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  1. There’s a 2004 one for sale at a local French dealers up at €5.5k that seems quite expensive but it is France and I base most of my pricing on 1987.
  2. List on here maybe someone will bite
  3. Sadly no lada.fr, I wonder if I can buy one and have it registered here instead of de? At €15k it seems a good deal for a 5 door.
  4. I know naught of these but that’s seems a right bargain.
  5. I may be able to do Stafford to Manchester on Monday evening? I have a trade policy so that’s no issue.
  6. What was your first crash in? Well mine was in my mum’s metallic bronze chevette. Right up the arse of a white mini clubman that slammed on for no reason. Unfortunately for him it was witnessed and it went 50/50.
  7. Genuine interest in this when you get bored. I’ll be back in the uk around April which should give you time to have sold/swapped/roffled/bought back.
  8. As of 01/09/2009 https://www.gov.uk/government/news/mot-changes-20-may-2018
  9. When are you moving house? I have today bought a Renault master high roof thing, if it is in the next week then you can borrow it as a consolation prize. I’m only in Prestwich.
  10. 1275 cooper s ex police, old English white with a black roof. Dad rushed out and traded his gt6 for a sensible car.
  11. Lada Niva should’ve kept selling them. Great things and something I’d buy new today.
  12. bangernomics

    Wedding Car

    Always wanted a red x350. One day
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