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  1. Well this ended sadly with me someone decided to reverse into it, so I decided to move it on, the damage was minimal but it's gone to a rover metro licker
  2. I got bought a Draper stormforce impact wrench to replace my aged one thats buggered, I've not used it in anger yet but it seems decent enough, I also treated myself to a nice 3" bore fron the turbo back stainless system for my 3 for sierra
  3. It's at least in the bodyshop 🤣 but sierras are taking over
  4. Fantastic little project trig I do love a nice scorchio
  5. It was a great day Steve you smashed that speech off the cuff, do you know that's the second pic I've seen where someone caught me blinking I hope your photographer got one with my eyes open 🤣
  6. fordperv


    I only use my local guy, his dad started the shop many years back I remember it always being there from when I was a little lad, always a competitive price and a very friendly service he knows who it is as soon as he hears your voice
  7. Cheers, i think it may have made the job easier to drop the mount on the drivers side but I didn't want to open a can of worms if I came across problems it's my only on road car at the minute as I've got the saph in bits at the moment
  8. Well funny story, I couldnt find one not even at applied radiators they didnt have a supplier apparently, so started googling part numbers, this tank is infact a tank listed for a 90-94 injection only, a chat with a metro licker confirmed the part to be right as for fitment so happy days
  9. I'm sorry to say it, I have to say fords because of the scene tax, I love an old Ford as much as the next man I still have 2 sierras and my mk3 capri but theres no way they equate to their values, I know a car is only worth as much as someone will pay for it and they are selling, it's just crazy though I would not buy them at today's prices
  10. Well folks this evening has been the fuel tank replacement, I ordered the replacement at lunchtime yesterday it was here just after 11 this morning, well chuffed with the service, it came with replacement seals and nuts for the sender which I was also chuffed about The little bastard fought me all the way, old tank wouldnt come out, new one wouldnt go in, in hindsight if I do another I'll drop the sub frame, the filler pipe snapped at the smaller pipe due to corrosion so I cut that back and put a linger rubber hose in place, the bolt which holds the filler to body snapped as well, so drilled that out and job jobbed I am mega amused at how small the tank is on these, this was brimmed after I put a 10L can in at home to get me to the petrol station
  11. The more I drive this little car the more I love it, who would have thought an unexciting little throwaway car would raise so many smiles and positivity from people while out and about Good news is I've found a brand new tank for reasonable money so that is the way I'm going with it Dont fear shiters I will frisbee those wheeltrims into the nearest bin when I get some correct ones for it, i blooming hate them
  12. Well today we gate crashed a little local show with the little purple beaut, I asked nicely on the gate if it was ok to go in with the classics and the lovely lady was very complimentary of the motor saying how lovely it is and let us in, yesterdays cleaning and polishing session was well worth it
  13. It was a pleasure to go with you and dave to your stag do in this, a great night made even better with some quirky transport heres the 3 of us in it for you lovely shiters Heres sutty2006 when he was checking it out when I got to his, look at the joy on his face
  14. I have recently acquired a 1997 rover 111 mpi and I noticed a leak of fuel from the tank seam, I have seen a tank for a 1994 1.1 metro rio I was wondering if the tanks were the same as in sender size etc I have no idea when it comes to these little motors so any help is appreciated The little car in question, it has 31000 miles on the clock an old couple had it since it was new, lots of history and original bill of sale in one of the best colours in my opinion
  15. Bit of an update on this for those interested, I have been talking to the old chap who originally bought the design, I explained to him what the car was and showed him a YouTube video of it to listen to (he has dementia and is visually impaired) we were chatting about the design, he remembers he got it from the rover design studio in canley when it was closing and they were selling everything off to the staff, he doesnt know why they would have an interest in it or even why it would be there, but he is a happy man because he never knew what the car was. He says thankyou
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