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  1. See also stick welders from lidl/ Aldi....
  2. Should be fine just to drive straight in and declare the Nova once it is here. I know of a few come in on trailers due to covid and German restrictions on travel and they had no issue.
  3. Just the same as it was previously when buying from outside Europe, do a NOVA declaration, pay the tax and vat and register.
  4. DodgeRover

    Stop smoke

    A point of oil in 100 miles is utterly fucked, cut the cat off and bridge it. I'm amazed you haven't been pulled for leaving a smoke screen! You could try an oil change and a slightly higher viscosity oil and using semi rather than got synthetic. Most people don't bother changing the oil when it's going through that much, but it might benefit slightly.
  5. Not when you come off a motorcycle due to diesel on a bend, that's entirely the riders fault in the view of the insurers, the rider should have been aware and anticipated that it might occur, should you happen to damage the road itself or street furniture at the same time it's also your fault. The road obviously didn't offer an unexpected change in grip levels similar to driving onto sheet ice or every other vehicle would have experienced the same slide therefore either tyre issues or driver error plain and simple. As WTC said just bloody lucky there was nothing living in that space where it ended up.
  6. The main flaw IRC was the smooth tyres, which should be easily rectifiable, it's a real shame that it is potentially unrecoverable now.
  7. Here have some more reading matter https://www.theatlantic.com/photo/2016/01/the-antarctic-snow-cruiser-updated/424851/
  8. If you want to do things again can I suggest recreating Admiral Byrd's Snow Cruiser? [IMG]https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Snow_cruiser_2.jpg[/IMG] Or for added cool points going and finding the original in its icy grave and rescuing it? You could have the first Stolly to work in Antarctica.... If I recall correctly the truck stunts featured a shit load of weigh positioned in the trailer to stabilise it along with locked diffs and from memory you only ever see it from one side whilst on 2 wheels.
  9. Oh another thing I just remembered if the eml comes on power output and fuel economy suffer massively - it must go to running a default map. ICV wants cleaning occasionally There was a couple of recalls, most were done but the odd one hasn't been, cruise control and idle as well as a few other bits, with checking if yours has been done. They should be done free at a dealership.
  10. Good you've had your guns taken away we don't need our own Port Arthur massacre at the field of dreams, it shows something in this country is actually working, looking at your responses and behaviours in this thread you aren't responsible enough to have access to an air rifle let alone a fire arm and this whole thread proves it. Posting a fucking hit list of everybody who had disagreed with you, why the fuck you haven't been banned or put on pre-mod god only knows. TLDR take your medication or practise breathing and thinking before you post or act and yes I do have personal experience of manic depression before you start throwing that card about.
  11. Never mind a third Stolly, what about buying yourself a bit of woodland with River access to use the thing in? If you bought somewhere with an old quarry or similar you could build a large barn for restoring them in.
  12. Bigger than you would think inside, will seat 4 and 2 dogs no problem. FWD as standard with press button 4wd select on dash.
  13. Could it be overly woke moderation? A technical glitch?Could an unknown person be preparing to nuke your account from orbit?
  14. That's the identical twin to mine, except mine is on gas. Never had any issue getting parts. Only source for rust repair panels is the US though Check the oil frequently as both of ours use a bit. Ignore the recommendation to use 0w20 oil and use the 5w30 the engine was originally specified for. Change the water pump belt on the right hand end of the engine, it's only 3 ribs and shred easily as they get old. Plugs can be changed relatively easily but you need to remove the rear inlet manifold. O rings normally reseal ok. On petrol on a run 25/26 mpg is possible using cruise control.
  15. Just press the button and the rear diff is driven
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