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  1. Anyone get a 31st of January extension or have I won? 🙏 I could’ve sworn I had it MOT’d June 2019 so assumed it would be out this month but pleasantly surprised.
  2. Can you put it onto a classic car policy? Mine was £138 a year I think with 0 ncd
  3. I could look into courier but not sure if it’ll work out too expensive . See how you go
  4. Sadly no room! Saab 9000 unless it goes, a campervan, Ford Cortina, Rover 600 and Audi A3 :( I need a cull
  5. That sounds good, I feel it would make someone very happy. Also, whenever I've seen it for sale the owners have commented on its reliability, it certainly ran like clockwork all the time, and the two things that were in the back of my mind, the cambelt and exhaust, have been sorted now.
  6. Some of you may recognise the car, and its up for sale again. https://www.gumtree.com/p/renault/1994-renault-safrane/1373082712 Throwback to simpler times in 2014, no Trump, no Borris, no corona. I had the car as a daily, was a great car, efficient and reliable, but it just wasn't me, and I decided to sell the car. It took the longest time ever to sell, maybe I paid more then I should've, maybe it was at an awkward stage, when it was just an old car, but not yet a classic. That said, first person to come and view, brought it. He then kept it around 4 years, and it resurfaced fo
  7. There’s a set of alloy wheels with tyres in Bournemouth that I’d really like, but the seller isn’t keen on having them couriered to Scotland. Is there anyone able to deliver them or part of the way, or maybe go to the sellers house, buy them, then post onto myself? Will pay for them beforehand and postage etc. Thanks!
  8. Looks great! Glad you like them
  9. Hey, I am selling tons of shite in miniature here: If anyone would like them please PM
  10. Yes, I think that may well be the case
  11. I only really brought it to try and save it from being broken for spares, so at least I ended up letting it live a few weeks longer, and you never know the Polish guys who have it now might realise it deserves better - no doubt I’ll be looking up the Mot checker in a few weeks!
  12. Yes it’s a pity, I didn’t think offering it up here to someone (as long as they could come and get it) then have them use of it etc for a few months to be too cheeky, but it didn’t seem to go down well, and I did need it gone sharpesh.
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