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  1. Are these still speed limited? I had 1 as a courtesy car when I crashed my Passat Gt and needed to take the Mrs to collect her Disco 3. It kept bumping off a limiter at 99 mph running down the M54...
  2. Your own personal Nemisis Bungle?
  3. I never knew that VW made a 2 door version of the Passat until today.
  4. We've had so little snow that most of the ski resorts haven't fully opened,and diverting tourists to anywhere that has.
  5. It's a Welly,same as the Subaru behind it.
  6. Picked up a few bits over the weekend,nothing special although the police car has a battery compartment underneath,and optics running up to the roof lights. Quick clean up and new batteries but nothing works.... And finally got the treasure hunt Subaru for a decent price.
  7. I'm surprised there are any tickets left, they usually sell out within a week or so.
  8. My 2nd ever job was working nights at the newly opened Gledrid Shell station on the Oswestry bypass. Anyone who didn't want their stickers we kept on our own cards so naturally I got the whole 1st set including the big Xj220. Unfortunately my scumbag brother sold most of it behind my back for booze money..
  9. If its good enough for a genooooowine race car..
  10. Just watched 1 of their videos where they pull an old Chevy Stepside Sport out of a barn,complete with a snowplough and find myself wondering if there are more kicking around.....
  11. Fun fact: the Peugeot 504 pick up was holomogated into Group B back in the day,just for raids and rallies like this
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