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  1. Absolutely shit loads, I'm assuming the acts are on a % of the door money and the rest are on a wage?
  2. Used to call those the dog boxes, mostly only the single guys used them everybody else had something of their own.
  3. Gears not a timing chain from memory on the Peugeot 2.3d the dots line up something like every 40 revolutions
  4. Never done set up our pull down with the circus only the fairgrounds, do they have a crew that just does that our does everybody pitch in? We did sit and watch them set up though when they shared the same pitch. I think they had their own crane too. Going out on the piss with the acrobats then watching them in the early performance the next day was a bit of an eye opener! Are you not running 2 trailers behind the wagons? How are the circus kids going with school, with the show as was with they were all home schooled and most of them seemed to have booklets and stuff to work through. LPG - get a bottle that you can lift in and out of the 305 easily, turning it upside down will let it draw liquid, you can refill it using a £15 adaptor off eBay. Don't be seen filling a bottle though most places don't like it. You will need a POL to 8mm faro pipe and a T for the connection into the feed side.
  5. A bit of work with either a lump hammer or sledge world have both had the wheel off and straightened the rim.
  6. Yep they exist, at least in prototype form, Yamaha? engine in them from memory, the police had them for evaluation.
  7. Nope that's cherry you've got there, old diesel doesn't change colour unless it has a significant bio content in which case it goes black and lumpy. Shouldn't worry about it personally, just top up the tank with white as it does go off slightly.
  8. Erm red diesel isn't supposed to be in road vehicles.... Has polished up well though! What polish did you end up using?
  9. They are ok as gloves go, finger tips usually wear through first though. I can't stand working in gloves and unless it's absolutely freezing to the point in losing feeling or I'm doing something with sewers or toilets I prefer to work bare handed or in the nitrile ones - but they just tend to get ripped apart from general use in a way my skin never does!
  10. I cut a finger down to the bone with a Stanley knife, luckily no tendon damage and after 20 years I'm now getting feeling back in the side I sliced. You could see stuff I had cut through when looking at the wound. A&E steristripped it back together and wearing a bread bag over it I put the engine back in a MK2 cavalier the next day.
  11. Timber is cheaper than metal, how about bracing it with a couple of 4x2s just in case.
  12. Who has the bottle to save this stunning Rover 75 connoisseur from the track or frag then?
  13. They continued with the MK2 till the 90s, they got different options to us so there are some real odd balls out there. Just need somebody to fetch a load of body panels over..
  14. Turkey built only option there, lwb (higher) roof height and swb body. Fancy picking up some panels while you are there
  15. Boxed cars would be worth looking at eBay for values
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