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  1. Can you grab a landrover and subaru if you are still there plz?
  2. Said bye bye to the Ml this week,it having a few issues to sort and the Mrs taking a dislike to it meant it's days were numbered. Despite having a few copper seals done on the injectors it had started stinking of diesel fumes again. Hitting a pothole which cracked the windscreen and gave the steering a slight wobble at speed didn't help,and with all the yearly expenditure approaching,we got in touch with a specialist breaker. They made a decent offer so off it went after spending time (and 5 lev) at the Kat office to deregister it.
  3. My last P38 came with a similar abs fault The sensors are supposed to be a tight push fit in the hub however the nsf was a bit sloppy,so moved out too far once some steering lock was applied. A few quid knocked off the purchase price,and an easy fix later on at home.
  4. https://www.facebook.com/reel/651757113530273?s=yWDuG2&fs=e
  5. Dare I ask how much the Guiltoy ferrari were?
  6. Not quite sure how mid 50's Rolls Royce/Bentley glass ends up in Bulgaria,but here you go..
  7. This is good channel, minimal chat and interesting stuff featured. Well,to me anyway. The Scania logging truck they rescued was a particularly pull for me as it brought back memories of many owner/drivers using them to bring logs into the sawmill I was working at. At the other end of the scale was the Escort tdi that took hardly anything to get started.Driving it after was a different ball game though...
  8. Can I take the Presidential trio and the quad/trailer combo please Tim?
  9. That Strada brings back a few memories and is the pick of the bunch for me.
  10. Same thing used to happen with my Vivaro,used an empty crisp packet over the ball before popping the socket back on. A couple of these may help until a new part can be sourced
  11. We had a good view here in Bg,managed to sleep through it tho....
  12. You know where to send the Manta....ahem
  13. Closed for the unforseeable .. tractorboi says nope..
  14. Listening to Cole is about as interesting as wallpaper drying
  15. We have a couple of chilly nights coming up....
  16. Wow,some next level stalking going on there....😉
  17. My dad had a 250 US Custom back in the mid 80's,and I spent a good few hours on the back running to his job and back. Whilst he was running a wood treatment plant (ETC Sawmills) I'd be riding the bike around the yard,getting practice before I could ride legally on the road.
  18. https://youtu.be/NL6CDFn2i3I?si=EeXwHy0NunCyma7x
  19. It's the only one to be offered in rhd it seems
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