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  1. Ooft! Love that MB speedkings SLC!
  2. Ooh! Can you grab me the AS coloured Merc 240D if he has it next time and if it's going for a fiver? Please and thank you.
  3. While getting Sunday lunch items earlier, in the local Morrisons, I also managed to grab some Pork(ers)... I do like the '96 Carrera casting, it's had a few recolours already. I already had the yellow variant in one of the Aldi cheapo 3 packs recently but it's nice to also have it on its own. Liking the Tampos for the lights and the badging. I was chuffed to grab this one though, I thought I'd missed the boat with it. I liked the red version, but it really is a stunner in Autoshite Racing Gold.
  4. Finally got time today to get this unpacked and have a good look at it. With thanks to our own @Amishtat for procuring it for me at his local car booty. With my newly rekindled love for 1/36 Corgis, this is one I've been actively looking out for. I'll be honest, it's not my favourite colour for this particular model, but it holds fond memories. Back in 1982, the launch of the Sierra was a big deal, especially to the 8 year old me and my older brother. We'd gone down to the local Ford dealer (Nesham's of Middlesbrough) and blagged brochures and posters, and I spent many hours reading contemporary previews and road tests in Car magazine and the like. So imagine the pure unbridled delight when I received the yellow Corgi 1/36 model that Christmas from my favourite aunt and uncle. Bless uncle Stan, he knew I was mad on cars and always knew what to get! (At that time he had a lovely silver Mk5 Cortina 2.3 Ghia). I was over the moon with it (even though I knew it wasn't possible to actually have a Sierra in that shade of yellow, and the pure white interior was a bit odd too...). It eventually ended up binned after many years of play and an Ill advised two tone black and silver humbrol paint job and pepperpot wheels made of milliput! The special Ford branded box is just as I remember it. Being different to the usual black and yellow Corgi box made the model seem even more special. I've had a go at this box a bit, with a dab of glue along the bottom edge at the back, so its a bit more solid, and glued the plastic window back at the front so its a bit less Maestro headlining-like. As can be seen, this one scores a bit higher than my original version, by having a more Ghia-like interior colour. As reported on here previously, the detail really isn't bad for what is essentially a near 40 year old toy. The shape of the dash is rendered well, and the flutes in the seats are just like the real thing. Nice to see headrests front and rear too, just like the Ghia. As a kid, I was pretty excited by the badging, which looked amazing back in '82, and pretty much to scale, when a lot of cast-in badging still looked massive on some models. The opening tailgate and lift-up parcel shelf added some play value too, And of course, what made this model special was that Corgi went to the trouble of manufacturing actual Ghia wheeltrim- style wheels, which just finished the whole car off perfectly. (It was a shame they didn't do the same with the previous MK3 Escort release which would have looked the biz with a set of GL style wheels, though they did redeem themselves with the later RS1600i with a set of simulated RS 7 spokes) A welcome addition to the collection then, and a nice trip down memory lane, many thanks again to Amishtat.
  5. Top bombing DC. The selection of GM models from that seller is staggering. I keep finding myself looking on there, and am tempted by the newer style Tigra Twintop they have for sale. The metal roof actually lowers and raises like the real thing and being a Minichamps model, the interior detail with the roof lowered is stunning. Got 1/36 Corgis distracting me at the mo though. This thread, dammit...
  6. Ooh, colour me interested please!
  7. If youre still there and can grab the Sierra for a tenner, I'll have that please.
  8. Couple more HW 2020 finds today. Chuffed to find this one. This is the first 2000GT I've got, it's a lovely casting. Looks like there's an Olympic themed collection in the pipeline.
  9. Funnily enough, I forgot about the 1/24 Bburago 190, I've also got one of those, I'll have to dig that out later. It's a non metallic red colour, pretty close to factory Signal red, so that must have been another colour option at the time. I like that Solido in Jon's post. It looks far better in a factory type metallic colour. That and the Majorette one look very similar to the factory shade Anthracite, which is like a dark grey with just a touch of bronze. I have big feelings of regret seeing that Siku 190. I got one years ago off eBay, still on its card packaging. Since then though, it has been out of the card, put on display and finally ended up in 201_jnr's play pile, so now has lost most of its lovely brown paint and both front doors! Ah well, at least it's been used and enjoyed...
  10. While I had the 1/36 Corgi 190s out, I had to dig these out too, I blame all the Sierra love on here lately. It's made me realise I've got nowhere near enough 1/36 Corgis in my life. I got these a few years ago at a very reasonable price from a member of this here thread. Apologies but I can't recall exactly who, though I'm still chuffed to bits with these two E30s. A very good rendering of the 2 door E30 shape. Never seen this version, with the side graphics, I'm sure the iX was only available in four door form though. It was bought unboxed but in very good condition, just how I like them. Only a couple of small paint chips. What I love about this particular variant is the brilliantly engineered opening bonnet, which opens like the real thing. Up at the front, Then tip forward to reveal the (chromed!) engine. The interior is pretty realistic, the seats are the right shape, as is the dash, and it has the same sliding sunroof as fitted to the 190. My favourite is the red version though. One of my bosses when I was on the taxis back in the mid '90s, had a 316 2 door almost identical to this, same colour combo, the standard BMW trims looked a bit like the wheels on this model, even the bodykit was the same. Incidentally, the bodykit on this Corgi model was quite rare in real life, being made by the company Pfeba. It seems the side skirts were almost a copy of the period Alpina jobs but the front apron is the difference, Good for Corgi for modelling the E30 with one of the lesser known aftermarket kits, rather than the usual M Tech or Alpina kits of the time. Same funky opening bonnet. And for once, being a 2 door, the Corgi tip-up seats are justified...  Two quick Teutonic compact saloons together! When I got the two Bimmers, , I also fulfilled a childhood ambition and got this, I had been after one of these for years. Been meaning to do something with it for years, I'm hoping it'll get a nice Zircon blue or Opaline green paint job. I've tested the lights, the rears work, sadly I haven't managed to get the fronts working. I have temporarily painted the front and rear spoilers and rear spats black so far to see how it'll look with them detailled in after a paint job.
  11. Put the Corgi Sierra back in the loft. While doing that, I glimpsed a bit of a Corgi box I wasn't familiar with. Shit the bed, a 190! Definitely one of the 'Bloody hell, I didn't even know I had that' collection. To boot, in years of browsing on the net among miniature 190s, I've never come across one in this type of box. Apart from the special Mobil freebie, I've seen them in the early black/yellow box, the later blue/yellow box with the road signs and Rancho on the side flaps, and the big window box with useless badge on the plinth, like the Sierra came in. This seems to have been the follow up to that type, again, a way of Corgi shifting a few of their elderly 1/36 castings as collector's pieces. This one dates from 1994, the year after 190 production ended. At least this packaging seems to have a bit more longevity than the previous type. For something that's more or less a toy, it captures the shape well, even though, as DC alluded to with the taxi version, the casting itself is as rough as arseholes. Points are awarded to the grille casting (less so the clumsy star at the top), the 16v 'Cosworth' bodykit is well rendered with the jack point covers moulded in, and the mirrors and door handles look good. The old 70s style generic Corgi wheels don't look too bad, the centre holes are filled in on this model, and the design, along with the wide, relatively high profile tyres with small diameter wheels aren't a million miles away from the 15" 'guilledeckel' wheels fitted to the 16v. However, Corgi, we have a problem with the interior haven't we? The 16v 190 came with heavily bolstered front seats, with a two seater, heavily bolstered rear bench. This has the interior of the previous standard bodied version, which is a shame. Still, at least they did it in black. Otherwise, not bad inside, the handbrake console is done well, the front armrest is present, though it should be mounted halfway up the passenger seat, not on the console. The door card detail is cast into the door and is pretty well detailed. The 190 dash is also done very well here, even the generic Corgi 4 spoke steering wheel looks a dead ringer for the period AMG version. Manual box too. While in the loft, I dug this out. I have to say I prefer the Corgi 190 in standard, pre face lift guise, complete with sliding sunroof. This is another take on the taxi theme. I think this one is from Denmark, although I am still after the cream German taxi version. I still want the first release too, in grey with the old style black and yellow box, also the 'Nurburgring' Swinford Motors version in black with race graphics. Next up, I remember attending the Ripon classic car show and autojumble around 2008. I was there in my Nutria brown 190e, I spotted this Burago 190 and thought 'Yay, a brown 190 model!' on a stall that was just packing up. It was priced at £4 but it was a case of 'give us a couple of quid, save me taking it home'. Sold! However, I got it home and out of the box, Shit, it's grey! Bloody bronze glazing on the box... For a cheap toy, it ain't too bad, apart from the weird blue tinted glass, continuing to the headlights. Again, it's a 2.3/2.5 16v model, so the bodykit is well rendered, including the very slightly extended arches. The grille is pretty good for the time, and the scale apart from, again, a slightly clumsy star. At least the sports seats feature in this one, with rear headrests, the first aid compartment on the shelf, and the 16v rear wing. Nice to get one in normal, road going trim too, all the other ones of these I've seen have been in rally trim. A bit of an oddball next. Obviously a code 3 created as a giveaway for an automotive parts group. It was hanging around on eBay years ago with no takers, so I snagged it for buttons. The model itself is the Solido rendering of the 190, which is pure mid '80s. Despite a bit of a lack of detail, e.g no door mirrors and no detail at all on the inside of the doors, it has quite a bit of charm as an '80s model. The shape is captured nicely, and the wheels are quite attractive, in the style of a set of '80s style aftermarket alloys. It does have a bit of an identity crisis though, the front bumper is an unpainted 16v job, it has the side panels from a 16v, colour coded, an unpainted 16v spoiler and a standard rear bumper. Not unlike a lot of 190s that were running about 10-15 years ago in fact... Surprisingly, that's it for smol 190s, considering I owned 6 of the things and have always been a big fan of the real thing! But there isn't really a lot of choice out there. Minichamps have done a few nice versions, but of course, go for mucho spends, especially the 1/18 scale versions, beautiful though they are.
  12. And another one, currently on display, I do like the Corgi Vanguards Sapphire casting too. Sadly the Cosworths seem to attract too much miniature scene-tax for my liking, so this is the only Saph in the collection so far, although I have been tempted by the cancelled-order black GLSi's currently all over eBay. So, this one (obviously) is part of the Vanguards Boy Racer collection. Pretty well rendered, and a contrast to the mostly 1970s flavoured cars in the rest of the series. I remember from my Max Power days, loads of modified and tuned up Fords having Tiger Stripe graphics. These are done well, and I like the big TurboSystems windscreen graphic. As usual, small details like the badging are done nicely, including the tiny 4X4 ones on the front wings, the lattice wheels are good, though some blackwash in between the spokes would make them better, and the stance is nice and low, like a proper 'Cosseh'. Again, the Cosworth Recaros are done very nicely, with a 'ruched' leather effect. (Excuse the chipped spoiler, this one's been in the wars a bit!)
  13. Apologies for dragging up an already well-discussed subject, but today I dug this out, in it's incredibly fragile and battered, and typically yellowed packaging, Bit of an oddball this version. IIRC this casting first saw the light of day as the 'Spender' Sierra, released as a tie-in to the Jimmy Nail BBC cop show of the time. However it wasn't a great effort. Sapphire Cossies always came with colour coded bumpers and bonnet. Plus the small fact that the real G325 WVW in the series was Ebony black in colour, not silver... Nevertheless, it seemed to sell pretty well and can still be picked up today at reasonable money. That also did a police version, and a couple of rally versions too, It seems though that the normal road going Cosworth is virtually unheard of. I've found one picture of it on Google and can't ever remember seeing one on eBay, whereas the other versions seem to come up quite regularly. So, I got her out of the box for what must be the first time in over 25 years. Ah, the old ludicrously simple Corgi way of securing a car to the base. Much more pleasant than having to undo 793 screws and piss about with small plinths securing the car to the big plinth like with Corgi Vanguard models these days. What I can't figure out with this car (and Corgi generally, around this time) is what it is meant to be. Is it meant to be a toy, or a collector's item? The packaging seems to be identical to RUK's earlier 2.3 Ghia Sierra, with the badge/sign thing. Haven't got a clue what that's for either, whether it's meant to make the car look like it's in a showroom, I don't know, However the bumf on the back of the box seems to allude to some sort of collectability! This Sapphire also seems to be the only pretty recent casting in this collection (I'm guessing it's why it's called the Ford Cosworth on the packaging, to differentiate it from the earlier Ghia hatch version, referred to as Ford Sierra on this box) the rest going back to the mid '80s and beyond. It's still a mystery as to why it was cast in the old 1/36 scale though, as Corgi seemed to be getting more into producing vehicles in 1/43 by then for its collectable and TV related stuff. However, for something originating in the early '90s and with a toy like feel, it's not a bad model. The front is recognisable as a Cosworth, woeful bonnet gaps notwithstanding. Not a bad representation of the engine and ancillaries. The cast-in strut towers are a nice touch. Inside we have a fairly good representation of a set of leather Recaros and the Sierra dash. RHD too, I did have to 'improve' it a bit. As can be seen, the door frames are a tad on the thick side, some black around the window frames would have helped things a bit. However I blacked out the small triangular trims on the bottom corner of the rear side windows, the C pillar trims either side of the rear screen, the edge of the rear spoiler and the door handles, which helped the looks I think. I also added a bit of silver sharpie to the inner spokes of the wheels. Compare the trims and the wheels with the other versions above, and I think it looks better. A bit of an oddball, and a bit 'toy-like' compared to the 1/43s in my collection, but it's been nice having this one out again.
  14. Lovely post lady has just been. Getting a bit of deja-vu here... Well hello! So, another posh dealer model. Having got the saloon, it would be rude not to have the coupé. Same collection, so same nice packaging, Again, a lovely model, with premium levels of quality and detail, Loads to like at the rear, the boot hinges look like the real thing, the tiny screen washer, the rear heating elements are really fine, and look how delicate that rear wiper is. The Opel badge is a separate part, not tampo printed. Like the Senator, the interior is superb. Wood trim, seperate seat belts again, with buckles , speaker grilles in the rear shelf panels, little chrome ashtrays in the quarter panels. Again, nicely detailed underneath, slightly finer detailed around the front end than the Senator maybe, And the Autobahn stormers together. Didn't realise there was that much difference in the styling between the two, other than the obvious coupé styling, the front ends are also completely different,
  15. That Ixo partwork Sierra also comes in a yellow AS-spec version with Base spec wheels, These are also on eBay for not much money. It's certainly tickling my want-spot! In other news, following the MK1 Senator purchase, the seller has restocked on their GM dealer models. Bugger! And there's me trying to curtail my spending on diecast. BIN it is then...
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