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  1. Get the front bumper off and clean the leaves and crap from around the rads,always a good tip with a boxter,the leaves stay damp and rot through the A/C condensers,if its been maintained well this should have been done but you never know.
  2. For me the top 3 are a 61 pontiac bubble top,citroen sm in metallic green and a bmw e 36 328 cab,just-bought one of em but its the bmw,ive missed the boat with the other two but thats life.
  3. The Ventora looks just superb,took some photos of it at Bromley pagent in 1997 and spoke briefly to the then owner,was blown away by the car and asked if it was for sale but it sadly wasn't,it looks even better now with the passing of time and such a good story behind it WOW.
  4. You have the patience of a saint with this car,it's worth removing the inlet manifold and looking down at the valves with your scope to see if anything has fallen in holding a valve open,if this were the case you would probably get 300 degrees+. Crank rotation before it locked up but its worth a look,hope it's not too serious,you need some luck with this car.
  5. I followed (at speed) a v plate cx 2400 super on the a421 a couple of days ago,looked in good shape in dark blue but the best bit was the C-matic badge on the back,that was my best spot of this year so far,couldn't get pics cos it was going very fast.
  6. I went after debating the weather,took a chance but the forecasters were right,it pissed down all day and add on the wind chill factor made it hard work,I was soaked to the skin by heat 3,there were some great cars racing and the drivers put on a good show considering the abysmal conditions,the fact that an Austin a125 sheerline won the 1st heat and a wolselely 6/110 the 2nd heat made my day,just wishing for decent weather next year.
  7. the camera on my phone is abysmal but I'll try to get some,for the best pics and info go on oval chat banger website,you'll have to register but it's well worth it.
  8. I'll be leaving Milton Keynes about 10 in the morning,get there in plenty of time to look round the pits,don't care if it rains,this meeting is the bollox.
  9. This will not be a valve/rocker issue,nor will it be low compression and removing the rocker cover is quite involved and needs £££ of gaskets to replace,i would be looking at air flow restrictions on the inlet and exhaust sides of the engine before spending money on it,egr valve can stick open,dpf/ cat could be in trouble,inlet pipework can block up and the inter cooler is prone to splitting causing running problems,I really hope you can fix this car without too much aggro,I take an interest cos I am a v70 owner scince last year and it has been the most troublesome car I've ever owned by a mil
  10. You will only need to loosen the down pipe from the turbo,not a 5 minute job but anything that doesn't cost much is worth trying before you start throwing money at it,if the injector seals have been leaking there will be oily shit around where the injectors go into the engine,the d5 is not prone to seals leaking though,it's also worth checking the inlet manifold around the egr area because it can clog up with crap and the engin can't breathe properly.
  11. solid61

    Rover 827Si

    Bargain for someone.
  12. Leaking injector seals won't cause it any running problems,a compression check is not needed,if it had low compression it would struggle to start, and it wouldn't cause the engine not to rev,worth checking for pressure from the exhaust pipe when trying to rev it up,if it starts to make a hissing noise or there is not much pressure it could have a blocked,cat,pdf,exhaust box,I've been caught out a few times with similar symptoms.
  13. solid61

    Rover 827Si

    WOW just WOW,what a superb looking car,so so much better than the facelift model,I've changed cam belts on these in the distant past,a few awkward fixings on the belt cover towards the rear and the crank damper bolt can be silly tight otherwise quite easy to do especially compared to some moderns,also I've personally never heard of a belt breaking on one of these engines but it's always best to change it,get it bought.
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