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  1. When I sold most of my kit before leaving the UK, I photographed everything with an open tape measure in the photo to show the actual size, i.e. waist, inside leg, chest, shoulder to shoulder, etc. Stated sizes are often way off. Most accurate seem to have been Alpinestars, as if it said chest size 58, it was a 58.
  2. Isn't that what every rider thinks?
  3. When I was commuting on old shiters, I made sure whatever I bought had recent tyres on it and a good chain Once the tyres were worn out (after about 6 to 9 months, which was 10,000 to 15,000) I'd stick it up for sale whilst looking for something else with decent tyres. The difference in price was not much more than a new set of tyres. Surprising how many people bought bikes from me but did not inspect the things you should, namely tyres, chain, brake pads and head/wheel bearings Basically all the things I checked when buying
  4. Rode my KTM RC8 3,000 miles around the Balkans, and 2,000 miles to Bratislava and back. No issues as the seat was perfectly shaped. My Street Triple has me in agony after 40 minutes. Its the most uncomfortable seat of any of the 100+ bikes I've owned.
  5. This is a good website. Find a bike you are comfortable on and put the bike details in plus your height and inside leg measurement in. https://cycle-ergo.com/ This then give you the ability to see what other bikes offer you the same hip/knee/forward lean angle. Don't write off older sportsbikes, as many have tte ergonomics of a more modern tourer.
  6. Three of my mates have downgraded from 1000cc plus bikes and bought Kawasaki Versy's (Versii?)and all rate them highly. Much better for a novice and you can always detune them by having the A2 restrictor fitted. I had a 600cc Bandit fitted with the kit, which could be removed in minutes(restrictive washers in the exhaust pipes) and could have sold it ten times over for some reason.
  7. Many of the Turkish crims in London that were (and probably still are) smuggling heroin into the UK, drove silver or light blue Avensis's and Corolla's. Plus they looked as bland as their cars.
  8. I had a Suzuki GT550 at the same time my sister had a Wartburg estate. They were very similar in sound and fuel consumption. I'd have both to defeat ULEZ 🖕🖕
  9. Probably explains why I've seen very few red cars here in Spain.
  10. My Samsung phone has decided it doesn't want me to access my Hotmail account? and won't let me access their "reset password" until tomorrow. Cunts.
  11. I took a couple of videos of my garden as family and friends wanted to see it. I just did one continuous shot as I walked round with a little bit of commentary. Rather that send it to each of them, I uploaded it to YouTube without editing and sent them the link. It was very simple to upload and quick, as I did no editing at all. I think that is where the time is consumed
  12. That is some progress. Congratulations on coping with your fear and getting it done.
  13. https://www.bmw-motorrad.co.uk/en/world-of-bmw/off-road-skills.html The course was a bit expensive, but included everything-bike, riding gear, instruction and basic accommodation. I just took my own helmet and gloves. The instruction was just superb. The course looks to be structured differently now, but the intial ride (Level one?) was excellent, and instilled confidence in riding on loose surfaces, balancing and what the bike can do. Since then I've only ridden on the more gentle of gravel roads, as crashing so many times on the course did teach me that more serious off roading and I are not compatible.
  14. I probably would have then rang them from the car park, see if they would book me a table. If they did, I'd go in, look at the menu, and then tell them there is nothing they have that I want. Better than booking and not going in.
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