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  1. Jerzy Woking


    I didnt realise that was the date it went up. What a thicko!!
  2. Jerzy Woking


    Alex from Car Throttle said he is collaborating with Chris Fix on a "new business adventure". Be interesting to see the result of this.
  3. This was the GS650 that was parked up in the basement at work for years. Around 15 or 20 years, and after 2 or 3 years of asking around, I finally found out who owned it and bought it for £50 Mentioned it to my mate, and he said he had a GS650 when he first met his wife, and wanted it to fix up for their wedding anniversay. So for £50 it was his. It had 80,000 miles on the clock, and had numerous issues, but being in a dry basement all those years ot wasn't too bad. Think it took him six months for a full nut and bolt restoration. It was like new when it was finished. He didnt keep it long as his wife preferred the pillion seat of his V-Strom.
  4. Jerzy Woking


    I've watched MCM for a number of years and some episodes are really interesting, other less so. I like WatchJRGo for the variety of cars he and his mates work on. Whether that be an engine swap on his twin turbo Audi R8 (that has yet to be completed), fixing up cheap $300 cars to sell on immediately, the conversion of a Rolls Royce to a burn out car (cost must be running into $10's of thousands by now). Most done in his or his friends garages, no two post lifts but using axle stands. Clever bloke, never fazed by any issue, electrical or mechanical. And the car store he uses, O'Reilly's, seem to have nearly everything he ever needs in stock for every car he fixes. Love to go shopping in one of their stores.
  5. Most welcome fella. I think the garden might need a bit of weeding when I eventually get there.
  6. Straight down to the Channel Tunnel then onto the solicitors in south east Spain to pick up the keys to.my new home. Unload the van at the house and start living my new life.
  7. That's a great price for one in standard condition. Great bikes if you ride on back lanes and tracks. OK on motorways if needed, but realistic cruising speed is 65mph. And I rarely use motorways in Spain. The top box is useful for putting your helmet in when off the bike, but the rack only takes 5kgs, and many do break. I ride with mine empty 99% of the time because of that, but they can be strengthened, of Hitchcocks sell a more robust one. Miss mine as that is over in Spain gathering dust until I can get out there.
  8. Go and try to start the Tula. My Monet hadn't run for (I was told) for about 20 years, but it was not seized. Bit of petrol in the carb and it started, not very easily, and ran ok with no sign of leaky seals. Stuck it back in the garage to sort out properly. It was there another 18 months. My brother has it at the moment, and has got it running well. Good chap!
  9. Once you get over their accents and boundless cheeriness, it's a good series to watch. Like the way they are no fazed by anything and give it a go (not always successfully).
  10. Probably a couple of months ago. When packing the house up ready for my move I found a load of photos of cars from years ago so checked their registrations on DVLA.
  11. Really odd. Last time I checked it on the DVLA it showed no trace. On seeing your post I put it in again and it is there. I do miss that car.
  12. Must have bought a new camera or film as I've 3 photos taken on the same day, sometime in 1986 or 1987. My FJ1000, dad and my mate standing by my sisters Cavalier 1.6L. Dads Escort van is on next doors drive. FJ again,with neighbours Mini and tour van (he was in a band at that time). FJ once more with my 244 (against the rules for a biker to own a Volvo back then). The Volvo (AEV 110X) no longer on DVLA database. The FJ last taxed in 1993 but still on database (B69 CMF), sold in 1988
  13. Following on from the Escorts made from gold and silver, here are his real cars. I'm no lover of Fords, but interesting all the same.
  14. Similar has been announced in Spain as ITV testing station have closed. No extensions, but car insurance covers cars needing and ITV until the stations are open again.
  15. Spent two hours washing and polishing the Guzzi this morning (a real two bucket wrong 'un) as it has not been cleaned for months. Came up really well considering this is a regular occurrence-ride it on a long trip then park it up in a garage for 5 months. May take a spin out on it tomorrow, but last week saw some right knobs out riding, wrong side of the road around bends, dangerous overtakes, and speeding through villages, including the one I live in. Probably first time they had been out in months.
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