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  1. We stay at the Fox and Hounds in Willingham, about 15 minutes ride away. Ive never been a fan of riding home immediately after a trackday. You'll be tired and would have had a few adrenaline rushes throughout the day. At least I need to wind down somewhere comfortable with good food. Like the BSB School, the pub is recommended. Because it's not a trackday in the normal sense of the word, a Bikeshite day could be arranged there with them. As they say, it's not what you ride, but the way you ride it.
  2. I really rate the British Suoerbike School who operate out of Blyton Park near Gainsborough. Instructor to pupil rate is one to two. Proper instructors too, not just someone who wants to race his mates all day. Cartagena is close to on-track days with some of the Spanish clubs are €70. Shame I've just the Enfield here, but will bring the RC8 out in 2020.
  3. I bought a Thundercat from here on behalf of a mate at work. Flew to Glasgow to pick it up, and by the time I rode it the 400 miles home, bonded with it. I was disappointed when my mate gave me the money for it, as by then I hoped he would pull out of the deal. Recently had BT016's fitted to my KTM. Excellent grip wet and dry, and last very well (mine have done 3000 miles and look like they will go another 3000). Recommended. I didn't like Donnington, but they may have been down to the Trackday "organisers" and their instructors who just wanted to race their mates all day and to ignore their own track rules, especially the ones regarding overtaking into bends. Twats. Good luck with the endure.
  4. Was in Northern and Central Portugal last week. Must have seen about 20 Zundapp 2 strokes parked up at vineyards in Duoro. They look and sound great, and one is now on my list of bike to own. Also the wine from Duoro is all that bit sweeter thanks to two stroke exhaust fumes.
  5. That's outrageous. People like these should be doing National Service!!!
  6. Dont think the promo video here would be allowed in the UK. Full of wheelie, stoppies, drifting sideways through sheds, and other general hooliganism.
  7. Having my bike serviced-shop has the new Indian FTR 1200 in the showroom. Looks great. But WTF is the rear plate hanger all about?
  8. 5000 kms done on the Himalayan over the last three weeks through Spain, France, Spain Portugal and Spain (again). Been riding with bikes that are 600cc and 100 BHP more, but it has held its own through the twists and turns (we dont do motorways). 4 days off of the bike now at a mates place near Mojacar-bike is booked in for a service on Monday (1000 kms over the recommended interval).
  9. That's so sad to hear. Lost two close friends to bike accidents when in my teens, but more friends lost to cancer and other health issues since. I love riding in Europe, as the majority of roads are well surfaced and relatively quiet, but riding in the UK now for anything other than commuting is just impossible now.
  10. I'm currently in central Portugal (sort of) and today rode the N103. followed by the N206 and N304. The stretch of the N304 south out of Mondim de Basto is one of the greatest roads I've ridden in my life. Even on my 25 bhp Himalayan I could keep up with a bunch of French registered Ducati's on the N103 this morning-only on the longer uphill straights did they get away.
  11. Good God man . NO. Hotels everytime! Jacky-did 850km over 2 days (520 on the first day), avoided motorways, so all on CV, C and N roads. Seat is a bit too soft after a couple of hours, but cruises at 120kph when needed to. But on the roads we are using, 100kph is fast.. And Ainsa is a beautiful town to stay in.
  12. Rode the Enfield Himalayan up from "home" in Spain to meet up with some mates in Belesta, France (850kms). Great ride through the Pyranese. Riding over to Potugal then back through central Spain but no routes planned. In Ainsa (Spain) tonight. Rained all afternoon until we entered Spain when the sun came out.
  13. Lydney. Took it out today-needs the suspension setting up to suit me, and could use some new tyres, but everything else is spot on.
  14. Did a collectionz today-boring drive around the M25, on to the M4 and Seven Bridge to a village near Chepstow. I've been looking for an RC8R for a while, and seen some good bikes that were severely overpriced. So when I saw this black one for sale, near full original spec with all original parts. No loud exhaust, no Power Commander, just a few bolt on bits. The town it was being sold from rang a bell. Then found that the seller was the same bloke that sold me my orange RC8 2 years ago. So that put my mind at rest, as a perfectly sound and honest bloke. Taking it out for a proper thrash tomorrow.
  15. My brother used to live in the bungalow on the corner of Skitts Hill and Orchard Drive. The bloke with the garden full of vans had a garage at the back of my brothers garden, and that had a Vito buried in the brambles for years. The bloke owns the very busy van sales place in Bradwell on the A120 between Braintree and Coggeshall
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