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  1. If it shares the engine electrics of the 206 and is displaying antipollution fault ... run away quickly! Could have had my 206 hdi 90 for scrap money if I had been arsed to advertise it before throwing it at a motor trader for Β£200 lol. Things to watch are really as stated, the axle, side door catches can and do seize, drop link failure is standard and cheap to fix as are snapped front springs .... check below the high pressure diesel pump is dry too as the head seals can and do leak at higher mileages. Can't imagine it has been neglected at the mileage tbh
  2. That 'econometer' more than makes up for lack of tachometer on the main cluster. I am more impressed that item works over the stereo. Can't see this old wardrobe being any slower than the low pressure tdi astra I had tbh. Should be more than pleasant enough on most roads unless at full load capacity.
  3. You may have purchased Harold Shipman's motor .... he was a busy man and born in the 40's πŸ€”
  4. Guys, does putting someone on my ignore list stop them from seeing posts and contacting me on forum or seeing my content. Thread string TLDR so though wise to ask
  5. When I had it for sure mismatched headlamps was an issue as had 1 HiD and 1 halogen .... the handbrake didn't do much. Some time has passed since then so unknown what else it may need by now 🀷 Apologies for delayed response as been mega busy
  6. Considering that the 2000 to 2003 stuff is 18 - 21 years old is easily overlooked. I don't remember the last time I saw a mid to late 90s car for sale at a reasonable price tbh πŸ€”
  7. How in all things motoring related is my silly Picasso still going??? Just how???? The laguna died that I swapped it for was used for many parts to make my Laguna look better* .... which immediately shat the diff out of the gearbox to repay the favour πŸ˜†. I love how the only thing different with the Picasso is extra dents ..... adds to the charm haha
  8. That sounds like a possible blocked radiator with you saying not really anything flowing on the top and bottom hoses. If you shop around on ebay they can be had new for just under Β£40 or as usual I have a passable free one if I could get it to you .... would be tempted to remove radiator and flush it well first off though.
  9. Forgive me if this is a silly question but did you not replace the egr valve? If you did and used Silicone or any other type of sealant could you have maybe inadvertently blocked the water chanel in the head?? Silly suggestion I know but worth asking. Maybe also worth checking is that the radiator isn't blocked and easy enough to do. A little odd that it would just decide to just start to overheat suddenly if you didn't really disturb the coolant system. The 1.0 mpi AUC is a pretty robust engine and fairly simple. Could you maybe bypass the thermostat or run without it fitted for test purposes before laying out a daft amount on a replacement unit?
  10. Had a front brake disc shear off from the centre and smash itself to bits in an audi 80 b2. It turns out this particular mechanical fault results in loss of brakes and burned hands when you remove the front wheel.
  11. Out of curiosity what is your idle speed? Just want a comparison to mine as I think it may be a tad low on my car again (probably the replacement used coil pack failing I think ..... again)
  12. Bumper ripped off and flapping behind .... hit the fence and it made me chuckle
  13. Attention to the rear of the fiesta πŸ˜„
  14. AL4 box service is straight forward enough if someone knows what they are doing. They use a particular fluid type that smells like fish (I forget what it's called now). The drain/level/fill plug deely is what confuses people. It needs to be on level ground and to a set temp to do properly but if the fluid is contaminated it wants changing. Iirc there is a counter for the oil on the ecu system that will want resetting too but that could only be the later canbus cars I'm not 100% sure. Engines are an absolute doddle to swap if the worse happens and you should be able to use a manual cars engine and just have some of the auto engine parts swapped over such as the flex plate in place of the flywheel and maybe some of the coolant pipes. If the car is solid I would say its worth doing as better the devil you know and all that..... just comes down to cost if not DiY really which is a major issue with lots of garage labour charges at Β£60+ hourly
  15. That's lovely. It looks like a very honest little motor. Always wanted one of these for no known or explainable reason.
  16. Just had a dig in the shed and I have a spare EGR that was removed from a car in fully working order . If you want it I can post it out to you if you like? No signs of leakage and didn't show faults on the car it was removed from.
  17. The brakes are a little like playdoh feel wise. They are comedic size wise and solid discs so I would imagine a low quality pad would feel awful. I will be upgrading mine to ebc grooved discs and matching performance pads for a better bite and feel as the current toss fades so fast if you ask even a modicum of speedy braking of them haha. Your BMX possibly has better stopping power πŸ˜„
  18. I didn't actually realise these egr units had a coolant jacket on them. Embarrassing as I have removed and refitted mine while doing the head repair. I guess the coolant feed is through the water jacket in the head to the egr?? Something for you to check out while in that area is the brake booster hose. They have a tendancy to rub through and leak badly, also tend to cause a random misfire. I do know that the egr if faulty will cause misfire and they are well documented doing this.
  19. If I recall correctly this one has a Bosal rear and centre section and it didn't blow when I parked it before tearing it to bits. The only issues would be removing it and getting it to you with current situation from chesterfield. Would be a shame to throw it out when the shell is disposed of if someone can make use of it. I am in no rush to dispose of it so it isn't going anywhere for a while yet. And it is the best price of FREE for a fellow Lupo botherer πŸ‘
  20. If it is the middle section or the rear silencer thats blowing, my spares car still has reasonable ones on it I just can't be bothered to take them off it. Not sure if it will be the same system as its a 1.0mpi AUC car
  21. Yes the brief summary is correct. I would be telling them to f*#k right off!
  22. These are stupid levels of fun on the corners. We spent weeks trying to roll a mates over but never managed it. We even took it up green lanes. Amazing little tank of a car that still makes me laugh when my mind is wandering back to the days of seeing it on three wheels.
  23. Check the price on a good Lupo these days, I reckon nostalgia is pushing prices north πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ To get one under 80k and in a reasonable condition with valve guides and exhaust valves intact is getting tough under Β£1000 these days. Odd because 2 years ago they were panda pops money.
  24. Hopefully you changed the water pump at the same time (doesn't look like you did in the picture). They are prone to failure because reasons I guess. These are cracking little cars, I really enjoy my 1.0 and it's unstoppable in the snow it seems.
  25. You can have loads of fun with these. It's relatively easy to whack saxo running gear in and convert over to 4 stud. A 16v vts engine or 8v vtr swap is usually easier and cheaper than repairing the 1.0 lump and the 4spd boxes do run on the newer saxo 8 and 16v engines as we did it with a mates AX, very interchangeable without changing external looks (if you are into that kind of thing). Can be made mental for peanuts or kept standard and blez around in them for years ..... Love them as a car but my feet are too big to comfortably drive them because of the tiny, closely set pedals. Guess on smoking is stem seals and/or guides as others have said definitely worth checking all the breathers are clear though. Worth getting the head overhauled if keeping it and shouldn't cost much north of Β£300 for a properly good head rebuild.
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