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  1. The episode where they set off from that there London to track down a stolen digger waaaaay up north,only to follow the transmitted signal to a police recovery yard....
  2. If nothing else it will start a medical paper trail in case anything happens 6 months/a year down the line.....
  3. 1 of our Brit neighbours has a 75 they brought with them,drove under an underpass in the local town after a fair downpour Aquaplaned a good 30 metres before the car stopped,and promptly sank upto the top of it's headlights.... Had to climb out the windows as the doors wouldn't open, gathered some locals to help push it out The last i heard they had got it running again but the interior is toast
  4. Slow and steady with it's de-tuned bmw engine.... An aftermarket "ron box" really wakes them up though
  5. I went from a "pedestrian " P38 diesel to a Leon Cupra as someone wanted a swap..... Sure was an interesting drive home i can say
  6. It won't be an auto, for some reason everything shows as automatic,even household appliances........
  7. Yep,here in sunniest Bulgaria Unfortunately it has no documents which is a Big headache here,hence the cheapness
  8. Good to see it's staying put... Spookily i was just thinking about this as something popping into my BG watchlist...
  9. Bit like this 1? https://www.cars.bg/offer/c3133825
  10. https://www.facebook.com/groups/UKBarnFinds/permalink/942231399467655/
  11. https://www.facebook.com/groups/390896610925969/permalink/2968190003196604/?sale_post_id=2968190003196604
  12. The only I know who stay in Blackpool do so they fancy a change from Prestatyn
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