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  1. You do make a good point there! The first car I drove as a taxi was an Orion 1.6D. Hopeless. The fact it was comprehensively rogered didn't do it any favours either... I cut my (professional) motoring teeth on low powered diesels and still have a soft spot for them, GM 1.7Ds, Ford 1.8 n/a Enduras and XUDs. Though the Peugeot 405 1.9 TD is still the best car I ever taxied in.
  2. Right, don't know why Chrome had decided to insert every picture I've uploaded today into one post, but anyway... The Schabak Fiesta listing came with an Escort as well. The Mk5 is another casting that I've been meaning to get hold of for a while, so this one fills a gap. An Escort 'wagon' no less! And a posh looking wagon too, judging by the sunroof and the natty roof rails. Never seen a Schabak Escort in black either. Again, this one's in really good condition with only a couple of blemishes in the shiny black paint. The GLX spec wheel trims are well replicated. Again, the interior isn't dripping with detail, but it's a decent stab at a Mk5 interior. God, the amount of miles I drove in these bloody things back in the day when I worked on the taxis.... However the loadspace wasn't bad, I did quite a few airport runs with them. This one, being a GLX, even has a loadspace cover, which would probably make things nicer for the imaginary smol owner of this example... ... because (and this is actually one of the reasons I love these Schabak Escorts) under the bonnet we have the fantastic* normally aspirated 1.8 Endura-DE diesel. The ones I drove were lower L spec ones and had no loadspace cover, making that boxy space at the back act like a big boombox. I drove a few 1.8 d hatchbacks and I actually quite liked the farty, parpy exhaust note on those, a bit like the Morris Minor exhaust raspberry. But constant. However that noise, amplified by a large, uncovered loadspace got a bit tiring over a long shift... So, a Mk5 Escort, estate, diesel. How could this not be shite? All in all, with the postage, this and the Fiesta came in at about £7 each, which I was quite happy with.
  3. So, had a delivery yesterday. I'm quite late here to the Schabak party. I've bought a few Vauxhall/Opel models from Gama over the years and I do like this era of nicely made German model from the late '80s/early '90s. Detail might be lacking a bit compared to today's models from Minichamps/Vanguards/Neo etc but they are still chock full of charm from an era when I was just about making the transition from collecting small 'toy' Matchbox and the like to proper 1/43 collectors stuff. So first up, This is another real 'holy grail' model for me. I have quite a lot of 'Fast Ford' models in the collection now, but a distinct lack of hot Fiesta action. Truth is, there isn't really a massive choice of sporty Fiestas in 1/43 form. Mk1 XR2s can be had from Minichamps and Vanguards, so are expensive. I have one silver Vanguards XR2 and that's it. (If you want a real laugh, see how much people are asking for Vanguards Mk1 Supersports...), Neo Mk2 XR2s do exist, but that'll be £80-£90 please sir. (Word is that the Mk2 XR2 is one of the favourites to be next modelled by Vanguards. If they're still around by then...). Mk3 wise, again you're struggling. Kess do a stunning resin RS Turbo, but again you're talking ££££££. So really, you're left with the Schabak XR2i, a model which is getting on for 30 years old now, luckily it doesn't look bad for its age. Saying that, due to the lack of choice, prices of these too have started to climb. Recent mint boxed examples have sold on eBay for £20-£30+ so I thought I'd missed the boat with these. Luckily this came up with a tempting BIN price, so at long last, the Fiesta MK3 shaped hole has been filled! Mint and boxed too. The box is also in pretty good condition with quite a wishlist on the rear! Shame though that the plastic box window has yellowed and split with age. I'll have to see if I can replace it somehow. Pleasingly, the mintiness includes the notoriously fragile headlights, indicators and auxiliary lights, which easily fall out and get lost with these. Taillights too, are still present, as is the rear screen, which are also often missing on these. Schabak's party trick of course was the amount of opening features. Sadly the realism on this car appears to extend to a non-existent boot floor... Doors open too, allowing a look at the interior detail. Obviously at early '90s levels, but its all recognisable as a MK3 dash, with a correct shape steering wheel, The bolsters on the sports seats are about right too. Another treat is the opening bonnet, something rarely seen even today with 1/43, and a very decent attempt at a 1.6 CVH (Coarse, Vibratory, Harsh) in there. Good underbody detail too, for the time. Shape is captured well too. Shame it doesn't have the blue pinstripes and bumper strips like the 1/25 version but the black front splitter and tailgate spoiler break up the sea of red and even the wheels aren't a bad stab at the early XR2i ones. Should display well I reckon.
  4. Couldnt agree more. I still like to collect stuff like classic muscle cars from HW (preferably without flames and outlandish paint jobs) but they've really come into their own the last few years with factory style classic and modern JDM and European cars. Diecast Collector did quite a good obituary to Ryu, his influence has been plain to see over the last few years as you say. Hopefully the range will carry on the same way.
  5. Nothing much new at the local Morrisons apart from these, Normally I'm not into big money supercar type stuff, but I liked this version of the R35 when I saw it previewed. Nice colour and it's good to see a fairly complicated racing livery with front and rear detail too, rare on HW. Then, the more 'standard' version of the R35. With the dreaded 'Then & Now' branding, which means there's probably going to be a grey Kenmari 2000GT or R32 Skyline to hunt down later! And the money shot, Only found an effing Gullwing! Been looking forward to this one coming out. It's gained some criticism online over the un-Gullwing-like wheels and tidemark along the bottom, but... As can be seen, it's not actually a million miles from the real thing, other than the wheel size. Post lady brought goodies today too, more later.
  6. Slim pickings at Morrisons, but a few recent releases were in, Alas, not the STH version... Nice tampos on the Bentley, sadly at the expense of any front or rear detail. Hadn't seen this Camaro in any of the previews. The wheels are a bit Pimp my Ride but it's nice to see a factory style colour scheme and livery on this casting. Quite a few repeats of these and other Hot Wheels on clipstrips all over the store but a notable absence of yellow Volvos. Someone's getting there before me or they are finding homes before they have a chance to reach the clipstrips...
  7. Gah! I think this'll be another NE meet I'll be missing out on. Doesn't look like I'll have a car on that day as Mrs is back working weekends and it's looking more unlikely I'll have the Skoda on the road by then. Ah well, maybe the next one ..
  8. This Fiesta is identical to the 1.4S I had back in 1993. Always loved the wheel trims on these, especially on a white one.
  9. Shit the bed! I didn't do too badly getting the blue Merc for £4 then. Just gutted I missed out on this version from the same seller at the same price...
  10. Already shown on here, but one of the cleanest design of wheel trim, suiting the clean, '80s lines. The majority of my 190s all had alloys from the factory, as most of them had the sportline option. (Incidentally, I think the sportline/16v 7X15" 'guilledeckel' rims are a candidate for a 'best standard alloy wheel thread) But for my old povo spec brown 1.8 manual, the steelies and trims were perfect,
  11. Always loved the faux-alloy trims (more a large hub cap really) as fitted to the series 1 Allegro Sport and Sport Special. (Later featured on the series 2 HL in silver with the four segments in black). So much so I added a set to my own series 2,
  12. Get in! Success achieved at B&M! Finally got the W124 Merc and it's brilliant. As already mentioned, the tampos are great, check out the headlight wipers! (On all the 190s I owned with them fitted, I made a point of making sure they worked. The amount of washer fluid they used though was unreal!) Nice AMG ducktail on the back too. Will have to dig out my real riders 190 Evo now, see how they compare. Also got the '96 Carrera variant that I was missing. Slippery slope, wha......
  13. Wow! Mucho jealous! Definitely worth grabbing at that price, the Supersport is well sought-after. The Cavalier is also well worth grabbing at a tenner.
  14. Post lady has been too, while I was at work, Not again!!! Holy grail time here though! I've been after a Vanguards Mk3 Cav for a long while. Sadly, as they didn't produce many variants (two police, two BTCC and three road cars), when they come up for sale, they either get snapped up quickly or have comedy price tags. (£50-£55 anyone?). To think when Corgi had a Black Friday sale a few years ago, I could have got the red SRI version for a tenner... This came up on eBay with a 'reasonable' BIN price, so I was allowed to nab it as one of my Father's day pressies! Shape wise, it looks right. Corgi did a good job of modelling the saloon. The right bits for this 4X4 Turbo version are there, like the deeper front and rear bumpers, side skirts and Turbo-only 16" Turbine alloys. Nice detail on the front end. Nice headlights and grille/badge. Only gripe is with the painted on foglights. Nowadays they'd probably be separate units. Nice rear end too. The late model lights and number plate surround, and badging are all spot on, and great tailpipes. Main whinge is with the interior. Rear shelf speaker detail isn't too bad, But the seats are bloody awful! Blocky and shapeless, even the headrests are the wrong shape. It's like Corgi really couldn't be arsed, especially compared with their Sapphire Cosworth and it's pleated leather effect Recaros. I did read that Corgi had the BTCC versions first and foremost in mind when they decided to do the Mk3 (which is why it ended up as a saloon) Maybe a large part of the development budget was used to make the detailed racing interior on those. The dashboard's not as bad. After many thousands of miles driving Mk3s for a living, I definitely recognise that dash! IIRC it's a pretty good representation of the pre airbag sports wheel too. I remember back in the day that these were one of 'the' wheels to have on a 5-stud Vauxhall. I remember a local 'Pharmaceutical distributor' years ago driving about in a Calibra Turbo with them on. Interior disappointments aside, I'm still glad to have finally got a MK3. Though I wish Corgi would give their well used Escort and Cortina moulds a rest and give us another. A facelift SRi in Rioja red would be fantastic....
  15. I found a few more Hot Wheels. Local Morrisons store isn't doing too badly lately. Always liked this Chevelle casting. Nice tampos, reminds me of an old school dragger. Like many others, I'm a big fan of this Dodge van, looks well in this colour. I know, a bit OLLI. I wish they'd do this in a nice factory colour scheme with the "90" or "County" graphics like the old Matchbox version. At last, managed to get the black Intergrowler. Finally stopped dithering and got this too! Looks nice in all black and I like the miniature JDM printed sunstrip.
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