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  1. Ive had a realisation while reading through this thread. In 43 years of driving, I have never owned a Japanese car ! Owned numerous Jap bikes but never a car. Came close in 78/ 79 when I was offered a 240Z for ÂĢ70. Yes really. Went to have a look at it and decided that the only reason and hadnt actually dissolved completely was that no-one had attempted to move it for quite some time. I think a tow rope on the front would have seperated the front from the rear, so left it where it was. It cant have been much more than 8 years old I suppose.
  2. About 3 years ago I had a call from my son at Uni. He said his Punto wouldnt start and diagnosed that the engine had run out of oil. I got him to talk me through what happened step by step. When he turned the ignition on, lights lit up on the dash, including one he recognised as the oil light ( hence his diagnosis) but the car wouldnt start. So we then got into - did it not turn over ? Did it turn over but not start etc ? He told me it kind of lurched forward a bit against the kerb, but wouldnt start. I told him to put the gearstick to the neutral position and try again. He
  3. Summer of 1982. My wife was expecting our first child and on the day of her final ante natal class I started up my Chevette HS and found that the oil light was on and the gauge reading zero. She had to miss her class and like any impetuous young bloke I started pulling the engine apart. Next day I borrowed a hoist from work and lifted the engine out and completely dismantled it. Didnt find the cause, although I didnt really know what I was looking for. Although I did find 12 of the 32 valve springs were broken. I ordered a new oil pump, new valve springs, crank bearings and a comple
  4. I did the same as a teenager, the first year I started messing around with cars. Then did it again about a year later.
  5. Im ashamed and embarrassed that I have just seen this. I will try hard to remember to keep an eye out for it next month. Edit. Assuming it is a monthly event ?
  6. There is no Crisp anywhere that can come even close to Tayto Cheese & Onion. Anyone who tries to tell you any different is someone who cannot be trusted. End of. ðŸĪŠ As for those fuckin Walkers crisps everyone eats in the South of England. They can shove them up their arse. They are hideous. If I cant get Tayto, Golden Wonder are the next best thing.
  7. Oh, I can almost taste them. I actually get some sent over a couple of times a year. Just need to find a way of getting a Plain loaf sent over while staying fresh. 😂
  8. I worry that its too cheap. Its exactly the same ad that was on Gumtree for weeks earlier in the year and has now reappeared. One picture of the car. Almost no details, but spares / repairs. I could give him a call, but might encounter a smooth talking liar - aka a Motor trader. Got a good friend in Bangor who would normally go and have a look for me, but of course , it cant be done at the moment. Very tempting at that price though, as long as it isnt just a pile of scrap metal in Metallic red.
  9. I realise it would be unlawful, and more importantly unwise, to ask someone to have a look at a car in the present circumstances, but just wondering if theres any chance anyone knows the Trader who is selling the cheap Boxster on Gumtree ? 1999 Porsche Boxster | in Tandragee, County Armagh | Gumtree
  10. My thoughts on Little Tin Khan are not fit for an open forum. Not even this one, where almost anything goes. 🙄
  11. This time last year I felt a strong urge to scratch the V8 itch by way of a CL500. I then noticed that I could almost afford a Boxster, albeit a bit of a project rather than an immaculate one. Funds have been depleted a little recently, so its now less likely that I can get one. However I have a Man plan which makes a lot of economic sense. At the start of the next tax year I may draw a bit out of my pension fund to help fund the Boxster dream. Perfectly sensible, yes ? YOLO.
  12. It certainly was. He is a bit of a petrol head, so was keen to help. I kept telling him I didnt want to put him to any trouble, but he wasnt having it. It restored my faith in human nature somewhat. Sometimes life can make us think everyone is an arsehole, but things like that can remind us that most people are basically decent.
  13. Thursday morning 7am ( new years eve) I was on my way to work in my Clio DCi. Pulled out to overtake a truck on the A12 and red STOP light appears on the dash accompanied by audible warning beeps, with unpleasant sound and loss of power from the engine. First thought was "I aint fucking stopping, Im less than 10 minutes from work". It slowly sounded worse and lost more power, to the point where I was driving along the hard shoulder with hazards on at 30 mph. Just as I pulled off the A12 at Hatfield Peveral it died altogether going up the slip road. Freewheeled into the car park of
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