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  1. These do need a good battery,as do most of the Land Rover range. Watching with interest as the Mrs has yet to decide on her next car,and a 322 is on the fringes of her radar lol
  2. That dash spoils a nice looking car.
  3. I've never seen Sam's Car,off to check ebay and the likes Edit.Oof
  4. I managed to get into a pretty cool crew where someone will "host" an online session,where upto 31 crewmates could grind away at their various businesses in peace An event would usually be held every couple of weeks for a themed car meet ( classic/muscle/low rider ect), we would then cruise to another 3 or 4 locations where cars and outfits could be changed. Sometimes a vote for car of the day would happen, then one of the weekly race series would be started for anyone that fancied it Or maybe a Broughy Gfred would be run,good fun
  5. Yet...I'd be leaving this somewhere safe surrounded by sandbags tbh. Maybe even have a chat with a local fireman..
  6. And it's called the Asbo... I have a 3 floor garage full of rally cars,from the mk1 and 2 Escorts to the Scooby 22b's,Audi S2 and the RS200s
  7. It's a Pegaso 125,they pop up occasionally but will have been thrashed and probably dead. Same with Tdr,Dt or any other bike with off road abilities,or pretensions.. I have a long throw crank for the Yamaha 3yf engine tucked away somewhere. It was used in a race motor back when Super Mono was a thing. It takes a standard bore engine upto around 700cc iirc
  8. That Big Kahuna burger looked mighty tasty....
  9. We have this sort of thing pop up for sale,full power 125 so around 30ish hp I imagine parts would be a nightmare to find though
  10. Had to do this on my v6 Cougar,2 bolts could only be reached from the passenger wheel well,with a metre or two of extension bars.
  11. I was out 1 Wednesday eve with a group of lads on the triangle. I was chasing an early Fireblade on my Srad 750,doing silly speeds on that long straight towards Trawsfynydd and we both got pissed on by a guy on a zzr11,with his mrs on the back....
  12. I remember Police chief Brunstrom used to send out the helicopter just to try catch bikers on the moors,it would fly as low as possible to try spook the riders into slowing down
  13. My last new bike was a 2000 Sv650s before they went all pointy. I px'd it within a year as I was literally wringing it's neck out keeping up with mates over the Denbigh moors/evo triangle
  14. Definitely stealing that little beauty..
  15. Take a look at what's going on in China atm. It seems 5 of their biggest banks were "fooled" into a using a company who promised great returns on using their customers money. Director of the company has now disappeared,along with $6 Billion. https://youtu.be/N57doBGQTNY
  16. Picked my latest delivery from Portugal. £12 all in. Not bad for a un-named magazine model
  17. It seems 320 bhp and 550 lbs/ft make for a very spirited drive if you want it. However the owners I have spoken with with say the sheer amount of torks and a "sensible" autobox can regularly give 25mpg or more. Anything on petrol will be converted to lpg if it isn't already as even though the price has nearly doubled,it still costs around 70 ppl. Most 3.0 Legacies have bi-fuel from the factory as a lot are imported from Switzerland or Italy. And the Hyundai Tucson looks like another contender now.....
  18. Out car shopping today with the Mrs with quite the selection to hunt down and try for size. She suffers from fibromyalgia and so wants a car with a seat she can just slide into. The ML has proven to be to high,and the torsion bar suspension makes for a wallowy ride. Short list was a Nissan Murano.Seat was to hard and the boot floor was way to high Chevy Captiva.Build quality on par with a biscuit tin. Bmw X3 was in with a shout but then we stumbled upon a VW Touareg with the 5.0 V10 engine. She's now retired to the bedroom to research the feck out of it but it's sounding promising. The only car we want to try but haven’t found local is a Subaru Legacy Outback in 3.0 flavour as she does love her scoobies. So,we shall see what comes along .
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