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  1. Nova landed for this yesterday, just the stiff throttle to fix and I can have MOT and get it registered. So near colleagues.
  2. 2006 ish e class you know you want one. Ok it’s sausage flavoured but it’s the last of the good ones.
  3. A gold rover 45 diesel saloon with a flat spare tyre.
  4. Nova landed for his/her/their replacement today
  5. Said practice involves a notebook and pencil.
  6. Manchester eh, if you have time and like a lunchtime curry nip into “this n that”.
  7. Today which is the penultimate day of the annual Bangernomics family mosquito buffet I remembered to take a camera with me. This bit of Portugal is riddled with Renault 4’s. And some commercial shite too Let’s not forget the veritable matiz Truly the scabby cat of motorists the world over. A reincarnated German dictator And his car And his escorts Random Y10? In an art gallery. Anyway that’s it for now. I’ll try and grab a few more later.
  8. That’s a bummer, sad that people do this.
  9. That’s a barg, I sold my old 2008 CBF for £600 with 158,000 miles on it. Was a great first big bike, gentle torque curve and winter beater. Should’ve kept it.
  10. That’ll take a full sized motorcycle in the back, surprised you didn’t ride there.
  11. I’m close to a poo myself with this level of excitement. Reveal it.
  12. My 25 quid shite one still working after 10 months. Although I have noticed mpgs have dropped recently but that’s because Mrs B can’t seem to use a gear beyond 3rd and managed to use 5th once when it wouldn’t go fast enough in 3rd on the motorway. At least it gets the cobwebs blown out.
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