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  1. Thats annoying, I've not experienced this before either. I think I'll hopefully have it MOT'd somepoint next month and could tax it then, hopefully DVLA will realise i physically couldn't have taxed if for the month of March even if I wanted given its not been MOT'd in years. I might fill out a SORN form today to be on the safe side though.
  2. Should be fine, it’s just even using the new V5 it still won’t let me SORN, so at least I can say I tried
  3. The problem is it goes into a new month tomorrow and it'll tell me off for having it untaxed for the approx 10 day period towards the end of the month if I wait for it to show as being untaxed. Strange it hasn't shown up as being untaxed when I've now received the full V5 in the post.
  4. Anyone know if SORN continues through changes of ownership, didn’t seem to work on the new keeper supplement, tried again now the full V5s come through but it still doesn’t work. I’d rather SORN it for the month of March even if I tax it next month.
  5. How much roughly was the re-spray, out of interest?
  6. Well, it’s arrived, it’s pretty hard not to see it. Already whoever sees it compliments how it looks. Sadly it needs more then I thought so im still in two minds about it. First things to charge the battery and see if it holds as it’s dead as a dodo. Clutch pedals quite stuff, rest of it’s mostly as described. Already had sourced a wing mirror so that’s fitted even if it’s not fitted 100% it looks more respectable now. Have a few photos, inside is pretty nice and I didn’t realise it would be a 6 speed ‘box. Does anyone know if I can get the part to make the gearstick look better again? Last
  7. After having my eye out for one of these rare models for a while, it would seem two have come along at the same time, you couldn't make it up.... https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/453086882706752/?referralSurface=messenger_lightspeed_banner&referralCode=messenger_banner Looks better condition, no MOT either but only just expired and one of the cleanest histories i've seen, especially for the miles. Interior looks easier to live with too and 130 vs 115 bhp. If anyone wants the one I've deposited let me know, or if anyone buys the above one I'll buy it off them when I can.
  8. Thanks for asking, not got it yet, but will be in the middle of the month. 🙂 Looking forward to getting it, I think?
  9. Thank you everyone, reading through the comments has re-assured me a fair bit. Being from the north of Scotland these engines are always what people want (myself included), most are on 200,000 miles by now and in general they're just very well regarded. For some reason I thought a good MK4 TDI with fairly low miles for one of these would always be around the 1500 mark, but a quick look on ebay sold listings had prices all over the place. Some really nice looking ones for half that, hence the momentary doubt. I've still likely overpayed, but maybe an MOT would be too problematic, it has been st
  10. Yes, I just don’t want it become a money pit. That’s reassuring about sorting the issues, the rough plan is to fix the obvious and put in for a test and see what happens. I’ve PM’d him about those parts and help so already posting on the forums coming proving beneficial.
  11. Here’s a picture of the inside, complete with a few warning lights on the dash, but it’s to do with the abs sensor
  12. That’s great to hear, shouldn’t be too bad to drive if it’s been chipped. Hopefully you are right and the problems aren’t too hard to sort either.
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