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  1. Bit of an update on this for those interested, I have been talking to the old chap who originally bought the design, I explained to him what the car was and showed him a YouTube video of it to listen to (he has dementia and is visually impaired) we were chatting about the design, he remembers he got it from the rover design studio in canley when it was closing and they were selling everything off to the staff, he doesnt know why they would have an interest in it or even why it would be there, but he is a happy man because he never knew what the car was. He says thankyou
  2. To me it looks like it's hand drawn held between 2 pieces of glass, I will find it somewhere for it to take pride of place I havnt taken it completely out of the frame incase I screw it up somehow
  3. That is amazing you are a legend, I never knew that this car existed, i will take great pride in telling the chaps son what the car is, i knew this place wouldnt let me down it's a wealth of knowledge
  4. Can anyone identify what car this is in the concept, I have been gifted this lovely piece which was owned by a chap who worked at BL then rover as a test track driver he was part of project drive and also the rover tomcat 24hour challenge to name 2 but was part of many more, apparently he got it at his time working there, his son who gave it to me doesnt know the exact year, can anyone identify what car it is My thoughts were along the lines of the MG ADO21 but cant be sure Many thanks
  5. I'm happy to see the swedish purple throbber is still alive and kicking
  6. Yes please I think that would make her smile PM sent
  7. Yeah it made a lovely deep sound
  8. It is a sad sight but metal can be replaced, at the minute I feel I did her a favour getting this car it looked after her in the end
  9. Well guys the escort cabriolet is no more, she swerved to avoid an animal on a country road, got into a tank slapper and ended up in a ditch in a tree In my opinion it was a good thing she was in this with its extra strengthening any normal shite she probably wouldnt have walked away I know were not together but I'm relieved shes ok
  10. Is the buttery biscuit base in the Craig David 7 days video
  11. The pictures make the car look better than it actually is, a mate of mine knows the owner of it
  12. I don't know whether anyone has noticed I've not been around over the past 4 or 5 days, I have split up with mrs fp, I wont go into details but i reacted stupidly and did some stupid things as I wanted somebody's blood, 16 years wasted been with her since I was 18 when I got with her so my youth gone, I'm just looking at getting my life in order so may have to put motors on the back burner until I know how much cash I need to be beinging in to keep me comfortable.
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