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  1. Oh wow that was after my front bumper got damaged at work, hence the temporary red front bumper, I was gutted I couldn't get the correct 92 spec with foglights front bumper for it, it looks like this now
  2. I just headed here to post this fallen soldier 😪
  3. Have you got K233 HKW on your lists
  4. Pre accident this was a beautiful car, I will always remember shitting myself receiving the call from the lady witness at the scene on your phone, me arriving avoiding the traffic backed up by driving along the pavement in the capri caused some amusement though, that was your lucky night for sure bud,
  5. Steve will be orate riding in one with his knees around his ears ?
  6. Whilst replacing a Sierra fuel tank is easy, I recommend going for a new tank, they all rot out in the seam, I also suggest you have new tank fixings on standby, I usually replace with stainless nuts bolts and washers, you can still get the original type though
  7. Steve definately the right thing walking away, I remember the fight your tdci st put up against that audi and safe to say this one would be a final resting place if crashed with a big hit
  8. Put the engine and bits into a 1.8lx for shits and giggles but leave it looking pov spec
  9. Cheers mate, Yeah it has the later hooded dash
  10. Oh yes mate like when we went for a run in the manta and capri
  11. Its had a new timing chain kit and genuine ford MLS headgasket too, ive had an aftermarket hydraulic tensioner fail after less than 15000 miles destroying a cylinder head in the process, do you want to know something interesting about them they run pistons with small cutouts suitable for 16v heads, heres a pic which shows it
  12. Cheers mate, yeah she is a 2.0 DOHC
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