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  1. Tried to commercialise it too early and for too much. Would’ve been better to build a bigger user base and add a small sponsored by window. Gzongenflatch
  2. Hmm very tempted I did blow this months idiot budget on a c5 but I may take you up on that kind offer. To clarify Gzongenflatch
  3. Absolute legend. These were and remain firmly on my list of must own one day. Gzongenflatch
  4. I remember seeing a yellow tr7 with ATR70K sadly it’s now on a Volvo 480? Gzongenflatch
  5. Did you ever find the oil leak? I had a weird one a few years ago on a mini and took a corner a little enthusiastically and a pint of oil ran out of the dash and into the footwell. The gauge was reading a bit low, the level had dropped a little and I though oh dear tired engine. Anyway turned out the capillary tube to the gauge had come loose.
  6. 2nd paddocks plus they are not that far if you need to go in. A right pair of hillbillies you will never meet, I used to get a brew when I had a series as I spent so much time there.
  7. Ping a link to it please we are aiming to do a U.K. tour next year and any good places like that go on the list. Fancy a bit of Eire too along with the Highlands and Islands. Gzongenflatch
  8. I think (?) these will connect to the same diagnostic stuff as Jaguars but sure someone will confirm either way. I have the mongoose cable and software that I’ve used on x350 series cars so if you need it when I’m back at the end of the month drop me a line. Gzongenflatch
  9. What an absolute hero with the best engine too. My dad has always wanted one of these so keep me in mind when you do the do. Gzongenflatch
  10. Buy a boxster a better proposition all round and likely cheaper. Could it get any worse?
  11. Get it bought then Vizard. Could it get any worse?
  12. One guy off the c5 groups was so pissed off by their production team fannying him about that he sold his collection. He said it had soured the whole thing for him. How precious is that. Could it get any worse?
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