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  1. @eddyramrod Hey there mate - it there’s anything I can do to help with Huggy’s rehabilitation, please just drop me a PM. If you remember, I’m based in Minneapolis. I will be ‘out of state’ in two weeks time (so there will be a pause of service as I have to do another 15hr drive too and from work for the week) but anything that fits around that, I’m more than willing to help where I can. Would this work? https://madison.craigslist.org/pts/7115355807.html It’s only about 300 miles from me. Could make for a fun adventure! Or this: https://quadcities.craigslist.org/pts/7140240137.html About 400 miles so probably best posted to me... Or this... https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/pts/7128403709.html Again around 375 miles so probably best posted to me. Alternatively you could find the panel new, have it shipped to me and I can forward to you.
  2. This was spotted at a park in Minneapolis this weekend... Pedal powered!
  3. Is he looking for the VW badge on the beetle bonnet?
  4. VW camper? Wouldn’t catch me in one of those... except maybe three weeks ago Or yesterday... Only difference is we rent ours! Hope you have some great adventures in yours!
  5. Been working my arse off too since the Covid. Had an R&D project close to FDA submission so have been using everything I can to keep it on track, as launching the new product is going to be really important to the company. Covid has made life even more difficult as some [email protected] are ‘working’ from home with nothing better to do than create huge emails and hold Zoom meetings. Making the time for real work even harder. Flying is difficult so have just driven 900+ miles each way (rental car thank goodness) to do some product testing at a specialist test facility this week, losing Sunday (Father’s Day) for me and driving for 30 hrs. Not to mention the stress of watching the testing and hoping nothing fails. On the plus side, we are all being forced into vacation next week, which means that the bloody emails (from the US at least) should stop for a while.
  6. Sorry for the huge delay in replying. On a bit of a road trip for work. 14 1/2 hrs driving on Sunday. Got the return on Thursday. Minnesota to Colorado and back! I contacted Kingston’s and have been pretty happy with their quotes. I’m sure non-running will be a premium, but not sure if it will be much. Make sure you have all your registration docs and that the car has the original chassis and engine (or one of an identical type). Also make sure there’s no soil on or in it. Don’t fill it with spares either as the customs will want to inspect them and charge you storage until they get around to it!
  7. For RORO you are looking at $840 for a small car at the moment. Shipping out of the UK is $150 for destination charge and then tax upon landing. I can’t imagine it would be much more going back the other way (US to UK). Don’t ask me how I know as the wife will kill me
  8. This made me smile a few weeks ago. Or at least it did for the first few hundred miles. Then the straight started to wear a little. I’m working in a new place next week. The drive is 1000 miles (well just under) and 13hrs of actual driving each way!!!
  9. More party at the back than ever before and all business up front for those zoom meetings. 😜
  10. Just got back from hairdressers. Over a 3 hr wait (fortunately you can book in on line) and finally I has ears and neck again!!!!
  11. The haidressers have just opened near near me. Over a 3 hr wait if you want to get in You have to feel for the poor guys and girls working away there. There must be some real overgrown barnets going in (some probably needing an estimate) as well as the ‘I had a go at it myself, after watching a YouTube video... Can you make it look normal again... PLEASE,’ I need to get in there pretty soon. I currently look a little too much like Side Show Bob from the Simpsons.
  12. From the first outing: "Ah, another scooter boy... They think they're invincible... just because they're from the future!"
  13. Well, most of you have probably seen the news about Minneapolis. We’re set for another night of unrest, with the national guard being brought in - with as many as 13,000 national guard possibly turning out. Curfew at 8:00pm tonight. Yes, there are bad pockets. Yes there has been violence and a very unfortunate cause to this, but it isn’t a reflection of Minnesota or Minneapolis usually. So many of those arrested are from ‘out of state’. Those who follow trouble. Don’t let the news over hype this. There are issues, but there are also inflammatory elements trying to make this worse by looting and destruction. Also the media trying to eat up airtime on this issue by sensationalization of the violence and destruction. Minneapolis is a great place to be. Yes, I would like to come home to the UK one day, but that’s just because the UK is home. Please don’t think that America or Minneapolis is as bad as you might see on the news. It’s a great place to be and I love living here.
  14. You could always take a quick video of Carruthers and play it back in front of the video (with backgrounds turned on). One guy in the ‘office’ has one of those googley finger puppet monsters with wavey arms in front of his camera.
  15. If anyone else out there is getting as pissed off with MS teams meetings as I am, I’ve just found a neat little trick... Take a picture of what is normally seen in the background of your video. Load it into your backgrounds and show it. Get a gif or similar of someone talking (I used a glitching version of Max Headroom) and pull it up on your phone. Put the phone image in front of the computer camera and the software drops the background of Max and imposes it into your background! Raised a few smiles in an otherwise boring meeting. All in need to do now is find one of those apps that has an image and mouths what you say.
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