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  1. bit of a collection of pictures I have. My dad's Ioniq after a hit and run in roadworks during lockdown 1. the front of my C class after being a total spaz donkey and avoiding a micra. a friend I know who had all the bhp and no traction control, found out what overcorrection of oversteer does. he did the council out of a job trimming the hedge back in reverse at 50 😆
  2. Yeah what doesn't kill you makes you permanently leg disabled 😆 with an unreasonable hatred of BMW drivers
  3. He can open the door if you do the engine change on your own without using a tree and a chain to remove the broken one. The good friend certainly wasn't the arse crack you had on display all day I'll tell you that 🤣
  4. Things are rather complicated with the current engine. I can only presume it's a valvetrain issue. Never before have I had intermittent compression loss, could be anything ranging from a broken valve spring to a loose valve seat or a worn valve guide. I always had the view of you either had compression or you didn't. The plan is too replace the engine with the unit from my spares/breaker Lupo (same AUC unit). Take the engine I'm running now to bits and find out exactly what the issue I have is. Then we can repair if possible and have spare engine aside. Only snag is that the new e
  5. What a shock ..... 5 weeks of ownership, repairing faults, intended keepage on the cards. Lockdown must have gone to my head or something. Either that or I am seriously unwell. Compression going bye byes has become extremely intermittent now and sometimes you would hardly guess there was an issue. Just over 2000 miles in 5 weeks on a broken engine is alright in my books. Let me down once with ECU related FTP due to me continuing to drive the poor thing with added brokenness.
  6. You had to make sure the Corsa of doom was on the pictures ..... What a hateful bit of shit that was 😆 Still a braver man than me getting another white escort van.
  7. Sudden realisation that none of us are as fit as we used to be. Irony would have it that I sold my engine hoist last year (thinking it wouldn't ever see use again). Engine weighs in at about 84kg plus the box .... No issue thought me with helpers at hand! No chance, we couldn't lift the damn thing. Even with the box separated from the engine we still couldn't lift without ultimately causing injury (great just what's needed). Yet another £150 to spend as local rentals are nearly as much as buying one. Not sure the engine in the black car is going to last much longer, we
  8. Yeah it's not bad actually. Perfectly capable of wheel bolts etc, the lower torque means it's a struggle with some items but it is what it is.
  9. With help from a good friend today we have arrived at this position my with the red spares car...... I also got myself a present for £89 to make my life lots easier with this job and to take lots of the grunt work out .... Over all pleased with progress so far
  10. Very sad, no updates in a while .... This is indeed a very happy distraction with some pretty handy workmanship so far. Hope all is well 👍🏻
  11. I vaguely remember @vulgalour princess letting water into the front floors maybe something to do with scuttle and vents? It's a long time ago so maybe best to ask him as my memory isn't so great
  12. I will have a look around these parts, they come up cheap around here often. That won't be the case for too much longer though I reckon 🤷 Driving test cancellation sucks, I hope she is sorted soon with it. It was exactly the same with the bike tests and lessons so I feel the frustration.
  13. Parts car collected today for £200. It has an AUC 1.0mpi in it that wants the lifters out of my knackered engine. Clutch and timing belt doing as a case of insurance, then the engine and all good parts can go onto mine to make 1 good car...... Will shortly have lots of Lupo spares for sale 👍🏻
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