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  1. Had my first Covid jab this morning. Lucky I got to the Sports Centre early, as it seems my English name confused their system. Spain seems to employ some stunning looking nurses too.
  2. You will very pleased at the result once it is done. I have never read a bad review of what Karl does. Gone all nostalgic for a 9-5 Aero now, but I haven't see many Saabs out here, except for 9-3 convertibles
  3. He appears to have made more that a few cock ups during his political career
  4. The new owner sent me some photos after it had been crashed into and written off 😭 He stripped it fearing the worst, but it was not as bad as he thought. With the help of his knackered 9-5 estate, he was able to rebuild it (he works in a body shop, which was fortunate). Very glad to report that it lives on. I do miss it and glad the owner treats it right too.
  5. I take no credit (apart from changing the stereo and speakers) it was all the former owners work, I was just its custodian.
  6. Close you eyes and it all sounds the same. Brilliant.
  7. Have had 3 Saabs (a 9000 and two 9-5's) my last 9-5 Aero HOT saloon which I bought very cheaply from a UKSaab member who also took my auto 9-5 in p/x. Purchased with lots of expensive uprated parts, such as Bilstein suspension, big Maptun brakes, lightweight wheels, competition clutch, Abbott exhaust, Abbott large intercooler, Noobtune Stage 3 map, larger throttle bodies, polybushes all round and so on. Was producing about 300 bhp, about as far as it could be taken without changing engine internals. No matter though, as it was as FAF and no turbo lag at all Sold on to another UKSaab
  8. The UK is abroad for me, and it's just as risky for me to pop over. Maybe 2022......
  9. Its €15 here as i found out when I had a slow puncture. First thing the fitter did was look at the valve. He told me that the rubber used now seems to be destroyed quicker by the sun than they used to. Yep, it was cracked to buggery, and no foreign object stuck in the tyre.
  10. Received my EU driving licence this morning, which I put behind my residency card in my wallet. No longer will I have to go around with a rucksack stuffed with papers and receipts to prove that I live here and can legally drive.
  11. I like the way that they won't sell a car without running it around for a few hundred miles, and replacing stuff, such as brake pads, that they find to be worn ( but still serviceable). Plus they seem to sell the vehicles to subscribers of their channel, who are therefore fully aware of what they have done to the vehicle. I too would not hesitate to buy a vehicle they have worked on.
  12. I watch Goonzquad as they have rebuilt some really heavily damaged stuff, mostly American but some Ferraris and Lamborghinis too. They never seem to put them up for sale once done, as they can all be seen in the grounds of their family home. For the last year or so they have been rebuilding a house, which was interesting to see how houses in the US are constructed. The house is almost finished so the channel is back now rebuilding a smashed up pickup. According to Google their earning from YouTube are in excess of €1 million a year. Plus their merchandising which must make them a fo
  13. I teresting list of the top 10 selling bikes in Spain in February. I say bikes, but: 1. Kymco Agility City - 565 units 2. Silence S02 - 412 units 3. Honda PCX 125 - 404 units 4. Piaggio Liberty IGET ABS - 341 units 5. Yamaha NMAX 125 - 330 units 6. Honda SH125i - 317 units 7. Kawasaki Z900 - 295 units 8. Yamaha X-MAX 125 - 294 units 9. Piaggio Medley 125 - 245 units 10. Yamaha T-MAX 500 - 242 units So, only one bike in the top ten. The Silence S02 is a bit of an odd one-an electric scooter-until you realise Madrid and Barcelona have banned
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