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  1. 1800 a year, that's shockingly cheap. Must be to do with where you live, perhaps. I was paying a bit over 2 grand with a blackbox in 2017 for my 1.4 Rover 25. Range Rover looks lovely though, a car I definitely want to own one day. Unusual colour too! Don't think I've seen many in this blue?
  2. Right, going to be the one to ask How the everloving shite did you afford insurance in your first year of driving on a P38? I used to look when I was 17 at stuff like this for fun and it was unbelievably expensive. Hell, I'd probably be paying a minimum of 2 grand for it now.
  3. Why have Autotrader decided to get rid of the option to search for cars from x mileage? I can now only search up to a certain mileage, which is a lot less fucking useful
  4. Damn, that's a shame. Didn't think it was going to be easy, I'm honestly really shocked that there is absolutely no mention of this stuff on Google at all. Good idea about the museum, I live in Leyland where there is the commercial vehicle museum, I might go in later and see if I can get any information out of them, not hopeful though. Cheers.
  5. Ok, so a while ago I made a post on here about a 1938 Crossley wagon that someone I know has. At some point after that I was led to believe that the Manchester science museum has manuals on these things in their archives, and it turned out to be true. Recently, the owner was sent a huge photocopied manual for a slightly later model and it contains lots of useful information, and some not so useful information. The reason I'm making this post is because despite all the new information, we still don't know what oil this thing needs in the engine, gearbox, diff etc. As the manual is dated November 1944, I'm assuming the oil specifications listed are some long forgotten military code. I'm hoping someone here knows what these numbers means. This is, as the heading suggests, some general engine information. It lists the oil as oil Stores Ref. 34A/35. Does anyone know what that equates to in modern terms? We're thinking straight 30s or something, but want to be sure. The following pages have the same issue if anyone can help (some seem to share a common oil type): So yeah, in short, what exactly is oil Stores Ref. 34A/35, Stores Ref. 34A/77 and 34A/50,51? Would appreciate any help.
  6. ROFL That blue 45 is fit, but being a 1.8 with an autobox anything could have gone wrong.
  7. Been sat here thinking this car looks familiar, but that confirms it. I’m sure I’ve seen you out on the road a couple times.
  8. Don’t act like you didn’t know it was coming, you were asking for issues by saying that.
  9. I feel like people are a bit too obsessed with veg. It was a good idea when these cars were a decade or so old, but running it through them at 30 years old just sounds like a death sentence.
  10. Standard I believe but it has supposedly been rebuilt in the last couple of years. Only had 95kmh out of it but felt like there was a bit more in it.
  11. So, you *may* or may not have noticed the paintjob. I've been told that, apparently, the owner before the man I got it off had it painted by a graffiti artist (or was an artist himself) and wanted to take it to the Isle of Man for the TT. This did happen, and I found a photo on Google to prove it: As you can see, it did at one time have a painted bonnet and grille. The goal was supposedly to have all of the riders sign the roof, and again this apparently did happen but the pen wasn't sealed or something and it ended up washing off. Bad do. The paint looks to have been done properly. The insides of the doors are painted, there's no overspray etc. However, they must have used crap lacquer as it's starting to peel in a lot of places, and it's gone really dull. Not that I'm particularly arsed. Here's the whole thing as it sits: A smokey old shitbox like this would gather looks as it is, but with the paintjob EVERYONE stares at it. In the least narcissistic way possible, I bloody love it. I plan to use it as my daily wherever motorway action isn't involved, and it's been going alright so far. Runs and drives more or less mint, just idles too low. Gonna try adjusting the throttle stop before anything else, but shall update as time goes on and things inevitably break.
  12. In the Fiestas defense, it was subject to an overlap test whereas the Trabant wasn't. Much more likely to fuck the car up. Nonetheless, really don't wanna crash in this thing. Been pulled out on TWICE already. How do you miss the sodding thing?
  13. If we ever happen to be in the same area, you’re more than welcome. There’s definitely a learning curve but you get used to it. I’ve let it overrun a couple of times but only for a split second, big roundabouts are the biggest nob of a thing to go round because you’re either speeding up or slowing down.
  14. I can answer that, as I have the original (post reunification) German registration paper. It’s listed exactly as that on the German paper, so they’d have just copied that. The original company is technically VEB Sachsenring.
  15. Indeed, I had already noticed this happy accident
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