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  1. "disco body shenanigans" More disco werk! The d2 is well known for chassis rot however it was believed the bodies were fairly strong, however the test of time has proved that quite a few are getting a fair chuk of rot in the body. so with that in mind i gave the rear body a splodge of waxoyl I also filled the sills with a mixture of oil and waxoyl Chassis repair and replacement i can tackle, however bodyshell work is a pain in the bollox and i want to prevent any issues! Also due to a lager induced moment of idiocy i painted my sump!! More to come Laterz!!
  2. Torrential downpour from the series of showers we seem to be having!! And there is evidence of water ingress into the boot! Rather common on the D2.. A recognised fix is to feed some plump rubber pipe behind the seal to help puff it up! I've got to get me some rubber pipe, as i don't have any, weirdly!! Put some Derv in her just under 3.4 on £80 pffft!! a good few miles bought it down to 1/2!! She does around 22mpg.. 🤑
  3. "Discovery shenanigans" Missing interior trim!! After carrying a rather unwieldy tool box that decided to shoot back and ruin my rear door pocket I finally came around to replacing it! the injury!! A new one was bought for a tenner off of the bay of E Removal is pretty simple 2 8mm bolts. under the handle pozi behind the handle and you just pull the panel off, i'd recommend a trim removal tool! refit is the reverse of removal, i did squirt some grease on the lock and handle mechanism while there!! The after result i'm well happy with!! "key issues" Next up was the issue with the key dragging in the ignition barrel which is annoying.. bought some of this graphite powder off of ebay. And gave the key a good coating, much betterer more to come] C1
  4. "Discovery Shenanigans" As per update above the old TD5 was running like a bag of shit.. A new injector harness + cam seal and a few other bits didn't seem to do much, she did sound a bit better though!! 😁 After some scratching of head i noted the Check engine light can only bee illuminated by A- the TPS or B-the CPS.. I had my money on the crank sensor, so i went to the Euro of car parts and bought a new item and set about fitting it.. # The location on the automatic TD5 is around the top of the Bell housing, it is secured with a 8mm bolt, it should pop out! Mine was mank.. A new sensor - part number etc I gingerly started the mota after fitting the new sensor and she ran like shit, being a tad angry i prodded the loud pedal and kept it at full chat for around 15 seconds,, all the smoke and shit disappeard and she ran beautifully!! Result!! I lobbed £10 of derv in it when the fuel light came on, 40mi were put on her with relative ease, she feels a lot healthier now. much smoother at idle.. Mileage stands at over 184k One issue with the TD5 is a rising oil level from failed injector seals, i initially thought this was the issue, however it wasn't but still i wanted to be sure, Still looks alright!! Threw the engine back together! Much better! Next project is extended seat rails as i find the seats don't go back far enough! A new set of rubber matts, too as i have the passenger side mat in my side! C1
  5. Yep!! Sell a kidney or two an I'll be golden LOL
  6. I agree 100% mechanically all is there, just needs replacing The suspension will need re-doing luckily being a monocock you can drop the engine and associated bits out of the bottom of the car on the subframe, which is handy if you're doing extensive work!! Brakes and like you say suspension is probably the most complex parts of the car, however it should be good after a complete strip down, the good thing about these old SY shadows is almost everything has a rebuild kit!
  7. Oh and that galaxie is sex on wheels.. Love it!!
  8. Bolt extractors all the way!! https://www.google.co.uk/aclk?sa=l&ai=DChcSEwjsuMam7dTnAhUDsO0KHYxTCOYYABAXGgJkZw&sig=AOD64_0xgaqI_TxWtbzd0N8ZfLUssW7jCA&ctype=46&q=&ved=2ahUKEwjbz8Gm7dTnAhVCqHEKHXBpB2cQzzl6BAgLEFo&adurl=
  9. The 75 along with it other medium sized luxury compatriots seem to be at the bottom of the market.. And to be honest it's predecessor the 800 is still worth 3 fifths of fuck all, So it is unlikely to earn you a big bag of cash... is it a v6 or diseasel?
  10. An undertaking indeed!! Hate seeing old cars rot. mechanically she's pretty fit, weirdly! her bug bare is bodywork..
  11. Umm money might be an issue, regarding bodywork, however mechanically i should be able to manage i hope! 🤪 I have a workshop manual for it that is a good few hundred pages thick!!
  12. I have another potential project in the making.. My grandfathers silver shadow 1 it is full of filler and a right eyeful.. let me know what you all think.. I managed to get it going after 10 years of sitting, gotta love the l410 v8.. It kicked over instantly.. .. tempted this was her in 1997 a short while after she was bought. excuse the quality..
  13. Spotted this on the bay of E. No description. Looks alright though!! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Range-Rover-1972-2-door/283784038170?hash=item4212d8c71a:g:OAYAAOSwM0VeSDJx This one too!! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1971-Land-Rover-Range-Rover-3-5-V8-3dr-SUV-Petrol-Manual/184160129115?hash=item2ae0cc905b:g:VZwAAOSwtYxeOnmh Suffix A without the washout interior, seems to have the cloth trim package from exmoor trim.. Quite a few 90's harddash' too.. which are insane prices!!!
  14. "in tune" When you own car you like the tendency to become in tune with it is very common. In my case i tend to notice little changes in engine behavour in this case there is a very slight chatter from one ofthe tappets on cold start. It only lasts for around 3 seconds, but it is there 😏 additives and snake oil are few and far between, so i tried some of this stuff. Anyones guess if it will work, i don't expect instant gratification! but i do halve my hopes up "'T'other disk PT2.. \the finished product! is surprisingly hard to see LOL Being Mid february the sun is staying up a tad longer than usual.. so i took some piccies. The shine on the bonnet is pretty good the upside of EAS is you can stance is YO!! C1
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