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  1. I would be very tempted to cover the floor, engine cover and bulkhead in flashband once it's not rotten and you have stopped the leaks. It's cheaper than the amount of sound deadening pads you will need and works as well.
  2. They thought he would have died pretty much instantly. How about sending Mrs Spart on a chainsaw training course as a romantic* gift?
  3. If you look around on the internet there's the official ferguson manual available as a PDF. It is excellent, if you get stuck I have a copy on CD I can find out eventually. Will you be using the fergy to log up? If so the ferguson rear mounted saw bench is good but as with all PTO driven devices it will take no prisoners and ideally needs 2 people to operate, 1 person needs to stand by with a broom handle clearing the cuts out of the way. Old blades can be dangerous time damage and metal fatigue can lead to them shattering, I work with someone who found his neighbors body a couple of days after one shattered.
  4. Not meaning to teach anybody to suck eggs but do you know how the PTO and hydraulics system work on a fergy? You need the engage the drive lever (so the PTO turns) and have the clutch up for the hydraulic system to operate on the raise/ lower lever. Once set at height it should stay put if it is in good order.
  5. Running on TVO there is a little bit less power with everything set to run at its best on TVO, however if you play with the timing and up the compression then they go a lot better on petrol and don't dilute the engine oil or foul plugs if they aren't working hard. It will depend on what you are planning on using it for and how much use it will be getting. If you already have a home heating tank full of kero then it makes sense to use TVO.... My father can do nearly a full ploughing match on the small starting tank of petrol, if he switches over then he would go though a good couple of gallons of TVO. Obviously if you are doing stop start or lots of little runs unless you remember to turn over to petrol before you want to stop for a while you'll get good at draining the carb, there should be a bent bit of wire through the hole in the drain plug on the carb bowl for easy undoing. On a normal day once the engine is hot our 2 will usually restart within about half an hour on TVO but you might need to play with the choke, throttle etc. Start should be on the gear lever as standard for safety, they're a very robust arrangement and will just need the connections cleaning. If you are feeling brave they fire up easily on the handle. A standard TE20 will not run a modern topper satisfactorily no matter what people may tell you, they were never designed to they were for a finger mower... Your hydraulics will want servicing and the oil changing, nobody ever bothers until they start to creep down.....Keep checking the engine oil doesn't start to get thin or smell of kero, they can and do gum piston rings.
  6. FFS DO NOT CARRY A PASSENGER ON THE FOOTBOARDS!!!!! if you need to carry someone and you have no implement mounted then the safest place is stood on the check chains on the lift arms, the footboards are there simply to aid getting on and off, they are not for anything else. DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT ON THE ROAD!!!!!! The use of rebated kerosene in TVO converted tractors on the road whether in agricultural use or not IS permissible by HMRC as no duty paid equivalent exists, to mix your own start with 4 parts burning paraffin 1 part petrol and half a part diesel or a little 2 stroke oil. Vary the recipe depending on the work you are doing, in good order with the heat shields in place you should be able to switch to TVO and run on it within a couple of minutes from a cold start. Doing ploughing the difference between running on petrol and TVO is very noticeable as is the fuel consumption- you use a LOT more TVO than you would do given the same job on petrol. It should do more than 12mph though, the govenor is either set wrong or the spring needs replacement, ours will nearly hit 20
  7. Probably still worth the best part of a grand to the exporters as it sits
  8. 110v is an absolute PITA and any site safety officer insisting on its use should be made to walk round carrying a transformer all day. The regs actually state 240v is fine if protected by an RCD, If you like Mikita then have a look at the Katsu range of tools, same tool in a different colours at a lower price.
  9. What is the current official forum protocol for a flounce please? Should it be announced by the flouncee or posted by another post departure in the members leaving thread? Is it a requirement to set up an a Facebook group post flounce? Many thanks
  10. If you can get hold of some then pinetarsol in a warm bath really helped my two.
  11. Re your questions about invacars used as film props, they would probably be sourced from wherever the government program disposed of them to if they were accident damaged or beyond reconditioning for further use in the program. Also BBC is tax payer funded so not impossible that they would just have given them a few if asked. If you did get one I would register it with as many companies that provide props for film use as possible, even a few days hire should cover most of your purchase costs.
  12. One of the old neighbours had a PY90 4 stroke version of a PW80, it got ragged mercilessly for a couple a years and was still running fine.
  13. Chinese mini pit bike any good?
  14. That scrapped date is wierd, looking at the tax report I would say it was declared scrap May 2013 as the date is mid month and that's the only time it happens.
  15. Try chucking it in on this page, hpi usually costs money https://www.seat.co.uk/owners/diesel-engines/reg-number.html
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