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  1. Thrilled to announce that I have a pass out for this! I'm on call for work on the Friday so I'll have to play it by ear: if I get kept up all night I'll have to dip out, otherwise I'll be there on the Saturday morning and onwards for any shite-related shenanigans. Save me reading the whole thread - we are having a Saturday night at the FoD, right?
  2. I did that years ago (can't remember what the software was called now). It came up with a load of wedding photos with people I didn't know, so the "new" cheap memory card I'd bought clearly wasn't!
  3. I had one as a hire car once (can't remember which engine) and my over-riding memories are of catastrophic torque steer and uncontrollable indicators. Hated it at the time but it would be fun to re-assess after what, 13 years?
  4. Today I found out that there's an elderly lady in my town who goes into the Cancer Research shop every day, buys something, then donates it to the Red Cross shop down the road.
  5. That was a cracking day out, thanks again Egg for organising! The owners were lovely too, and I think they really enjoyed having some genuine enthusiasts of the odd and the unloved to show around. Egg admires a Stirling. I wish now I'd taken a note of all the little information panels; I thought this looked like a really nicely-proportioned miniature sports car though. Cool little thing. Fiat 500 looks oddly huge in the background. Most of this stuff was from the 50s and 60s, in times of austerity and fuel crisis, but there were some (appropriately) tiny companies still churning out these oddities into the 80s. I reckon Bamby looks quite cute. Flipper matches the forum colours perfectly, and when I expressed my surprise that a 49cc engine would be capable of propelling a bodyshell and two passengers, the museum owner pointed out an extra foot-pedal that could be pumped to add one more person-power! I've already forgotten what this green goddess was called, but it was quite appealingly poorly made. Just a total lack of design; box with a seat in it, and started by a kick-start that's on the opposite side of the car from the single door. That impressive penis-extension bonnet merely houses the front wheel, no massive engine. The Ultimate Driving Machine. These Vespa trucks were still very common when I was living in Italy but I have to forcibly remind myself that that was getting on for 20 years ago. I wonder how many are still supplying the market stalls now. This red machine was, believe it or not, an Allard (I forgot to get a shot of the front, but it had a very appealing face and rather nice lines). The owner had a good story about taking it to an Allard event and being asked to leave, which is probably what would happen if Autoshite ever put on a stand at a proper classic car show. I've read about Velorexes but never expected to see one in the flesh! This one was driven here from Poland in an act of extreme bravery - before the wall fell. Petrol tank? Airbag? You'd never know... I absolutely loved this. The design spec was on the display board "Intended for a French peasant to carry one pig to market" and it was as basic as a vehicle can possibly be. You get a camping chair, a home-made steering wheel, and a tiny speedometer. Brilliant. And finally, just one of the car park. I've always had a soft spot for these little Triumphs, and RobT's Metro just fills me with nostalgia - I spent a lot of my late teens in these, and drove them a lot, so it's always a pleasure to see one. Modern Merc tries to hide out of the way ( I really should have brought the brand new one but I didn't think you lot would let me in).
  6. I was born in 1979, so thanks for the reminder that I turn 40 this year... 12 year old Mercedes estate in 1979 would have been one of these: I love it, but I suspect it would have been rather more rare and expensive than mine is now so perhaps not a direct equivalent. I imagine something like a Cortina would have been more likely.
  7. Cracking write up. I used to live not far from Troyes and it is indeed lovely - I'd avoid the sausages though! Had a great experience once at a wine producer near Beaune. I was in convoy with my dad, so Xsara Picasso and GS, and we just pulled into this place at random. The wine producer was a lovely chap, really enjoyed reminiscing about the GS, and gave us plenty to taste. Dad ended up buying a pretty decent quantity. I think we confused him a bit, he wasn't used to seeing many English tourists! Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk
  8. I never thought I'd see one of these in the metal, let alone just parked by the side of the road. On the seafront.
  9. Does anyone fancy these? The boxes are a bit knackered but the kits are still in plastic bags inside so I believe they're probably complete. They've been in a loft for about 20 years so may be a bit warped. Yours in return for a contribution to the Macmillan fundraiser that I'm doing. PM me, please, as I'm not on the forum very much at the moment (just a lack of time).
  10. Driving along behind an Alfa Mito earlier and the reversing lamp kept coming on, apparently at random. It's pleasing to learn that Italian electricity is still, well, Italian.
  11. Mrs H has the most appalling cold, which usually means she snores like a coastal gun battery. Guess who's made up the spare room for tonight.
  12. This rather cheerful warning notice on a fantastically well-designed piece of office equipment.
  13. No no, it's an interesting topic and as you've pointed out there are differing laws that have to be balanced against each other. My point was just that you can't say what you like with freedom from the consequences.
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