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  1. Some fresh Hot Wheels appeared at the local Morrisons. Not the latest case, but at least we're into 2021 stuff at last! Was chuffed to find the Civic, I've always been fond of this generation of the coupe. The body kit is a bit JDM Yo! but it's still a lovely little thing and nicely detailed.
  2. Yay! Having a clean up today, and came across the one photo I have of VLY, circa 1996.
  3. I got so excited when I first saw the red GTE in a local newsagents with a few more Matchbox. It was a great rendering of the MK2 Astra's shape, and it was the fact that the Astra was an everyday car, really appealed to me. As said, it was a great era for Matchbox at that time.
  4. Almost certain Gama did morph into Schuco, I've got the Calibra from both and the casting is identical, the Schuco has better wheels and interior and has the facelift V-grille though.
  5. After all this time, I remember that about the wheels. I noticed when it was getting tyres one day that the steelies underneath the trims had a different design to the standard ones, with 5 large holes with small ones between them, similar to what the rare Orion GLSi had. Richie, the firm's mechanic was always turning up with sets of wheels and tyres, usually cheap from the breakers he went to, so none of the taxis we had at that firm had their original wheels (apart from the Azura, the boss wanted to keep the original alloys on that). The blue LX I eventually drove had Ghia pepperpot all
  6. Had a delivery this weekend. Another one that passed me by when it was launched, dropped in price when it wasn't too popular and is now hard to get for reasonable money. Something that seems to be happening to a lot of Vanguards lately, well a lot of diecast, really... So, it's the rare non-Cosworth version of the Vanguards Sapphire, in GLS flavour, which is one of my favourite Sierra variants. I always tend to favour the mild sporty variants of a car rather than the balls out hottest version. The Astra SR rather than the GTE, the Escort 1600 sport to the RS, the 205 XS t
  7. And what's wrong with beige? I'd rock a beige Metro...
  8. Depends which era of childhood, but favourites were, Vauxhall Viva HA SL90, in completely faded red with white side flashes and the fancy SL wheel trims. The earliest car I remember him having YWW 159 L, '74 Hillman Avenger DL in white, hockey-stick tail lights ahoy! BYG 745T, '78 Chrysler Avenger DL in brown with brown vinyl interior and sportier 2 door looks. PTO 715M, '74 Escort 1300 estate in beige. Not the quickest car around, but never let us down, never failed to get us where we were going, and unusually for a MK1, never rusted (much). Being the early '80s, it was
  9. The Cyan strip reminds me of the bluey/green stripes on the Rio model, especially in Nevada red, which was a kind of dark pinkish red, I almost went for this colour when I got a Rio Grande in 1994 but went for Kingfisher blue, and carried on the coloured stripes on to the bumpers.
  10. This X 1000 Over the years I've had four variants on the Metro theme and have always had a soft spot for them. It's great to see this little car improving bit by bit. Great job on the sills and bumpers!
  11. Pretty shit show for 30 years driving, but fuck it, I'll play, 1982 Nissan Sunny B11, a bargain trade in at the Rover dealer I was doing my YTS at. 2 owners, low mileage, near mint. Sadly, I was still taking driving lessons, my sister passed her test before me, so the parents sold it to her from under me. Forgetting the fact I got it at trade price and could have nearly doubled my money if I actually wanted to sell it... 1982 Metro 1.0, bought the day I passed my test in desperation because there was sod all about at my meagre price range. Had MG stripes and interior. They were abou
  12. Love it, but a no to the trim rings. The plain black rims look fab with the rest of the black trim. I know it's already been discussed, but in my insignificant opinion, Metro sills should be black, the cars look somehow 'unfinished' to me with body colour sills...
  13. Definitely. If Oxford did half their 1/76 range in 1/43, I would be a happy (and poor/divorced) man!
  14. The Vanguards Astra SR is one of my favourite models. Partly for the fact that the SR isn't a really obvious choice. But mostly for those wheels! The only thing that spoils it, and the GTE, for me is the rear ride height, which is too high for something 'sporty'. Naturally the MK2 Astra is one of the few castings without sprung suspension so I can't adjust it... That Sintra is winking at me, being one of the UK spec RHD V-grille versions. I'm sure I'd find it it a home if it came over here...
  15. It was in Europe, @Datsuncog, it appears that thrupenny bit tipper does indeed, er, tip. @DatsuncogI hope I haven't spoilt the surprise for you there. I've just got sucked down a rabbit-hole of part work BMC based vans, including a Sava J4 van and got possibly more excited than I should when I saw the FG tipping...
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