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  1. We are going through the process of opening our company now the effects of Brexit are starting to settle (as far as we're concerned anyway) The mrs and I have decided a van would be better suited for hauling product around,certainly better than the Legacy What to buy though... And then this popped up not too far away 2.4 diesel with a 4 speed box sounds like an interesting combo Trying to find out if there is any Talon (V5) to go with that reg number,as a lack of paperwork is a big issue over here
  2. Facebook/Google from Bulgarian Some of the automatically translated news stories are hilarious!
  3. How much wood,would a wood chuck chuck,if the wood chuck drove an Espace?
  4. "Free" car anyone? I'd love to try take one of these just to wind up the Mrs
  5. "Free" car anyone? I'd love to try take one of these just to wind up the Mrs
  6. andy18s

    RR P38

    You'll need to be quick on anything that looks in decent condition Most are getting bought and broken for spares as they are as cheap as they will ever be now I'm always on the lookout for 1 here in Bg but anything decent will be around 4k Lev/2k Euro
  7. ^^ we fit for an extra £5 ?!? Nice cheap oil change....
  8. Vivaro,Primastar and Trafic family can have their side doors peeled with a good strong pair of hands
  9. So this dropped overnight unannounced
  10. andy18s

    RR P38

    My last one, a2.5dse auto which was a very relaxed drive Bought for £500 with a skipping transfer box drive chain,which I knew about and cost £100 for a good replacement And a permanently lit abs light which I wasn't told about untill I got there That turned out to be a front sensor loose in the hub,little araldite applied and that was that Usual hvac book symbol on the display,but everything else worked fine once I'd disconnected the rf aerial to allow the car to sleep properly This was the wifes "favourite piece of chod I'd ever bought",so high praise indeed
  11. You need to take a look at some of the Subaru sites out there,there's a whole new level of cockwomble in some of them
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