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For sale: 1989 Honda CBR 1000F


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1989 honda cbr 1000f,nice original bike,was taken for mot a while back and failed on a fork seal thats been done but i didnt bother re testing it,been standing in my garage a couple of years,starts and runs lovely but will need a bit of tlc before it can be used again,i dont want to sound a prat but it is getting quite a rare bike and will likely go up in value,dont know if theres many bikeists on here but here goes,id like £750 for it.



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I hate saying this on here, but you could probably get away with asking for more...


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I think the price is about right for one needing work, they are not exactly popular these days, nice bikes though.


You know you can turn the 'sent from motog etc' off in your tapatalk sig settings :)

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Is it a 400,600 or 900? Pictures please, I don't want to buy it just want to see it, ive got an RF600


I had a RF600 in grey as my first bike. It killed my knees with that cramped riding position.

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Sorry for blurry pics - old camera phone.


Today - went for a ride out with my mom...(she's got her own bike)







Also turned up at cafe








Unfortunately ended with a unrepairable puncture in my rear tyre....




Also sorry for thread hijack.


I'll get told off i'm sure.

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As we're all hijacking this thread....




It looked a lot better than it was as I discovered the reason it didn't corner was a bent frame (2" out in the centre!), still put 20k on it in 8 months before part-exing it though.


Just found I've still got the offical workshop manual in PDF if anyone needs it too.

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