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  1. https://www.halfords.com/baby-and-child/car-seat-travel-accessories/car-seat-covers-protection/halfords-car-seat-grip-mat-237856.html On leather these are ace.
  2. Not many brought in in the first place. Most canned when the rear dampers failed or the 2.4 emptied its sump. Superb ride.
  3. Those are bob-on. We use them at work.
  4. Fan cuts in then? 100C or thereabouts? Gauge sits about right -
  5. D2. Still weeping....😁. Still tentatively for sale. Probably.
  6. Fiesta. Brraaaaap. Needs smaller wheels. Or less lower springs. Bottom arms. Probably. Engine mount a bit soft. Rust proofing the filler cap area-bit thin... 😁
  7. Current Frontera A 2.0 (leafer for the uninitiated). New rad. Two new rear springs, bushes, u bolts and shackles. Alternator earth return repaired. Oil and filter changed. Needs - using a bit more. Gearbox and diff oils. Cutch master cylinder kit. Blah blah
  8. Current. D3 2.7 HSE Auto. Jack of all. Ace. Bits falling off-loads. New rear prop. New NSF inner CV boot. Awaiting- front and rear drop links, bottom arms, front prop. 😁
  9. There's a Senator in RAF Cosford Cold War section -
  10. Harsh and judgemental there - they obviously have a passion for them, and why not make a living out of something you enjoy - also is probably responsible for some of them coming back into circulation as opposed to rotting away/being scrapped or butchered for random kit shite that never gets finished. So-called 'genuine enthusiasts' have the same opportunities to buy etc...
  11. The later club wasn't a Club....how old was it?
  12. Depends on vehicle and driving style. Low mileage stop start can be harder. Once is better then none obviously! 😁
  13. 'cough' Every 6 months. Prevention better then cure. Long / no inspection service intervals are a farce.
  14. Drums are the best option for parking brake. End of. Self-servo action will actually pull leading shoe harder to surface if it tries to move.
  15. Long nose vise grips help. Sacrificial type Philips screwdriver also. Use as a lever. Proper pullers(tent peg type and scissors). Experience. Also, understand how they work-most fuckups I've seen are due to lack of knowledge of operation.
  16. You wait till the shitty cap goes, or the aux/blower belt snaps. Approx .5 seconds later it looks like a wounded Lanc running for the coast. That exhaust heatshield is basically a large hotplate.
  17. Vacc for min 20min. Can do a leak test with Nitrogen kit.
  18. Nice one Toby. Good work. More fjords then Slarti? 😁 davo, really...
  19. As per. I need an address for an Amazon delivery if poss. Cheers.
  20. Saw this. Nice. Full of tat as well.
  21. Sort of. They are actually Isuzu underneath, assembled by IBC in Luton...😁
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