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  1. You could have downloaded some ads from Spain, such as this one, to show what a bargain yours was. €3,285 https://www.milanuncios.com/fiat-de-segunda-mano/fiat-doblo-411720146.htm And yes, doing so would of course be equally irrelevant.
  2. Not surprised at who bought it, as Fiat/Renault/Citroen MPV's are extremely popular in Spain and fetch good money.
  3. I watched the FA Disability Cup on TV on Sunday. The blind football was amazing. Can't say I have ever thought the same about the current England captain.
  4. I will say that the Kork Ballington Z250 was a nice looking thing.
  5. I was once one of those young people. Back in the mid 70's I could (and did) buy 40's and 50's cars and motorbikes for practically nothing. These were invariably smashed up racing around my mates farms. No one wanted them, simple as that. We had a few Jowett's (absolute heaps at that), E93A's and 100E's. More than a fewTriumphs and BSA's saw their end in our hands. And a nice, hand gear change Rudge too. Just think of the cheap cars you can buy now-throw away prices most of them, and no one cares. Fast forward 30 years and they will no doubt be considered classics, just because only a few of them exist. Am I sorry for what I did? Nope, they were end of life vehicles then, rusty, leaking fluids, collapsed interiors, knackered cross plies, etc. Too expensive to fix back then, and there are possibly only a few people, with the desire and money, that would consider restoring any of them now.
  6. Can't believe a Kawasaki GPz 305 deserves to be called a classic. Old yes, rare yes, but neither make something a classic. They were awful things, with horrendously fragile engines. Can you guess what lead me to this conclusion?
  7. Very interesting to see the "ferry" that Betty was transported on. I just thought the cars were transported solely in containers. Everyday is a school day. As for 20 mpg, not bad for a 4 litre petrol engined wafter. My 1.3 diesel Fiat has to be gently coaxed to get 45 mpg. I.know which of the two I'd rather have as a daily driver, and its not a diesel.
  8. A friend of a friend has an 1992 F1 that he bought 15 years ago for £650,000. He still has it, and occasionally drives it when he is in the UK. Looking at what they sell for now, an unbelievable investment too,although he bought it for the pleasure of driving it.
  9. I lived in Russia (St. Petersburg) for a while, and can say that First Aid kits are essential. Our 8th floor flat was in a fairly quiet area and over looked the crossroads to the flats and a main road. I don't think a week went by without a nasty crash, many at speed, especially in the winter when snow covered up the road markings. I saw more than enough people being bandaged up by their wreck to know carrying even a basic first aid kit is worthwhile. Especially when ambulance and police took about 20 minutes to arrive on scene. You have to call the police if you have even a tiny collision, or at least did when I was there. Russian driver all think they are highly skilled, but I beg to differ on that.
  10. An email I received earlier today reminded me that I used to see NO 5 on a very early Ford Transit, in the same Chanel livery. Something odd here, as DVLA shows it to be on a 1965 Commer J4 van. Vehicle Smart shows an MOT history going back to August 2006. Have I missed something?
  11. That's brilliant DW, chuffed for you. Really wanted to bring my Saab 9-5 out to Spain, but with it being RHD and extremely modified, getting it registered would have been impossible. That was my car for life. But just my UK life as it turned out.
  12. Had one of these at work. Was very rapid through town, and it was the car for that environment. Take it on a long run on a motorway, and it was a different kettle of fish. Seemed to rev too high at 70mph, and I was always searching for another gear. The car equivalent of a Kawasaki SX1000.
  13. There was a youngster opposite me, admittedly not the sharpest tool in the box, started up a gardening round in the village about 10 years ago. Cheap petrol mower and strimmer, second hand hand tools, and a trolley to pull it about on. Turns out he was bloody good at it, had lots of regular customers, but was chucking his money around rather than back into his business. He was doing my hedge one day when I asked him about how much tax he was paying. Stupid thing to ask really, as I could guess the answer. I rang my mate who came over immediately (he's an accountant), who took him under his wing (for a price, obviously). 8 years later the lad had a new LWB van, a mini tractor and various attachments, a small excavator with buckets, a few decent mowers and brush cutters, and his two brothers as employees. He works bloody hard, and I'm pleased for him. You don't want them too. My front garden often looks like the room Bishop Brennan had in Father Ted's house. I've two weather stations and placed one sensor at the front of the house, the other at the back. Internal temperatures agree all the time, the front sensor shows a higher temperature in the morning, the back does so in the in the afternoon.
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