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  1. I had a 1988 Sapphire Cosworth for a couple of years. The front doors were rotten at just 6 years old and 38,000 miles. Replaced both doors with an immaclate pair from a scrapped 1989 1800L.
  2. I insure my bikes and cars here directly with the insurers, namely Axa and Allianze. I have found its cheaper direct than with any of the dozens of brokers.
  3. One for sale near me, and has been on sale for some 8 or more years. A bargain at just €7,500, just right to export back to UK.
  4. That is Phil Hackers ex-race bike. He won the Forgotten Era Championship on it a couple of times, albeit with an FJ1100 engine in it, not the XJR1200 lump in it now. So yes, the previous owner had some success racing on it.
  5. €1,395 in 1982 is now roughly $4,575. No wonder it is,as rare as you say
  6. Check out a map of Jaywick in Essex for old car names. And Towcester for roads with an F1 connection
  7. For a split second I thought that train had been blown over onto it's side.
  8. I can confirm that. I part exchanged my Saab 9-5 2.3 Turbo for 5 year younger 9-5 Aero HOT with a bigger turbo, intercooler, injectors and throttle bodies, stainless exhaust, remapped ECU, lightweight wheels, larger brake discs and 6 pot calipers, suspension changes, and upgraded stereo. Was £50 a year LESS to insure (with Sheilas Wheels) than my standard 9-5.
  9. Contains shite VW's and Vito's, a decent (?) Iveco, and the story of a moron and a tipper.
  10. Saw C 51 on a Porche Macan near Chelmsford yesterday (no photo as I was driving). Respected, as you would expect, to read CS 1.
  11. Had to sell my 95 Aero HOT before I left UK in 2019, as there was no way I could get it onto Spanish plates. This was because of the mods that the previous owner did *Maptun brake discs and 6 piston calipers *lightweight wheels * Eiback springs, Bilstein shocks *bigger turbo *Abbott intercooler and full stainless Abbot exhaust system *Nootune stage three tune And loads of other bits and pieces. At 304 bhp, just on the limit of what you can do without a major engine strip. Fantastic 4 door sport saloon. So sad it had to go, but the buyer was a nice bloke and likes it as much as I do. Sold it for £2.5k. Tuned Saabs are a bargain.
  12. We had one of the 5 cylinder Marea Weekends as a fleet car at work. Went like shit off a stick, and could be chucked around the bends without concern. Luckily you have steel wheels on that one? Our Marea had alloys with a steel spare (not a space saver). Have to change the bolts when putting the steel on. Guess what our car was missing when I had a puncture...?
  13. The disc brake on the later model was horrendous. The drum brake on this must be so much worse. Not to worry though, reliability meant you wouldn't be riding it much. Agree that this one looks cool though.
  14. I also had a number of kickstart only bikes, from a BSA A65 (when I was a skinny 16 year old) through to an XR650R (when I was a fat 50 year old), all a piece of piss to kick start, hot or cold, once I learnt the knack with each. The DR350 and the XT500 I owned were the exceptions to this. No matter how many times I adjusted the ignition timing, the tappets and the carb. There are bikes that remain complete and utter bastards.
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