until is begins to loosen off then back off 1/4 turn New filter thrown on too! Primed up of course! New fluid poured in and that is one job done!! ----------------------------------------------------------- Gearbox next...Fill plug is 8mm Allen and the drain in 5mm nother downpour, this time of an unpleasant red/brown fluid... http://www.detailingworld.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/laughing.gifThis oil only had 5k on it which really shows that a single service on an old Auto isn't really enough..New Oil is a very debatable subject..I chose mannol Old/new can you guess which is which!! Inital fill with the engine off was 2 litres and an extra 3 litres with the engine running. Test drive showed a slight improvement, she shifts very well anyway so a slight improvement is actually a big deal! Transfer Box....The old fluid was still very clean..Cracked off the filler plug first. And then the drain plug Of course I lost my grip on the plug when removing, and created all kinds of dust control, good thing it isn't toxic................................... Ahem. Anyway new fluid pumped in and all is good. To finish off I gave the engine bay a quick going over because after I was messing around in there, oily hand prints stood out like a sore thumb.. Well happy with that!
  4. More spannering!!I've been topping up the coolant for nearly 4yrs now, it doesn't consume too much however its getting annoying and fixing the cause couldn't be easier! This thing is the throttle body heater and its job in a nutshell is to prevent ice buildup in the ally intake when driving in extreme cold, or through a blizzard and you're intake is sucking in icy cold/damp air A really simple bit of kit, not really needed in the UK more for the NAS cars however if my car has a feature I like to make sure it works! Getting to it couldn't be easier, it lives under the throttle body and requires the removal of the throttle body and intake boots, plus a throttle position sensor and a crankcase breather pipe Here you can see the leak 4x 8mm bolts for the throttle body and 3x 5.5mm sees the throttle body and heater removed! And after some careful pulling and twisting the old heater is in the bin! The throttle body itself needed minimal prep just a quick clean up of the gasket surface was required, for this I used a mild cutting compound and some emery cloth.. And lastly refitment of the new unit which couldn't of been easier, just the reversal of the removal with the benefit that the new unit isn't going to leak everywhere! http://www.detailingworld.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/car.gif http://www.detailingworld.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/laughing.gifI started her up and pressurized the cooling system and we have no leaks!!The simple things eh!
  5. Got a few things delivered today A nice service kit for the old bus, 10litres of Comma 10w40 and my favorite brand of filter Under the old bonnet I go and loosen off the oil filler cap and dipstick, one thing I like to do is place the oil filler cap over the hole for the bonnet catch. That way I don't forget to either put the oil in or forget to replace the cap! Underneath the bus is the next port of call, and that means getting down on to a very comfortable gravel drive and fight with tight filters and awkward sump plugs.. Once underneath I had an issue, the mop bucket I stole of my Grandma didn't want to play ball, however I did mangle it in to position! 15mm for the sump plug Whilst this was draining I turned my attention to the Oil filter, which on the P38 is in an easy to replace location. My other issue was I seem to have been very strong the last time I fitted it and it took some good effort and a skinned knuckle to remove it! Once I got the litre of oil out of my armpit I cleaned up the mating surface and primed the filter with new oil, roughly 0.8 litres the new filter takes, bloody thirsty thing!! Lastly I put the clean sump plug back in and torqued it up by feel, with a new washer it shouldn't be too tight Once fitted I threw the new liquid gold in.. The old engine seems to like the old Comma 10w40, I took her out for a good run after work just for shits and giggles and after a good long hard run through wales she sounds good. She sometimes has a cam follower tap when hot however it has been getting better and better since i've been doing frequent oil changes.. I even managed to average above 20mpg on the trip too, through hilly welsh roads And I wasn't being particularly sparing with the right foot. I filled her up in Aberyswyth and according to my calculations that trip computer is pretty accurate.. I tend to be hanging around wales quite a lot just to get away from Hereford roads, which are horrible at the best of times, I keep my eyes peeled for Hubnut being that from his videos he tends to pass through and around aberyswyth @dollywobbler lol 🤪 Fantastic views too!
  6. This is all very good.. You had me at the RR goodness and they're indeed great motors to smoke around in The M62 cam cover leak never seems to stop plaguing these engines, the gasket quality tends to play a big part OEM ones only
  7. Copy/Paste for the other side! Wheel off. 12mm Bolts for the caliper carrier came out easily, however one of the carrier bolts wasn't playing. So I gave my spanner a good whack with BFH and it yielded! Next little issue that appeared was one of the slider pins wasn't quite as loose as it should of been, so out it came! And the issue became apparent it was dry but not seized of pitted All greased up and slid back in, much better! Caliper pistons pushed in using my vrake tool and some grease thrown on the caliper carrier when the pads sit. A nice "during shot" Not too much mess And Job done! I'm pleased to report after a good drive the judder and pulsating has completely vanished, she now brakes really smoothly and with the EBC pads it stops on a 50p coin so i'm well happy with the result easily one of the best things i've done to the car! The old parts were well past it, the disc was warped and covered in heat marks.
  8. Time for an update!! Over the past few weeks she adapted a nice brake pedal pulsation and the entire car would judder when slowing down from high speed, so naturally I assumed the brakes were at fault and ordered a nice set of EBC performance brake discs and pads... Rimmer Bros got them delivered next day.. When I got home from work there was a nice parcel waiting for me! The new discs are vented and drilled etc etc theyre even anodized IIRC Fitting of the discs couldn't be easier on the P38, jacking her up is the first hurdle, first off the wheel nuts were loosened off, I've made the mistake too many times of jacking them up and forgetting to crack the nuts loose!! 27mm for the wheel nuts and wheel comes off exposing the job at hand I like to slide the wheel under the chassis to prevent any issues if it dropped for any reason.. Removal of the caliper and the carrier couldn't be easier, 12mm bolt for the caliper and a 19mm BI-Hex for the carrier, both came out easily enough! Caliper off and put to the side.. The old pads removed and they were worn quite badly for the mileage they had on them, around 6k, i'd say they had 40% life remanining. 🤪 Removal of the old disc is easy as pie, just 1 pozi securing screw if you've never had this screw off its best to use an impact gun or driver, otherwise you rick stripping it.. The hub centre was greased when I last had the discs off, so everything came apart very easily, thankfully.. Hub cleaned and new Disc fitted.. The new pads have an anti squealing formula, and apparently they improve the brakes no end... They look like the business, just hope they work as well as they look! At this point typically it started to piss down with rain, so I had to rush and throw the wheel on, forget doing the other side today!! FFS.. Anyway the wheel is thrown back on.. On to the old units!! The old disks themselves are actually almost concave, hard to pick up on the camera, however you can see the scouring and delamination starting! The disk itself is even twisted slightly, hard to see in this pic but there is a warp Anyone see the slight bend to the left? Anyway! Tomorrow I'll finish off the other side and then take her for a good drive! Oh and I even went the extra and gave my air springs a coating of rubber care, to help extend their life Top/Bottom balljoints next.. Not looking forward to that to be fair!!
  9. Nothing much to report as she is running quite well at the moment I've been using it occasionally for work and putting some good miles on it'tis still very good fun to driveespecially since i've been running around in a 1.6 auto civic for a while as I don't really want to pile the miles on the P38.However to be fair the difference between them means I can't justify using the Civic anymore, its just so bad and as they say life is too short And the insurance is the same as my P38 and fuel consumption isn't anything to crow about either!some pics here that I took of her earlier today..needs a good clean and the wing mirrors repainting! Almost 4yrs of ownership and its only cost 2 mental breakdowns and a period of me spending my card clean on it a few times but I'd say its worth it? Hmm.. Also I was looking through my pictures and found the one from very early on in my ownership july 2017 .. And 3 1/2 years later and several £££ and an arm + leg later the only difference you can see is the funking tree is slightly bigger H
  10. Probably time for an update..This time in the shape of a suspension upgrade..As ya'll know the P38 has the rather infamous EAS which has been known to throw quite a few problems towards otherwise unsuspecting owners..I myself have had my fair share of EAS faults and now that she is dialled in that regard IE most of the parts are new I can turn my attention to the ride comfort, which was the Air suspensions party piece.Unfortunately when I replaced the knackered OE shocks with Terrafirma the ride went from bad to Spine through skull on even the slightest of potholes.Also it would hit a pothole or undulation due to the stiffness of the shocks and bounce which was quite disconcerting and it would force me to slow down which was an irritation it felt like the wheels left the ground..Also if it hit a succession of potholes it was truly horrific After a few months of living with this I decided recently that enough is enough and I went on the line and ordered some Britpart Shocks/The choices vary greatly there are BOGE which are OE Monroe - Terrafirma - Bilstein and Koni plus a few others most of which promise a firmer ride, which is something i'm very much against hence the reason I went for Oil not gas Britparts.and at £75 a set it wasn't too bad price wise.Removal of the old ones is simple just 2 bolts, here are the old units, still firm and removal is a right ballache as trying to compress them under the car is very difficult The old units here with barely 1800mi on them! I wouldn't recommend them! The new oem units which even though they're "BRITPART" the construction and overall finish is better than the OEM BOGE units, I was surprised to see that to be honest.. After fitting them I was expecting to still have a harsh ride, but I was pleasantly surprised to find it completely transformed!Its gone from juddery speedboat to luxury cruise shipOn my way to work there is a stretch of road which used to play havoc with the suspension it would bounce and crash like you wouldn't believe, it would also be very skittish..On the same piece of road with the new shocks every little bump is soaked up, and it jellies through the bumps instead of crashing, handling is superb now the shocks are back to how they should be the steering is transformed, the road is a national limit and before I'd struggle to average 40mph now she sits happily at 60+ without giving the faintest complaint..Very happy..Yesterday was also her MOT and i'm pleased to report she flew through with only one advisory, that being an "oil leak" standard fit on a P38 Only 5k between MOT's! Oh and I've not really heard the exhaust from outside with someone else driving, when the tester took her up the road for the tapley meter brake test he gave her some beans, and it sounded incredible very deep bass growl. 😂
  11. Great motor this.. whats it like on the Highway? can you get her up near 70mph? A chap I know has an old Packard beautiful old thing, but he says it tops out at 45 lol
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