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  1. Well, what can I say; Don't know why (I'm likely getting bored) but I think I'll be getting rid of the Civic and my life will be bereft of double wishbone and multi-link goodness for a while. Just completed a 750-mile road trip in her and she was fine...well, ok, she was a bit hesitant but at no point did I ever feel she was going to break down on me. That said, I do have breakdown cover, I'm not that brave! Called Phoebe by the previous owners because of the number plate. I think a more appropriate name is The Red Wreck. Plus I love a good Coronation Street pun. She's only been back on the road since September 2018 after being off the road for five years due to an MoT fail on corrosion and brakes. After much fettling she was back on the road. It's at this point I think I should stop referring to an inanimate object as "she" as I'm starting to sound like Martin Bryce from Ever Decreasing Circles. Good points: Starts in the cold instantly, no matter how long IT'S been left. It has MoT until Sep 19th 2019. Very nippy indeed even with the hesitancy issue. All the electronics work, even the leccy sunroof and the much-coveted one-touch driver's side window. This includes also the fantastic heater. Has a genuine 49k from new (the old lady I bought it from chucked the invoices and receipts away in the time between me paying for it and collecting it. Feel free to check MoT history on Vehicle Smart or similar). The log book states I'm the fourth owner but the first owner was the dealer the the first two "real" owners were husband and wife, the man's widow taking it on after his death. (Sorry for the dealer spiel) The body, though shabby, is solid. The strut tops, inner wings and boot floor look spotless to my untrained eyes. Doesn't seem to use any oil or water and maintains a constant temperature just below the halfway mark, even on very long trips. Still has the original wheel trims (is this a plus?) Had £1500 spent on it to get it roadworthy again, the majority of that money going on welding, brake lines and rebuilding the right-hand carb. Has had a light service with new oil and plugs and blah blah. Assuming people know service items. Interior is in fantastic nick bar the issue I'll mention below. No weird noises, knocks or bangs to speak of. The door seals seem to be in great condition and the wind noise is about what you'd expect for one of these (really loud cos it's an '80s supermini). Has the original stereo which works. There is a tape in the car which contains Christian pop. I have listened to it for testing purposes only. Signal seems a bit weak for the radio but assuming this is easily sorted. Cambelt has just been done 800 miles ago as it was so old I was frightened to even start it up. Still has the original "Les Allen of Sunderland" dealer plates and they still look great. Dealer sticker is also still on the rear window. Bad points: The welding, as you may be able to see from the pics, looks shit. It's solid but I think it's just been painted in red oxide and there already seems to be very light surface corrosion. The sills were welded and then painted in black Hammerite by the looks of it - their condition seems to be ok but who knows? They look and feel very solid. Car needs a ton of choke to idle when cold and even when warm, you can't really knock the choke off. It's a bit hesitant when you're trying to accelerate or pull away. It can catch you out sometimes, especially if the ambient temperature drops without you knowing. Hole in the passenger side front seat, seems to be sun damage. It's only small (I'll get a pic) Passenger-side door doesn't unlock from the outside and if this car ever had central locking, it is non-functional. Opens fine from the inside, though and I'll try and fix it. It's had a rear-end shunt at some point and the fog light is loose but still works. The bumper has been reseated but this does mean that if you look very, very closely the bumper doesn't quite look flush. Man on a galloping horse and all that. VERY slight noise from the o/s outer CV joint but at this stage I wouldn't even bother thinking about it. I only noticed because I'm a car pedant / hypochondriac. The boot is intact. Crease / dent / scrape on the o/s front wing. All the paint is faded and patchy with peeling lacquer. So that's about it really. Looking through the paperwork, the garage seem to have only messed with the right side carb as it had a stuck float, presumably from aged petrol lacquer. Before it's sold, I'll take the spring and piston out of the left carb - if my hunch is right I'm expecting gunk on the intake side. HOPEFULLY this is the cause of the running issue but be aware there are no rebuild kits available for these Keihin carbs so if it's not the fault, it may need a carb switch. I think Webers are a popular conversion but I don't know how that would work in terms of air filtration as the Keihins are side-draught. You'd also certainly need a filter for the PCV gases. I've probably made this car sound much worse than it is but I value honesty over conning people. I made that sound like a virtue, when in fact it just means I'm not a monster. Oh well...Certainly rather have a slower sale or sell it for a bit less than sell it in two days for the asking price, only for the car to disappoint someone because I was scant in my description. It's really a clean car, though. No idea how much it's worth and I'm certainly not averse to swappage but I just thought I'd stick this up here and see in which direction the wind blows. If I don't sell it, I don't sell it. I'll try and get some better / interior pictures over the weekend. I'll start with £800 roffle and go from there - people can tell me if I'm crazy for either overpricing or underpricing. I've decided I'll likely not take a swap because the chances of somebody having something I can insure cheaply in combination with something I like are probably minimal but I'm still SLIGHTLY open to something I can get classic insurance for. Sooner have cash, though. It's great fun to drive, with quick and direct, if light, steering, taut handling, nice snicky gearbox, punchy performance if you keep up the revs and a nice, jarring ride (ahem). The brakes are actually pretty good, not too much of a shock after driving my dad's 2006 Xsara Picasso. Very progressive compared to all-or-nothing Citroen brakes. There may be possibilities such as delivery or meeting halfway but only after a price were agreed. Don't want to firmly state I will do it at this stage because I hate to let people down. If I did deliver though I'd make it free within a 50-mile or so radius - hopefully there are a few shiters in the North East or willing to meet. Beyond that I'd just be covering my costs. I'm quite new to the group so I'm relying on the buyer to be more cognisant of the protocol than me. To sum up, it's a cosmetically compromised, ridiculously solid and reliable old girl with a bit of a cough (OH I DID IT AGAIN!). Oh, and it's got a new tyre. Don't rush all at once now.... Kind Shiter Regards, Dave
  2. My Favorit failed it's MOT today. So if anyone wants to save it, it is free. This was originally a 'theshadow' find, then on to Walter_White, and then me since November. Current MOT ends on 4 August. It might need a new cat, as the emissions have been a problem for some years It has a fuel cap, just the seal doesn't work! Brakes need a good look at as in addition to the ones mentioned there is a sticky offside caliper Needs a new steering rack gaiter. Car is free, but if you also want to take my stock of parts that will be £50 please (includes fresh oil, OEM filter, fuel filter, spare headlights, dizzy cap, rotor arm, HT leads, OEM spark plugs, oil pressure switch etc). Car is in Whitstable, Kent in my rented lock-up. Has a good battery. Leaks a bit. Very rusty tailgate.
  3. Hi all, A very good friend of mine has a 2000 plate, Audi Allroad. 2.7 Turbo with Auto. MOT until November Needs doing: New oil sender needs fitting, A new one will be provided with the vehicle. A new Airbag may be needed on the passenger side rear (suspension) - then again may just need a recalibrate. It runs splendidly, these cars are nothing short of bulletproof. Stands him at a grand, if he gets that back he will be chuffed. Car is available from anytime Any interest ?? Viewing welcome (Newport, Brough) PS: Car has done less than a mile since it's last MOT - due to friend bagging himself a V8 4.2 Allroad so this one has gone unused. PPS: If you require assistance collecting/viewing let me know. Thanks In Advance
  4. Not something I do regularly, so excuse any procedural faux pas on my part. Firstly, a warning. This thread may contain a Bangernomics/end of life car (specifically a model which has been done to death on this forum), so those of a sensitive nature should look away now.
  5. Ford Mondeo Y reg 2.0 Petrol auto full mot no advisories working air con and cd player and all keys Only selling because i have cars coming out of ears at the moment , It runs and drives well and seems to do everything its suposed to do and for its size its good on petrol . Bodywork has a few minor scuffs here and there and the passenger door is a very slightly different shade of blue One of the wheeltrims was missing when i got it so took the others off until i found a replacement so 3 in the boot . Engine has a chain not a belt and done about 150k Picture shows it with some wheel trims and a missing bumper strip which has been replaced Interior is fairly good and cloth Will take some better pictures over the weekend Its not mint its not immaculate and there is no history But if you are looking for a car just to drive and blend in with the crowd and not worry about in car parks its perfect .
  6. Anyone want it, it was running properly when removed from an engine a few months ago, ready for a project which didn't emerge. It's the old indirect one from a Renault 1.9, of the sort which rarely gives bother. £20. Radiator for same car, was only a few months old when removed. £10.
  7. Sorry, this will initially be a rather poor for sale ad until I find time to get all the info together. At some point later this year I need to work out what do about my ‘proper’ car. Currently that’s the Avensis Tourer on a PCP (shhh, don’t tell anyone). The brain-dead option for most people would be to hand it back and do the same again, but for various reasons I probably won’t. So, I need a good everyday car. I might buy the Avensis outright, and/or I’ll get the Camry estate back on the road. Either way, I need some cash in my pocket and to reduce my motoring outgoings. I haven’t added up what it’s costing me to keep five cars on the road, probably best that I don’t….. Although they’d fetch me most money, the Datsuns are the least replaceable cars I have and as both are garaged I see no need to get rid of either of them. So that leaves the Lexus and the Sunny, a bit more about them as follows and within this thread: http://autoshite.com/topic/22139-sls-fleet-lexus-trackday-fun/ 1996 Lexus LS400 £700? 1996 Lexus LS400 by Spottedlaurel, on Flickr 1996 Lexus LS400 by Spottedlaurel, on Flickr Mileage shows about 75k, but I’m not sure if this is 100% accurate. In my time it’s had the oil/filter and brake fluid changed, skimmed discs and new front pads, a replacement spring and the exhaust repaired. Will include the 18†alloys and legal but not great tyres, plus a set of standard 16†wheels with poor tyres which I bought separately. These would be a more cost-effective option to get new rubber fitted onto. In an ideal world it ought to have a new cam belt and a replacement front upper control arm (cheap and easy compared to the lower arms), and if it doesn't sell and I can justify keeping it then I'll be getting those things done myself as I think the rest of the car justifies it. Or you could just use it until something expensive breaks and sell it to the banger racers, although that'd be a shame and too many are going that way at present. 1996 Lexus LS400 - under the bonnet by Spottedlaurel, on Flickr It’s a fairly tidy thing, the interior is OK and with a bit of time and effort it could be quite decent. I think most of the toys work, but the AC might need a re-gas (I never use it, but the odd time I’ve put it on it doesn’t feel like it’s doing a lot) and the driver's seat heater seems ineffective. With a 4-litre V8 it’s never going to be economical but it’s amusingly brisk to drive and feels far smaller than it is. Some here say they’re bland, but they are wrong. Runs really well, even on trackdays the temperature gauge stays nice and even. 1996 Lexus LS400 - behind the wheel by Spottedlaurel, on Flickr All the displays and dashboard illumination work fine, the photo has made the stereo look a bit odd. 1996 Lexus LS400 - interior by Spottedlaurel, on Flickr MoT is due February 2017 and it should be eligible for classic insurance – I have it with FJ and for a multi-car policy with the Sunny and both Datsuns I paid about £350 in total. 1999 Nissan Sunny 1.6 LX £850 1988 Nissan Sunny 1.6LX 5dr (N13) by Spottedlaurel, on Flickr Bought in February with 36k on the clock, now showing 38k. It makes for a great summer daily driver, being quite nippy with the 1600 engine and it’s a very pleasant, light, easy car to drive. Good on fuel too, something close to 40mpg? 1988 Nissan Sunny 1.6LX 5dr (N13) by Spottedlaurel, on Flickr Condition-wise it’s nigh-on perfect inside and pretty good outside. There’s a bit of grot at the front of each rear arch, a little bit on one of the front wings, an odd patch on the tailgate and a bit of surface corrosion under the bonnet. That probably sounds far worse than it looks, and with the mileage, history and a bit of Doctor-esque rectification it’s the sort of car that would be up for four figures. 1988 Nissan Sunny 1.6LX 5dr (N13) by Spottedlaurel, on Flickr All photos above are from when it was with the previous owner, to show how clean he always kept it. The rest are since I’ve had it. Since purchase it went straight through an MoT at the end of March and in celebration I had the cam belt (and tensioner) changed (no need to do the water pump, it’s separate) and new oil and filter. I’d already replaced the thermostat with an OE item, so it gets up to temperature quite happily. It has four matching Vredestein tyres with good tread and, even though I suspect they’re not particularly new, it rides and handles well on them. Clutch is good and brakes excellent (previous owner had a pair of front calipers replaced fairly recently). Sunny E16S Engine by Spottedlaurel, on Flickr Only mechanical things of note are that the tappets could do with being adjusted and a couple of times it refused to shift into the 5th/reverse plane. I manually wiggled the linkage and it’s never done it again since. Sunny Interior 2 by Spottedlaurel, on Flickr Toy count is limited on this early N13. No PAS/EW/CL, although it does have a stereo radio/cassette player. Trouble is, one speaker doesn’t work and the other doesn’t sound great. Apparently the previous owner didn’t use it much and it’s never bothered me enough to worry about sorting it. All fan speeds, wash/wipe and every HRW element work as they should. Sunny Rust by Spottedlaurel, on Flickr So, are either of them of any interest on here? I can give more specific info if need be and viewings in South Norfolk are more than welcome (I won’t be at SF). I’m not going to be rushing to put them on C&C, Gumtree or whatever as I’d rather have a hassle-free sale, but later in the year I might have to go that way with them. I live close to a mainline rail station and with both cars I’d have no qualms about someone turning up and driving them home wherever, but obviously a viewing would be good if possible. PM me for contact details. Sorry, no swaps, raffles or FB/Gumtree-esque offers.
  8. Green with black leather/suede in nice clean condition. 148k with history. Mot till Feb just had service and brakes. Just had a gas injector and tune up runs well. A few marks on the body but really is a nice thing. It's on ebay at the moment which is making me lose the will to live please someone get it off my drive. I've been offered a grand for it 3 times on ebay and should have accepted it but I genuinely believe it's worth more. Anyway please look for it on ebay for photos as i'm on my phone and can't post them.
  9. Putting this up for a colleague, hope no one minds. 1998 Nissan Micra, 5door, 114k, NO MOT, runs fine but needs welding on cross member + rear sills. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/O9ODOkduG--auPDvYx1hFNb-dFMlsX__1r8IdG3CnugXoIqLxwL7M8TNoo7ki3LOMMfFLRxp3majqVjE1Yrq8Rc5ydggqH5u02nqkMJ5cFxePVJps9Rcx5CvIc69LPD7CF5RxqPSJhCaT3-VmwL5FLzopI7DvsDBXARk-KT14GFhBMMKCrnVcAjmhB5q6_smQlmlT3EoeEOqz9_CCVi9d1FGlhBTAwAVKi51MsDTztfkpk1Cs3k9DXhgfPhN7kdoqJVLn8Ccg-j6_HIDFGLCJElpna2Ln82lJVTs1qerxVzb7TOIC4q0LJnes1rJCo5g9x-MnVHWMJm0QXyqZj9yodnBL1hmaYaw8YBEil7agjmGPjOz6eng4pb03K7lpnhK8ZPsRd1uyMBw5Oy72v6PYSalNjjH2KQtyS9osHrz3I9hIoP92Xp3zu01d9PL9A0I76lRm9SdAPbDfs0HZd4zHRbd824-0SHPk40kGbYHKhiZxibSDuZdum53V12VdNg7FXaRjyEjZqumEb5GkCBku3YAb9diGXRAac_oMULro_ATLEVUV5FX9O2ekV8naITx_Zdv-t7IC3rqUOZK0OklMwookxlpmb8=w1386-h780-no More photos of the wee green bastard can be found here: https://goo.gl/photos/UGEPDCE9bTMVqjYe6 MOT report: MOT history of this vehicleTest date 10 May 2016Test Result FailOdometer reading 114,821 milesMOT test number 8078 6007 6613Reason(s) for failure Parking brake: efficiency below requirements (3.7.B.7)front engine mounting bracket insecure and likely to fail crossmember corroded (6.1.D.1b)offside rear Suspension component mounting prescribed area is excessively corroded outer and inner sill (2.4.A.3)nearside rear parking brake recording little or no effort (3.7.B.6a)offside rear parking brake recording little or no effort (3.7.B.6a)Advisory notice item(s) front brake disc worn, pitted or scored, but not seriously weakened both sides (3.5.1i)front Brake pad(s) wearing thin (3.5.1g)He's asked for £180, is almost certainly open to negotiation. I've raised the possibility of a Roffle with him and he seems open to the idea. I don't know how you guys feel about roffles involving cars not owned by forum members though (still being relatively new here myself). I think it'd work out at £4 a ticket and I would be doing the organising of it, rather than him. I'm mainly posting it because I feel sorry for it, it looks really tidy.
  10. Some of you may have seen on the other bit of the forum that my health is currently a bit shit. Well more shit than it usually is. Work are talking of looking at the possibility of medical retirement with the culmination of all that is wrong with me. The upshot is that I am permanently tired, have no energy and get out of breath quickly. My back and knees hurt like a twat most of the time too. I was on my way to the barn this morning to take some pics of the infamous blue Citroen AX (yes the blue one). I saw the state of the M25 and just turned round. I simply had no inclination to do battle with the sheer pile of cars that I could see. I went to the garage to do some fettling on the Toledo and just sat there for what turned out to be 2 hours of doing fuck all other than cleaning a door handle. I was just too bloody tired. So, after some thought I have decided to have a sellage. I simply have had enough and need to make some significant changes. The blue AX is available for the sum of £295 which is what I paid for it with a couple of months MOT, which has now run out (4th June 2016). I see no reason why it would not pass another MOT but I doubt I will get that sorted like I wanted/planned to. I have spent a couple of quid on it and bought a new set of front indicators as one is missing. It is a great little car that made it's way quite happily from Scotland to Essex. So £295 for that. The Toledo. I really like this car but it deserves a repaint to be even more special. It is in a really cool shade of blue (I just don't know what the colour is called). It has been painted 'at home' and is a ten yard car. I have tried to compound most of it by hand and at least now it shines a little. The bonnet and the roof are the worst and I was thinking about a vinyl wrap for those panels. It has just barely over 42,000 miles on the clock and a wad of history. It is a lovely runner and the engine is as sweet as a nut. Clutch and gearbox are fine. Rust-wise it has a couple of blebs on the very front of the front wings but it is feck all in the scheme of things. The drivers door has a line of rust on it towards the bottom panel. The usual rust culprits are fine. I have put MGF steelies on the car with virtually perfect tyres. They suit the car, fill the arches a bit better and you have a better choice of rubber. The interior needs some bits addressing but I am picky. It has a light blue homemade carpet. It fits quite well but it is homemade. A proper replacement is around 130 quid from Coverdale. The headlining is stained brown in parts as 98% of these cars do at some point. It is not nicotine, it is the factory glue that stains the material. I have had this to a greater or lesser extent on all of the dozen or so small Triumphs I have owned and the solution is easy, you remove the mirror, the sun visors, the interior light and the furflex door surrounds (which need replacing anyway). You wipe over the headlining with meths, leave it a day or two and then put on about two coats of plain vinyl silk emulsion using a small fluffy'ish roller. A small paint brush is best for the fiddly bits. Leave to dry and the result is a factory finish lovely bright headlining. It really is that effective. The seats are lovely and clean. The steering wheel appears to be from a Stag is larger than what is supposed to be on there. I may have the chance to get an ordinary Dolomite one, we will see how that pans out. I need to try and fit a replacement bonnet release cable, fit some screen wash pipe and get a carb rod (£ or if I can't the bits will be supplied. The Toledo is MOT'd until 1st March 2017 and tax exempt and is for sale at £1400 a bit of shitter discount is always available. The Mitsu is staying as I love it, it is easy to drive and comfy/practical. If it were up to me I would also sell the Amazon as I have been staring at the wheel arch repair panel for two weeks no without even taking it down to the garage, it needs a bloody MOT too. Sigh. So, the AX for £295 as is and the Toledo for £1400 or thereabouts. Please PM me if you are interested. Thanks guys and gals. Take care. Ken
  11. Hello, Well, a prolific shiter has given me this in exchange for the Rover (partly) and I will be picking it up Saturday. I don't want to keep it but it will do someone else a good turn I reckon. In the unlikely event I do end up keeping it, I will update the post. Yes, so in an Autoshite first, I am selling a car I am yet to have set eyes upon! Again if it FTPs or something else happens I will update the advert. I can deliver it to anyone around my way, and anyone living on the SWR network will be happy to know I get free train travel so don't worry about paying for my travel. The reason for the premature advert is to just try and keep things sane here, as I have a LHD Tipo to collect on Sunday (for breaking), a new daily to find/buy and potentially a nice red Justy to play with at some point (all being well regarding that ebay advert), and it's a bit overwhelming. I really do myself no favours. Okay so good points: -Looks tidy from the photos generally speaking, not dented to buggery. -The 1.1 engine is a known quantity from past experience and pushes the little things well. -Low mileage, sub 60k. -Tidy interior, may need a quick hoover. -5 door, wooohoo. -Resale silver. -Drives spot on from what I have been told Points the previous owner has mentioned: -Door locks occasionally play up -Aux belt a bit noisy at times -Dings and marks to paint as per (French) car of this age -Typical TADTS TU1 header tank, but having seen photos, it's not bad compared to others I've had, and it's unlikely HGF. -Speedo doesn't work. It'll be an interesting drive back for sure, but I seem to remember the TU1 is at 70 at about 3600 rpm...I might be wrong. I appreciate this is a car i have yet to drive, but the shiter concerned is trustworthy and I certainly believe them! It would probably be a good set of cheap wheels for someone or a good first car, it does have PAS. Have some photos (not taken by me, obvs) Any questions, let me know by PM please! (Will be) Located in Reading from this Saturday. Raffle interest will be gauged but I would want something dumb like £2.80 a go....
  12. Just gaging if any of you fine young chaps would have any interest in this Cav? These Motorsports or Cesaro seem to be a quite a rare beast now. Had a builder mate of mine send me some photos of this abandoned beast in someone’s garden in the Taunton area. He asked the homeowner what they want for the car and they said nothing. I am yet to hear if they have the V5 and no idea of the condition of the car. Their doesn’t seem to be any MOT history online and according to a a search it has not been taxed since 2006. Obviously will need collecting, let me know if you have any interest!
  13. Since a post on the forum i've had a fair few peeps ask for details, Volvo 240 Torslander 1993 Not been used for last 6 years, currently on SORN and stored in the dry under cover in the garage. This car has been extremely loved and pampered in the past, it has a superb and comprehensive history file with virtually every bill,and invoice from new, lots of old MOT and tax discs to prove its provenance. Interior excellent hardly shows any wear for its age and belies its mileage of 192K . Exterior dent free. original Torslander wheels. Following it's storage, i replaced the battery and it started instantly, well what would you expect from a 240!. Drives fine. It's a good sensible classic. Bearing in mind its age and time in storage, it's not 100% perfect, and being 100% honest there a couple of minor points to address. Bonnet lacquer good do with a light polish Couple of tiny rust perforations on boot sill lip, these cant be seen with boot shut. All in all a small amount of work to make into a appreciating asset. The positives more than outweigh and negatives 10 fold. Only reason for sale is purchase of a Rover P4 110, and 3 cars in the garage is a bit tight Shitters price 1500
  14. Honda Prelude 2.0 F-Series Welcome one and all, I present a very clean Honda Prelude!....I am listing and have put together this advert for the car on behalf of another forum member with limited access to a desktop computer so here we are...was bought by the last owner from another shiter on here! (can be found here - http://autoshite.com...de#entry1680073) In his opinion, it is the most tidy and well cared for Prelude he has seen and driven. Lets kick it off with the vital statistics.... Mileage - Only 108k which as many will agree given her age is nice and low bros! MOT - August 2019 Taxed to get you home Its an auto, comes with 2 keys, has 4 almost new tyres with plenty of tread on, new Monroe springs and new KYB shocks, stoplock and key to deter the crims! a Bluetooth CD-Player headunit, Everything else is working as it should be! Work and important bits that have been done - NEVER BEEN WELDED!! Cambelt has been done recently (A Gates belt has been fitted) Recent oil change (lovely golden brown) Recent Automatic Transmission Fluid change (Fluid is nice, fresh and red - NOT horrible, dirty and black!) Rear Drop Links Steering Arms on the front Negatives - Engaging Park can be a little stiff sometimes - Suspect it to be a cable that needs lubing up. It engages Park absolutely fine. Wiggling back and forth and it loosens up hence why I say cable and needing lubing. Very occasional knock on the back when going over the odd bump, so a rear drop link was replaced. Knock still present, garage verdict - shock absorber. A few slight bubbles on the rear arch .......apart from that...a lovely example with years and years of life! The car is located in Glasgow and I'd like £750 ovno for a shitter. Am after a replacement that will take a kiddies car seat so if you have anything that fits the bill.....PM me! (Unclefester is the vendor) Now have some pictures....if you need anymore just ask...
  15. 1974 MG Midget 1275 Chrome Bumper RWA Here is my old MG, she’s a little tired around the edges but she has never been fully restored and mechanically she is 100% and she drives so well. I’m only selling as with a 7 month old son I have just do not have the time to use. This MG has been in my family since 2005 when my mum purchased her from another long term owner and when she became too much for my mum to use I stepped in and took over her ownership. The Round wheel arch (RWA) model is quite rare as I believe they were only made for a short time before production switched to the rubber bumper models. The car is MOT and TAX exempt and I have a history folder going back 25+ years with old MOT’s and TAX discs, loads of receipts etc. Over the years it has had various upgrades like braided brake hoses, alternator, brakes, genuine mini light alloys that are still like new with michelien tyres, K&N air filter, inertia reel seatbelts, wood rim steering wheel etc etc. The most recent work was a new rear axle, fuel pump and clutch over the last year or so. The seats and carpets are in very good condition and the seats are original to the car. If you wanted to make the interior perfect all it would take is a new set of door cards. Electrically everything works with sensible upgrades where needed e.g. halogen headlights and inline fuses added along with electric washers. Bodywork wise underneath is all solid but being a white car it shows any small marks easily. The body is not rotten but the paint is starting to bubble and flake on the top of the rear quarters and both a panels have a small amount of bubbling at the bottom alongside the expected marks for a car of its age, as you can see it polishes up well enough from a distance but up close it could do with some paintwork. The front end panels were all replaced about 10 years ago along with welding to the inner sils and rear spring hangers so these are all solid. Chrome is generally in good, original condition. I have 2 extra tonneau covers that came with the car when my mum purchased it and the hood is in good overall condition and holds up well to the weather. The engine, gearbox and drivetrain are all working well, starts easily and pulls well with decent oil pressure, no axle or gearbox whines or bangs, all gears easy to get etc. In summary this is a fantastic opportunity to buy and use it as is for the next few years or restore the body and sell on (fully restored these seem to go for anything from £8-10K). I will be sorry to see it go but like I say it is just not being used enough currently and I do not see that changing in the near future and its too good to leave in the garage. Looking for £2750 which I think is a fair price for an up together MG which can be used or tidied up a bit if wanted.
  16. My silver car could be for sale. It's a 2002 with just over 100k. It passed it's mot last july at a cost of £500. New discs and pads all round and a full service. It's only done 100 miles or so since the mot which is due again on independance day. I just don't have time to drive it. I've been given custody of my 2 kids and free time for anything is a rare commodity. It has been standing for 3 months now at my partners dads and fired first turn when I went to get pictures earlier. It has a couple of bits of laquer peel on the rear bumper but still shines up really smart. A downside is a mate's dad expressed an interest a few days ago but has gone quiet. I'll be in touch today for a definate answer. Any takers for £600? 4 good tyres and a recent bosch battery. And it's a manual! Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  17. I better put this up for sale before I change my mind. More on this car here: http://autoshite.com/topic/33660-1980-talbot-solara-16-gls/ and here: http://autoshite.com/topic/25384-talbot-solara-gls/ Good points: *Very rare - only roadworthy 1.6 GLS left in the UK according to howmanyleft and 1 of about a dozen Solara's remaining. *Lots of new parts: plugs, leads, cap, rotor arm, fuel pump, fuel filter, etc. *Oil & filter change done last week. *MOT'd until August 2019 so can be driven. *Nice reg with original raised rivet number plates. *Complete and original apart from exhaust. *Comes with some paperwork, old booklets, and many keys. *Starts every time and goes really well if you want it to. Bad points: *Running issue: intermittent spluttering at low revs/light throttle and sometimes stalls when coming to a stop as the revs can drop below idle, still not sure what is causing this. *Tatty appearance all over with rust, mismatched paint and filler in places but completely solid underneath, a real survivor car. *Passenger controls for electric front window does not work, but ones on the driver's side do. Also, passenger rear door doesn't open, handle seems to be stuck. *Lets in water somewhere at the front, luckily this collects on the shelf below the glovebox after a heavy downpour so doesn't get to soak the carpets or anything. *Has an aftermarket backbox so might be loud to some although I quite like the sound. Didn't really want to sell this but at least one of my cars has to go due to a lack of space/money and this isn't being used much now because of the running issue. I would like £1000 but if you want to make me an offer, feel free and I'll consider it. I'll most likely be listing it elsewhere so might sell at any time. PM me for any questions/offers. I'm in Norwich, Norfolk. Thanks, Ryan
  18. So. My Xantia currently resides in Mrs Hoker's private parking space round the back of the apartments. It would be great if another shiter wanted to take it on as a running project, as it still has ticket until April and is, basically, still an eager wee car. Naturally with several issues. It has an engine whine which could be the alternator, or maybe a pulley. I have recently had a new pulley and belt fitted though (paperwork of course - for those who care). It definitely needs new brake pads, and also these are making the grinding noise a bit now - due to sitting for weeks. It was fine before, but I was aware they needed doing soon. It wants a damn good servicing. Well don't we all. Suspension goes up and down, but not as eagerly as it used to. Clutch was always arses from when I got it, but I got used to it and it never bothered me. I rang the previous owner's garage (super nice guy) and he told me there was no issue with it when he had it in last - so I have always assumed it was a Xantia thing? Not sure. Maybe it is just on it's way out. It'll need a new battery, as the one in it is brand new, and I'm gonna need it for my new large diesel engine. Am charging one at work though which should be ok. Body work is pretty damn good for an old Xantia, slight bubbling on one side, and slight dent in passenger arch. It cleans up very well. It is not at all clean! But I'll be hoovering it out etc when I get the time this week. Has a towbar with working electrics. Interior is in good shape. I fell out of love with it due to not really ever finding a comfortable driving position - I'm 6ft. And then rather than put more money into it, I bought a very silly car, which is more comfortable. I'll add more details as they come to me, but for now, thought I'd stick it on here and see what people think. I don't really want to scrap it! It's on about 98,000 miles and currently SORNed. Pics will of course follow when I get down to Mrs Hoker's gaff tomorrow or so. 2001 Citroen Xantia 2.0 HDi Forte Y734 CAH £200
  19. All you AR/BL crazies, it's your lucky day. I found a load of bits left over from my Montego days when I wombled every bit of tat I could find. Will post to anywhere in the UK using her majesters finest regal fail delivery service*. All prices are in earth pounds - not inclusive of P+P. Bulk purchase discount available and recommended. Happy wombling. First off, Montego badging. £1. 3 window winder handles, resplendent in brown. £3 the lot. 4 bits of door/wing trim - not matching. £1 the lot. 5 door lock poppy uppy things (I think). £1.50 für alles. 2 bits of stainless windscreen/window trim - partially blacked up. £1. A selection of brown circles and caps (no idea, seat belt bolt covers maybe?). 50p for all of it. Trim clips (external I think). 50 pennies for the lot. Radio/accessory/poverty covers for your cheap dash. Ein Schwarz, ein Braun. £1 each. Fuse removal tweezers. To complete your concours resto. Free, i cant charge money for this. Wing mirror mounting bracket thing (maestro and monty). £1. If you can tell me what these are, you can have them! 2 more door lock poppy uppy whatsits, in round flavour. 50p. Red and Maroon (possibly just really dirty red) trim strips -adhesive is knackered. £3. Thats it for now, potentially more tat to follow.
  20. So after I set myself a challenge to find a classic car for under £2500,i managed to achieve this and now the Safrane RN needs to move on,had it a year now and it has never broken down,although I haven,t done many miles to be honest... So its a 2.2 12V manual,MOT expires end of Dec 19,and has get you home tax until end of Feb,i have serviced it with all genuine Renault items and fitted new leads,cap,rotor,its in really nice condition and the only let down really is the bonnet which is stone chipped and has a couple of nasty scratches,but no rust,rear arches are great,often a rot spot,interior is also very clean,i have fixed the non working heater with a genuine Renault resistor at £162,also replaced the heater control panel as the original broke on the cogs at the rear(£50)I have fully serviced it and all brakes are good,centre and rear exhaust were replaced a year ago and I have fitted new wipers and more in keeping Renault hubcaps... I had to replace the complete instrument panel as the speedo head seized and snapped,it has a touch ove 132K in total on it but the replacement instrument panel is in KPH(from Germany)but works fina and all bulbs work,no panel peel which is common,sometimes the rev counter doesn,t work but not all the time... It has a complete bookpack and every MOT certificate from 3 years old,bill of sale etc,its Persian red with cloth interior,NO a/c,manual rear windows,no front fogs and steels,proper pov spec! Only other thing is a slight misfire at idle,it doesn,t stall,cut out etc but does have a light misfire,driving is really nice and smooth,no misfire there,just a slight one at idle,nothing bad at all,just wanted to mention it. Car is located in Devon EX12 postacode,this needs to go fast please,so no roffle,just need it sold really and at the asking price please if I can... Any questions please ask,i have pics to send if you want. Will put on E-bay soon,but would rather sell on here,it has spare key aswell and owned buy a few people on here before.
  21. Not sure if anyone has one of these still but here goes; I've decided to scrap my trusty 1990 16v Thema non turbo. It has fitted a Powerflow stainless exhaust including the flexi just after the downpipe. It's around 6 years old and cost over £400 at the time. If anyone wants this, or any other small bits, please get in touch before Tuesday 12th and I can cut it off before the car gets scrapped on the Friday. I can store it for a while if it can't be collected immediately from Scottish Borders just south of Edinburgh.
  22. My mum was gonna sell her car to We Buy Any Car - thought I'd put it on here as it's worth more than they're offering (something like £4.50, a bag of skips and half a bottle of 7up) 1.1, Manual, 2 new front tyres last month, believe it was recently serviced but not sure. Just hit 79k. MOT history isn't that bad, tyres and the like. Might need a rear silencer soon or some gum on it - I only say that based on whats on the MOT history - not been in it enough to tell. Some mechanical history? Probably. Who knows. Runs, drives, starts and stops a treat - not even that bad of a place to be. 3/4 months MOT. Little dent/scrape on the rear arch that was there when she got it and the gearstick gaiter keeps flopping off. She doesn't drive it much so hasn't bothered her. It's got the best* interior you've ever seen.Bubbly. Lovely* dashboard Money shots: Album of piccies for your biccies £600? Don't think that's too bad for a 56 plate. It's basically new. Tell me if I'm miles off the mark. She wants a quick sale as needs the dough so offer if you're brave I suppose. Located in Gillingham in Kent - can deliver for train fare or supply tea / coffee / cake (maybe even homemade - she makes a cracking sponge) if you want it. PM me and I can give you my number and arrange stuff pretty sharpish
  23. Can post, but collection from north london welcomed. All fittings and manual included. Can be seen in use in my profile pic. It's pretty fancy pants and uses extra bars to allow secure clamping in two points. Quite decent weight rating (I forget what it is) and was very useful when the Ka was in use. Last pic is a stolen pic. Not my one.
  24. I'm genuinely sad to let this go, but the Laguna has arrived and is already providing sterling service, and MrsH won't let me keep Herbert as a backup car, so he needs to go. We've owned him for three and a half years, and I've only had to replace an alternator (overcharging) and routine wear and tear items. I regularly drove this 550 miles in a single day without so much as a complaint. The basics: 97k MOT - 09/05/19 Taxed to get you home NOT insured any more The good: It's been stonkingly reliable - the most reliable car we've ever had by a considerable margin. We've put around 30k+ on it in that time, including 500 miles a weekend with three blokes and all their kit for six months, didn't miss a beat. L-series diesel - the 110bhp version as well. Goes like a stabbed rat thanks to quite a short ratio gearbox. Most I ever attained on a run was 59.2MPG but we would routinely reach 50. All 4 tyres have good tread. Comes with two keys and two fobs - one of the fobs doesn't work and I never looked into it. Electric front windows and air con - worked last time I used it. Reciept for a cambelt change prior to us owning the car, so there's lots of life left in that. Recent front windscreen (Jan '18) Replaced the front pads and discs a while back, with fresh brake fluid Replaced the backbox and centre pipe during our ownership Aftermarket stereo with USB/Aux in (Volume knob a bit temperamental) Will throw in a Haynes manual and a pair of rear wheel cylinders, also a can of Halfords Rover Platinum Silver paint. Was serviced every year - oil, oil filter, air filter, fuel filter. Brake pipe replaced at last MOT AutoShite sticker so this thing is a proper fanny magnet. The bad: As much as I love the car (and I really do), it has to be said that it's cosmetically a bit...challenged. A while back, just prior to an imminent thunderstorm, at large hole in the corner of the roof was discovered. Given the short timeframe, I cobbled together a patch, welded it in (not brilliantly I might add) and applied seam sealer and some hammerite. This is in conjunction with filling the roof gutters with silicone as the roof itself had several rust holes hidden under the plastic trim (a common grot spot on these). Whilst it has proved to remain dry, it doesn't look the greatest. The boot hinge mounting area is also crusty. Doesn't affect closing of the boot. OSF tyre loses pressure over time (say, two weeks) Rear wiper wipes but doesn't actually shift water away, think the arm itself needs replacing (as well as the wiper blade) The exhaust centre pipe was replaced but needs adjusting as it sits low and hangs over speedbumps. The ugly: Headlining has drooped. Gr9 if you like Bedouin tents, not so good if you're 5' 10". Door card fabric inserts have come away. TADTS Passenger wing mirror was broken by an inconsiderate cockwomble a couple of weeks ago. It's held in place with some wood screws and wire, but it could do with replacing. It's had a dog in it, I've given it a quick hoover, but it would benefit from another good vacuuming. Scrape on OSR side after MrsH dragged it up the gatepost. Few rust scabs dotted around, but nothing sinister. Bit of minor paint overspray on OSR window and the paint has lots of tiny rust dots from not wiping it down after I did the grinding and leaving it in the rain. Whoops. I know I've made it sound like a dog, but it genuinely is a lovely runner and I have really enjoyed driving it. The running gear is spot on and it's only let down by the crusty areas. It can and will do the next owner proud. Pictures: Herbert Roffle Phots 060219-1 by Fat Harris, on Flickr Herbert Roffle Phots 060219-2 by Fat Harris, on Flickr Herbert Roffle Phots 060219-3 by Fat Harris, on Flickr Herbert Roffle Phots 060219-4 by Fat Harris, on Flickr Herbert Roffle Phots 060219-5 by Fat Harris, on Flickr Herbert Roffle Phots 060219-6 by Fat Harris, on Flickr Herbert Roffle Phots 060219-7 by Fat Harris, on Flickr Herbert Roffle Phots 060219-8 by Fat Harris, on Flickr Herbert Roffle Phots 060219-9 by Fat Harris, on Flickr Herbert Roffle Phots 060219-10 by Fat Harris, on Flickr Herbert Roffle Phots 060219-11 by Fat Harris, on Flickr Herbert Roffle Phots 060219-12 by Fat Harris, on Flickr Herbert Roffle Phots 060219-13 by Fat Harris, on Flickr Herbert Roffle Phots 060219-14 by Fat Harris, on Flickr Herbert Roffle Phots 060219-15 by Fat Harris, on Flickr Herbert Roffle Phots 060219-16 by Fat Harris, on Flickr Herbert Roffle Phots 060219-17 by Fat Harris, on Flickr Herbert Roffle Phots 060219-18 by Fat Harris, on Flickr Herbert Roffle Phots 060219-19 by Fat Harris, on Flickr Herbert Roffle Phots 060219-20 by Fat Harris, on Flickr Herbert Roffle Phots 060219-21 by Fat Harris, on Flickr Herbert Roffle Phots 060219-22 by Fat Harris, on Flickr Herbert Roffle Phots 060219-23 by Fat Harris, on Flickr Herbert Roffle Phots 060219-24 by Fat Harris, on Flickr Herbert Roffle Phots 060219-25 by Fat Harris, on Flickr Herbert Roffle Phots 060219-26 by Fat Harris, on Flickr Herbert Roffle Phots 060219-27 by Fat Harris, on Flickr I am after £300 which will get ploughed into getting the Laguna fighting fit, I am located just outside Camborne, Cornwall. There's train stations at Redruth and Camborne (happy to collect) and yes, I am also happy to roffle.
  25. Hi All, Trying to get back our back yard back to being well a back yard. I have a few Mk3 Mondeo bits that you may or may not be interested in. I am not entirely sure what some of them are worth but any donations to our holiday fund would be grateful! 1.) Parcel shelf, this is for the hatchback model and still has the string on both sides. 2.) Engine cover for the 2.0 tdci engine, couple of lugs missing but still actually secures to the top of the engine, i beleive later mk3 tdcis didnt leave the factory with these on. 3.) "Foam kit" This allows you to raise the boot height so that if you carry a full sized spare that the carpet doesnt sag over the top of it, quite a rare item to try and source. 4.) Battery cover - the plastic lid that goes over the battery and makes it look nicer. 5.) 5 x 17 inch alloys - ghia x style, 4 with nearly new landsails on and what was the spare has a continental sport contact 3 on, the continental has around 6.5mm left on it. The landsails were easily as good as the hancooks which preceded them, suffice to say most of them require a refurb, but all are presentable from the 6 foot mark. I am going to list the 4 x wheels on ebay for around the 140 mark and see where i go, but please get in touch to discuss if there is any interest around this stuff. I will sell the 5th wheel separately if it comes to it Steve
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