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  1. Bloody hell, what are you all doing with you Subarus? Living on the beach? I’ve not had that problem, though mine have always been carefully bought (bar one which was new) and sold maybe three years later. So far my biggest expense has been a couple of new clutches, new brakes and discs and for some reason, breaking wheel nuts when I rotate the tyres... I must confess the petrol consumption isn’t the best though.
  2. +2 for Subaru Forester. I haven’t had a major issue with any of the 7 Subaru’s I’ve owned and tend to swap them out, just because I get bored or want to try something different (find out it pants and buy another Subaru).
  3. I’m turning into my Grandfather as a word nasty. Why do people in a coffee shop when asked what they would like say ‘I’ll get a large latte’. No you bloody won’t. You won’t get diddly squat you lying hipster. It’s ‘I would like a large latte please’ or ‘Could I have a large latte’ or ‘Please may I have a large latte’ or even ‘Get me a large latte now!’ But you personally won’t ‘get’ anything. You will stand there like a slack jawed idiot, unable to correctly use the English language and wait for someone else to ‘get’ you something. I’m probably wrong and I just jealous of their better bushy beard than I would ever be able to grow (or something like that), but to me it just sounds WRONG! Sorry rant over. Just checked the dictionary definition. Damn. I’m wrong. It still doesn’t sound like good English though. 😕
  4. https://ventura.craigslist.org/cto/d/lompoc-1972-mercury-capri-v6/6954919085.html okay, not strictly eBay, but Craigslist threw this out at me. It works out to be (too rich for my blood) around £8k. But for what claims to be a rust free Mk1 crapi with v6, I guess that’s not too bad!
  5. Tons. One because it was a little old lady selling her dead husbands Merc SL in Hythe Kent. Told her she could get so much more and I couldn’t afford it A 964 porsche for $12k again told the owner he should stuff it on eBay and if he couldn’t do better, I would buy it He got $32k which was cheap even then (7ish years ago) He took me to the pub when it sold and bought me a beer. The most regretted - Porsche 356A when I first moved to the states about 15 years ago. Pretty rust free but a race car look and a tuned VW engine. For $20k or best offer, I thought I could do better than a car with a tuned bug engine...
  6. I’m late to the pick up, but that sir, is a tasty buy. Chodspeed! The interior is a thing of beauty to behold - especially at its age. Not sure about the wallaby take off, but could the 65mph wobble be something to do with the hockey puck hard tires? Might be about the right speed for resonance.
  7. This thread just gave me big grins over the last two pages. Thanks all 😆
  8. So many things I just don’t understand in America, then something comes along that blows my mind (‘cos I can’t even fathom it...)
  9. Minneapolis / St Paul (twin cities) county fair ground. From the flyer, it looks like it’s going to be on June 19, 20, 21 next year.
  10. Extra points for the meerkats though! Are you there yet?
  11. That’s a shame. I feel much the same about the Lambo and Bugatti crowd in general (those that take them to the local track get big respect!) If you get the chance, you should try back to the 50s next year. No cars over 64 1/2 allowed. Weeds out mustangs which is kind of a shame, but some great cars otherwise. That’s a 30-40 minute drive from the house.
  12. People just turn up. The place is only open in the summer - sells Christmas trees through autumn and winter and then the owner vacations down south after Christmas. We have a couple of local Autoplexes where football players bring their Bugatti’s and Lambos and the real rich guys bring expensive cars, but other than car clubs joining up to cruise there, the cars typically aren’t as varied. This is someones video from the smaller of the two Autoplexes laste weekend - about 15miles from me. Do you have any meets near you? I don’t know why but Minnesota has some great classic car shows. We have ‘Back to the 50s’ in June which was the USA Today’s best car show this year. Around 12,000 cars and 100,000 visitors from all over the states. It can become a bit of a zoo though, with so many people going. It’s usually pretty hot and very tempting to buy something your not going to get thanked for when you get home. (I nearly bought a Willy’s pickup a few years ago).
  13. But I physically got up off my dumb butt when I saw this arrive to take pics! Best ‘til last
  14. Theres always an eclectic mix...
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