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  1. The Mrs sent me a pic of the train that took her from Gorna Oryahovitsa to Ruse,then onward to Bucharest airport. A fairly uneventful trip so far is reported.
  2. No it's all the modern stuff for sale in any shops. Anything that is considered "vintage" is priced accordingly.
  3. I'm out too as the Mrs is already on her way to the uk
  4. I'm sure is a powerhouse of a car,although an Rs turbo conversion would be possible.
  5. The wife's nephew in law (!) getting his G3 Escort ready with it's 1st in car engine start up. https://m.facebook.com/groups/396762100507585/permalink/2071718003011978/
  6. @sutty2006 you after US police cars? Not a bad price for an Auto Art.
  7. No treasure hunt Subaru Impreza by any chance?.....😉
  8. Ian did the egr delete and remap on our D3 and changed the way the whole car drove. He even moved the clock display from the centre panel to the actual dashboard..
  9. Washer bottle will be a seam that has been worn away by the bumper in front of it I repaired mine with a soldering iron,then stuffed some foam to space it out a bit
  10. Picked this Chevette up from a local marketplace seller yesterday. It's not branded and the seller didn't know but its very well detailed for a 1/43 scale. The plan was to repaint it in white,and stick a plate on it to replicate the wife's 1st car but it's too good looking to mess with really. And being lhd wouldn't look right anyway. Again,don't know why the pics have flipped...
  11. Would be a shame if it happened to take out his aircon wiring and pipework at the same time. Well away from the wall obviously
  12. https://youtu.be/_RafVwMjOKY
  13. He'll drop it off as he flies over. Obviously! 🙃
  14. I have a 1/18 Clio v6 stripped shell I acquired from somewhere... No idea why the pics are sideways again
  15. I'd be up for this and as the Mrs is flying to the UK for her annual Xmas meeting/pissup I'll be able to stick something in her suitcase. She flies out on the 5th so as long as I get a victim's name early enough it should work out ok.
  16. If you decide to pass it on I have a spot for it here..lol
  17. I was watching 1 of Dennis Collins's youtube video where he was dropping off a car to be shipped to the UK The guy he was dealing with said it cost around $800 to ship it over. Just a thought...
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