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  1. To add .... Insurance policy change mid term cost £107 + admin fee. This equates to about £20 a month more until renewal. Far cheaper than the police seizing it and having to pay the fees and associated costs for sure. I was very surprised that a mainstream broker was so open to major suspension changes to the car, especially at mid term. Maybe should have checked they would cover it before I did it. But where would the fun be in that?
  2. The suspension was very worn after 17 years of being fitted and 75k travelled. Coilovers have happened and while a little bouncy it's now capable of going round a corner without tipping over. Getting a set of the standard steels refurbished and finished in silver powder coat next month and sorting a set of 6n centre caps to go with. It's shamefully filthy at the moment thanks to all the road salt that Derbyshire council throw around so a wash is in order. Still proving reliable after 15 weeks of my ownership. What sort of voodoo nonsense is this??
  3. Check the price on a good Lupo these days, I reckon nostalgia is pushing prices north 🤷🏻‍♂️ To get one under 80k and in a reasonable condition with valve guides and exhaust valves intact is getting tough under £1000 these days. Odd because 2 years ago they were panda pops money.
  4. Hopefully you changed the water pump at the same time (doesn't look like you did in the picture). They are prone to failure because reasons I guess. These are cracking little cars, I really enjoy my 1.0 and it's unstoppable in the snow it seems.
  5. I do have a few 1.0 auc spares lying around including a spare cylinder head. My mind is wandering towards an engine swap but leaving the car totally stock looking (even down to the 13" steels and trims). A 1.0E base sleeper sounds like great fun and I know someone here has done one before. I am completely useless at the search function so can't find reference to it. Would be interesting to get more information on the particulars especially when it comes to getting rid of the 085 gearbox 🤷🏻‍♂️. Always good to have pipe dreams
  6. Few pictures have appeared of the work. I was more interested in getting things done over taking pictures. You can see here what happens to the exhaust valves as they burn out on a VW engine .... They turn into squashed cookies. They also do not stay round. Below that crack in the head of the valve there is a burn line into the valve seat. Complete shot of the head that came off. All the exhaust valves on it are well worn, probably require replacement.... Tiny engine with brand new water pump visible. We fitted the Circoli water pump as it has a metal impeller as opposed to th
  7. You may well be waiting a while. I seem to have formed irrational attachment.
  8. Today's update is a very happy one ..... JOB DONE!!!! 11 Hours (showing my age now I guess) on the driveway, occasionally rained on and rather cold! Reworked head fully fitted, new timing belt, aux belt and all tensioners fitted along with a brand new water pump. 78k for my reference because I will only forget when I did it. Found a couple of other minor issues. The main one was a large hole worn through the brake servo to manifold hose. Caused a huge air leak and a cylinder 3 misfire (a bit of pooh may have exited at that point). My total costs have been around £470
  9. You can have loads of fun with these. It's relatively easy to whack saxo running gear in and convert over to 4 stud. A 16v vts engine or 8v vtr swap is usually easier and cheaper than repairing the 1.0 lump and the 4spd boxes do run on the newer saxo 8 and 16v engines as we did it with a mates AX, very interchangeable without changing external looks (if you are into that kind of thing). Can be made mental for peanuts or kept standard and blez around in them for years ..... Love them as a car but my feet are too big to comfortably drive them because of the tiny, closely set pedals. Gu
  10. Decided to clean the lifters tonight and re-oil them and identify the dead one. We have everything needed now to do the job (I think). Bath in thinners and worked through to clear dirt first. Lots of gritty bits in the bottom of it so we strained it. What was left shows what happens when you don't do regular oil changes. identifued the bad lifter which will either stay in or stay extended.... No spring to it at all. put everything sort of together so I could re oil them correctly and sit everything in an oil bath until reassembly required. and they are all now sat
  11. I can't say I ever noticed the mirrored heads, maybe it's just down to the engines I have worked on to date? And yes the AUC is one of VAG's finest caramelised oil makers, it seems they glaze everything just for fun so I'm guessing it's people putting the wrong oil in them that makes it worse. Also runs negative crank pressure which isn't something I have seen all that often. Legend, that is going to save me so much messing around. I have the rest of the parts to buy which I'm hoping can be sorted before Christmas. Then it should be a steady days job if everythi
  12. I have always used Foxwood diesel at Chesterfield. Always done a cracking job to be honest and can't recommend them highly enough. They have rescued some pretty dire engines for me over the years but as anything prices increase over the years. Rough prices were £44 for the reface,they charge the same for pressure test I think. Of the £320 there was £190 labour and the head set that they included. No so bad in the grand scheme and cheaper than a new car for sure.
  13. Well that was expensive! 4x exhaust valves, 4x exhaust valve guides, Inlet valves all inspected and cleaned, 3 angle valve seats cut just because, camshaft sorted and cam fitting addressed ...... £320 Think they refaced the cam cover and the mating face too because the cam was binding up badly and had caused damage. Picture not clear but it looks refaced on the top there. All that's left to do is get the remaining parts and refit. Kind of concerned as to how bad current cylinder head is .... We will find out soon. Also, anyone able to supply torque setting
  14. That was a pretty crazy year with the snow. I wonder if we will see anything like it any time soon? I should really avoid going out in it mind as last time I fell over and destroyed my left shoulder after taking a friend home so he wouldn't break his neck ..... Oh the irony 😆
  15. Door hinge dilemma ..... Has anyone any experience one changing the lower hinge without removing the wing on the driver's door? I have the hinge replacement and required tools but I had to remove the wing on the donor car to get the hinge off ..... Surely there is a better/easier way 🤷🏻‍♂️
  16. Well thanks 2020, yet again. This truly is the year that keeps on giving (whether you want it to or not). With the messed up order on the engine lift and its lack of arrival after the courier company lost 30kg of it and delivered the remaining boxes, plans had to change to an easier repair scenario. So ..... Off came the cylinder head from the donor car engine..... Wish I never bothered doing that! I drove the donor car to it's final resting place (around 5 miles) and the engine seemed really good, except for the stuck lifter ofc. It really wasn't. It has 3 burned exhaust valv
  17. Erm no ..... Nearly died, enjoyed driving countless smoll tin boxes since. If ya numbers up it's up is the way I look at it.
  18. bit of a collection of pictures I have. My dad's Ioniq after a hit and run in roadworks during lockdown 1. the front of my C class after being a total spaz donkey and avoiding a micra. a friend I know who had all the bhp and no traction control, found out what overcorrection of oversteer does. he did the council out of a job trimming the hedge back in reverse at 50 😆
  19. Did you not end up hating yourself?
  20. Yeah what doesn't kill you makes you permanently leg disabled 😆 with an unreasonable hatred of BMW drivers
  21. He can open the door if you do the engine change on your own without using a tree and a chain to remove the broken one. The good friend certainly wasn't the arse crack you had on display all day I'll tell you that 🤣
  22. Things are rather complicated with the current engine. I can only presume it's a valvetrain issue. Never before have I had intermittent compression loss, could be anything ranging from a broken valve spring to a loose valve seat or a worn valve guide. I always had the view of you either had compression or you didn't. The plan is too replace the engine with the unit from my spares/breaker Lupo (same AUC unit). Take the engine I'm running now to bits and find out exactly what the issue I have is. Then we can repair if possible and have spare engine aside. Only snag is that the new e
  23. What a shock ..... 5 weeks of ownership, repairing faults, intended keepage on the cards. Lockdown must have gone to my head or something. Either that or I am seriously unwell. Compression going bye byes has become extremely intermittent now and sometimes you would hardly guess there was an issue. Just over 2000 miles in 5 weeks on a broken engine is alright in my books. Let me down once with ECU related FTP due to me continuing to drive the poor thing with added brokenness.
  24. You had to make sure the Corsa of doom was on the pictures ..... What a hateful bit of shit that was 😆 Still a braver man than me getting another white escort van.
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