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  1. So, I set the XR3i free from its display case. Instantly I wasn't keen on how it sat, it seemed way too low at the back, Normally this wouldn't bother me, I'd just drop the front to match! But the baseness of this car made me want to get it up to normal height. So for the first time, I set about raising the suspension on a Vanguards model! Apart it came, Bit different this one from previous releases. The nice underbody detailing is gone, along with the hidden screw fixings, which used to be a nice touch. Only screwed in at the front now too, the rear of the basepl
  2. Incoming! It's arrived! Finally, after pre ordering back in January last year, I have the Vanguards XR3i in the newly launched MK4 guise. As can be seen, this version is gloriously bASe, kudos to Corgi for making the first XR3i release in this guise. The shape of the MK4 is captured well. Main complaint is the fit of the rear bumper where it meets the rear arches. The bumpers appear to be seperate plastic pieces on this. The fit can be seen here. I may see if I can glue the corners to the edge of the rear arch. The tail lights look better than they look i
  3. Well, the FB Corgi Vanguards site has been busy today, with the announcement of the 2021 releases. Let's just say if you like old skool Fords, you're laughing! (And skint...) Mostly re colours of course, but some nice ones, and a couple of surprise new castings. I might have done a pre-order...
  4. Mira also did a MK2 Granny key car. I got one in Palma Nova in 1983 in Sweeney-Consul bronze.
  5. A great Cog-review of the year, there. I think there are a great few of us on this thread who have been kept going through the year thanks to mini-tat. A few notable items kept me going through lockdown, one of them being gifted a mint & boxed Vanguards Consul base, by our own Skizzer, which was much appreciated, After a sudden rush of love on here for the Corgi 1/36 range, I gained two that I've been seeking out for a while, both kindly procured by members of this parish, A Corgi Merc W115, in lovely condition and in my favourite colour scheme for this model, courtesy
  6. Collecting Vanguards models is what keeps me poor I reckon...
  7. I'd be up for that! A lot more expensive, but keep an eye on the Corgi Vanguards range. They've just brought out a MK4 XR3i, but have already tweaked the casting to a red S2 RST for a 4 car gift set, so chances are we'll see a single release before long.
  8. Happy belated Christmas, miniature tatters! Not much on the diecast front this year, though I'm always allowed a bit (that I choose myself). Usually it ends up being a recent Vanguards of some description, and this year is no exception! A bit of an older release this time though. One from a good few years ago and one I was kicking myself for not getting before now. Round about the time this E30 casting was launched, Corgi were wandering a bit off their usual path, adding a few European 'neo-classics' to the Vanguards range, with the E30, Golf MK1&2, Pug 205 & 309,
  9. Wow! Can't compete with these lovely Tomicas but managed to grab a bit of JDM loveliness today, that I've been hunting for a while, Nice to finally see it as a mainline. Got a few others. I'm liking this Chevelle, sadly it's not the STH version, Another .nice recolour for the Monte Carlo, And a nice version of this later Chevelle. Pretty subtle for a Crass and Spurious version, Nice to see at least some late 2020 HW hitting our shops. Two cases behind the latest releases isn't too bad for round here....
  10. Great work Iain, always loved this little car and the mods on it. The parents had both Corsa B and C SRis so it was inevitable that I'd end up with Corsas of my own, hence my old Irmscher kitted C SXi and the current VX line. (So far behaving itself...)
  11. On a slightly happier note, some new Hot Wheels have arrived. A few re colours, but I don't mind with the Nova wagon gasser, I love this version, Ditto with the Silvia. In a nice blue this time. This would look great IMO as a Factory Fresh version like they did with the DR30 Skyline, The Toyota GT looks good in white, pretty much the only colour I've ever seen them in TBH. I think I may have to open one of these Tokyo Toyotas and de-tampo it. Interesting semi-matt paint job on the Merc A Class. Now I'm prepared for a flaming here, but I like the full
  12. Sadly, I got a bit of bad news this week. Earlier this year, by accident I discovered TigerTaz models, a proper old school model shop, which happened to be in my local area, dealt in exactly the sort of models I go in for, and didn't go in for taking people's trousers down with pricing. It was one of the leading model railway dealers, and also an official dealer for Corgi and Oxford diecast, so I could get my new Vanguards stuff for quite a bit less than they go for on ebay. Lots of older Vanguards stuff there as well, (some nice mint boxed Vitesse French shite as well, which I've had my
  13. Have you ever repeatedly turned into a junction in a particularly posh part of your town and still, after many years, recognise the spot where your recently bought (after passing your test) Metro lost half its exhaust when pulling out of said junction, right in front of two young ladies you were trying to impress? Or been practicing handbrake turns in said Metro in an unused gravel car park, and have several pieces of gravel go through the driver's sill that was good enough to pass an MOT three weeks earlier? Then, when pulling the carpet up, discover several pieces of biscuit tin and fl
  14. Probably been seen on here already, but after a local drought lasting months, I finally found some recent-ish Hot Wheels releases, Really like this one, a nice companion to the also recently launched GMC Syclone in the mad-fast pick up stable. Got a few of the standard bodied Continentals, this one is something else altogether! I'm a big fan of the Stinger casting, and I think it looks fantastic in this colour. Another nice recolour too, on the Prelude. Safari... So goody! Was chuffed to get this one! Still on the hunt for the '96 Imp
  15. I wouldn't mind a 1/24 scale version other than not really having the room to display it! I think it's by Welly? Looks a cracking model, there was a job lot of 3 on eBay recently and they went for a fair bit IIRC.
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