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  1. I have a soft spot for the mk3/5 transits. They lived on in china as various versions and skipped the mk6 completely. and it got betterer more facelifts.
  2. Buy as big or small engine as you like personally. They only go as fast as you want them to and conditions apply here ask what you want to do with it and buy in winter.
  3. Next weekends exciting instalment. Multipla the return of the something or other.
  4. Other than a slight blow which was actually a snapped pipe it sailed through again this year. Ok I say sailed, I did for the last one replace the back brakes entirely, a set of tyres and the usuals brake fluid, oil/air fuel etc. Anyway this year we let the MOT place do it so just under £100 including the test.
  5. An AX that I bought from my pal that he took in swap that he just wanted rid of. £5, found £3.91 un change when i pulled it to bits to clean it. It absolutely pissed oil out whatever I did and this repeatedly soaked the front offside disc brake. Terrible car. I sold it for £99
  6. Is anyone using the tapatalk app? I am having a weird issue where I can't see messages either sent or received but can send? They only work in a browser fully? I have opened a call with the tapatalk bods directly. Does anyone know what version of the plugin we are using here? It works on other sites just fine.
  7. That’s a star buy. I think i may have some photos of this very car from billing aquadrome meetings of about 20 years or so ago. That reg rings a bell.
  8. Ahh the joys of gravel/grass. I smuggled 20L of glyphosate last time, French weed killer is shite.
  9. A far superior vehicle to the facelift version in many ways, I recall the launch cars (facelift) dashboard being so flimsy it bent and wobbled about. Bean counters at the ready. That’s the sort of car that’ll see you out.
  10. Good for you the eye business, it is so easy to get complacent with this sort of thing. Scary stuff. Panda looks great though.
  11. Looks great that you should be really proud of your work.
  12. Manchester centre has only just recovered from the Trafford centre effect, that and the idiots in the council introducing parking charges for on street after 6/7pm which did a lot of restaurants over. I get that they don’t want you to use your car, but really Manchester is congested because it like London was managed into congestion. Lights rephased to screw flow, double lanes painted to single, mindless one way systems that all stack up to slower flow and more local emissions. Perversely the worse the car flow gets the worse it is for cycling, the motorists are stuck still, cycles struggling to get by on the inside and motorcycles down the middle it becomes carnage. We would be better off taxing the shit out of air travel.
  13. Look at that shite parking next to it, muppets.
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