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  1. Fuck me that’s a lot more rough than it seemed at first
  2. Gave the Trabi a run this morning. Always seems to fire first crank, flood itself and then take forever to restart. It always did this but it wasn’t nearly as bad when it was being driven daily. Hasn’t had a run out since December and it’s only been run one either time since, and in its defence it’s got sod all fuel in and it’s probably down on oil, ratio wise. I do miss driving it, used to get some proper looks in it, as you might expect.
  3. Ah, shame you’ve got another car coming. That 418 on Facebook has gone down to 450.
  4. The guy selling it is a serial Rover buyer (think he bought Dollywobbler's 800?) but he also breaks loads of them, I think you'd struggle to get him down on price. The tourers generally seem to go for a decent amount more than the saloons too, which I can't quite wrap my head around.
  5. Is the 418 the grey one with something like 200k miles?
  6. Bit late coming back to this, but this is the Stellar I saw a while back in Chorley, on my way back from buying the Micra Sorry for the quality, it's a screenshot of dashcam footage
  7. He was rather jealous of my highly luxurious GX, with its manual sunroof and central locking 😆 I do find it quite funny just how much standard equipment even on the cheapest of cars has changed in just two decades. More and more cheap cars these days are getting touchscreens with sat nav, reverse sensors/cameras etc. But I really don't see why we couldn't have more shitspec cars with no PAS and no central locking. Even the Sandero Access has both of those AFAIK?
  8. Not much has been happening in the world of purple Micras. Lots of shit to do but no motivation to really do any of it. It's developed a horrible grinding noise from the front right at low speed that starts when I press the brake but doesn't stop necessarily when I let off. Not sure if it's a warped disc, sticking caliper or what. Thankfully, that's the only real major issue with the car, the rest are just niggling faults. I've ordered a set of discs, pads and a new caliper to prepare for the worst case scenario, all nice and cheap too thankfully. Decided randomly today that I thought it might look good with painted horns (proper jdm wrx mod init), so that's what I spent a couple hours doing. Dirty and quite rotten, surprised the bolts didn't snap. Clean-ish. Spent ages scraping loose paint off with a metal gasket scraper. Looks good I think Only other remotely interesting thing going on is that I went for a drive the other day with someone who also owns a pre-facelift K11, an R reg base. Always nice to find an excuse to use the DSLR, please do give the photos a look: https://imgur.com/a/d6U3PGp Personal favourite:
  9. Yesterday was the first time in a while that I had free time while it wasn't pissing it down, so I got to work on cleaning the Micra. It wasn't hugely dirty before, but it had seriously caked on shite in all the wheel arches and had moss in places from where it had been sat in a damp area for a few months. I also wanted to wash it so I could get certain panels, like the front wing you see there, ready for paint if need be. Bought some waxless Turtlewax shampoo at Halfords the other day for this job (probably the third time I've ever bought something at Halfords? I feel like I lose IQ every time I go into that shop and ask a member of staff a question). Did an alright job of cleaning it. Here's what I mean about the caked on dirt. Seriously people, if you have a jet washer get your wheel arches cleaned out every time you wash the car. Probably stops it rotting years early (bit late for this one though). I didn't even know that bung existed beforehand ffs It's not all good news though, as I also discovered this mid wash. I had to do a double take when I saw it and just kinda went "ah shit". Hopefully I can figure something out to fix that before it writes the poor old thing off. After it was washed, I did the next thing that I'd been wanting to do for a while which was remove the tatty old pinstripe. At one point in time when it wasn't quite so worn, it might have actually looked alright... but it was time for it to go. It put up a bloody good fight though, and I hope to god I never have to remove pinstriping from a car again as long as I live, spent about two hours doing this. From this... To this! Like I said earlier, I was fully prepared to have to spray this panel (wouldn't have been the end of the world mind), but I remembered I had this Autoglym stuff that my sister gave me for free a couple years back. She worked at a packing facility and it was rejected off the line for whatever reason. Don't know why though, because I was well chuffed with this! Unfortunately I had to leave in a hurry to take the missus to a hospital appointment right after I took this photo, but I plan on doing this to the rest of the car whenever time and weather permits. Passenger door and both bumpers are equally as desperate for it. Detailer init me m8
  10. Made by Tetrosyl far as I know Anyway, thanks chaps. I feel less bad about putting shite in it now 😆 I've not a clue when the oil was last changed but I suspect more than two years ago.
  11. General question here. I always use what I consider to be good quality oil in my cars, minimum standard being the Comma stuff I get for cheap at work. I also have access to even cheaper Technolube stuff. This car needs an oil change soon, and I don’t really feel like spending the extra money on the good oil this time around as I’m a bit cash strapped. I don’t think the engine’s had a very good life as it is so should I feel bad about potentially using cheap oil or not? Am I doing a bad thing?
  12. Ask and ye shall receive First you can have some more photos of the arguably more interesting car. Unfortunately it's currently sold to a friend pending payment & collection, so it won't be taking up space at the back of the drive for too much longer. I listed my 820 Vitesse on Facebook Marketplace back in November for sale or swopz, and after a few tempting offers someone asked me "would you swap it for a Trabant?" and I nearly fell out of my metaphorical chair. What kind of a fucking stupid question is that? Of course I want your dodgy East German car. Due to insurance woes stemming partly from my age and because no insurers know what a Trabant is ("sorry it's a what? Did you say Trapant?"), I'm having to get shot of it. For the month and a bit that I had it insured though, it was an absolute blast and I seriously recommend them for cheap laughs. Not actually as bad a car as people make out, but not too far off the mark like. If that last photo isn't foreshadowing... Right, Micra (affectionately named "Hannah", as per the reg. Didn't think I'd get to a point in life where I name cars). After looking at a couple of Fiats and realising I'm going to fucking struggle to find a decent one near me, I browsed all the usual sites for smol shite and happened across this Micra. Two things stood out about it to me: 1) It's a P reg, so it's still one of the shapes that appeals to me 2) it is PURPLE Went for a drive to Marsden in Huddersfield the next day or so. The woman who was selling it had owned it for the past couple of years and had apparently put about 20k miles on it. She had it MOTd last September, her dad unfortunately died in November and she ended up deciding to daily drive his VW van instead of the Micra, so it had sat untouched since then... and it shows. Paid shy of 400 quid for it, which is a good price for a K11 that isn't total Swiss cheese in my humble opinion. The fact that people often want a grand or so for these cars that have been firmly in banger territory for a decade proper rustles my jimmies. Anyway, the hour and a half drive back home to Preston was flawless, as you'd expect from one of these. This, however, does not mean that the car is flawless. My to-do list currently looks like this: CLEAN Door sag Heater resistor Dash bulbs Radio Sunroof drains Reseat driver's window Rear washer Handbrake Strange engine noise, possibly water pump Rear anti-roll bar links Front CV joint Already crossed off a few other items that don't appear here. It's obvious that it's really not been that well looked after, and I'm it's 9th owner. It has original Nissan branded drive belts ffs. Car Car but dark Dirty interior. I'm serious, it is/was fucking filthy. The amount of dog hair still in this thing is unreal. If you're a smoker, this car is like a dream come true. Smells like shit and comes with a lifetime supply of filters! I swear to god I will never forget the smell of the ashtray... Soz 4 neck snapping Anyone got an original brochure for the 1996 Micra GX? Just want to see how much the water feature option was before inflation.
  13. You got a photo out of curiosity? Not sure what they look like
  14. Right, I won’t show you the fuck off Monster logo on the boot then
  15. Gonna start chucking all me car related shenanigans into one thread here After banging on about wanting a smol Fiat for the past few weeks, and after going to view a metallic pink Cinquecento the other day, some part of me was apparently not satisfied and so I've ended up with THIS Doing well for colourful cars here like
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