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  1. This is all very good.. You had me at the RR goodness and they're indeed great motors to smoke around in The M62 cam cover leak never seems to stop plaguing these engines, the gasket quality tends to play a big part OEM ones only
  2. Copy/Paste for the other side! Wheel off. 12mm Bolts for the caliper carrier came out easily, however one of the carrier bolts wasn't playing. So I gave my spanner a good whack with BFH and it yielded! Next little issue that appeared was one of the slider pins wasn't quite as loose as it should of been, so out it came! And the issue became apparent it was dry but not seized of pitted All greased up and slid back in, much better! Caliper pistons pushed in using my vrake tool and some grease thrown on the caliper car
  3. Time for an update!! Over the past few weeks she adapted a nice brake pedal pulsation and the entire car would judder when slowing down from high speed, so naturally I assumed the brakes were at fault and ordered a nice set of EBC performance brake discs and pads... Rimmer Bros got them delivered next day.. When I got home from work there was a nice parcel waiting for me! The new discs are vented and drilled etc etc theyre even anodized IIRC Fitting of the discs couldn't be easier on the P38, jacking her up is the first hurdle, first off the
  4. Nothing much to report as she is running quite well at the moment I've been using it occasionally for work and putting some good miles on it'tis still very good fun to driveespecially since i've been running around in a 1.6 auto civic for a while as I don't really want to pile the miles on the P38.However to be fair the difference between them means I can't justify using the Civic anymore, its just so bad and as they say life is too short And the insurance is the same as my P38 and fuel consumption isn't anything to crow about either!some pics here that I took of her earlier today..needs a goo
  5. Probably time for an update..This time in the shape of a suspension upgrade..As ya'll know the P38 has the rather infamous EAS which has been known to throw quite a few problems towards otherwise unsuspecting owners..I myself have had my fair share of EAS faults and now that she is dialled in that regard IE most of the parts are new I can turn my attention to the ride comfort, which was the Air suspensions party piece.Unfortunately when I replaced the knackered OE shocks with Terrafirma the ride went from bad to Spine through skull on even the slightest of potholes.Also it would hit a pothole
  6. Great motor this.. whats it like on the Highway? can you get her up near 70mph? A chap I know has an old Packard beautiful old thing, but he says it tops out at 45 lol
  7. After a few weeks of monsoon type weather the roof is dry as a bone. Well happy with that.. Next little upgrade is the headlights I've never replaced the bulbs and recently i've noticed issues. The primary issue is the O/S bulb seems to be moving in the housing, every time she hits a pothole the light will jiggle. 🤪 So a few quid later I have these.. They have quite good reviews especially among P38 owners, so I gave them a try.. The N/S bulb on the P38 takes literally 30secs to change The O/S however was a different story mostly down
  8. Funking love the Rover 800s particularly in Fastback flavour.. The styling is on point and the interior is superb.. And nowt better to drive, my Dad always said his 800 out drove his old XJ and BMW 5 series.. I'd love one.. Yours looks a minter
  9. Update time. The old P38 has an issue was water finding its way into the cabin and wetting the corners of the headliner.. Sunroof has done this before around a year ago, and some silicone under the seal cured it. This is what greeted me when I peeled off the seal. Turns out the entire rear part of the frame is separated from the glass. 😅 so that isn't going to work the absolute fiddle fuck/ Some silicone to the rescue.. The seal was then banged on and taped while the sillycone set.. The sunroof l
  10. Great thread this.. I have very fond memories of my Dads old Rover 820 Fastback I maintain it was one of the the best looking and built cars Rover ever made IMO especially the fastback.. She was Gold - N616WOH dead now unfortunately a company car which had racked up 170k in 8 years, absolutely no rust. 2.0 with the Jatco auto with cloth interior air-con and sunroof! luxury! My Dad traded a 1987 Jaguar Xj Sovereign I didn't understand why until we went for a drive in the rover although it was nowhere near as quick as the Jag it certainly had a character which no ot
  11. A 2006 Ford Mondeo TDCI I payed £600 for as a stop gap since my D2 shat its pants.. What a shitshow.. Being a bloke I bought it blind off of ebay after several beers, and once it turned up it looked promising. The PO had spent £3000 getting it up to scratch new injectors and DMF along with a remap and he was a serial Mondeo nut "not sure that was even a thing" however he wanted a more "modern" vehicle and let this piece of shit go.. First issue I picked up on was the handbrake which failed after 1 use then after the first 60mi in my tenure the brake line between the fue
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