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  1. MR 54DDO Looking like "Mr Saddo" - driving on the bottom of the Old Kent Road a couple of days ago. Dark coloured Range Rover - big chunky ones... Maybe sad at the cost of running it...
  2. https://www.motors.co.uk/car-64719172/?i=0&m=srf Can't find this posted but it's an utter abomination 😭
  3. Not a specific one but in 1993 I was looking for a car and had £2k to spend. A friend told me to "buy a Land Rover because in 10 years time it will still be worth £2k" Instead of that, I bought a MK3 Escort which cost me £90 to scrap 8 years later... Seems to be the way my car buying has always been 🫡
  4. Nissan Tiida - a few on the Irish roads 10 years ago but rare enough to be justly forgotten.
  5. That's pretty easy actually - coming off the A14 it's often necessary to build up some speed and all too easy to keep going.
  6. I've seen someone being pulled in by the police for (I think) driving at 60mph in lane 3 of 4 while all other lanes are mostly empty. It was just south of Peterborough services on the A1M where there are 4 lanes and pretty much no one on the road yesterday evening. I came along at about 70 and saw the police join the road so I eased off to a real 70 and let them pass. In the distance they light up a black Focus (19 plate) which eventually woke up and moved across to the inside lane where it stopped. Being a nosey bugger I snapped it on my dash cam and at home checked that it was taxed and had a valid MOT / insurance. So all I can imagine is that it was stopped for not keeping left unless overtaking That's my hope anyway. People doing 60 in middle or outside lanes for no reason really annoys me...
  7. Back in the 90s, I was convinced that a dual carriageway with a barrier was 60 mph unless otherwise notified. I've no idea when I was aware that it's actually 70.
  8. Probably worth saving 3 points if the presenter has a little cop-on.
  9. How long are the courses? All day? Couple of hours? The answer to that would determine the direction I'd go.
  10. Thanks so much - absolutely amazing record.
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