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  1. How much is a basic service on a BMW 320, main competitor to the Tesla S? It rarely gets pointed out that the Tesla won't need a service in the same sense that the BMW has one. Or does the BBC not want to say that? My electric scooter service consists of a check on brakes, lights, head and wheel bearings, and tyres. Takes all of 10 minutes, with no parts such as oil and filters to buy.
  2. Now sold and collected. Cheers Skattrd, good to meet yet another decent AS'er.
  3. Not far. I flew from Stansted to collect a bike from Madmopedracer. Really nice ride back added to the joy of getting a good bike.
  4. I hope easier and cheaper than the one I burnt out on my Guzzi!
  5. Even liked the review of the Tesla-fitted in with the rest of the show. Well, except the Stars in a Car feature, but that can do one, although it does allow me to.make a cup of tea without pausing the program.
  6. I parked my employers car* about 50 yards from my house (no space outside my own house) when this bloke comes flying out of his front door shout in "park it down your own end!" Twat. If I come home and someone is parked outside my house, so what? It's usually a near neighbour or their visitor. As far as I'm concerned the cars are taxed and Mot'd, and my neighbours all pay council tax, so can park where they like. As can I.
  7. Mine I purchased from Bramz, as I needed a car as backup in case of snow, as I commuted 120 miles a day on a motorbike. Weather was only bad enough to use the AX twice for the commute, but it was a great little thing to up on around the lanes. Not much power so keeping up momentum was the key. Just like riding one of my small motorbikes on the same roads.. Heater was brilliant, seats were very comfortable, and pulling of bits of laquer from the roof was irrisistable. The "boxing gloves" on the front were to cover the substantial towing eyes, as earlier in its life, it was towed behind a motorhome I sold it on to Bucketeer as i just didnt have a need for it., and it has passed through a few hands since then, hopefully giving everyone as much fun as it did me.
  8. It must be W202 then Breeders,. as it was for this, which was a C220 estate, the one with the square headlights Sorry for any confusion caused
  9. When will people realise that rare rarely equates to desirable?
  10. Watching just a few minutes of BBC's updated "Ask the Family" program made me feel old rembering Robert Robertson hosting it. Then saw this Happiness restored.
  11. Just changed the battery on the Saab (date on the dead(ish) one is 2.11.2010, so not done badly). Boot won't open now. No key hole on models of this year, and the only way to open it is to crawl into the boot, take a panel off, and flick the lock. The boot is loaded with boxes of bike spares, some stuff for the tip, and a new kitchen sink. I have to empty the boot via the gap the folded back seats leave, but doubt a lot of it is small enough to get out of the rear doors. Bollocks bollocks bollocks.
  12. Just watching BBC2 and the "Family Brain Game" is on. An updated Ask The Family (hosted by Robert Robertson). My grump? None of the parents are Quantity Surveyors.
  13. The SV is now with its new owner, Tobyd ( a very pleasant chap indeed) who purchased it even with the MOT failure sheet RC8 gone for a service, but what I thought was a poor connection on the non working fuel warning light, was not. All the connections and plugs are fine, so bit stumped at the moment. Looks like I have a night of Googling ahead of me
  14. Really wanted to go to this, but delivering the SV to its new owner (Tobyd of this forum) and delivering my RC8 to the my mate for service and valve check). Maybe next time...
  15. Potholes and the constant digging up and resurfacing of roads with thin layers of both aggregate and tarmac that soon sink. Bastard bastard rings of plastic!
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