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  1. I owned a w202 C180 about 10 years ago and found it a nice car to own and drive, although obviously underpowered. Like most cars really, give it a check over and then service it regularly and it should serve you well. Keep an eye on rust, as that is the era when Mercs started to suffer serious problems. Although I believe the later ones were much worse.I seem to remember something about problems with oil leaks around the head meaning head gasket replacement, so might be worth keeping an eye on that too. Mine was a nice dark metallic green, rather than hearing aid beige. Lol. My W201 190d is being collected by its new owner today, so Im now a non MB owner for a while at least. I hope to remedy this at some point by acquiring a CL500.
  2. I wouldn't have a clue to be honest.
  3. My little C90 project I posted pics of a few pages ago is now with a new owner. I bought it for £200, spent a further £210 (and about 100 hours of work) on it. Sold it for £1325. Happy days.
  4. Depends what your looking for from a holiday and your budget. I haven't had a holiday for 18 years due to my budget being zero at best. 😄
  5. George Coles portrayal of the Arthur Daley character was nothing short of acting genius. Fact. The arches on the MK2 Escrot weren't RS but Zakspeed arches. Possibly fact.
  6. I believe your right. Massimo Tamburini if my memory serves. He went to MV Agusta, so the design for the replacement for the 916 became the MV F4. I haven't been impressed by anything Ducati have built since.They are similar to modern Ferraris. Designed and built for posers rather than enthusiasts.
  7. Its a mystery to me how a company which produced something as utterly beautiful as the 916 could produce something is hideously ugly as the Multistrada.
  8. Don't know why, but I was sure I recognised it, although I haven't been there for years. Nearest thing I ever got to going on holiday when I was a kid was a few days at Browns Bay, Islandmagee. We kipped in the back of Dads van, and Mum cooked for 5 of us on a single ring gas camping stove. It seemed like great fun at the time.
  9. You've done a nice job on that. Looks lovely.
  10. The little C90 is just about finished. Just got to MOT it and find a new owner for it. Then start looking for another project.
  11. Im interested in the wing if it is for a w201. Im a bit confused though as the 201 was the 190, and Im pretty sure there was never an estate version if the 190. Im local - live near Halstead and work near hatfield peveral, so collection wouldn't be a problem. The wheels look like w202 (early C class) wheels to me ? so maybe the wing is also early C class ?
  12. That's a hell of a lot of bike for £300 !!
  13. I remember the very first episode with Angela Rippon and Noel Edmonds presenting. Im pretty sure it also featured a MK2 Escrot too.
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