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  1. My Portugese contact is offering these for around £20 each,posted to me here in Bulgaria if anyone is interested?
  2. They eloped, but it didn't make it to Gretna Green Stopped at the border by the SVM?
  3. I picked up a 9000 Carlson cheap as the seller thought the head gasket had gone Turned out to be a split rad spitting coolant at just the right spot on the block to dry off and leave a stain..
  4. My LDV version was caged out into a sled dog hauler with the wheeled rig hanging off the rear doors. With 4 dogs,the Mrs and and me and either a good amount of camping gear or a small caravan it went everywhere at 60mph,and loved the veg for cheap motoring Once you sorted the rusty rear chassis it was pretty much un-killable
  5. I think it's more a case having no money so if you could afford to buy and run a car,you stuck with it. I've only been in Bulgaria for the last 6 years and the motoring changes are dramatic Where there was a sea of mk2/3 Golfs,Astras and many Soviet era cars,its been replaced by silver Audi A6s,S class Mercedes and Vw Passats Dacia are everywhere too,having a factory that's local probably helps..
  6. Giant dumps are what you take...... Shitting on the moon...
  7. I've just bought the new Vauxhall Disappointment Did you get the colour you wanted? No #bill bailey
  8. A couple more additions arrived this week I really should stay off the local sites... Both were around a fiver posted each
  9. My folks bought a BMW e21 316i that was the greyest looking BMW you can imagine. Logbook had it listed as Basalt Blau..
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