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  1. 25 that I can remember, 6 of which were Omegas for dismantling. Not a lot really, in 45 years of driving.
  2. They are superb bikes. Close to the perfect all rounder in my opinion and ultra reliable. I had a year 2000 model for several years and loved it. Revved it to the red line in every gear all the time and never had any kind of problem with it.
  3. I have had similar from my wife. " Why do you need to waste money changing the cambelt ? I never had it changed on my (1964) mini or my (1970) Viva.
  4. Thanks for the info. Well, the fun & games have started already. PAS has apparently packed up on a short drive about 10 minutes ago. A quick google search tells me its electronic and not a job for the home mechanic. Just my bloody luck !
  5. Any recommendations on oil for the little 1 litre engine please ? Eurocarparts 10/40 semi skimmed, or something a bit more exotic required ?
  6. Brilliant, thanks.
  7. Breathing a sigh of relief here. MOT has no advisories, but I noticed on the MOT history there had been advisories for brake pipes, so will check. I was slightly concerned that it had some free play on the clutch pedal, but it seems like thats a good thing. Planning an oil & filter change very soon, but will check oil level in the morning. Then drive it until weather gets better and give it a good check over top/ bottom/ underneath..... Actually, its a bit damp inside, so may need to check for water leaks into the cabin asap.
  8. Just bought one. 07 plate. 84000 miles. 12 months MOT. Cost = a bag of sand. Now you can all tell me how awful they are and how Ive made a terrible mistake. Or tell me what to look out for and keep an eye on ?
  9. If you join Boxa.net there is a thread which gives locations of all members with diagnostics, which is very useful. I bought a Porsche icarsoft from ebay for about £80, which does most of what you will need to do
  10. Mine came with new Jinyus on it and they are staying there until they wear out. 🤣 It has the 18" sport design wheels so the price of a pair of rear 265/45/18 Pirellis doesnt bear thinking about. So I wont think about it until I have to. Grip / handling on dry roads is leagues above most other cars Ive driven, but really do need to be careful in the wet. I buy most parts from ebay / online breakers.
  11. Ive had the same with mine when I first got it. The best thing for clearing drains is a Trombone cleaner. Plenty on ebay / Amazon etc. I did take the seats and carpets out, as its the only way to dry them properly. The carpaets can seem dry on top, but theres half a gallon of water sitting in the foam underneath which comes back through to the top. The ECU for the alarm / central locking lives under the passenger seat, and if its got wet it will probably be fucked. Mine was intermittent when I got the car, but seems fucked now. Used *replacements are usually £500ish. Not worth it to me. Im pretty sure its the later cars (987 ?)that have the body control ECU under the seat, with the alarm / central locking ECU relocated somewhere else. Wont do any harm to unplug the ecu, remove it and take the cover off. Then dry it out with a hairdryer. Might not help, but wont hurt it. * Need ECU plus key with chip and the transmitter thing that sits around the ignition switch to recognise the chip. Trombone Snake Brush - Double Ended Wire Brush | eBay
  12. Well, it was minus 4, and he turned up a bit early, so I didnt get a chance to take it off. Sorry.
  13. They are indeed. They need a little bit of looking after (but so do most cars) but very comfortable and capable cars. Particularly for motorway mile munching. Last decent car Vauxhall produced though. The stuff they,ve made in recent years, I wouldnt touch with a bargepole. Its a shame as Ive had quite a few Vauxhalls over the years* and most of them were really good cars. * First car 1978_ Viva HB 1979 - Chevette HS. 1985 - Viceroy 2.5 1999 Senator 3.0 24v 2006 - the first of four V6 Omegas. Plus several V6 Omegas Ive broken for parts. Im pretty sure the current one will be the last unfortunately.
  14. It is, but I doubt I will get time to take it off in the morning before its collected. If I do I will give you a shout.
  15. My Omega is just over 20 years old and has done over 196000 miles. Took it for MOT today and it passed with no advisories. This made me a happy man as its time I had some good news. My 2009 Clio goes to the weighbridge tomorrow, due to being French. 🙄
  16. Thats lovely. I would sell my beloved Omega Elite if it was being replaced by one of those. It will be a very different car to the Audi though. I believe the steering column motor is a very common issue.
  17. It was made by Custom Covers. Its actually for a 987 but fits my 986 ok. Porsche Boxster 987 Tailored Half Cover - Black (2005-2012) (ukcustomcovers.com)
  18. Havent had it long, so havrnt used it much so far, so cant really judge to be honest. When I have used it, its been fine. Must try and remember to have a look at what brand it is. I was given it by a member of the Boxster forum, who had paid about £90 for it less than a year previously.
  19. I have a cover for the top half of the Boxster so just protects the roof. Other than that, I make sure I take it for a drive every week or so during the winter. Not having a garage, I dont think theres much more to be done.
  20. Send me your kestrel cans and I will fill them up for you foc. 😂
  21. I think we will call that a decision then.😂 Need to drain about £60 worth of diesel out of the tank now. 🙄
  22. Ive tried both those things and there didnt seem to be a lot of pressure. Its near Halstead Essex. Its manual. The thing is Ive farted around for months spending time and money and got nowhere. Unless I had a reasonably definite and easyish fix, Im at the end of my tether with it. I still have a slight niggling that it might be something much simpler, but Im at a loss as to what it might be. Might be the scoring around the cam carrier area of the head, as suggested earlier ? If it was thats going to involve changing the head, and Im not up for that tbh. Having said that, I think that would probably take longer than the 1 minute it took to knacker the new seal, and Ive looked around there several times and not noticed anything amiss. Who knows ? Not me, thats for certain.
  23. I have the old cam old injector and old turbo so can either chuck them in the boot or screw them back on for appearance, but will tell them its a non runner before they collect. Tyres are ok, but nothing special.
  24. I had three, but weighed them in a few months ago. 🤣
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