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  1. That is 100% Town driving including a small amount of silliness
  2. Hundreds of £'s not thousands And that's after registering it and all the items it needed
  3. From experience a late 430 is better than a 460 build quality wise. Not sure regards road tax wise, but I believe the 430 was the last one to have under £400 road tax. The 460 is a really nice car though and an eventual goal of mine
  4. LPG is for the weak. The ones that faint at the mere thought of 19mpg lol
  5. Well I have waited 7 years for the ability to even insure one of these. For 7 years I was given quotes of near £2500 a year because of the V8 and bigness. Not any more! This example isn't the best but what I paid is reflected in condition overall and the fact that the Nova and V55 needed to be done. Every single thing on this car works (except for the removed AC condenser and the inop boot button on the boot lid). 107k which is still not properly run in really and a chunk of services stamped in the book. Behold .... shot through its first MOT with advisor on track rod end n/s (and that is bloody slight). Nova declaration is in waiting for response and then just needing the DVLA to do their thing. Amusingly this car is none sunroof and on coil suspension so even less to go wrong. It is as they say base model but still very nice to drive.
  6. Well the R8 got an MOT as I forgot that it was about to lapse and happened to be near the place. Mostly clean bill of health except for now needing a gearbox. The one on it (presume it has 118k hard miles on it) is vomiting oil everywhere and has become exceptionally noisy 1st through 3rd. It has become a project build that myself and my 8 year old lad are doing between us as he may not be legally allowed to drive when old enough. It is hopefully in for a cage fitting over the winter months while it hibernates, and currently weighs in at 920kg. We are hoping to get that weight down further as the cage will be in excess of 100kg when welded in and the preferred option is keeping the 1400 16v in there if possible. Now insured as a competition car (super cheap) and needs to remain legal on the road. The HH-R continues to plod on, however getting extremely annoyed with idiots opening doors into it in carparks (even parked away in a corner I will come back to people of questionable parentage parked as close as possible to it) . The biggest issue so far with it has been needing tyres all round and a downpipe. Continental EcoContact6 are really nice in smaller sizes I have found. So yeah, found my happy place as a rover licker and there may be a 3rd rover on the way over Christmas if I can sort out the extra storage
  7. That sadly is modern car selling I'm afraid. Because of all the messing around on sale sites I generally 95% of the time crush rather than sell, even if it's a good car and I make a loss. Either way it's dry transport for winter that someone could make use of, not ridiculously expensive either.... Glwts and all that jazz + free bumpage
  8. Try Reiss Motorsport Insurance. But if the boy isn't very old you are going to pay a big premium. Insurance Fronting is something that the insurance companies WILL pull you up on but it's at your own risk ofc. I have always found rover/mg cars to be relatively forgiving insurance wise, especially the 1.4 versions. If you can't get insurance on a TF/F try a 214/MG Zr
  9. I have looked definitely not there. Looking at that it may be easier to get the new one shortened. I will have another look when I get back from Lincoln
  10. I'm keeping both of the cars. The mercedes was dropped like a hot potato. There's no point in me using the R8 until properly fixed as it will do it no favours really. I already spent £110 on the timing gear and a further almost £60 on the tank. This is the current state and condition of the HH-R .. hardly the car with the most street cred in the universe but it's exceptionally clean for 20 years old. For now the R8 is in the sin bin... And as a daily every day motor the HH-R is overall better to live with. The R8 will end up being a toy. Until I get around to replacement of the split fuel tank it will stay tucked away where it is without drama. Once it has the ignition coil sorted and the lower rear tie rod fixed (this part IS NOT made anywhere now. Totally discontinued!) it can be used again. But because of the mods classic insurance is a non starter unlike the green one.
  11. It's a VW coil of some sort actually 🤣
  12. First bit of deep cleaning happening.. You can't really tell in the picture but there are millions of swirls in the paint from years of poor polishing practices. I have the passenger side of the bonnet done and I will come to the other side shortly. It seems I don't work as fast as I used too but the results are really impressive. Also deodorised the AC with a Meguiar's whole car air re-fresher (black chrome as the other smells like rancid flowers). The difference is night and day tbh and well worth the £10 or so it was. On the list of wants at the top is some genuine Rover headlamp guards because reasons. Timing belt is 10 years past due so also needs doing very soon and the downpipe Flexi is blown .... Other than that this thing is epic and really nice to drive.
  13. At least it wasn't politics .... That would be worse 🤣
  14. I am getting my popcorn and waiting for the tantrum. So exciting 👍🏻
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