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  1. Oi! If your not going to spill the beans, on yer bike!
  2. How does the power even get there? Is the rear ‘hub’ the electric motor? Seems to be common with the bike tooSavey posted except that seemed to have one at the front as well.
  3. Bored in China so walked around a number of fancy and Chinese car dealers. Got to the Aston dealership (closed to a shiter like me apparently) and saw these little beauties... Are they electric? sorry for the crappy photos. It’s about as close as I could get, drooling down the windows. They look pretty smart!
  4. China seems to be full of hybrids, electric, methanol and gas transport. Seems like everyone wants an SUV here too, so I’m not surprised the first Borg car is an SUV. You will be assimilated! 😁
  5. I’ve followed the ‘boring everyday reliable, interesting shite for the weekend’ mantra for a while now. Management seem to find 80k miles per change on the everyday and max of 1 snotter change per year, strictly on a 1 in 1 out basis. It’s tough, but I’m managing. It helps having a project car that I can fantasize about to soak up my ‘imagination free time...’
  6. Traveling at the mo... Who knew that this company still exists! Alive and well and selling in China apparently!
  7. Roobarb

    Stance hilarity

    As other have said, I’m sure a few of us have driven such ridiculous cars (though again, probably not in Germany). I had a lowered bug back in the day that was bloody awful to drive, but sooo cool (in my head anyway). It is good to see kids taking interest in cars though. So many just see them like a washing machine except they have it on tick. Once it’s a few years old, they hand it back and get another. These kids are being a bit melodramatic, but then I guess that’s the Internet/media lifestyle. At least they are off their asses and not playing bloody Fortnight.
  8. These were in the corner of a local lock-up I just visited. I was chasing a 1971 Karmann Ghia Coupe (that was actually a 1969) with just under 30k on the clock, two owner, no rust car. Obviously, it was gone by the time I got there. 😩
  9. A different way home from a current work location, threw out yet more ‘treasures’ of Americana!
  10. 1973 I was cruisin’ the Midlands in this... ‘79 on a green Grifter. By todays standards (lightly sporty fancy Toyota) this...
  11. Kind of cheating, but these were in the ‘world of ferrari’ Garage in my little town. Elements of a Ferrari 250 but not sure exactly what it is - other than probably bloody expensive. Think that’s an old Jag in the background. Sorry for the through the window shots. I don’t earn enough to step inside... still have an old Lotus for sale too with another Jag behind that.
  12. Went out to the country for work, but the job was cancelled. So took the opportunity to take a few snaps on the way back. So many treasures hidden away in the Midwest of the US... no idea what this is...^^^ or that...^^^ Other than the FJ, I can’t say I know any of the above...
  13. Great to have it back. Same invisibility problem, but random poking at the top right hand corner of the screen got me to the sign in page. Running on iPhone mobile version. Thanks for all all the hard work Slarti 😁
  14. Great buy! I had one of the very early 2.5 boxsters when they first came out (after a very long wait). Initially I was really underwhelmed by it. A friend had just bought an Impreza Turbo and that really moved. So I though I would sell it and buy something different. As soon as I decided to sell it, I went for a run with my friend chasing his Impreza over some Welsh country side. For the first time I really opened it up and used it as a sports car, rather than a tourer and changed my mind! Fast sweeping corners and finally the car made sense! Supple but so planted. I kept it another two years after that! These are great cars and like MX5s for so many years, so underrated as great drivers cars. Hope you have as much fun in yours as I had in mine
  15. Planes, Trains and Automobiles - this thread has it all! See you have saved the best ‘til last. Safe trip!
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