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  1. You must certainly do the test and get your licence. Riding around East London on an LML is an ideal way of proving you can ride. Will put it in for an MOT this week, as a quick ride round the block reminded me how nice this runs and rides. Service history shows it had new belts on less than 500 miles ago. Can't believe I have ridden it so few miles. I've a few hours spare so will take off the clutch cover and see how hard it is to take the grotty gold paint off
  2. Pulled the Ducati out of the back of the garage at long last must have been there for well over a year. Charged up the battery, fuel on, choke on, and it started second turn of the starter But got to sell it as moving. Looking for around £2,500, as some twonk (NOT ME) painted, or rather coated, the engine casings in gold and silver paint really really badly. 25,000 miles, great runner, but sadly I've no time to do the paint stripping.
  3. I heard on the radio today that Sheffield has the highest number of trees to number of population in the WHOLE of Europe. Really? That's not been my experience of Sheffield. And parking wardens. Many years ago City Of London police employed the wardens. Their job was to keep traffic moving, and I recall that they issued very few tickets. As soon as Wardens are employed outside of the police, their main intent seems to be generating money, and bollocks to keeping the traffic flowing.
  4. Received a voicemail from someone at the local FedEx distribution centre. "The driver says he left your parcel at number xx, and put a card through your door to say where he left it". Why do they tell such lies? I have the parcel, handed directly to me by the driver. Dont know whether to ring the depot back and tell them, or just leave them thinking that their incompetent drivers are doing a great job.
  5. I love Sarajevo. Dont think it deserves being compared to anywhere in the Midlands. Unless one of those towns hosted the Winter Olympics.
  6. Received an email at 12.00 to inform me FedEx had delivered a parcel and obtained a signature for it at 11.56 I opened the email at 12.05 Delivery address on email was correct but no one had rang my doorbell. Says it was signed for by A. Ndy, but no card left for me to say where parcel is. Went to neighbours either side of me-neither were in. Rang FedEx-very helpful, said they would check on my delivery and ring me back. 2 minutes later I get a call to say the driver will return in 5 minutes with my parcel. 5 minutes later, doorbell rings, open the door and handed package by FedEx jacketed person. Missed a phone call 2 minutes later They left a voicemail to say the driver had left my parcel with a neighbour. Complete bollocks My grump is that the item was a side stand for my motorbike which needs 25mm cut out and to be rewelded. My mate chucked in his welding job on Friday to go back to glazing. How thoughtless of him!
  7. $1,400 Rolls Royce getting stripped before the installation of an LS1 V8. Some interesting videos...
  8. Jerzy Woking

    Austin Maxi

    My parents lived opposite a house with a steep drive, and the owner of the house had a Maxi (TOL 954H) . In early 1978 it rolled off of the drive and smacked into the side of my brothers newly acquired Renault 8. Wrote the 8 off (it folded like a crisp bag). Maxi last taxed up to 1984.
  9. Clearing out my garage I came across a cardboard box covered in dust. Opened it up and it contains a "gift" I received from the Volvo dealers when I took the new S60 for a test drive back in 2000 (possibly). Radio controlled S60 model. I've not taken it out, just opened the cardboard box that contains it. Anyone interested in taking it off of my hands for a few beer tokens? No idea what it is worth (if anything), so offer away. Will post as quite light. Can include the hubcap-no idea what it is from though.
  10. Jerzy Woking

    Austin Maxi

    This is the Maxi that is (was?) being giffer driven around Braintree. Still MOT'd and taxed.
  11. Started emptying my garage of stuff I can't take to Spain and useless crap today. My brother helped and has taken a load of stuff that he has a use for. Crap was loaded into the van ready to take to the tip. As I was about to leave, a scrap truck ringing the bell came along. Big geezer in a vest took a look, then unloaded 80% of what was in the van into his pick up. Lovely bloke (really) and he had a very pretty blonde girl driving the truck. 10 minutes later I get a call from the Estate Agent saying he has received a (good) offer on the house. Good enough for me to accept. Things are moving along. Look out for my post in the for sale section for bits of car, motorbike and auto related stuff.
  12. Jerzy Woking

    Austin Maxi

    There is a giffer driven one in Braintree. I last saw it having the tits revved out of it reversing out of a parking space in the Sainsburys car park. Did have a photo but cant find it now.
  13. Chod speed. London. Urgh!
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