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  1. I would suspect that the fuel has gone all weird if it's been sat a good while. The ethanol in it starts to separate out around the 3 month mark. Might be best to use a non ethanol super (shell do one iirc) if the car isn't to be used for extended periods. After a 9 month idle spell the bike fuel had gone all weird and started to separate, smoked like hell and stunk rich really bad. Have to wonder if that is the same issue you are having because ethanol additive fuels are SHIT.
  2. Kawasaki ZX-6R was a lovely hideously gash looking machine in the wrong colour scheme. As was the Suzuki GSXR 600. I would save the discomfort and cost and buy a gsf600 bandit though 👍🏻
  3. Got the old rentec rack fitted after having it powder coated mid black. loving it! CBT booked for the 16th and Theory booked for 5tg August..... Can't wait to be riding this daily 👍🏻
  4. From a breaker in Wales iirc. All the Chinese aftermarket ones are toss and made plastic
  5. The light fitted is an original bandit one .... Difficult to find in that condition and cost nearly £90 with postage .... So worth it though
  6. Today we went from this ...... To this...... Have had a few battles up to yet. But I am super happy with how this is turning out. I love a standard MK1 bandit, I always wanted one when I was younger in the late 90's early 00's Have a few snags still like the fouling of plugs and carbs out of whack (probably related tbh)
  7. Took this out of the bandit today. Something tells me it's been in there a long time. It had loads of sediment in the bottom of the sump. Needless to say I now have brand new oil that is also black as hell now -.-
  8. Well the road back to standard with my bandit gsf600 is going really well indeed I think. This is how she was when purchased as a non runner..... Interesting to say the least, certainly not my taste at all. So I decided to be proactive with it and spent many hours searching eBay with the help of some alcohol for encouragement. This is how it looks right now...... I have had some electrical gremlins to deal with and some dead bulbs. Overall I think I am through the hardest parts with the old girl now. Rev counter and Speedo are supposed to have T5 bulbs ..... They are replaceable with far cheaper and just as bright 286 car bulbs (as found in every single french car) to achieve this.... I am still looking for side grab handles, a decent black seat and a proper headlight but currently they are over my budget. The micron system is about the only thing that I am willing to keep non standard long term too. I'm either getting old, nostalgic or both I think 🤔
  9. Does the manual still have the foot operated parking brake like the auto? Can imagine if it does it can be entertaining to drive
  10. They did a smaller size monoblock wheel that was mainly seen on sports. They are usually much cheaper, I also had a set of those (bit of a wheel whore) ... Pretty sure they were 15's
  11. My old pride and joy. 97 C200 classic auto. Owned it for just over a year before selling due to being a tit and crashing it twice in a row. There it is sat at my dad's place, slammed on 16" algenibs from a W210 and rather hefty rear wheel spacers with extended bolts and US front turn signals fitted. Here it is in Lyme Regis after going all the way there to collect the forged 7 spoke Slk wheels that are on it from Derbyshire. All the way there and back on 1 tank! You need to watch here for rot ... Very specific place. Just behind the rear passenger inner arch in the boot .... It gets hidden by the heat shield for the rear silencer. I presume it's some kind of dirt trap that isn't accessible to clean? You also can't usually see it with the side carpet panel in place in the boot area. Good luck with yours. It has made me rather annoyed I just threw out the rest of my spares I had. I do have a Haynes book if you would be interested but it's a little care worn.
  12. Wonder if we can raise enough for @reb to do a Volvo rescue from Sweden 🤔 Made my donation, unfortunately smaller than I would have liked.
  13. Having met Richard on occasion there is nothing to say that hasn't already been said. Always had time for people and a true gent. He will be missed by all who knew and met him.
  14. While we all go about our normal business of life. The whole population (other than the sensible folk) are doing the following! Usually this behaviour starts at around 6am when stores open 🤔
  15. The title of this thread made me hopeful that it would contain white dog pooh .... Dissatisfaction of the highest order.
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