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  1. Lada Niva should’ve kept selling them. Great things and something I’d buy new today.
  2. bangernomics

    Wedding Car

    Always wanted a red x350. One day
  3. Wonder how much the ferry to St Malo is? I’ll be over taking stuff one way and would be useful to have some one way transport back to the UK. I assume Jersey cars are not on Dvla or MID/tax dB?
  4. That’ll be a bonny motor once it’s back up to speed. The seats in those I found so comfortable and supportive. Plus for the capacity they pull well too.
  5. Send me the wiring info please and then when you fancy it, it’ll have the wiring ready for the head unit.
  6. Things just got serious. Hope Santa is recovered. Thanks Santa this lot will keep me busy. Just need to steal a small child to go with the shirt, there’s bound to be a few dumped after Christmas. They’re like puppies no?
  7. I for one have missed his hilarious eBay advert comments, not sure I get how he became a cartoon character, opinions are subjective I guess, I know he could appear blunt but surely that to me was his charm. I am also aware of the whole debacle that was the genesis of TDW and the loss of some really entertaining content generators as evidenced by holy thread resurrection Junkman.
  8. Personally I canned my subscription when Holman left.
  9. MOT achieved with no cost other than the fee. Running total for 13 months motoring £805.92-239/13 £43.60 pm
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