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  1. Your personal opinion? Or jumping on the bandwagon nice and early....
  2. Drops mike.........storms off stage left....
  3. In other news, €69,000 can get you this https://www.facebook.com/groups/1444216189200311/permalink/2322939444661310/?sale_post_id=2322939444661310 Nothing to do with me....but not far from me
  4. I had a 1.0 ls in the same colour way back the...engine and box got hoofed out for a ti spec setup tho
  5. They do know how to put on a proper show,don't they! 1st saw them back in 2008 when they were the 1st band to play the brand new Wembley Stadium They had Biffy Clyro and My Chemical Romance as the "warm up"....... Almost like a mini festival with the show lasting a good 6-7 hrs
  6. I bought 1 of these brand new in 2000 to treat myself after a big promotion at work,cracking little bike Wish my body would let me fit onto something like this now.... Glws
  7. Are you sure he knows it's gone?
  8. Which is already bringing out the "why are they no people of colour cast in the show" whining from various US individuals.....
  9. I have 1 for you but I'm in Bulgaria Can you meet me half way? Soz
  10. We got a puncture and the tyre fitter pulled this out the tyre.... All sorted for less than a tenner
  11. You can get a Ron Box for a p38 diesel and it apparently transforms the car
  12. One of the guys who run Wrexham Breakers would save any VW bus that went in the yard back when they were worthless....
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