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  1. Amazed that got past the doovla filter. Pretty offensive term when not used within the tribe. Goyishe kopf is a pretty standard insult, gentile brains is the inference.
  2. We all remember Barry boys right? Spinners[emoji23]
  3. Nah buy a shite one from Argos [emoji6] It’ll have a hose trailing off it anyhow unless you get one of those cordless ones.
  4. Yes this turning out to be outrageously good. You’ll turn a few heads and a few quid when it’s done.
  5. I’d say you’re the source of ALL the used stock.
  6. Jesus a guy I worked with at Oldham CCG paid twice to have his engine repaired. First time was lucky but the second it was knocking badly. Quality Aldi.
  7. I’d say quite the opposite. People who have money don’t drip it away on fripperies such as borrowing cars.
  8. Decent breakdown will take you and or your car to your nominated repairers.
  9. It’s the fear of hard saved easy spent and he’s right in some respects but £10k buys a lot of XJ/XK these days and worst case he ends up with a lovely ornament.
  10. I hope it is bean cans by now. It did start a long love affair with minis though. Probably the thought that my annoying sisters were stuck in the back and would’ve been toasty.
  11. Mum had a poo brown inverted colours to that one that had a loom fire and melted her tights to her legs. Then the battery lead shorted out and nearly torched us all. Final straw was the rocker started leaking badly and it smoked us out. She chopped it in against a copper coloured chevette saloon.
  12. It’s a sash clamp and woodworking essential.
  13. Mr SiC be careful with them there minis. I had about six of the damn things when I had hair and everyone of them was a needy sod. Noisy bouncy (I did like the wet one I had) and generally you’ll want a 1380 and a SC box too. Then the woodruff will keep popping out the flywheel, or the exhaust brackets will snap, or it’ll die in the rain. When they work though they’re just fantastic. We used to go night eventing in them, this involved a mile on the speedo and hiding. Managed to flatten a door handle squeezing under a canal bridge hiding from the other teams one night. This was in the days w
  14. I still miss all of my Mantas they were great at everything as long as that everything was smoking tyres and finding hedges/ditches.
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