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  1. I'm having as good a day as @Split_Pin😂
  2. I have a quality* code reader that does SRS and ABS if you're stuck
  3. Same thing happened to mine last month, was the ABS sensor. Helpfully you can't just replace the sensor, it's all part of the hub assembly. Pain in the arse!
  4. I never understand folk like that, especially if it's a stranger they are relying on turning up. First to rock up with the cash takes it
  5. I live in fear of a saddo from one the Saab facebook groups parking next to me in ASDA and trying to talk to me
  6. An ideal chance to get some fresh seal on the pollen filter at least, it's a known weak point for leaks into the footwell.
  7. How did a Glaswegian mini end up all the way down in Bexhill 😂
  8. Barry Grant, yer a merrddrerr
  9. SRi05

    End of shite?

    Definitely a lot less bargains in the £750-£1500 range, mainly buys you a pile of tat these days. Still some good ones out there but definitely harder to find. 2017-2020 was a personal golden era for shite
  10. MOT time in the least week in January, the stuff of wallet nightmares. Hope all goes smoothly
  11. Clock instead of a rev counter, back of the net. Looks a sweet little thing
  12. Spirito Di Punto. Haven't seen one of these in the metal in a looooong time.
  13. Fully paid up member of the Tosser Club. Only "keeper" cars get a wanker plate on my fleet, so it's an honour really 😁
  14. For the first time ever, I've ended the year with the same vehicles I entered it with. I did buy and sell something during the year, but that doesn't count 👀
  15. Wait till you see one in a Modus 😂
  16. This actually looks nice https://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/1999-ford-mondeo-ghia-x-estate-motd-1023/1445703321
  17. They look smart as fuck. That motor does not look like an almost 20 year old design, they really smashed it with that Accord Estate
  18. Honda's marketing was 11/10 around that time
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