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  1. After fitting an axle location kit I thought I had better test the clutch, I found that it wasn't disengaging completely so slipped when the revs got up, I wasnt surprised with the mismatch of parts, spacing the bellhousing away from the engine appeared to sort this problem, so gave it a proper test, the old girl is a little lively
  2. That looks a lovely machine, picked up its 5 door brother for a mates Mrs a month or so back, drives absolutely beautiful I can confirm it's a 205 with a working analogue clock
  3. While there's been radio silence I've been chipping away at the old girl, she is now a runner thanks to a nodiz gen X ecu and a new bosch crank sensor, i was having an issue with the other ecu which was out of warranty, it wasn't recognising a crank sensor on vauxhall trigger pattern, I tried numerous crank sensors, sutty2006 kindly let me borrow his crank sensor which was the correct VR type but still no joy, i sent it away to get tested they could find no fault it fired correctly on the test rig, it had us baffled the only thing came up with if the signal wasnt clean enough so it was saying computer says no, the kind chap at the manufacturer offered me a good discount on the gen X which has a diagnostic function and a better software on the laptop to set it up so would show up any issues and it would have warranty also gives me access to support if any issues arise, it was a nice and easy with no fuss installation and it fired up, since the video I have messed about with the carbs as the air valves had been blocked and it was overfuelling like a bitch so now runs a little more even, I suspect there's a little air leak through the silicone hose between the carbs and manifold as the flouro lining is damaged on a couple of them so I will get some ordered up so I can balance the carbs and set the fuelling. 20220720_215750.mp4 getting the car running showed the radiator was no where near man enough for the C20XE so ordered up an alloy rad from ebay, the delivery was speedy, initially they sent me the thinner one when I had ordered the thickest core diameter they list but they soon sent me out the correct one and collected the wrong one A little difference in diameter looks well in the engine bay, a small modification was required with the grinder to fit but nothing major i also fitted the electric cooling fan and wired it up, got a choke cable and installed it in the original dash blank grabbed a grommet for the wiring and installed the ecu in the glovebox so it's all tidy
  4. Cheers dude, I can't promise I'll be a regular again like I once was but I'll try 🤣
  5. Holy thread resurrection batman Well folks I've not been on here for a while, life has happened, thought I'd update this as I've recently dragged it from my mums where I covered it up and forgot about it. So where we are at currently I dragged it out to set on with the engine conversion, fitted longer studs and spacers so i could put the 7 spokes on, then washed all the crap off it I then got the engine in the hole, I used a 1.8 manta sump and pickup pipe, knocked up the mounts, the passengers side is a 4 cylinder capri mount cut and welded, the drivers side is a 2.8i mount cut and welded so the engine sits right, the head in this picture was just a mock up head for the exhaust I have used an Ashley mk2 escort item with a 2.5" outlet, the only down fall is the tail of it pointed at the floor so modification was needed, I cut a wedge out of the tail pipe of the manifold to get it in the correct position then I re welded it, the exhaust system is a stainless one meant for a pinto cut at the centre section then pipes welded to suit so it all connects i didn't like how the tail sat so chopped that off and re welded it at a more aesthetically pleasing position the cylinder head i fitted was a ported one which i had replacement valve guides fitted then put back together It needed the distributor mount cutting off the rear as it would have fouled the heater bubble, so did this, blocked the hole in the back with a suitable size core plug, chopped the back of the cam tapped it then blocked with a bolt, tapped and bolted the oil feed for the dizzy, and fit a 90° water outlet in the back of the head, so I can feed the heater The fuel lines are sorted as is the starter wiring, throttle cable modified, knocked up a few bits and bobs and sorted the top coolant hose, I'm waiting for a hose joiner and then can finish the bottom one, it's literally a case of finish that, fill with coolant, connect up the wiring, set the ecu up on thelaptop then fire it up I have modified the engine to fit the car, nothing on the cars structure or crossmember have been modified to fit it, it can quite easily have a pinto put back in it if I wish. Thats us up to date I may have missed a few steps and bits I've done but I tried to condense where I'm up to.
  6. Looks a mighty fine steed, i look forward to see it in the metal
  7. Oh wow that was after my front bumper got damaged at work, hence the temporary red front bumper, I was gutted I couldn't get the correct 92 spec with foglights front bumper for it, it looks like this now
  8. I just headed here to post this fallen soldier 😪
  9. Have you got K233 HKW on your lists
  10. Pre accident this was a beautiful car, I will always remember shitting myself receiving the call from the lady witness at the scene on your phone, me arriving avoiding the traffic backed up by driving along the pavement in the capri caused some amusement though, that was your lucky night for sure bud,
  11. Steve will be orate riding in one with his knees around his ears ?
  12. Whilst replacing a Sierra fuel tank is easy, I recommend going for a new tank, they all rot out in the seam, I also suggest you have new tank fixings on standby, I usually replace with stainless nuts bolts and washers, you can still get the original type though
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