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  1. I have 1.2 acres of land. A small workshop. There are also two big chicken cages made from heavy gauge aluminium that I can moved and convert into sheds, big enough for at least a dozen bikes. I have two bikes over there, so plenty of room for some Spanish two wheeled shite!
  2. This was my first CBR600 which was one of the early Aero models. Although it rode well it was a right heap, held together with about two dozen zip ties. When I took it for the MOT, they laughed at the state of it, but then couldn't find anything to fail it on. Today I rode my Guzzi over to my brothers, as he will be "looking after" it and my Ducati 900SS because I'm moving this weekend. I cannot face selling the Guzzi so he will do it for me. I am secretly hoping he will like riding it so much he will offer to buy it, as it is a lovely thing to ride. And if he buys it, then when I come back for the odd visit, I can still ride it. Looks weird seeing my garage with no bikes in it (had 13 in there for a while) for the first time in 31 years. A sad day.
  3. I had a Leonardo 250 a few years back. Commuted 120 miles a day on it for a year or so until, as with all the bikes I commuted, I got bored with it. Sold it for what I paid for it, and apart from bi-monthly oil changes, did nothing to it. The seat was surprisingly tall. Not fast, but could hold an indicated 85mph on the flat parts of the motorway. Loved the colours on my 1997 CBR600. Great bikes, and mine was very reliable over about 50,000 with just a fuel pump failure. There was a bloke that commuted a CBR600 from Peterbourough to Canary Wharf. When he sold it on eBay, it had 310,000 miles on it.
  4. Some nice shite videos and good stories on his old cars too.
  5. Very similar in Spain. Placed a deposit on my house within 7 days to get it taken off of the market. 4 weeks later a second (larger) deposit paid to show intent. Like Bulgaria, my deposits were basically non refundable if I withdrew from the deal. Because of Covid, I gave my solicitors Power of Attorney which cost me £200 in total. House purchase went through in May, despite their strict lockdown. My solicitors were each given a number of files to work on from their homes. All went very, very smoothly. Compare that to the clusterfuck selling my house here in the UK has been. Solicitors not working. Estate Agents not working (do they actually do anything though?). Council.planning departments not working. Everything delayed using Covid as the reason. Well, fuck'em. I'm moving to Spain next month, and they can do what they have been paid to do. It didnt faze the Spanish at all.
  6. Any of you LS400 owners want a 6 CD disc cassette thing? Just pm me your address if so.
  7. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/yamaha-tzr-250-3xv-szr-super-sport-thundersport-/133442328714?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292 Registered as a 600 too. Must have been job shoehorning that motor in there, as the 250 engine is a lot smaller. Looking at the MOT history, I suspect the mileometer doesn't work.
  8. That looks so much better. I'm glad there are other haters of those twin headlights that seem to adorn far too many Bandits, especially the 600's for some reason. I bought a very cheap 02 plate 600 about 18 months ago, and chucked a few hundred quid at it trying to get it to run right. It didn't so sold it at a breakeven price, but its refusal to run right kept me awake at night trying to figure it out.
  9. I quite fancy something like an Ariel or Matchless now. I feel I now have some semblance of mechanical sympathy for a simple 1950's single cylinder bike. It's only taken me 45 years to come to this conclusion.
  10. Because I was part time, I was alway allocated one of the three high mileage ones. They were "B" and "C" registration 1.6 L's and the red ones had paint as flat as a witches tit as they were put through the car wash every day.
  11. I did a bit of cabbing back in 1986, and the company I worked for ran Ford Orion (non turbo) diesels as their fleet. Two had over 350,000 recorded miles, one 450,000 and a few approaching 100,000 I know the majority of the cars were running from 06.00 to at least 02.00 the following day The cars were shite to drive, with knackered seats and no performance.
  12. No dissin' intended. Just glad I'm not the only one that didn't know that
  13. ECP had a good deal last month. I ordered three cans of Holts Tyreweld (who wants to change a wheel on a French or Spanish dual carriageway) at a fiver each, a Simonize car car kit with a wireless mouse (because I needed a mouse) for 16 quid and six seperate garden hose fittings (bit bizarre, but very cheap). Received the Tyreweld and Simonize stuff after about 4 days. I received the 6 hose fittings in FIVE separate DHL deliveries. Each packed in an oversize A4 padded envelope. Wonder how much of my £35 order was soaked up in postage and packing costs?
  14. So how long will it take them to return your £500 deposit(s)? With these days of internet banking, it should be as soon as the car you are bidding on but not won has sold. Was that covered in their terms as clearly as the time you had to place your deposit(s) by?
  15. Different sort of women live in Southend.
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