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  1. I've done this with any of our various Land/Range Rovers over the years. Always crack a window open as soon as I start it up.
  2. https://www.facebook.com/100020296159372/videos/426298809488477/
  3. You make that sound like it's a bad thing..
  4. Do these still use the IRMC that was on the 2.5? V6 Cougars had the same symptoms ans it was nearly always the IRMC sticking
  5. Can I be cheeky and take the 2 Kadettes? They are proving to be difficult to find for me
  6. Yep,80lev (£35ish) for a good partworn as the Subaru "demands" all 4 tyres have the same amount of wear,and It's not getting all 4 just yet. It is possible to buy Tyre Insurance here for this sort of thing.I'll have to look into it before buying any more.
  7. Unfortunately is doesn't work like that here in Bulgaria. You hit the hole,it's your fault,end of story. The roads have improved a lot over the last few years,but got caught out on a strange road.
  8. Arse,had to choose between a myopic hgv driver who wasn't going to move over,or a decent size collection of potholes
  9. It's a Manta B interior,I had the same in my 1st 1978 Cavalier Coupe. Definitely out of my price range now though unfortunately
  10. https://www.facebook.com/100020296159372/videos/2955679274732366/
  11. Any Opel Mantas kicking about ? I'd love to get another but I reckon they've got too expensive now
  12. Be quick as I imagine the prices will go through the roof on eBay..
  13. Now we have decent fencing up and the dogs have the run of the garden,our rodent and cat issues have disappeared. Honey the small terrier has caught and killed a couple of rats whilst the other 3 keep chasing after the Magpies and Jay's that come looking for water. A neighbour was walking her dogs which includes a mature Karakachan when they met a pack of Jackals that that wouldn't back down. She did a quick about turn whilst the Chan going nuts and trying to chase them off.
  14. Is this being used to rid them of their infestation?
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