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  1. Yes they were an LX but at a lower price point available in two colours initially with an edition specific wheel and the Verona badge was applied by the guys in the showroom after removing the LX badges is fitted.
  2. Still rather be crushed to death in the Volvo.
  3. They most hold a serious volume to be able to do that. My last sprinter took about 8 litres.
  4. Wormhole alert. http://vauxpedianet.uk2sitebuilder.com/vauxhall-v83---carlton-mk2
  5. It is indeed still with us. Sat for 3 months again and just fired up no bother. Great things.
  6. I’d really like this but it’s bloody miles away. Anyone able to shitely this up towards Manchester?
  7. That’s what my dad did to me in my first mini. Took me about a week to spot it and then simply removed and replaced it each night.
  8. That’s a beautiful combo, properly Lancia boxy goodness. What are they like to drive? I always imagined they’d be quite softly sprung but progressively stiffer as you pressed on. I’ll now be trawling youtube.
  9. Can you hear the pump running? Does it have a dealer fit immobiliser like the late e36 stuff? Loads of black wiring?
  10. My sadly deceased friend owned a dealer build J REG manta exclusive coupe until he passed for many years. Non sunroof too!
  11. I suggest a white bonnet and boot so it looks like a negative of a Bradford taxi cab.
  12. That’s a full sized transit chop not a connect
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