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  1. Until someone told me it was meant to do that, I thought my 800 was just exhibiting the usual electrical issues.
  2. Look, just get a fucking Volvo /thread
  3. They might not be available as autos (does it really matter btw if all you’re doing is motorway cruising?) but the T250 Avensis with the 2.0 diesel. My very ropey one served me well at high miles. Surprisingly quick all the way up to its top speed, very efficient, very comfy and wafty but direct and responsive enough. Nothing but praise for them. Paid 500 for mine and if I hadn’t decided to get a small car again I’m sure I’d still own it.
  4. Yeah, think it’s sorted itself now that it’s had time to cool down all the way. I did the pipe away from home while it was still piping hot, so must’ve got some air in.
  5. You were right, socket saw them come right off. I honestly expected them to just round straight off. Went and got some new heater hose, got the old leaky hose off and replaced it. I think it might be a bit airlocked right now, but otherwise it's now perfectly fine. I took your other advice about it being stood too, and as such I've spent all night caning it about with some friends. Gonna be honest though, it was running like utter shit earlier and I'm starting to believe my earlier suspicions that it's never been running quite right. I don't think it feels quite as fast as it should 100% of the time, and it's always got a very slight intermittent misfire when idling. Not sure what it might be though. I'll have to look into replacing coils/leads as my first suspect.
  6. Attempted better bodgery, was quite proud of how it came out: Let it idle up to temp, saw one or two drops and then nothing. Could it be? Have I finally managed to fix something? Waited a bit longer, saw another few drops. Gave it a few revs when it was properly warm: Fuck me Think I'm just gonna go sit back on my arse for a bit
  7. Hang on actually, this is on a Sunday and I'll almost definitely be working. Need to find out first.
  8. Right, update time. In short, it's being an absolute bastard. The car had been blocked at the back of the driveway at my parents by 3 other cars for a week or so, didn't have time to drive it etc. Finally got round to driving it, took it to the shops and all was well ("scrap" battery that I had put in it a couple weeks earlier had held up just fine, so that's always good). Didn't cane it on the drive whatsoever, just took it easy. When I got back, I pulled into the drive, shut the car off and a big fuck off cloud of steam poured out from under the bonnet. "Oh my fucking god it's on fire" was my first thought. Run out, open the bonnet and have a look. No fire. Look closer, and a previously bodged coolant hose right next to the thermostat was pissing out all over the exhaust, hence mega steam. I let the car sit for a bit once again because of this, but the other day I HAD to drive the car to go and pick up something that just wouldn't fit in my other car, despite me really not wanting to. When I got out onto the road in it and got to a set of lights on a main road, it starts doing its best impression of a Pontiac Fiero again. Now, I personally didn't give a shit but I thought everyone else might be a little concerned at the thought of a 25 year old Rover looking like its on fire in front of them. Pulled over, had a look again and it had got worse. Coolant was now actually pooling on the manifold as it was spraying out the back of the hose, creating a lot more steam. I didn't really have a choice in terms of turning back around, so I soldiered on and drove 30 miles down the motorway, taking it nice and easy at 60MPH to allow the car to run cool enough, just incase. Basically, when the car is warming up it leaks everywhere. When the car is hot (motorway temps), it's perfectly fine. However, this means when you park the car up and turn it off, it loses shitloads of coolant. The pipe in question, rather visibly shagged. There's a very small, un-noticeable crack or split on the back of it, which causes it to spray all over the engine/manifold. I tried to get the hose clamps off, but they're far too rusted on and were just getting mashed up. My next idea was to use self-amalgamating tape. The hose is in a really awkward place, making it hard to stretch out the tape and apply it tightly. I tried my best however, and put quite a few layers on. Topped up the coolant, as it had lost about 2 litres of the stuff on that last day of use. Blower is refusing to work again, probably making it hard for it to bleed. Of course, I haven't been able to cure it. Under load it's still dripping quite a bit, but atleast it's no longer spraying out the back of the hose and onto the manifold. If I get brave, I might give it a run around town later and see what's what. Gonna try some more layers of tape before that, though. I'm a bit miffed that it's had to sit for so long, as the insurance on this thing really isn't that cheap and I'm paying for it monthly. It's set to renew on the 20th, and I'm not sure if I'm going to renew it or not. If I don't, it might be time to sell and get something far cheaper to run. Driving this thing in winter is absolutely out of the question for me.
  9. Do actually quite fancy doing this in the Vitesse, as it's right around the corner. Just a bit worried about the 4 mismatched tyres and resulting shite handling. What do I need/what do I need to pay etc?
  10. There’s a place in Leyland that sorted my 800’s regulator for 20 quid while I waited, dunno if that’s any use to you. Also, bit pointless saying now but don’t Rovers of this era onwards work in such a way that a CPS isnt actually a requirement for it to turn over or run? It tries to find the correct readings from other sensors to run instead or something to that effect. Could be wrong but eh
  11. Looks very good, I’m shocked someone is spending Autoglym kind of money on it haha I’d be very surprised if that rear quarter is fixable tbh, it’s creased to shite and the metal is so thin.
  12. Technically not self promotion as I didn’t take these, but take your pick: https://imgur.com/gallery/FhulL6n
  13. My Aygo is my daily driver, I’d already be skint if I daily drove this thing. Yes sir, Vitesses came with Torsen LSDs.
  14. Could be worse, 10 years and 2 months to the day before I was born. Feel old yet? Good to see it finally has dash lights! I take it just swapping the binnacle worked? You know I'd really love to have a go in this thing again one day, now that it actually idles and has all 59 pathetic horsepower. It always ran shite in my possession.
  15. There’s receipts for a shit sparkrite alarm from 1990 or 91 in the history folder, and there does still appear to be the odd bit of wiring for it here and there. Furthermore, like I said earlier, the radio wiring was dangerously bodged to fuck so it really wouldn’t surprise me if someone’s done something to knacker the cluster in some capacity. One of my favourite (not) memories in a car is driving this thing back from the North East on a winter night with extremely shit headlights and no dash lights. Had to have the reading light on to see the speedo through variable speed limits hahaha
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