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  1. Back in the 90s, I was convinced that a dual carriageway with a barrier was 60 mph unless otherwise notified. I've no idea when I was aware that it's actually 70.
  2. Probably worth saving 3 points if the presenter has a little cop-on.
  3. How long are the courses? All day? Couple of hours? The answer to that would determine the direction I'd go.
  4. Thanks so much - absolutely amazing record.
  5. Ayr is the same... Town of the personalized number plates from my memory of the place
  6. Sirs, In response to Angry of Fife, I must offer my agreement to two of his points. 1- stone chips seem to be a real vulnerability 2 - something in the dashboard creaks from about 40mph and Ford "can't hear anything" I'm very disappointed in their QC nowadays, K-TIB (at the other end of the country)
  7. I'd second the Bosch suggestion, cleaned on occasion with some WD-40 on a rag. It seems to keep them going for a good number of years 🙂
  8. My list is not about what I missed out on but rather what I had and didn't keep 😔 As a serial Ford lover, I've been through so many that should have been kept including Escort and Cortina estates, a lovely Sierra and a Scorpio. Back in 80s and 90s, I couldn't give them away... Today they are in the £1,000s (because people like me let them die). Hindsight keeps kicking me when I look through Car and Classic and whispers "told you so..."
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