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  1. Pretty much the same in Bulgaria except all of the various charges are based on the value of the vehicle. This can lead to most cars only costing 500lev,with the rest going into the sellers back pocket. The Notary charges a flat fee and as such isn't bothered. If you're hoing to register it then a residency card is needed Seller must prove all documents are up to date and all municipal and local taxes are paid. The new owner is responsible for getting the vehicle to the local Kat office for it's inspection and until recently new plates. It is possible to keep the
  2. I must admit his idea of driving to the nearest Home Depot store,removing the Milwaukee batteries to claim replacements then driving on was "inspired"
  3. At the last place I worked at in the UK there were a couple of lads who were amazed I could afford to run a V8 Discovery as a daily driver 1 had a Kuga on pcp,another had a Corsa vxr thing on a personal loan. Yet neither could understand that for less than 6months of their payments I had bought,insured and pretty much paid the fuel costs of my lpg'd Disco
  4. Herd mentality=thinning the herd?
  5. I've been looking for a cheap skid steer loader on the various selling sites here in BG,so obviously Youtube has been bombarding me with links to his channel Watching him repair the front loading shovel that had been parked for 10+years was an evening well spent
  6. Looks like the current state of affairs for many people around here..
  7. Need the Subaru this week to start running various building supplies/waste around. Been parked up since xmas as the Vignette (road tax) ran out,and the ML has been fine for the local running around So checked the Legacy over before it started 1st turn of the key Sorted the Vignette out online through the bank, decided a week would be plenty so stumped up 14lev (£6ish) Orher options were a weekend ticket at 10lev,but would need to wait
  8. My last 1.8s hatch ( hence the screen name) It was a tidy daily driver that I bought for £500 Had it stolen,then found it 1 year later Got it back complete but wrecked cosmetically. It sat for a few more months but I'd lost all interest in it Sold it for parts and regretted it ever since....
  9. I need to pull my finger out and find 1 here before prices get too silly I did find a couple of 2dr Asconas,but no-one wants them,do they? #sarcasm
  10. 1 of my early Talbot Sunbeam Ti's developed a bit of a front wheel wobble whilst hammering it around Clocaenog's " close private roads " one night A bitof mud in the wheel I thought,solved by tapping the brake to calm things down On the spirited drive home it kept reoccurring,almost becoming a full tank slapper by the time we got home Investigating the next day found a chassis rail had completely rusted away from the inside out,finally breaking away where the front lower track arm mounts The tyre getting down to the wires was the icing on the cake!
  11. We are going through the process of opening our company now the effects of Brexit are starting to settle (as far as we're concerned anyway) The mrs and I have decided a van would be better suited for hauling product around,certainly better than the Legacy What to buy though... And then this popped up not too far away 2.4 diesel with a 4 speed box sounds like an interesting combo Trying to find out if there is any Talon (V5) to go with that reg number,as a lack of paperwork is a big issue over here
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