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  1. Yes mines like a rusty tin shed these days after a couple of winter commute years. Actually the front calipers need a refresh as it has spent most of last year in the garage. Int covid brilliant.
  2. Does anyone service them these days? I mean remove, clean, grease and adjust or are they treated as sealed units and allowed to fail and then become by virtue a self fulfilling prophecy. I don’t have an issue with them, yes they certainly take a bit longer if covered in brake fluid, broken pipe end joy etc but a lot of that is no fluid changes and worn out components. Tools are key.
  3. indépendamment of my own views on your mods this looks a nice bit of old chod. I thought black grille initially but actually thought BL silver looked slightly better.
  4. This one reminded me of. This one in Leicestershire.
  5. Back in the mists of time, it was a Tuesday I think? We had a compound of shite base model escorts to shift. I remember the old Dealer Principal getting some alloys ordered up for the base model 3 door escorts the we had in stock at the showroom in Bury. (Quicks) just before we rebranded as Dixon. He was a traditional Yorkshire car dealer at heart so they ended up pinstriped, rear spoiler’d and alloy wheeled. Called them something like “SR” etc. All solid colours, all 1.3/1.4 gutless crap destined for the motability market. Consequently the DP at the much nicer looking Vauxhall dealers next door brought in his best white 3 door Astra fleet and did the same with DTV motifs scattered on the wings and boots. The alloys were deployed and the alloy and pinstripe chaps made a good few quid. For a short while Bury looked like a boy racer convention.
  6. My BiL but he is ooop north. Makes panels and repair sections for all sorts of stuff he’s had in. Mainly does old frog chod but has wheeling and panel beating background. Tragic about Cedric I’ve always had a real soft spot for that era of Japanese motors.
  7. Taking the nudge bar off the front knocks years off them. It’s almost like you don’t recognise it without one.
  8. I do t seem to see pms for some reason in tapatalk on this forum so I’ll look in the pc later.
  9. You can drive it if it’s legal in France and you’re named on the insurance or it’s common anyone with a license that hasn’t expired and is valid in France. You can also drive a foreign REG vehicle if it is owned by a business. It’s then exempt from the 6 months in a year but not per visit. Given your parents are French residents until it lapses 5yrs if on a perm cds or they decide they’re not anymore then they as people transferring their primary residence are not subjected to duty or vat on their own possessions as long as they’ve owned it for 6+ months and it’s a used vehicle with some miles on. The exact values are on the rev & customs site. 5000 miles and 6 months off the top of my head. The TOR will negate the NOVA requirements or rather it cuts out that part of the process as they’ll get a cert for the whole lot of their possessions. This then makes nova a tick box. Make sure they tell their French insurance and ANTS that it has been exported or legally they can’t cancel their policy. Lots of French companies won’t do anything without a letter recorded delivery. There’s a website you can use that generates the letter and posts it for a small fee. If needed I’ll dig it out as I used it to can a phone contract with SFR when they started ramping up the cost. Sorry for ramble and happy to help if I can. I may even be interested in it.
  10. Yes I can help you out. I’m in the U.K. until the 23/7 then I’ll be back towards the middle/end of August
  11. I’m shopping for new tyres for my heavy vfr1200x and my usual suppler has offered me some stock stuff that I can have today. Anyone used metzler 01 se? £300 a set Or Bridgestone T32’s? £275 a set There’s nothing in the price but I do lots of long sadly motorway commute type stuff so could do with something that doesn’t square off in a day.
  12. Currently sat in the ferry queue. I went from this delight. To this finally last night. I’m looking forward to a rest working for a month or so.
  13. The old gag as mint as a polo and they’re full of holes too.
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