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  1. Omega 178k miles Clio 107k miles Recently sold 190D had 248k miles
  2. My last bike was a CBR600 FX. It was cracking little bike. Super reliable, reasonably comfortable, and in the real world, plenty quick enough for public roads. Nothing wrong with Hondas in my opinion, although at heart Ive always been a Kawasaki lover, which came from my two stroke days in the 70,s.
  3. I really shouldn't keep browsing this thread. The temptation to get back on a bike is close to overwhelming. Over 30 years riding them, and now 10 years of living without them. Missus asked me yesterday what I want for my 60th in a couple of weeks time. Havent given an answer yet. I wonder how she would react to a request for an R1 or Fireblade. Even a 1200 Bandit would do, at a push.
  4. A pair of 3.0 24v Senators. Lovely cars, but the rot had set into the rear end badly on both, and at the time (almost 15 years ago) I couldn't even give them away for spares, so ended up sending them to the scrappy. Really regret having no pics for keepsakes either.
  5. Thanks for the replies. Will take a look at them.
  6. Im thinking about having a bid on a car located in Sarfend. Its a non runner so I would need to get it to near Halstead in Essex, which is just over an hours drive. Would either need someone to collect it for me or hire a trailer to go and collect it my self. Anyone know of any persons or companies in Essex who do this at reasonable cost, and would recommend them please ? Might be a bit of a long shot, but if you don't ask......
  7. Its heartening to see someone starting out in their motoring experience by getting an oldish car and trying to recognise and solve its problems as they go along, and learn from experience on the way. Its the way most of us old farts did it, and we tend to assume that this generation just demand something new and shiny from the bank of Mum & Dad, and never contemplate opening the bonnet, as that's why it goes for MOT once a year. Seems like your starting out with the right attitude Maxxo, so opend some time joining in on sites like this, as there is so much to be learned, so much money to be saved, and so much satisfaction from learning how to diagnose and fix things yourself.
  8. Autbahnstormers is a good club for info, advice, parts sourcing for these.
  9. It can be difficult to get the banjo bolts in without cross threading, especially if they haven't been undone at the bottom end. I found the best thing was to very gently bend the pipe to get the bolt to go in at the correct angle. Patience is required. You will not believe how much more mayo will still be in the system after you get it running. If you drive it for five miles every day and drain / flush the system after each drive, it may be all clear after 3 or 4 weeks. I kid you not. Also keep an eye on all coolant pipes as the oil/ coolant mixture has a tendency to rot them from the inside out. Ive heard it said that the best thing for flushing out the mayo is machine mart traffic film remover, although I haven't tried it myself. Be careful when flushing the coolant from a hot engine. I got some very nasty painful burns on my arms when doing it on a v6 Omega after an oil cooler change, several years ago. If your bored, here is an 8 page thread on an Omega project I did with oil cooler failure a long time ago. http://www.omegaowners.com/forum/index.php?topic=97636.msg1223278#msg1223278
  10. Ones I missed that I didn't actually buy. Just before I bought the Chevette HS I tried to buy a Porsche 911T. This was 1979 and the price was less than 3 grand !! The bloke actually refused to sell it to me, I think because he thought I was just a young dreamer, so refused to take me seriously. I made a point of going back a few weeks later to show him I bought something for twice what he was asking for his 911. The look on his face was priceless. In the ealry 80,s I flirted with the idea of buying (one of) the actual Bodie & Doyle RS2000 from a garage in Norwich, but didn't get motivated enough to get off my arse and do it. Wish I had of done now though.
  11. Leaving aside the value of many of the cars and bikes I owned if I still owned them. The ones I miss driving the most are Chevette HS I bought from an insurance injury claim when I was 19. I could have bought house with the money I spent buying, insuring, repairing that car but wtf does a 19 year old want with a house ? 24v Senator I owned for several years, before reluctantly moving on to Omegas. I had wanted a 24v Sennie for years and was happy as a dog with two dicks when I finally got one. Merc 190D that I sold last week. Saved me a lot of money when I really needed to save every penny. Full of character that no modern car could ever have, and I really enjoyed driving it. Get it up to speed, and then don't slow down if at all possible, as it took so long to get back up to speed. It also handled nicely on the bends. I will miss my current Omega when the time comes, as I have spent a fair bit of time / effort/ money, getting it just how I want it. Police spec front springs & dampers, polybushed wishbones, slightly stiffer rear springs, Monaro top mounts, and properly set up four wheel alignment, means it handles well for what it is. I also retrofitted a colour screen version of the infotainment system, with colour satnav maps etc, which was a £1000 extra when the cars were new.
  12. Your probably right. The nearest I have come since, is my 3.2 Elite Omega. On paper its a better car in every way, but there was something about the Senators character that made it feel a bit more special than the Omega will ever be. Mine had the digital dash, which I loved. I still miss that so much that I briefly looked into the possibility of retro fitting it to an Omega.
  13. I had a maroon 24 valve Senator. It was a superb car. It broke my heart to send it to the scrapyard when the inevitable rust took hold. Good luck with it. Good ones are worth hanging onto now.
  14. I owned a w202 C180 about 10 years ago and found it a nice car to own and drive, although obviously underpowered. Like most cars really, give it a check over and then service it regularly and it should serve you well. Keep an eye on rust, as that is the era when Mercs started to suffer serious problems. Although I believe the later ones were much worse.I seem to remember something about problems with oil leaks around the head meaning head gasket replacement, so might be worth keeping an eye on that too. Mine was a nice dark metallic green, rather than hearing aid beige. Lol. My W201 190d is being collected by its new owner today, so Im now a non MB owner for a while at least. I hope to remedy this at some point by acquiring a CL500.
  15. I wouldn't have a clue to be honest.
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