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  1. Ha it has tested my sense of humour sometimes, but the smiles outweigh the frowns in most cases.. ๐Ÿ˜ I'd love a RRC but i'd only be able to have one or the other, so it seems i'll be sticking to the P38 for now
  2. Snake oils eh! Checking the oil on the old bus showed it was just above Minimum, which is 800mil in 4000mi which isn't too bad for an old V8.. Looking on the line you have many choices of oil additive, one seems to sit head and shoulders above the rest,, This stuff.. according to the blurb on the back, it quietens noisy "lifters" and can help plug leaks. On Coldstart she does/did have a slight follower rattle so I gave it a shot.. Oil level/colour before. During One thing to note is the consistency is akin to runny grease! very t
  3. New Daily driver alert....... Well I say "new" its been sitting around for a good while, 2002 Mazda/Ford/b2500 long bed with a little cab... I think it fell out the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down, judging by the dents, ignore the tailgate that was from me + a golfball and club Long bed, It is fitted with peculiarly small wheels, which has kicked the speedo out by quite a margin, Absolutely zero interior space of my 6"5 frame, which is an annoyance,.. And my knee knocks it out of 5th everytime I hit a pothole which is a slig
  4. Like scabies once they're under your skin they never come out! ๐Ÿ˜‰
  5. Thanks! The Cap just twists off, being a Gorilla does help! An oil filter removal tool can be used too, the soft strap type Be careful though, as there is a spring under the cap!!
  6. Had some fun with the p38 a nice squeak appeared from what appeared to be the rear UJ.. A good squirt of Grease saw the unit quieten down again... Good news comes in the form of the old bus hasn't broken in over 2 weeks YAY! ๐Ÿ‘Œ Sad I know!! lol I've had her going up and around the country dragging trailers for my Job and she's performed faultlessly, So i'm happy! Her MOT is due in march and being that I was under her greasing the UJ's I "Fixed" my Balljoint gayter You wouldn't even know!!! Nowt real progress pics to upload at the moment, how
  7. I'd snap his arm off... Love a good vulva... ๐Ÿ‘Œ
  8. More than twice! fiesta does 40 iirc
  9. 1 Range rover p38 v8 2 Land Rover discovery II TD5 3 Ford Fiesta MK6 climate The latter being my "economical transport" it does better than the 14mpg average of the P38
  10. Over the past few weeks I've been having havoc thrown at me by the old P38 The EAS has been playing up on the random basis, I went through the stages of checking wiring which turned up nothing! The next logical step was the driver pack, which is responsible for talking to the EAS ECU and actuating the solenoids on the valveblock..So I removed it.The potting compound has/had turned to a chalky like material...Not ideal..SO a new 'un was fitted.You can just about see it here!! After a test drive it seemed to be fixed........ And then I drove through a puddle "beep beep fault" So checking the c
  11. Thanks Gents! That looks a pucker mota ChinaTom
  12. Thanks gents.. I defo want one now
  13. I really fancy one! ๐Ÿ˜ Back in 2003 when I were a wee lad, my Dad bought an Moorlands Green 87 Xj40 3.6 for ยฃ600 and ran it for a few years.. It was left parked up for a good while, and I wanted to hang on to it. But one thing led to another and it went,.. ๐Ÿคจ I find myself Hankering for one myself, in 3.6 or 4.0 flavour of course! Anyone had one who would share what they're like to live with? Am i mad? lol Cheers
  14. Been watching this Canadian for a few hrs and find his vids frankly hilarious! Fookin hilarious!
  15. Thanks! Rampant blind commitment is the name of the game lol with the P38! She is Monte Carlo Blue which is a BM colour IIRC, a legacy of when BMW owned LR! Great old motor to drive!
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