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  1. Slowly. I've had several variations of BX, the 1.9 N/A diesel auto was far and away the slowest car I've owned. Doesn't matter though, you're in a BX to cruise not race! Tip top buying, I bloody love these (as I may have mentioned before). Bonus points for it being a Meteor, too.
  2. In 2010 I still had a BX and still thought I'd always run hydraulic Citroëns - shame they stopped making them! I seriously considered a C5 last time I bought a car but they're just a bit too big, the ones I found for sale were overpriced, and the reputation for reliability is... Scary. I certainly wouldn't have believed I'd be in a Mercedes.
  3. I am in one of the poshest places I have ever been, so what catches my eye? A 25 year old Citroën, obviously.
  4. Thanks dude, I'm very well. We live in terrifyingly exciting times so my phone-scrolling time is mostly spent trying to keep up with the news at the moment. Hope to be back on here more often soon.
  5. Walking home earlier and I heard someone calling for her cat. "Schrodie! Schrodinger!" I couldn't help laughing and telling her what a brilliant name I thought it was, she was thrilled that someone had got the joke. Nice little cat, too.
  6. Don't like that at all, Cav, but I'm pleased justice was done. I hope you and your family can put this horrible experience to bed and move on. I tend not to talk about it in public bits of the forum but I work in law enforcement and we fucking love it when we get a result like this. Because of your daughter's bravery he's been prevented from doing the same thing to another young woman. She should be very proud.
  7. Fuck sake. I've had new front tyres and new front discs and pads in the last couple of weeks. Car started pulling (quite hard) to the left so I took it back to the garage for them to take a look. Cause of the problem - a nail in one of my brand new tyres that's done probably under 200 miles.
  8. Shiny new discs and pads. Now those rusty calipers look really shit.
  9. Excellent idea. GDPR is not a problem as long as people have given their permission and understand how it will be used. There would be to be some assurance of security, too - it would have to be available to shiters but not on public view.
  10. Really pleased to see he's still got it! He'd recently finished it when we were active in the same CCC branch. Haven't seen him for years but I remember him being a thoroughly nice chap.
  11. After having our tent destroyed by high winds at a music festival this year, I've been seriously considering renting a camper for next year. I was planning to enquire on here and this seems like a good opportunity! Anyone got a camper between Sussex and Oxfordshire that I could rent for the second weekend of August?
  12. I posted in the grumpy thread yesterday about my car needing new discs and pads but do you know what? My local garage are brilliant. I rarely use the car but I do need it on Friday and they were able to fit me in despite being busy. They're honest, too: I dropped the car off just now and there was a woman paying her bill ahead of me. "We've done the MoT and service, nice little car with no problems at all. We didn't change the cabin filter because you've only done a few thousand miles with it so the price is a bit less than we agreed." Go on - tell me the last time a job cost less than you were expecting! I'm not expecting any plumbing jobs to appear here Flomar in Lewes (East Sussex) for anyone local.
  13. Put new front tyres on the Merc last week. It clearly likes having its wheels off (or the smell of my money) because I drove it today for the first time since picking it up from the tyre place and a vibration under braking announced that my front discs and pads have reached the end of their life. All consumables so I'm not too annoyed, and I knew both jobs were coming, but I had hoped to spread the cost a bit.
  14. I genuinely wasn't sure if this was a grump or a grin so it goes here. Changed this socket today (and a couple of others) to give us more convenient USB charging. I know the colours of wiring have changed a few times down the years and I have seen every single variation today - this socket alone has red, brown, blue, black, green and stripy behind it.
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