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  1. This has a similar numberplate to my old Golf estate!
  2. Appreciate the above might be a little difficult to say without some photos, so heres a few,
  3. Well, I ended up giving in and saving it, was a non runner, but needs an alternator and belt, so that's getting done tonight. By the time I've paid for the parts, mechanics time and trailoring it though, the things standing me at £375 without it even having an MOT. Would it ever raffle at £6.35 a ticket in its current state or should I try getting it through an MOT and ask for more?
  4. Thats the list its on - the want list - somewhere between the Daewoo Espero and 6G Galant hatchback
  5. Just wondering if there’s any love for the Hyundai Coupe on here? Are they a bit too modern or shite? I’ve always liked the look of them and have been offered a late 1.6 Series III which failed its MOT last year for £not a lot Already have too many cars but half tempted by it
  6. Who can help deliver / help deliver a car? It would be from Kettering or Birmingham to Glasgow or Edinburgh anytime before the 11th May excluding the May weekend. Cars taxed, tested and can be insured. Thank you!
  7. This has been sold now, sadly not to anyone on here and only got £580 for it, but hey
  8. Possibly a plane to Inverness airport - PM me
  9. This is now £700 to anyone who can come and take it away by the weekend.
  10. Clutch / gearbox seem totally fine!
  11. Took some extra photos today as yesterdays were taken on a mobile Came up pretty well if I dare say so myself!
  12. Yes, you probably have seen it about, and I’m sure you recogise the photo location! It’s a nice car, the only thing that doesn’t work is the thermostat which appears to run ‘cool’.
  13. No worries! Photos later on today for anyone interested. Mileage is 142,500 as I doubled checked, it won’t go much higher than this, if at all.
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