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The Doctor's travels through time - MOT passed!

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On 6/29/2020 at 4:14 PM, Fabergé Greggs said:

Perfect. Your feed for the switch wouldn't necessarily have to be ignition switched either as I doubt you'd accidentally leave it on, and also make sure it's something that's fused with a nice small fuse like the cigarette lighter feed.  

Funnily enough, I wired it up like this and the fan stayed of permanently. 

I searched for another diagram, wired it up like this and it works fine. 


Oddly though, the telltale light only works when the switch is in the off position. 


Went out for a drive, mixed 30mph, start stop, 50mph and 70mph. Temperature did not rise above halfway, so I guess that means the coolant is flowing. Will still flush it and change thermostat anyway 

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