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  1. Edit. The CHiPs hopeful was a 1200 V4 which ended up being to powerfull for the current tyre technology , the L twin came later in response to Honda's all conquering 750
  2. According to Up To Speed Ducati called it the L twin as they were trying to take on Hardley Movingson and supply bikes to the CHP....
  3. The Mrs and I went and had a chat with a local accountant about setting up a company out here All went well,with any luck we should be sorted late March,early April The grump? We had a good chat about the products we want to sell,including having to get some ingredient stickers done in Bulgarian Fired up faceache this morning and bam! Loads and loads of adverts on the feed about getting stickers printed up from pretty every company over here..... The phones have ears (as if we didn't know) and they are listening
  4. All those torks from zero revs i guess...... On another note i once welded up the chassis rails on a Carlton that had failed it's mot rather spectacularly The mot garage was in an area were a Lot of mot bodges were tried,filler holding patches on ect So the tester used to insist that any welded cars had to retested without loads of underseal being plastered everywhere Once he view the Carlton he announced that I was definitely in the wrong job (production butcher),and take up the welding full time!
  5. I'll pass on the Manta,bit squished for me! Thanks for looking,if anything similar pops up cheap then please grab it for me
  6. Opel Manta,a cracking drive but always underpowered If GM had dropped the 2.0 16v Redtop into it as well as the Astra,which was literally a bolt in job,it would have given the car a whole new lease of life...
  7. Thought this deserved a bit more attention than the Ebay tat thread
  8. Can you pick up the Opel Manta if it's still there,and any more if you spot any? And the rs200 thats under the buggy please
  9. That zip tie is working well then!
  10. Any issues with starting? The clips have broken on my 270cdi the same as in the pic,allowing air in and so the diesel runs back to the tank overnight
  11. Yours for one hundred and fifty of your English pounds
  12. I'd love a VehiCross....but,yeah.lol
  13. These finally arrived courtesy of my helpfull shipping agent They will be put into use as i try to locate an air leak on the ML's fuel system
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