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  1. If I didn't know better I would say that's Wetherby Services?
  2. What is Jim not collecting from his comfy armchair?
  3. Well, police have known about this behaviour at this location for above 6 months. There's plenty of videos on YouTube of the place and the behaviour of attendees. Why nobody did something before there was an accident we will never know?? I wonder if the words "Hold my beer, Watch This" were uttered before that incident?
  4. I have noticed that most places I go people either double take or make a look somewhere between a grimace and a gurn haha It is as good as sorted, but it was making a noise that it shouldn't so I investigated. K-series are awesome engines but if you leave an issue like this for too long it will explode on you..... I'm not willing to let that happen because if that belt let's go (say if the deflection plate gets stuck in the belt) then it's starting again with another engine. I like the 1.4 in this one and the car really wants for nothing. The cost will be well worth the reward 👍🏻
  5. Because bored and not much else better to do I thought that I would investigate a couple of issues! First up the jingle while running..... Checked alternator for bearing noise and Pas pump but both as expected and not noisy. So, off with the timing cover! Upon removing the top cover I was presented with metal dust and rubber bits (obvious source of the issues then). It turns out that the deflection guide on the lower sprocket has come off and is rattling about like a mad thing. Also found at this point was excess slack in the front of the timing belt 🤔 Now this car had a new gates kit fitted and water pump August 2016 and has only covered 5k ish since fitted! So ordering a new belt and tensioner along with lower sprocket from Rimming Bros in Lincolnshire. I have decided to go with MG Rover Genuine parts because the price is good at around £110 including a locking tool. There will be many pictures as we get this sorted.
  6. I had considered those wheels on mine ..... they look really good indeed. But kind of taken with hairpins too
  7. Ah the freeloader Looks like a hippo Looks more like a hippo when wading Drives like you would imagine a hippo would. Don't expect it to be fantastic and you may get a pleasant surprise. Like all L-R products it is designed to keep you alert in case it explodes 😃
  8. Well it sort of is, but, afaik it's closer to a MK2 than a MK3 chassis using parts shared with the MK3 in some areas. But essentially it IS a jaguar. However, in my experience personally, the MK3 Mondeo resists rot better
  9. As others have said watch for rot! They can look pristine on the top, but, a bit of a prod below can reveal many horrors. Also buy a Mondeo instead. None of the badge snobbery and better breakers
  10. Well that's the odd thing , even though the lower portion is a different shade to the original. They don't seem to mind. It puzzles me that the white is not acceptable and the black roof is. Even the insurance company couldn't answer because down to underwriters... The insurance company that I use is an independent modified broker. All my modified cars have always been largely cheaper than the standard vehicles. Insurance never ceases to confuse me as I am allowed to stuff a Lotus Elise engine it but paint the bottom white and suddenly uninsurable haha
  11. Antifreeze added (lots of) so now no brown water inside. No airlocks either so feel fairly accomplished. Managed to get it done as it cooled down, in the gap between thrip fly swarms and all the mosquito gits getting active 👍🏻
  12. Bloody midge fly things everywhere! I want to change coolant but there are millions of the hateful little cretins 😠
  13. Insurance happened! I can insure Red but not allowed White with all other mods 🤔
  14. BEHOLD!!!! My shite buying skills are working again 🤣
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