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  1. The Old mini.. Since buying this thing it has been used, and a bit abused.. Seldom ever cleaned and used in all weathers, since buying it, nothing has been replaced or repaired.. These OLD R50s are a tough little car... I decided today to treat it to a clean.. And to show how sacked out it is... 🙃 needs a service!! A very good model, dare i say it better than its predecessor And here it is with the old Bus,,
  2. "I shall call it "mini me" Found it in my pile of Diecast cars, i've had it ever since my P38 obsession started It now lives on the dash of the real thing!!
  3. Day 2 of Covid lockdown was used well doing things i seldom have the time to do.. A full detail on the old bus is due.. On the surface she looks pretty good, however in places she was showing signs of surface tarnishing.. 🤔 Now she's a daily it usually gets a wipe over when i have time. Now though i have loads of time, as my work involves people LOL and i can't fix tractors with a computer! One sure fire way of making a car shiny is to polish it, something i have done with some success on this car, however there is a step that should be done prior to waxing.. This is her normally. She was washed off like normal, the next steps are a bit odd "claybarring" is a process that involves rubbing a sticky'ish clay over the paintwork to pull of contaminates. out the paint pors.. Weird as it sounds, paint is like skin, the issue is over time contaminates embed themselves in the paint and cause it to dull, it also makes the paint feel rough... This Clay is black after passing it over a "clean" door. Bonnet front wings. This is the finish after claying it, no polishing yet.. The Bumpers and trims were treated to some Autofinesse satin A coat of meguires was used to help the clay glide over the paint... It now feels like glass, the paintwork is flawless now, i used to see what i thought were imperfections, turns out it was surface contaminates.. Love it... C1
  4. THAT looks like fun!!! Can't wait to see the progress
  5. Ahhh!!! Epsom green LOL Nice looking motor that!
  6. Java Black! A very good looking motor that, apart from that grille!!! lol The simple jobs that make a difference are the most satisfying imo What you gonna be doing to her? I too am in lock down, i've bought myself some HP sauce and plenty of bread rolls to tide me over!! I hope to finish the interior off in the next few weeks
  7. Little update regarding the accelerator pedal.. This thing is really quite heavy and notchy, it is a right pain in the ass when town driving or cruising. Instead of a smooth action it is more of a "ratchet" and its jerky and annoying.. Being that all i had to hand was WD40 i decided to spunk some of that on the pivot and throttle body, where the cable starts and finishes, no fly by wire here!! The pivot is hard to picture, as my phone is cheap shit!! cover it liberally! Under the bonnet there is also these places to look at... After giving them a clean and spray, the pedal is much lighter, and smoother! I'm happy with that!! The longterm average MPG is also very good, even better than before!! And finally some pics from a few days ago! When this Covid issue is over, she'll be getting a service.. C1
  8. Taken her out for the last time for a while today thanks to this Virus thingy.. LPG was fixed and was due to a poor ground to the ECU got that going and she was/is running LPG Major Hoonage on LPG can ensue and 9mpg is manageable at 50ppl it is definitely lacking a bit of power in LPG over petrol.. However petrol is reserved for Economy runs ironically!! We are down to 1,04 ppl in Leominster put £50 in it.. I'm getting this on petrol at the moment. Which is pretty good for a 2.2 ton 4.6 V8 with the aerodynamics of a small house.. I was joined by a "modern" RRS at the services today. The "evolution" is amazing.. Owner liked my P38 too!! At home my last project has been finished for a customer, hydraulic rams were leaking fluid, i believe it was overloaded and popped the seals.. Here it is before departing, next to the P38 of course!! I wish you all the very best of health! stay safe all.. c1.
  9. I'd throw the 500 sheets on the BSA
  10. Buy what you want.. I took a gamble and bought my dream barge at 17, life is too short and the men in my family seldom get past 40 so i wanted something to enjoy early on.. It has cost me everything, but I still love it... Can't wait to see what you pick up..
  11. Checked her carpet today, 'tis dry after all this rain!!! Result
  12. Over 15mi fully loaded
  13. wot anorl ain't a werd? 'It is a bad habit from another forum
  14. M111 4 banger? I like these old mercs.
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