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Prick and collect - you RODney plonker

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I was going to recommend not to take a offer under £500 for it, prices seem to be all over the place at the moment, there's one for sale locally on a D plate and that's up for £1200 and it's not selling. I think this one has rusty arches too.

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Ghaaa, I’m now pretty sure this has rod knock .

The car runs really cool as if there’s no stat in it or it’s wide open . I’m now thinking this has been done on purpose to keep the oil cool and keep the knock at bay.

There was a great ecp deal on yesterday so I got an oil, filter and stat for 21 quid . I’m going to drain  the oil and filter it for shiny bits.

If the oil looks okay I need to drop the pan to see if it’s a loose baffle or something but it means lifting the engine up as it sits over the subframe . Luckily The garage next to me has a hoist I can borrow 

I’ve already put a watch alert on eBay for a 2.9 engine .  

It still drives okay but it’s not going away or getting better.  I’ve also ran out of other ideas.

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