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  1. Done, payment will be due once a few more have been sold
  2. This has popped up on a fbook raffle group,if anyone wants a ticket give me a shout!
  3. Fitted a new filter earlier,and now it won't start Any ideas?
  4. Nobody did garish colour schemes like Suzuki back in the day, with the GSXF600 and 750 Teapots getting some seriously "interesting " designs thrown at them The last 2 are 750's which are identical to my 2 bikes from back then. Both are very comfy bikes,based on oil cooled gsxr running gear but a bit softer
  5. The ML270 has had an elusive cold start issue for a few months,occasionally needing a good few churns on the starter but always ended up starting No codes logged,nothing amiss with the heater plugs and fuel pipes not showing any air bubbles,it drove fine as well Untill yesterday anyway when it started surging at idle,dropping to less than 500revs or so then picking itself back up to 800ish. Managed to get it home where it refused to idle at all Bit of investigation led me to think the fuel pressure regulator had died so managed to get 1 at a local parts suppliers. Sharing the part with the Sprinter van meant loads of brands on offer,from £40 chinesium to a proper Bosch for £90. Changing it was a piece of piss,probably took longer to remove the engine plastics than swap the fpr itself. Started 1st time after it self-bled and it even sounds a bit smoother as a bonus
  6. OOOOF!! Around 1200 items up for auction Some very,very nice stuff in there,with some estimated to match! http://www.staceyauction.com/Catalogue__254
  7. This is how you report on sinkholes!
  8. Ah.the original Outlander. The Mrs wanted to try 1 of these when we were last car shopping,as allegedly they are based on the Lancer/Evo running gear I said no as it is soo ugly.... And thay are around 1/3 that price here in Sunny Bulgaria....
  9. Even better, I thought the Shell Manta was a Ford on my phone!
  10. Are you still there by any chance? If yes and you are able to post can you please pick up Opel Manta and the 2 BMW M1s Texaco and Shell Fords,plus the white 205 Pug Yellow 205 and 405 Thanks!
  11. Things are a little bit easier here in Bulgaria as Everything has to be in order before anyone can sell a property. All relevant paperwork is sorted by the seller,all utility bills must be up to date. If the property is being sold as an inherited property then all of the beneficiaries have to sign they are happy with the sale,and with their share. None of the above requires an estate agent, or even a solicitor if you feel brave. A local Notary deals with everything so all you need is a qualified interpreter. Their fee is a fixed percentage of the sale "value" Payments are done using a bank transfer for traceability, but some cash can be used for deposits ect If you pay a deposit but then pull out then you lose it unless there us a very good reason.If the seller pulls out then your deposit is returned,plus they are fined the same again If the seller and Notary are sorted then it is possible to find,inspect and buy a house the same day. If it's a lived in property then a months grace is usual for the occupant to move out.If its empty then you arrange getting the keys at the time of sale
  12. Or maybe get some refurbished and sell on?
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