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    But ultimately this will be about pandering to postmodern eco-faith and nothing to do with real scientific facts.


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  1. Here's some electronics you can watch working (Those with short attention spans should jump to ~2.45)
  2. Excellent that you have got the docs for the bobtail sorted. I was playing part 11 video in the office this afternoon and one of my co-workers thinks you sound like Arthur Dustcart from Rex the Runt https://www.comedy.co.uk/tv/rex_the_runt/characters/ (I think she meant it in a complimentary sort of a way)
  3. (¯`'TOPº¤ø,¸,ø¤ºAutoShiterº¤ø,¸,ø¤ºMANYº¤ø,¸,ø¤ºTHANKS''´¯),¸,ø¤ºRECOMMENDEDº¤ø
  4. As a kid we had a radio in the kitchen as well. When we went out in the Bedford HA van it slipped into a cage fitted under the dash and it became the car radio. IIRC being a portable meant no Wireless Licence needed!
  5. A brace of Arnold Clark Auto Shite stickers please Young Sir. (Please PM me non-paypal way of paying you for return PM of address)
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