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    But ultimately this will be about pandering to postmodern eco-faith and nothing to do with real scientific facts.


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  1. It'd just get flogged off as an unfinished project...
  2. OP, very nice. You might want to join Land Rover Classic Campers forum http://www.rms1.co.uk/lrcc/forum/ (and they don't have a section for who shagged what).
  3. Pity it wasn't for more money but at least you've got some cashflow.
  4. Ta!, I got mine from Paddock. I'd doubt I be blowing through as I'll be spot and mig puddling them on.
  5. Where do you get your wheel arch panels from? The ones I've been able to find are pressed out of much thinner metal than they should be - or are you just working around the thin metal problem?
  6. One Hundred Years ago, this very day, intrepid aviator Whoopsie The Cat and his possie set off to fly across the Atlantic in the airship R34 to collect some bangin' tunes. The R34, known to his friends as Tiny.
  7. Here's some electronics you can watch working (Those with short attention spans should jump to ~2.45)
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