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  1. @philibusmo - check pm chap please as a matter or urgency. Cheers
  2. I used to build them for the parts dept in my spare time. You can read them by eye...
  3. #7 on diagram - should be a squirt when you open throttle quickly. Check and report back. Chop chop.💪 Bear in mind you mightflood it if you repeatedly do it, or run out of fuel.
  4. Slow increase in airflow (gentle throttle opening) the slow/main jets supply enough fuel. Anything else you need the accel pump to literally squirt fuel in. Take air filter off, peer down barrel and you'll see a jet of fuel from a small pipe into main venturi. Or you won't. Diaphragm leaking or jet blocked. Probably.
  5. I was referring to the requirement for them to be MOT'd as a Tricycle pre MOT exemption/classification changes for Invalid Vehicles, not Carriages (which is the current, updated regs). I suspect that the OP vehicle falls out of the current Class on weight/speed as alluded to previously. Therefore Tricycle would be logical- it could in theory be MOT'd on the Chassis no to get it on the system so to speak? B1 on the old licence.
  6. Oh the irony chap... Poor socking/trolling possibly? Definitely...Meh... So I still didn't tell you to shut up. I'll leave the incoherent ranting here along with, say, your last dozen posts because.....well...you know. ........ Far from it, there was a constructive bit and an observation about DVLA and people (previously) abusing similar situations and how they are now being, basically, unhelpful/stringent - does that make me a gobshite? Ignorant? Fuck rightoff mouth-breather. Fuck off off until you get there. Then fuck off some more.
  7. Hmmm. Last first - if you'd properly read what I said it was 'he' so follow your own advice chumpy. I can't see anywhere (using man-looking admittedly) where you are attempting to register it as a Class 3 L4 or L5 or a Class 4 L5 (Mot) vehicle? Afaik it's the only way to re-register appropriately. The Registration number/DVLA being over zealous after years of doing nothing despite mutliple cases of misuse/abuse of the system is well documented and as such, unsurprising. I have enjoyed your incoherent ranting/Victim Mentality™ when people point out actual facts though. Nice work.
  8. Don't talk utter tripe - that's not why he was 'hung, drawn and quartered by people here who know, nothing about nothing,' He drove a unregistered, uninsured vehicle on the Kings Highway - that's what he was called out on. Bleating about the DVLA et al because they won't magically move a vehicle from an defunct classification to one that suits you is pointless - get it registered and insured or shut up.
  9. red5

    Bloody astra J

    Did it actually cut out? That's quite important before anything is looked at...
  10. When driving if you cornered did the noise increase/decrease at all?
  11. Proton Panache. That's the win. End of.
  12. In your opinion, of course, which differs from facts (as does mine naturally). No room for discourse, just shouting down and belittling instead of , say answers or discussion - in general not aimed at your per se.
  13. Is stale in this context the same as the one where, as per the observation some post back, posts are still being deleted with no apparent reason or notification? That's not 'whining', that's a fact. I don't care what people spend their hard-earned, or otherwise, on. I do care if someone is pissing up my back and telling me it's raining however.
  14. because some decided, unilaterally, that it was non-inclusive, or offensive, or...blah blah.
  15. I think you'll find that was three years ago.
  16. Just shifted a Focus diesel estate...cupboard is a bit bare at the moment. 🤔
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