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  1. Might as well send a container load as they are so cheap. 😂 Kidney option isnt realistic as my left one stopped working in protest at being bounced off the back of a Hillman Hunter into a set of traffic lights on 12/10/76/ 🤪
  2. I will need a pair of 265/35/18 at some point. Not sure whether to take out a mortage or draw down from my pension !
  3. Or they preferred pills to alcohol ? 🤪
  4. My recently acquired Boxster has P111 LDD. Its a year 2000, so I presume this was someones idea of "the private plate look".
  5. Its the first (and probably the last) Snap On tool I have ever owned.
  6. The wife is in the shielding group so doesnt get much opportunity to leave the house. Ive got a week off work now, so we decided to go for a walk today before the snow arrives. Just before we got back home she pointed at something shiny at the side of the road and asked me what it was. I picked it up and discovered it was a short 3/8 socket extension bar by Snap On no less. My halfords short 3/8 extension bar is knackered, so it made my day. I suppose Im easily pleased. 😃
  7. I havent ridden a bike since 2009. 😪 Will always miss them.
  8. changing 246 plugs is a nice little job to do in your lunch hour. 🤪 If only they had designed that loom with a degree of common sense.
  9. I may well have had a go at doing it outside 20 or so years ago, but Im in my 60,s now ands know my limitations a bit better. Gung ho has gone away. 😂
  10. I am in awe of this. Makes fantastic reading / viewing. I would love to have an attempt at something similar but dont have the facilities and probably never will have unfortunately. Next best thing is to see someone else do it, so thanks.
  11. Ive had a realisation while reading through this thread. In 43 years of driving, I have never owned a Japanese car ! Owned numerous Jap bikes but never a car. Came close in 78/ 79 when I was offered a 240Z for £70. Yes really. Went to have a look at it and decided that the only reason and hadnt actually dissolved completely was that no-one had attempted to move it for quite some time. I think a tow rope on the front would have seperated the front from the rear, so left it where it was. It cant have been much more than 8 years old I suppose.
  12. About 3 years ago I had a call from my son at Uni. He said his Punto wouldnt start and diagnosed that the engine had run out of oil. I got him to talk me through what happened step by step. When he turned the ignition on, lights lit up on the dash, including one he recognised as the oil light ( hence his diagnosis) but the car wouldnt start. So we then got into - did it not turn over ? Did it turn over but not start etc ? He told me it kind of lurched forward a bit against the kerb, but wouldnt start. I told him to put the gearstick to the neutral position and try again. He
  13. Summer of 1982. My wife was expecting our first child and on the day of her final ante natal class I started up my Chevette HS and found that the oil light was on and the gauge reading zero. She had to miss her class and like any impetuous young bloke I started pulling the engine apart. Next day I borrowed a hoist from work and lifted the engine out and completely dismantled it. Didnt find the cause, although I didnt really know what I was looking for. Although I did find 12 of the 32 valve springs were broken. I ordered a new oil pump, new valve springs, crank bearings and a comple
  14. I did the same as a teenager, the first year I started messing around with cars. Then did it again about a year later.
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