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  1. Shouldn't be a difficult conversion to do. There was a 2.5 V6 version.
  2. Still remember reeling in shock at the news as though it were yesterday. An incredible rider and an even more incredible human being. RIP joey.
  3. Sons Punto was due on 31st July last year. He left it a couple of days, so it now runs out 2nd August. He thought it was extended, but I just told him it isn't.
  4. Don't usually get much of the smell in the car. Its the people behind who get the hunger pangs. 😁
  5. I was always most amused when I would sit at traffic lights and look in the rear view mirror and see a driver saying to their passenger "where is that smell coming from ?". Particularly when I had recently had a batch from the local curry house. That was pretty pungent.
  6. Why bother buying it from a supermarket ? Restaurants are happy to give it to you for free. I ran my 190D on it for 5 years up until a year ago. Saved me a small fortune. The downside is, you have to filter it before tipping it in the tank.
  7. Shouldn't need too many bits now, hopefully. Its a bit like Triggers broom, but will give you a shout if I need anything. Cheers.
  8. Will do Jon. If my memory serves the climate panel came from you via OOF. I used to break them for parts myself, but too old and knackered now.
  9. I was outside checking it was locked early this evening when a dog walker stopped to tell me he often admires it as he walks past my house. It turned out he was retired flying squad and said he used to drive them in the job. He said how nice it was to still see one around in such nice condition. Little things like that make the effort of looking after it more worthwhile to me. I don't often drive any distance these days, but I drove it to Norfolk and back on Sunday. A round trip of just under 120 miles. It reminded me of what a nice old thing it is to drive. It was a real pleasure to spend a couple of hours behind the wheel. Im considering buying something else soonish, but I might just keep this as well and use it even less than I do now. One of the few things Im still sentimental about is cars, and I don't like the thought of parting with this one. Some cars get under your skin for whatever reason, and this one has got under mine.
  10. I remember you from your OOF days Steve.
  11. Here you go. Many pics of almost the same thing.
  12. 8 miles away from me apparently. If I bought it ,I would tidy it up and sell it. Mileage is low, but MOT history shows it had serious structural rust 3 years ago. Mmm not sure.
  13. Buy the panel beating kit from the shite for sale section and you have a perfectly good Ferrari for £650.
  14. Production finished in 2003. Adding up all the costs, apart from purchase price (which wasn't a lot) , fuel, VED and insurance, Ive spent around £12 a week on it. This will decrease greatly from here on in as there isn't much left to do to it. Cambelt kit will probably cost just over £100, but other than that its just general servicing and tyres , hopefully. Cheap motoring by any standard I think. Fuel consumption isn't great at around 24mpg, but it doesn't get much motorway use. I have the 1.5 dci Clio for commuting and general running around and that does over 60mpg.
  15. Dunno, gave up the cigs 20 years ago. 😁
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