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  1. I read that too. I hit the big 50 in a few days time. Got to say, the timing of 47 seems about right for me. Right now I’m more concerned about my own health and couldn’t give a bollocks about financial worries. They will sort themselves out or they won’t. Familiy issues? I can’t do much to control them other than supporting (at the moment my wife re her sister). Stress? Not so much as I’ve realized you can only do and control so much. Failure? Damn, it’s too late to change that now. Success at work is a way used by management to keep you working hard and after hours. Only for them to give jobs to their ‘clique’. Sod that. Just working towards retirement now, trying to enjoy myself as much as possible on the way. Just in case I don’t get through the next 20 years. In the meantime I’m trying to hone my skills as being a grumpy old man!
  2. For the past 31 years of my life, I thought Ferguson sings the blues, in bars of 12 or less, because... Sid James was his biggest influence. Having just watched Carry on Camping, it was going over and over in my head, wondering WTF was Sid James to that Decon Blue fella.. A 20 second Google later and I find out he was singing about someone called Homesick James. (!) It would be funny if it wasn’t true!
  3. I was lucky enough to be invited to a private party that not only had a free bar (within reason) but also had SLADE topping the bill... After a number of great song had been played and danced to, the DJ put some music back on and I retreated to the bar. Only to see the one of the Gods of Brum there; Sir Noddy. I’m normally a talkative chap but suddenly went word blind. I’m not sure I could have remembered my own name. For some inane reason, I found myself saying... ‘can I buy you a drink?’ To which he just pointed at the ‘Free bar but tips invited sign’ and grinning. Feeling like an utter cock, I sulked away and as my mates just pointed and laughed at me.
  4. The Beat came to Minneapolis and because their US following is nothing like it was in the UK, you could actually get tickets without having to try to get them within 5 minutes of them being released. Took the Mrs and a couple who are good friends of hers. The first four songs were bloody amazing. But invited couple said ‘this isn’t very good’ and wanted to leave. So we left. I still regret not saying ‘Well you bugger off down the bar. I’ll see you in a couple of hours’. Now I never go with people that either don’t want to get their moneys worth (however painful they might find it), or wouldn’t think me rude telling them okay, I’ll see you later then.
  5. damn nose hair was freezing up as I walked across the car park and into work this morning. Why couldn’t the company have been based in California???
  6. Another vote for Corby. Sorry. I can remember as a kid, that they thought the new Disneyland might be built there where the ‘works used to be. Everyone got excited at the thought of the jobs it might bring... That’s about my only positive memory of the place.
  7. You are more than welcome to some of mine. We only had a few inches last night, but still meant I had to scrape the car off and then drive at 20mph below the speed limit all of the way to work. This is a shot from the Starbucks / garage where I’ve dropped in for lunch today... I’d take wet and windy today!
  8. Wish there was - the US can be very iffy and it’s not until you don’t have something like the CAB that you actually miss it. Instead everyone has to sue each other here... Ha ha ha. Right now I’d like to be back in the UK. -20C again as a low today and topped it off with a light warm up and sprinkle of slippery snow tonight. The cold does make it a nice clear day though!
  9. Bought Mrs Roobarb one of those fancy Dyson curling hairdryer tong thins for Christmas. Bought it early as I was worried they would sell out / I would forget. Went to use it on Boxing Day and it blew our ring circuit when she went to use it the first time. Took it back to the big box electrical store to be told, I only just squeezed in for the 30 day replacement in store. Otherwise I would have had to send it back to Dyson. Can’t bloody win sometimes!
  10. Great timing complaining about the state of the roads - we mush have a synchronized time of the month / year. Super POed with the roads on the little island I live on. The city decided to have all the roads resurfaced and seriously updated from the base up where needed. Sounds okay but in our town, the house owners have to cough up the money for the stretch of road outside your house. You can either cough up for the full amount all at once (shade under $5k for the stretch we are responsible for - one car wide and they didn’t even put in kerbs on the far side; am I ever glad we don’t live in a corner house) or have it added to our housing tax over the next million years. They finished it one summer ago. Yesterday the gas and electric came to a new house being built on a plot subdivision to connect up new utilities. Dug two wide bloody trenches across the road and when I drove to work this morning noted that they just filled them with loose rocks and shite. Those bastards better come back and fix those buggers properly or I’ll have some real ranting to do at the local council! It’s like having a toy you haven’t finished paying for when some other bugger comes up and breaks it for you and you can do nothing to stop them.
  11. Take him back in for another check. though It’s probably the effects of the trauma causing inflammation as things start their repair process. That said, take him back in. You can never be too careful when it comes to kids!
  12. I had a 73 Corolla in bright orange called ‘Cyril’. Last time I was in the UK I chased it back through the family I sold it to all the way through to the scrapper. I would love one again (but this time manual)! Cost me £250 back in 87. Probably add a ‘1’ at the front and ‘0’ on the back these days.
  13. This advert for the new BBC Dracula is getting some news airtime in the US. Looks different in the daytime to the night! Pretty clever!
  14. Great day out with Roobarb jnr today. We went sight seeing and to the Flicks to watch Jumanji. As you can see it was very cold... Even the stalagmites were blue! Best day of my Christmas holiday.
  15. I used to think that, then realized my sons friends all do it too because #TikTok or whatever it’s called. TVs are so last century... Either way round, I hope one day they realize just to enjoy the moment. Perhaps a good venue will offer after performance downloads to prevent this ridiculousness in future?
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