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  1. That time of year again,which it breezed through obviously....'cos Bulgaria Not impressed with the new shiney EcoSticker that have been introduced. Its been slapped onto the windscreen and is Mostly hidden behind the rear view mirror. Mostly...
  2. This takes me back to the release of the very 1st film https://fb.watch/auNjSgauos/
  3. At least you'd have the 3 Amigos to provide an alibi
  4. I have a long throw crank for this engine sat in a box somewhere,takes the engine cc to a shade under 690. .
  5. I was a trimmer at the abattoir that handled Jamie Oliver's 28 day hung beef for Sainsburys back in the day. Instead of our usual 5-6 hour shift ( job and jack), we would run for 2 12 hour shifts to get it all through the lines in 1 go Guys who had been there for years were retching,If anyone thought they were actually going to puke had to run to a designated area Once done the whole building had it's regular deep clean and hygiene 8hr shift, but was repeated another 2 times
  6. 1998 Subaru Legacy 2.0 Flat 4 engine 125 bhp 5 speed Awd 120 mph
  7. If anymore Sierra appear can I claim 1? Chances of me finding 1 here are close to zero...
  8. When I was working in Germany in the early 00's a colleague had the saloon 3.2 but with the whole Irmscher catalogue thrown at it Very quick car but I constantly hit my head on the roof whenever I got in it
  9. Happy Christmas to all from a cold Bulgaria !
  10. You can get them direct for €69 plus shipping and whatever UK customs decide to add on They Should be tax free up to £130ish but I've heard some buyers getting stung
  11. Pfft. You need to try that in Bulgaria where it can take a full 7hr day.....
  12. Have some more pics. It was up for £30ish iirc
  13. Friend of ours ended up with a new optional extra on their Disco They have no idea where it's from as there are no immediate neighbours
  14. Spotted on that there facebook, kid's got talent
  15. I have a friend who had this issue. She was very proud of always paying cash for everything, never had a credit card as it wasn't wanted. Got turned down on a mortgage as she literally had no credit history. Her bank got her sorted and advised her to just pay it off the balance every month. She only used it to pay for the car fuel...
  16. If it's as good as the Forester then a dustpan,brush and bin bag should be enough..
  17. Damn you marketplace algorithm I've been looking for a cheap stand to lift up the spares bike for stripping,and got recommended these tyre irons Decent quality, proper bendy plastic rim protecters,Schrader valves and the tool to fit All in for £15 delivered overnight Can't complain at that
  18. If it didn't cost the same price in shipping over,there's a car waiting for a transplant just outside...
  19. Are you aware the cats alone will be worth a fair bit on their own if standard?
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