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  1. Wanted to buy one of those in NZ, tour around for three months, then sell it before flying home. Cheaper than hiring a bike (based on my calculations), and with a 100kph speed limit across NZ, would be quite fun being able to thrash it nearly everywhere without and speed trap worries. Bloody covid.
  2. If they just presented the facts, the program would only last a few minutes at most. Similarly the inaugeration of the President of America. Do they really need singers, poets, dressing up, dances, dinners et al?
  3. Every news story I read seems to include in it somewhere, the phrase "mental health and well being" when it doesn't seem relevant (at least in my eyes). Grump over. Got to go shopping tomorrow, so will actual be able to speak to a real person, even if stood two metres away, for tye first time in 10 days. 🙂
  4. I used to commute 120 miles a day, 12 months of the year. I had a Suzuki GSX-R which i changed the oil and filter every 10,000 miles as after 60 miles all the condensation would have been boiled away. The bike had two cold starts a day (maybe 3 if i had to refuel near work on my way home). At 180,000 miles the engine and exhaust system were both original. Sadly totally destroyed in a crash with a Transit tipper.
  5. Kawasaki GT550 commuter hack, over 100,000 miles, but running well. Checked the oil, topped it up with about 50ml, then off. Got about 20 miles when oil light came on, so stopped (just where A120 joins the M11. I had left the filler cap off. Right boot and leg of leathers drenched in oil (how the hell I never noticed I don't know). Plus the whole rear end of the bike was oil coated. Relatively short walk to the petrol station, bought 2 litres of oil and a few microfibre cloths. refilled oil, wiped bike down, microfibre stuffed in filler hole, and foot stuck on top. Made it to work, bike n
  6. In front of the house. Looks as solid as you told me it was. Looking forward to seeing more of this. My mum had one as a stop gap car waiting for her new Fiesta was I was 18, and I "borrowed" it on several occassions!
  7. Was it relatively easy to haul it out from where it was parked up? I remember where it was when i dropped off the Suzuki to you.
  8. https://www.ebay.es/itm/Autocaravana-Mercedes-Benz-MB406-Ano-1967-en-perfectas-condiciones/133561530295?hash=item1f18e337b7:g:crcAAOSwhrRfnD5c Perfect condition my arse €9,000
  9. https://www.ebay.es/itm/citroen-2cv-1979-coche-clasico/274586354448?hash=item3fee9f4310:g:nXAAAOSw6odfurgK Looks good (paint excepted) for the money at less than £4,500. But is it?
  10. I was "offered" a place on a Driver Awareness Course, but don't know what I had done. I just got a letter, stating that at a particular time on a particular date, and between two junctions of a motorway, I had performed careless riding. No idea what careless riding I had done to get this letter. And the only way to find out was to attend court, and three weeks they would disclose details of the offence. Or I could plead guilty and take 3 points and a fine. Or attend a course at the price of £1 less than the fine would be. Took the course, quite interesting as all it did was to let us
  11. Probably took Covid lessons from the Spanish police. If they say white is black, its black, not a sort of shade of grey.
  12. My mate had one in his paintshop in primer as it was there for a complete respray. I can't remember if it was going from red to blue, or blue to red. But I do remember how low the roof was, how low the seats were in it (and how close they must have been to the road surface) and how massive it seemed to bein width and length. Never saw it finished, but bet it looked amazing.
  13. That will be terrifying to drive. Without major reconstruction (like the Hyabusa engined Bond Bug) it will be an accident just waiting to happen. At the first bend encountered.
  14. Oh, and the bloke that gatecrashed an event in Washington, then tazered himself in the balls trying to take a painting off the wall.
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