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  1. Same reason I keep finding excuses not to do the cambelt on my 1.5dci Clio. I may live to regret it though.
  2. Its at £1850 with almost two days left to go ffs. If I was brave enough it would have been £1500 tops.
  3. Decision made. Im out. A shame because it looks like areally nice example.
  4. Having read his thread on the Boxster forums he doesnt know them inside out. I think he knows a bit about them, particularly how to make them really shiny. The garage it went to to have the hot start issue fixed by the previous owner, have more than likely fucked something up for the princely sum of £1600 ! He then had an auto electrician take a look at it who didnt have a clue what he was doing. He then took it to a garage he sometimes uses. They didnt want to get involved, so told him to get shot of it. Funnily enough, I posted up about it on another forum and got an answ
  5. It was very interesting indeed. Many thanks. Having read your post again I will ask him if the code reappears with the engine running or not running. That could be the decider.
  6. On the other hand, it looks like a lovely car.......🙄
  7. Well, Ive read through the thread and the forum experts couldnt solve it. He took it to a trusted indy garage who advised him to get rid as it may need the engine removed and stripped to get to the bottom of it. Previous owner had a hot starting problem, but when running it ran fine. Took it to garage who charged him £1600 and gave it back running rough with a fault code that wont go away. It might be something simple that no-one has found yet, or it might be something really major. He finally decided to put it on an ebay 3 day auction and cut his losses. Im brave, but Im
  8. Ive just been having a look online at the Boxsta forum, and the seller has a long thread about the car on there, so Ive joined up and am just about to read through it. Will report back.
  9. Im tempted by this one, but it could be a whole heap of trouble. Seller seems extremely genuine and has answered my questions very quickly. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Porsche-Boxster-1997-2-5-Ocean-Blue-Manual/324344800085?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 The fault code it keeps throwing up that he cant get rid of could, according to the interweb, be a hard to trace fault in the wiring loom. The thing that really worries me is that when a compression test was done by a garage, one bank was lower than the other. Ive asked for details and he has told
  10. I really really want that Avenger. Cant afford it though.
  11. I think they may have just come of the bottom of their curve. I have a feeling if I dont get one soon I wont be able to afford one
  12. Ok, youve all talked me out of it..................................I think. 😂
  13. If I could find one for no more than £2500 I probably would. Well I actually found one last weekend, but I think it sold in about half an hour. Im not too bothered about it only being a 2.5. My days of driving flat out everywhere, and racing every other car on the road are behind me now Been there, done it and grown out of it. 2.5 should be quick enough to have a bit of fun when Im in the mood. Its that elusive genuine car which might need a few little jobs doing, at a price that suits my wallet that Im trying to find. Its possible this car could be it, but also possible th
  14. I must admit, my bulshit detector twitches every time I read it. I suppose the thing is - is he covering up things that arent too major in order to get the best price for it. Or covering up the fact that its a shed and the engine is likely to implode by the time I drive it home ? He might have priced up a central locking ecu and though "fuck that". Or the initial 10 second lumpiness on cold start could mean a major engine disaster looming. Hard to tell. So it depends how lucky I feel, and how prepared I am to take a gamble. Im not worried about putting hours of work into it, and sour
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