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  1. That sounds good, I feel it would make someone very happy. Also, whenever I've seen it for sale the owners have commented on its reliability, it certainly ran like clockwork all the time, and the two things that were in the back of my mind, the cambelt and exhaust, have been sorted now.
  2. Some of you may recognise the car, and its up for sale again. https://www.gumtree.com/p/renault/1994-renault-safrane/1373082712 Throwback to simpler times in 2014, no Trump, no Borris, no corona. I had the car as a daily, was a great car, efficient and reliable, but it just wasn't me, and I decided to sell the car. It took the longest time ever to sell, maybe I paid more then I should've, maybe it was at an awkward stage, when it was just an old car, but not yet a classic. That said, first person to come and view, brought it. He then kept it around 4 years, and it resurfaced for sale on retro rides, sadly it had been in a bump, he had managed to loose the thick pile of service history, and it had been used daily, parked on the street etc, short MOT and was a little worse for wear. It then paased few a few owners since, at one point it was off the road while the owner sourced an exhaust for it I believe. https://forum.retro-rides.org/thread/206298/1994-renault-safrane-manual-sold Interestingly despite having been passed through hands for under a monkey each time, each owner seems to have treated it fairly well , even the current one looks to be in a posher part of town, nice flagstone driveway etc, but recon it could easily fall into the hands of someone wanting to run it to the ground, and at this age, it could easily be written off as scrap to an over zealous MOT tester. Can I buy it now? No, no space. Would I like it in the future? Maybe. Would I like it to go to a shitter and find a bit more of a forever home? Yes The car was registered to Renault UK who owned it a year, during this time was when it featured on TV. The Safrane features as the police drive it up to The Swan hotel in Lavenham to arrest Lovejoy After that it was picked up, presumably with a generous discount, from a Renault dealer in London, it went on to lead an easy life with the same owner for just under 20 years. It lived on Prothero road and for a while showed up on streetview being washed by the chap who owned it, since then the cameras been through leaving no trace of the Safrane, just swanky 4x4s and beemers. If no one wants it at least I can say I (sort of) tried, Iliked it but having an old car back might never be the same, and even if nothing comes of it, was satisfying to write its history down, since if I dont no one else will. Pictures are from the road it lived on in London, and my time, the seats were as comfy as they look!
  3. There’s a set of alloy wheels with tyres in Bournemouth that I’d really like, but the seller isn’t keen on having them couriered to Scotland. Is there anyone able to deliver them or part of the way, or maybe go to the sellers house, buy them, then post onto myself? Will pay for them beforehand and postage etc. Thanks!
  4. Looks great! Glad you like them
  5. Hey, I am selling tons of shite in miniature here: If anyone would like them please PM
  6. Yes, I think that may well be the case
  7. I only really brought it to try and save it from being broken for spares, so at least I ended up letting it live a few weeks longer, and you never know the Polish guys who have it now might realise it deserves better - no doubt I’ll be looking up the Mot checker in a few weeks!
  8. Yes it’s a pity, I didn’t think offering it up here to someone (as long as they could come and get it) then have them use of it etc for a few months to be too cheeky, but it didn’t seem to go down well, and I did need it gone sharpesh.
  9. Sorry, just catching up on my own thread. I've sold it for £275 in the dark to some Polish guys. They intend to break it for parts. RIP Audi. But I did need a quick sale It was all a bit of an ask I admit. Now to try and not think about the £245 pound I've literally just wasted on thin air (It owes me £450 + MOT fee + a failed ebay auction and £20 petrol).
  10. I more meant for the MOT repairs I'd want to cap it at £300 as thats what I was quoted. I dont mind paying for other things along the way and buying it back at cost price. I was more aiming for someone possibly local, so it isnt far for them to come and I can just come and buy it back from them in April time. I didnt think was too unfair as whoever took it on would have 4 months use of having a car. I think its easier to just phone the breaker and have it scrapped tomorrow.
  11. Yeah I think it might well be. Seems a shame to scrap it though. As stated I dont mind paying for an MOT if whoever takes it wants to do the work on it and have some use from it in between now and April. Its a bit of an ask though I admit, but I've only ever scrapped one car to date and 6 years on still feel bad about it.
  12. Its probably not the biggest bargain of the year when you read through the small print! but thank you!
  13. Free car! But: -Its a scruffy Audi A3 (not particularly loved on here) with no MOT/tax -It needs collected by 4/5pm tomorrow! -And I'd quite like it back in April please. I brought this cheap Audi A3 and thought it would fly through the test, but it failed, needing £300 spent on it. Some of the stuff it failed on was more as a result of it being stood 6 months (brakes need a little work, they are imbalanced) and emissions - it wasn't actually that far out - they recon it just needs a good run. I put it on ebay and it made £510, but the winning bidder never made contact, and on gumtree I've had 19 replies since Monday (not including todays messages), but none of them are interested in actually coming and taking it away it seems. I am hoping to go and do a ski season shortly, just hanging around til this goes to be fair, hence asking for it to be gone by tomorrow. About the car: Its a 1.9 TDI 5sp and has quite a high mileage (160,000miles), so might need some other bits and pieces along the way. That said, it does drive ok, though you can now hear the broken coil spring. No warning lights on the dash however, and stuff like the exhaust, turbo and gearbox seem fine, just 3rd gear can be a little stiff sometimes. I would quite like it back in April though and I should be able to collect it from wherever it may be. If anyone takes it on and wants to put it through an MOT and use it, I dont mind paying for the work that needs done on it, but my limit would be £300 ish as thats what a local garage quoted. If you were to have it sorted by an Audi main dealer it would be a lot more (which I wouldn't want to be out of pocket for) but certainly some of the MOT failure points could be done at home even cheaper by someone competent. I also have a pair of part worn but good winter tyres for it that I brought for £70 but never fitted. I hope some of these points dont make me sound like I am being unreasonable so far. If the next owner ends up selling it I'd like £250 back as thats what I've been offered by a guy who breaks these for parts and he can come tomorrow morning - I just don't really want to take such a small amount as this (Car was purchased for £450 and then spent £50 on MOT) and I'll feel bad having sent it to an early grave for no real reason. I suppose I'm just trying to give the car a second chance really, if anyone can help? Located near Aviemore, Scottish Highlands.
  14. The dealer looks to have taken off the originals and made up some replica number plates
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