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  1. Thank you, yeah I'd have been annoyed at myself if I hadn't taken the plunge even though near £1k on an MOT'less Golf felt a lot at the time
  2. Got a bit of Colour Concept envy over this 1 owner example! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/265220665410?hash=item3dc0623042:g:voYAAOSw4xxg5FEl
  3. 5x100 VW Montreal II alloys, advertised for £195 elsewhere, £150 ONO to a shitter’. Good branded tyres all round. Inverness area
  4. Always fancied these Aerodeck estates, the bungalow and landline number points towards giffer ownership too. If anyone on here snaps it up please let me know as I'd be keen in a couple months to buy it https://www.gumtree.com/p/honda/honda-civic-aerodeck-estate-1998-manual-1590-cc-5-doors/1408610130
  5. Thanks, been told its likely not the waterpump as when you turn the heat settings high, it blows out hot air as it should. Will see if I can see a steady steam of coolant flowing back into the reservoir.
  6. Sounds good - the last cambelt change (unsure if waterpump was done at the same time) was just over10 years ago, so replacing the cambelt and waterpump was on my to do list anyway.
  7. I've pressed this into day to day duties for the past month and a bit, would like to say its passed with flying colours, but the clutch pedal is still stiff (though it has improved) and it overheats a little sometimes. Anyone know what could be up? Seems to only when accelerating hard uphills on A roads etc, needle goes over the 90' mark, the receeds pretty quickly back to 90' once you ease off the accelerator or start going downhill/level again. Also, the advert when I brought the car said the heater core is suspect, but the heating etc all still works fine so I am not sure its that, yet it does still use coolant. Not a drastic amount of coolant but have had to top up a couple of times over the past 1500 miles.
  8. Yeah I was a little surprised but it must be because it was made pre-2001 it just fell into the higher tax bracket despite being a diesel.
  9. Got this back from the MOT man today, so now has a new MOT, does anyone know if it should cost as much as £280 a year in tax? I was expecting around £160, Parker’s recon £170? A few pictures, the sunlight flatters it, but will try and give a polish and clean up tomorrow, paints very thin so may not make a difference.
  10. Thats great! I actually just caught up with Phil this weekend as he came upto Scotland to buy my neighbours E39 BMW. Nice to see the Eterna still looking the same after all this time! I did check the reg on carjam earlier in the year so had a feeling it was still on the roads and passing warrants, but good to know its still local to you and Stuno.
  11. Does anyone know if this (even though it says for a 5 speed only but surely that wont matter?) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/271045173776?hash=item3f1b8d2210:g:yfcAAMXQY8JRhyE5 Would sort this:
  12. Thats annoying, I've not experienced this before either. I think I'll hopefully have it MOT'd somepoint next month and could tax it then, hopefully DVLA will realise i physically couldn't have taxed if for the month of March even if I wanted given its not been MOT'd in years. I might fill out a SORN form today to be on the safe side though.
  13. Should be fine, it’s just even using the new V5 it still won’t let me SORN, so at least I can say I tried
  14. The problem is it goes into a new month tomorrow and it'll tell me off for having it untaxed for the approx 10 day period towards the end of the month if I wait for it to show as being untaxed. Strange it hasn't shown up as being untaxed when I've now received the full V5 in the post.
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