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  1. A bit like here then. Or exactly like here. I'm on both. There's a decent mix on both. The password thing I had from a work site exactly the same as you describe. Changed it, then back and nothing. Odd indeed.
  2. identical to mine. Ah, those were the days...song in there somewhere.
  3. Hmm. Map readings are good, seem a bit low when running, mind you that might be symptom.
  4. Stanky do me a favour and get a MAP reading with ignition on and engine off please. Cheers.
  5. I am aware of what it means - its not safe. A hydraulic jack is lifting equipment, not for supporting a vehicle, especially a un-chocked one. A tyre change is really the limit. I'm aware that lots of people work on unsupported vehicles, no chocks etc - doesn't make it right. Not sure what you're trying to prove so will leave it there.
  6. Yeah, 30 years in the trade and not dead. Utter drivel chap,
  7. Get out. Get an axle stand.
  8. Have you got an actual manual? Check tos resistance readings as well have voltage via diag. Stick it on a trailer and come to Worcester.
  9. The engine runs in open loop mode before it's at operating temp, before going to closed loop. Feedback from pre and post cat sensors is used to determine air fuel ratio. The engine is up to temp. Yes, blank it if possible, if not then leave it disconnected.
  10. Idle control valve only allows additional air to move idle speed off the base setting. It maybe that it completely controls the idle speed with that e butterfly closed, or controls it over and above a base setting- eg 500rpm. This would be set by a throttle stop adjuster type screw on the throttle body. If someone has touched this then it's possible that the idle is always too high, so the icv is always closed as the ecu tries to lower idle speed to normal levels. I would try blanking off the idle speed bypass circuit and seeing what the idle speed is then. Should be zero, or very low.
  11. Can you show me the idle valve mounting,? Also, the throttle butterfly in closed position.
  12. Remove crank/rocker breather. Block at inlet side. Results?
  13. Pcv is one way... Disconnect servo and blank. Manifold end if you can. Any loss of brake fluid? Post results.
  14. Does it fuck. It's a bright pink car, quelle surprise it's got comments, some good, some bad. Sills need to be black - they never look finished off otherwise, like it's missing a sill trim or similar. Imho, naturally.
  15. Paint your car whatever colour you like.. If you post pictures you will get comments. You don't get to say I only want 'good ones'. That's not what a forum is. If people don't like it, they can scroll by, if you don't like their comments, ignore them (your choice) if you want, or ignore them. If people overstep the mark, well, that's what Moderation used to be about, clue is in the name, with a big or little 'm'. If you don't want to read comments, don't post pictures in a forum.
  16. That is so not what fucked AS at all. Censoring opinions does. Jesus, he's painted a half decent Rover Metro pink. What the hell sort of reaction did you/he think you'd get? Paint it whatever colour you like chap, it's your car. Don't post pictures in a Forum if you don't want comments, positive or negative. It's not a fucking safe space. And that, gents, it what is 'fucking' AS.
  17. Renault 5 thermostat in top hose. Job jobbed.
  18. I've looked for a picture of my solitary Escort Mk1. No go so far. Bought in 1992 or 3 from the standard little old lady about 3 miles from me. Absolutely solid, only rot was both edges of the front wings by the headlamp surrounds- caught on the garage repeatedly Real blast from the past for me then, bearing in mind my first 5 cars were Cortinas and a Corsair 1.3L, green metallic paint, drums all round. About 70k on it iirc. 12' sodding wheels. Made it very busy past 65-70. Still for the original steel fan as well. Once I'd sorted the wheel cylinders on the front it wasn
  19. Bit sad, but it might get saved and 'done' now - that's got to be the best of a bad situation (so to speak).
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