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  1. Engine was rebuilt by previous owner just prior to me getting it, engine wise it was sound when it left me apart from a clogged rad.
  2. Support was reasonable, pentastar parts bought all remaining UK dealer stocks and shipped them back to Aus in the 90s
  3. That's my old HZ fitted with the statesman front, I sold it as I was planning on emigrating to NZ later in the year and didn't have time to weld it up, realistically it wanted a better shell importing. Sadly I sold it to Pandaselecta from retrorides (not scary old Cortina who came with it and I thought would be the perfect keeper for it) he did bugger all to it then sold it to an Aussie who ripped off the GTS bits and the rest was fragged think the engine may have survived by that's all. Panda then bought the only Holden Brougham bought into the UK officially as a demonstrator did bugger all with it and sold it to another Aussie as by that point it was only fit for spares and upgrades for his Ute, the shell will available at some point. Junkman had all the details on the Kingswood wagon that was raced, it definitely wasn't mine and I think my have been pink originally, it was raced with the original 6 in it.
  4. Get yourself onto retro rides and look in the for sale section, someone is offering shipping out of Wellington to Southampton for £1200.
  5. For a windscreen just claim from your insurance they will import one of they can't get one in this country. They brought 2 in from Australia for my old Kingswood, 2 because the first broke in transit...
  6. DodgeRover

    Ford timelord

    I know one motorcycle restorer who's finished bikes are always 'matching numbers' as Americans seem to obsess on. Oddly they were never matching to start with but number stamps are cheap....
  7. DodgeRover

    Ford timelord

    Over 300 chargers were the General Lee at one time or another, I know LEE1 or LEE3 survived and made it back onto the road recently, or at least the tags from it did...
  8. DodgeRover

    Ford timelord

    The only thing I could add to this is on there being 2 of them could a second one have been created when the car was needed and they realised the original was FUBAR? It wouldn't be beyond a prop creation company to have just wacked the plates on it from the original car especially if it was still road legal on paper.
  9. DodgeRover

    Ford timelord

    The front of the screen will have been bent out when they've put chains through it to lift it which suggests the roof and pillars were probably stronger than expected.
  10. DodgeRover

    Ford timelord

    Maybe if they taxed it at the post office and they had to change the log book into their name or to a fixed address?
  11. As if to prove it, this is the message that happens 75% of the time I try to access the site, not that it's so often these days but I'm assuming it's happening to other more regularly
  12. Virtually every time I go to the new* improved* site I get the error message cloud flare, retry for a live version. Talk about shooting the messenger that outburst was absolutely uncalled for
  13. I don't know if I've said this already but when you register plant (that will never go on the road but you want the vin number in the system so it can be traced when it's stolen) they get allocated a number but the tax class goes down as not taxed for road use.
  14. Re: change of engine capacity, providing proof is not required when the vehicle is in the historic catagory. You may need to remind the DVLA of their rules.
  15. DodgeRover

    Ford timelord

    Can't someone just stick their head in at Bickers yard and ask if anybody remembers it?
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