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  1. No such thing as cheap secondhand cars here in Spain. It seems that it has never been the case. My only out is to look on the local internet forums for UK registered cars that have been driven here, and are no longer wanted, are too expensive to put on Spanish plates, or would never be allowed to be driven on the roads (for instance, RHD vans). And there are too many traders are looking too. I was lucky enough to get in first for a UK registered Lexus GS300 that the owner drove here, before finding out he had 30 days to register it or scrap it.
  2. I was lucky in that my employers supplied all my riding kit, but the stuff I was issued in 2000 (Rukka) was inferior to that I was issued with in 2010 (Rukka again), which was far inferior to what I was issued with in 2017 (Hideout). I still bought some of my own stuff for when not riding the work bikes. Best thing ever has been my Exo heated waistcoat. Warm even without it being plugged in, an able to wear that and a t-shirt under my jacket through the winter.
  3. I somehow suspect that with the improvement of riding kit and camping gear today as versus the 80's, you wouldn't freeze to near death riding and kipping in a tent there now.
  4. I pass a scrapyard near me a few times a week, and have done for a couple of years. Some of the vehicles I have noticed have been there all that time, with just a few bits visibly missing. Not allowed to enter the yard though, but would like to see what's in the middle of the yard that I can't see from the road, simply to photograph them
  5. I became the 18th owner of this back in 2016. And it was in bits for about 9 years. Sold to its 19th owner in 2022, all rebuilt and pumping out a mighty 33bhp
  6. Here's the former fire engine when the current owner bought it. Not surprised he is selling it, it needs some work to get it to something that has a use.
  7. I misfuelled my Honda today-put diesel in it. First time I have done that in over 50 years of riding. Massive inconvenience too. Maybe it's God's way of telling me to go electric?
  8. Mackenzie Crook owns and drives this (although not in the TV show)
  9. Alex is a great bloke, and his enthusiasm and knowledge of the Electric motorbike industry is second to none. And he is realistic in what the bikes will actually do in the real world, and not simply quote manafacturers figures. I really would be interested at what it is like to live with day to day.
  10. I had one on loan in 2019 (DSR?). It was bloody quick on overtakes and easily faster off of the line than any of my big V-twins (including a Guzzi V1200). But for me, it was not a viable proposition, as the 60 mile motorway commute into work saw the range plummet to around 10 miles left when I got into the office. Ridden in stop start traffic where regeneration kicks in, it would be great. Plus my employers didn't like me plugging it in at work and thus paying for my commute! Hope you enjoy it. My local cops like theirs.
  11. My former Saab was highly modified. ECU, Turbo, intercooler, throttle bodies, exhaust system, wheels, brakes, suspension, in-car entertainment, and other bits. Insurers charged me LESS than tye standard model I had immediately before it, and also gave it a much higher agreed value. Very difficult and expensive to modify any car here in Spain, even harder if you want your car registered as an "Historic" vehicle.
  12. Did you notice how many Fiat Marea's are also still being driven there? Still shown as a 200cc with DVLA. If the engine swap was declared, I presume it would fall foul of some DVLA rule?
  13. Had a look at a 1976 500S here in Spain earlier this week. Totally misdescribed (loads of issues, badly bodged repairs, and no documentation at all). Hasn't put me off getting one BUT.... I checked on the availability of spares for the one I looked at, just out of interest. Spares for Sanglas 500's made post 1981 seem to be more available than for pre 1981 bikes.
  14. Lots of people in the USA think that run of the mill cars with 150,000 miles on the clock are low mileage cars.
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