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  1. I absolutely love this one you is such a hero. I barely find the time/mental capacity to do much more than work.
  2. That reminds me of a pal who asked for a lump to be welded onto his manta key. Cue piece of steel that just fitted inside the car.
  3. Yea I’ve seen shitloads of them over here. Perfect for the average 25km round trip to the shop/dr/market
  4. Looks like as good a Vito as you can expect at that age. If you have access to one of those steamer things (think a kettle/womble lovechild) then that’ll make it easier to dissolve the death.
  5. Quality shirt. Citroen sound like a bunch of right chunts. If the Ami wasn’t such a cool little death trap I’d say bin them off.
  6. I used to do this after deciding I wanted to be part of the FIRE movement. So I used spend and income sheets to a ruthless degree. Always referred vehicles value and cost vs scrap values and tried to keep to my mantra of bangernomics when I absolutely had to. Then it became a habit and now I’m easing off a bit now. Still love a shite banger etc.
  7. Limited topless experiences sadly. 2 of 2cv, still have the 1959 one. I have driven it 10 ft or so but will use more when it is finally painted and on FR plates again. Bini convertible.
  8. Yesterday was spent in a free aire. Ok it was a carpark with camping car use allowed. There’s a chain of them all along the seafront that are parking only with no facilities so you are limited by how much water you can carry. The parking was here. Parking Camping-cars https://goo.gl/maps/tngbGAn3nMzVQkYE6 Basic aire with no facilities, you’ll need parking ramps. About 300m to the most beautiful even slope beaches into the sea. Bring your wetsuit shoes as it’s a bit pebbly at the top end but even in May you can get in for a swim. To illustrate the overview. Don’t think I took my phone so no pics but Betty did so we have this one from the family Whatsapp group. Sandwich on the beach and some fizzy pop was my chosen birthday lunch. We also popped into the main town which also had an Aire but pooches were not allowed on that beach. So we stayed long enough for a pic and a quick look and went back to the prior one above. Finger in pic oops! This place was called the drunken mussel. After dinner in the main town I decided I fancied a sleep in my own bed, we had been beaten by the lack of water so we called it a day and drove the 120k home, crawling up some of the TDF most savage sections at probably about the same speed. Importantly the fans and wiring did their job cutting in and out perfectly keeping the temps just on 90 degrees.
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