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  1. I don’t think this particular K4M has a MAF. By variator, do you mean the dephaser? Because if so, yes it has a dephaser. Not entirely ruled that out yet but remaining optimistic.
  2. Not been on here in a bit. Due a full write up of what's been going on with the cars but for now: Sold the Trabant the other day, and within the hour I had been out and bought another car. Went for something new, but something I'd wanted for a couple of years now since I first saw one for sale. I present to you a 2000 Clio 1.6 RSi! Brilliant car so far, very fun to drive and quicker than you'd expect. Only issue is, a couple of days ago I noticed that it felt like it was down on power. This was confirmed when, yesterday, it got to a point where I could not get it to rev past 55
  3. I'll pull it back out tomorrow and have a gander. Think these old Thorn bulbs were made round the corner in Preston? As a matter of fact, not too sure.
  4. @LightBulbFun This is the only photo I've got to hand right now, but I'll try and grab some more when I pull the rear light units back out again to re-seal them. Think I've got some Thorn 209s, 380/382s and some 501s.
  5. At last, I am back with a bigger post. Bought this last Tuesday and had it delivered last Thursday to the sum of £650. It came with a bunch of spares, including a new wing, front bumper, two seats, loads of complete light units, a full heater, shit loads of trim bits and so on. Overall, not a bad deal in my opinion. I was really after one with an MOT at first, but all of the ones that I had offered to me were up for well in excess of a grand, and to be honest, now that I'm done with uni until September, I need a project. As a sidenote, they really do seem to be appreciating in price somewhat?
  6. Uh oh, what have I gone and got myself into now? Follow up post to come after I've had a chance to properly look over it, here's some more photos (not the best, I do apologise): https://imgur.com/a/MPRXoMi
  7. For a while there's been an ST202 Celica convertible that has been stuck in the back of my work. I've finished Uni now, and I've got nothing to do, so I wanted to buy it. Long story short, the owner is being difficult. The car was brought into the country in 2005 and was last on the road in 2007, but she still thinks it's worth a grand minimum. Despite going back and forth with her, I wasn't really getting anywhere. Now, I said this the other day. I have just put a deposit down on a car that may or may match this description, and it shall arrive Thursday evening. Unfortunately, right a
  8. Well shit, stuck it on marketplace yesterday and it went same day to a kid from Carlisle. Even got back more than I paid for it for once! Not bad doing imo. The current plan is to sell all the shite and buy one nice shitbox. Thinking Austin Rover right now, but I’m sure my mind is gonna change.
  9. Right, smol update for smol car I'm gonna put this here at the top so there's less chance of it being missed: Does anyone want to buy this car? I'm more than likely gonna put it up for sale very soon, if anyone fancies it let me know, it's near Preston. Just before lockdown started, I had to move this thing into storage at my work because there was some decorating going on at my parents' house, and it would've been in the way of the guy's van. Unfortunately, lockdown then started and the car ended up being stuck hidden away at work. Didn't see the car for a good 6/7 weeks, so I ended
  10. The 1 litre is obviously slow on paper but I dunno, if you go from a 1 litre K11 to a recent 1 litre car of any kind, you'd be surprised by how brisk the Micra feels. Yeah, they're still wheezy up top, what do you expect, but down low they really do move quite well. It's always a shock going from my 1 litre K11 to my considerably higher powered, but still slower feeling, 1 litre modern. Car looks great though. Si spec looks really good in silver.
  11. Fuck me that’s a lot more rough than it seemed at first
  12. Gave the Trabi a run this morning. Always seems to fire first crank, flood itself and then take forever to restart. It always did this but it wasn’t nearly as bad when it was being driven daily. Hasn’t had a run out since December and it’s only been run once since, and in its defence it’s got sod all fuel in and it’s probably down on oil, ratio wise. I do miss driving it, used to get some proper looks in it, as you might expect.
  13. Ah, shame you’ve got another car coming. That 418 on Facebook has gone down to 450.
  14. The guy selling it is a serial Rover buyer (think he bought Dollywobbler's 800?) but he also breaks loads of them, I think you'd struggle to get him down on price. The tourers generally seem to go for a decent amount more than the saloons too, which I can't quite wrap my head around.
  15. Is the 418 the grey one with something like 200k miles?
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