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  1. If you’re using it then why not, it’s always been the case that stuff got updated. I’d say the only thing to do is avoid doing something that can’t be put back again if possible.
  2. Double extension ladders collected almost inside due to leaking gutter shenanigans.
  3. Two four drawer filing cabinets. Metal heavy and actually still not that scruffy even though they’ve lived in the garage for a few years. Collection from Prestwich m60 junction 17. You’ll need a hatchback/trailer as about 5ft tall.
  4. 8ft fencepost easily accommodated. Another refill at 360 miles and 46 litres. Just works.
  5. Some sweet 70’s wocka wocka right there.
  6. Sorry for the late reply (been working) could you send me some more details please?


  7. [mention]vulgalour [/mention] the grand tour s 3 ep8 at 3min 20 vulgalour and pleblon
  8. Funny story about a bird shitting on my car. Well maybe not that funny.
  9. PM me maybe we can collude.
  10. Yep I heard the same during my ford days, and remember the magazine mockup photos too
  11. That’s the ghia trim just gone baggy. The trims are wrong and rare without the 4 spoke alloys.
  12. I prefer lethal [emoji6]
  13. Ok let’s get some names on the board. If you comment I’ll assume you’re in. I’m thinking themed is a great idea as per an inspired poster up the list. So very low cost £500 or less, very high liability, petrol, ideally auto.
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