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  1. With the best will in the world I really haven't the physical ability to change the engine on this car. I am perfectly capable mentally of doing the job..... Body however says no ☚ī¸
  2. Not to sound short with you, you haven't been next to it while it's running. I have been around K series engines long enough to know what's happened. Based on the fact that there is serious end float on the inlet cam that is causing the belt cover to wobble around ..... I think my prognosis is as correct as it can be. Secondly I have had a mechanic look at it who came to the exact same conclusion after inspection I doubt that the diagnosis would be any better. If you want to come and take it to bits and prove me wrong feel free, however, the diagnosis will be exactly the same I
  3. Due to the fact that total engine failure is on the cards and knowing that I wouldn't want to put myself in a situation where the motor seizes on a bypass or other fast road. I would call that more lunacy than buying an mgf in the first place Plus I would rather part it than scrap it for others benefit tbh
  4. Car dead, needs a top end 😆 We thought at first that it was a lifter, it isn't! Spend a bit on oil and and engine flushing oil (sae20w) and while it's shifted lots of crap.... It's also highlighted that there's glitter in the sump 🙄 It's still merrily ticking away but it does run and drive. Who knows how long before a camshaft falls out 🤷 I have no inclination to swap the engine but it would make a solid project shell for someone..... Offers on a postage stamp as it's as desirable as herpes I reckon with needing an engine
  5. Beautiful weather for going out topless in Derbyshire ??
  6. Three main issues that will cause these oil burning antics I reckon. Bad pcv (least likely but possible) Knackered valve stem seals Worn and past it oil control rings on the pistons Or you have really crap oil in that's sat there for a century and it's gummed the rings. Engine flush (with flushing oil) and a decent thick oil may fix.
  7. I don't like the MX-5, I find them cramped and to hard to get in and out of .... And they rot for fun, worse so than the MG F
  8. I would say do it before they all disappear and you end up regretting it. Just try and find one with comprehensive service .... Not comprehensively fucked and rusty
  9. Didn't pay much attention past being amused by you bending the discs due to rust and hammer action
  10. Note to all .... These are really sensitive to tyre sizes. 185/55/15V front 205/50/15V rear Not like the all round 205/50/15's with a backwards fitted directional that was perished ? I fitted budgets on the front but they are still rated and have good grip ratings Here's a before and after of the front brakes...
  11. It's just had timing belt done with receipts to prove and water pump and other stuff .... You wouldn't waste cash like that if it was displaying omghgf .... And it's 63k not 69k as I thought
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