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  1. Always aware but based on the knowledge that something is wrong if it drops suddenly unless Betty has been driving on account of her being unable to change up the box appropriately. I never look at motorbike mpgs
  2. The pump head on the filter housing in these sometimes splits causing air to sneak in and fuel to seem back and can give similar symptoms.
  3. Don’t forget the new keepers bit too. Slightly different number for tax purposes.
  4. [mention]Jim Bell [/mention] Shitpeas on tour
  5. I’ll dig out the last invoice and drop you a line when I’m back in the uk next week.
  6. It’s the steering lock module, they’re infamous on all mercs with the modular keys. They can be rebuilt for about £150 or you can spend ££££ on a new one. Prophet of doom it will fail and you will be stuck so best to plan the recon in now. I’ve had it on 1998 c class, 2004 e class, and 2013 e class. All the same issue.
  7. Driving between Quintin and st brieuc yesterday I saw a driveway with an Astra d estate, a Renault 11, Renault 25 and finally a mint green twingo. All looked knackered.
  8. It’s earned it’s keep this last two weeks. Reverting to type.
  9. Brakes are much cheaper than clutches and gearboxes. Primary braking should always be brakes, engine braking is as an additional source when brakes are likely to fade such as long descents.
  10. Noooooo it’s mine as I agonised so ridiculously.
  11. Former Mrs b had a ceitento (spelling) as a present from new in 1995, Remember driving it none stop from manc to Paris a week after buying it. At year 4 OMGHGF which was easily resolved. Ex MiL ran it to the grand old age of 23 before it was shipped off to its final resting place. (Yes I kept in touch with them)
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