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  1. This arrived today, Probably the last here to get one, but now it's here. Big thanks to @bunglebus for selling me his spare one. "GR8 Sellar. Wud by miniature German chod from again A+++++ " As already shown on these pages, it's a cracking little thing. I may even deviate from my normal practice of leaving stuff carded and break this one out for a bit of detailing, as others have done. Also, in Morrisons, right at the bottom of a newly opened rummage box, I spotted this, Yeessss ya bastard! Been hunting for this for ages. What a little beauty. The above pic reminds me just a bit of a Trophy Yellow MG ZR, one of my all time favourite cars from my past. Definitely one of Ryu's greatest hits!
  2. Had to nip into B&Q earlier today as I've been assigned some "house stuff" to do. Took the opportunity to also nip into the nearby B&M to see if there was anything new. Nothing I haven't already got, but I did grab this as it was on offer, I'm not really into the Forza stuff as it's generally supercar stuff, which isn't really my bag. But as I seem to have fallen down the A Class rabbit hole against my will, and have collected all the variations so far, I had to grab this one. Nice detailing. As this one costs a bit more than a standard mainline, it gets tampo printing all over and front and rear. Also got round to opening up the yellow MB Merc and swapping the loose green one into the card. Okay, no one would be fooled by it, but it looks neat enough to me and it means I have the green, yellow and blue ones on cards now. Still hunting for the Terracotta US version.
  3. Got one of those ordered too, should only be a couple of weeks according to Corgi, till they're released. Still no dice in Tesco regarding Matchbox. Just hoping now that they do the Kadett in another colour scheme as I missed the first releases of the Merc S123 and Capri but managed to find the subsequent releases. Morrisons had a big restock of Hot Wheels. Not much there that I haven't already got apart from, And one I was particularly pleased to find,
  4. ^^^ Colt Celeste I remember them as. Much want for that one. Looks like what I thought was a Mondeo saloon is actually a Mitsi Evo IV/V/VI- whatever. Oh well...
  5. Oh my! Our local Entertainer is normally good for Moving Parts MB stuff. (If rather shite for anything else...), looks like the Moggy is going to be good. I spy a W116 S Class Merc, an RS kitted Mk1 Mondeo, and Mk3 Golf in the background, all with opening parts too. Had an arrival today. Have to admit, this was a cock-up purchase. As the C Class-of-much-neediness has stopped kicking me in the balls for about a month, I've been all enthusiastic for ageing German saloons again. I spotted this on eBay with a £7 starting bid so lobbed a bid on. Then later it dawned on me that it's one of the Schuco or Schabak E36s that I have been after for a while, not the Solido. Bah! (And then I remembered that I already had an E36 that I bought last year, by Minichamps...) And of course, unlike all the models that I've bid on for the last few months or so that I actually WANTED, and got outbid on, I didn't get outbid on this... So first job, after noticing that, as received, the rear suspension was a bit... stanced yo! the baseplate had to come off. Piece of piss, the axle had popped out of the retaining tab. For a relatively cheap (both when new and now) model, the baseplate is a pretty good quality item, very solid. This being a relatively povo spec 3 series, the grey bumpers and side skirts are fairly cleverly incorporated into the baseplate. Very good detailing for early '90s, and the Gama/Siku style tech specs are a nice touch. A separately moulded exhaust is always nice too. While it was in pieces, I took the opportunity to check out the interior. The seats are very well represented and it's nice to see realistic doorcards. Often with European models from this era, the doorcards either aren't there at all, or are moulded into the shell and painted body colour. Note the window winders, very base. (Decadent rear headrests though...) Dash shows it's age, though all the details are there. Nice wheel though. Body shape is well captured. Nice colour combo too. Little things like the tail lights, flat paint and lack of badging detail probably give away the fact that Solidos of this era were at the bargain basement of the market and probably why they aren't massively sought after or valuable nowadays. But it looks good with its combo of base spec bumpers, alloy wheels and twin tailpipes. A weird mix of base and option list ticking. A lot like actual BMWs and Mercs of the time! However, being a '90s model from one of the European manufacturers, it does have a couple of surprises, the opening boot for one. And it's always nice to see on a model of this age that the rear screen heating elements are replicated. Something Corgi STILL don't seem to be able to do on the Vanguards range And an opening bonnet with a pretty impressive amount of underbonnet detail. Not really a Germanic bonnet gap though... (and the indicators seem to have gone AWOL at some point) So it's not exactly Minichamps or Vanguards level of precision but it's got that nice early '90s charm from when I was just discovering stuff by Gama, Solido, Norev and the like that kicked the arse of anything by Corgi. Its kind of won me over!
  6. Later, we headed into town. As usual, nothing doing at Entertainer. But in one of the malls is a shop called Toy Town. They usually have a stock of Hot Wheels and Matchbox in there, although there's been nothing I've been hunting for on the occasions I've gone in. Today though, some Majorette Premiums caught my eye... I got some of these Premium editions a few years ago when Home Bargains were knocking them out, from memory I got the Mégane coupé, Audi A1, Opel Adam, Pug 308GT, and the Mercedes-AMG G-Wagen in hi viz yellow which is quite a thing, for a toy. I do like Majorette of recent years as the majority of their subjects are the sort of cars that you see every day. And the detailing is good, helped by things like glazed light units and the opening parts always give value. Toy Town had some of the latest Premiums down from £3 to £2 so I nabbed a few I fancied, The batshit-shape Civic is fab! I already have several Hot Wheels Type Rs and a couple of the Matchbox cooking versions but this wipes the floor with them! I've already got the Majorette Cacti in C3 and C4 flavours. The C4 Cactus is a car I like both in real and miniature form, though I still prefer the Majorette one I got previously in that lime green they all seem to come in. I do like a nice GTi too. I do have the previous Majorette GTi which was a black MkVI 5 door, so this will complement it well. Again, nicely detailed all round. I also looked through the Matchbox, but it was all older stuff, so no Kadett alas. I did grab a Merc wagon though. I'm sure I already have a yellow one so I'm minded to carefully set this one free and use the card to package up the green one Ive got (which is part of a 9 pack. I've never been able to get hold of a carded green one). So then I'd at least have the green, yellow and blue ones all on cards (colour difference on card notwithstanding...). Then I got back home and an email pinged up asking me for the remainder of the money left owing on the Corgi Capri box set I've had on pre order. This giving-up-buying-diecast lark is going SO well...
  7. Damn, bunglebus has taken the wind out of my sails somewhat... 😆 Being dragged out shopping with the Mrs on my day off can sometimes pay dividends. Went to local B&M for garden stuff, to my amazement, I found new case Hot Wheels stuff. Normally their stock is as old as the hills! I left a few but took these as I remembered that I'm giving up buying diecast... (They didn't have that lovely Miura though, unfortunately) My favourite version of the GT3 so far. Gorgeous colour. Still looking for the yellow Civic, but this is better than nothing. As bunglebus's pics showed, the track slag detailing is great on this This was the top find for me. I'm gutted I haven't found the Liberty Walk Kenmari Skyline yet, but this will definitely do!
  8. Nipped out for supplies (in truth getting some beers in for tonight after spending today prettying up the garden, and because I'm off work next week), and headed to the local 'smol' Asda. To my surprise, there was a pretty well stocked Hot Wheels rummage box there. So a bit late to the party but got a few I've been hunting for, Like a few of us on this thread, my other Cherokee in miniature was the Majorette version back in the day. (I also had the little motorised Corgi Trekker -I think that's what it was called- version of the previous style Cherokee with the faux wood side trim). This new Hot Wheels casting is a good un. Would have preferred a bit more of a factory look, but the off road bits are.modelled well. I was giving up on getting hold of one of these, so was chuffed to find one. Yeah, the body kit is a bit JDM Yo! but all credit to Mattel for choosing a subject such as this.
  9. Oh yes, that one's on my radar. It's almost an exact copy of N392 XHN, a 1.7D Envoy I was saddled with at a taxi firm back in the day. It even gained a set of GLS alloys like on the model.
  10. You definitely struck gold with the Cavalier, you will love it. I noticed earlier that the Turbo being bid up to £21 on eBay is unboxed! Madness! My criticism of the interior was TBH quite half hearted. If they had at least put the correct open headrests in, it would have been so much better. But now I'm going to have to go in the loft this weekend and get mine down for a fondle... They also did a pretty good job of the late SRi turbine alloys on the police versions. Just wish they'd bring out a 'civilian' SRi with them on. Especially looking at all the Mk2 SRis they've released. Apparently the Merseyside police one is quite sought after.
  11. It didn't help that at that time, when Corgi started modelling more modern classics and more European flavoured subjects (Golf Mk2, BMW E30, Fiesta XR2, Cavalier Mk3), with some versions, out of a typical run of about 1500, only half would be in RHD UK registered form, and the other half would be LHD and (usually) German registered which didn't go down well with collectors over here. This explains the blue GSi and black Turbo being so rare. This was also around about the era when certain castings were produced with Motorsport variants in mind and I think the Cavalier was one of these as the BTCC versions sold really well. Sadly I think they spent so much on creating a realistic interior for the race cars, the interior of the road version was disappointing to say the least. Compared to most other Vanguards interiors, the seats in the Cavalier are terrible! Doesn't stop the Turbo being one of my faves in the collection though. The wheels alone make the car for me!
  12. That SA touring car is a beast!
  13. Shouldn't be too long, a picture of the pre production sample has been released. It should be a good one. (I'm waiting to see if they do an XR6)
  14. The Vanguards Sapphire is one of the best they've done and still holds up well today, an early Cosworth features in the new RS box set they've just released. The red GLSi remains one of my all-time faves in the collection. I was lucky enough to get hold of a Mk3 Cav Turbo last year for £30 posted. I couldn't hit BIN quick enough! It's a bit of a bone of contention among collectors that they went to all the trouble and expense to tool up for the Mk3 but they've barely made use of it. There have been more BTCC versions than road cars and the market's definitely there looking at the prices the models fetch and the upturn in interest in full size '80s & '90s Vauxhall's in general. I'm hoping one day they'll do a facelift SRi in Rioja Red, then I'll be happy...
  15. Just arrived, Better late than never! I pre ordered this last January when the newly tooled Vanguards RS2000 was announced, but they have only just gone on sale. So, worth the wait? There are two new RS2000 variants in the Vanguards range, the standard bodied RS, and this, the Series X (or X-pack). The standard bodied version in Signal Yellow is fantastic, I wish I could have ordered them both, but with them now costing £30 odd a pop now (yup, I remember when they were a tenner!) it was a case of picking out one as I have other stuff ordered. With memories of the opening credits of Minder, along with the short lived TV show The Marksman (remember that anyone?) which featured a red X Pack adorned RS, not to mention the one featured briefly in Clockwise, it had to be this one. I've always loved the shovel nosed RS and decent models have always been hard to find, being limited to Minichamps and Trofeu. The prices the Minichamps ones go for are insane and even the Trofeu ones tend to go for more than the new Vanguards ones cost, and the Trofeu casting is showing it's age now. As usual, I'm having problems getting decent pictures of this, with it being red and having to use my previous cameraphone, as my new one is away getting repaired. But I think it looks great, very chunky with those wide wings. The car modelled is apparently one of 6 built by Ford to showcase the Series X bits that could be specified for the RS. This one had quite a lot thrown at it, with a stage 1 engine, rocket 'box, World Cup spec suspension, upgraded brakes with vented discs and wider 7.5J alloys plus of course the Zakspeed inspired wide body kit by Fibresports. It was featured in the dealer promo video and also the brochure with Björn Waldegård test driving it and proclaiming that it was the spec that he would choose himself for an Escort. High praise! As usual, it doesn't disappoint on the details, lovely front end. Fine mesh vents on the rear wing panels And fantastic renditions of the deeply dished wheels, with correct light grey highlights and miniscule RS logos on the centres. Just love the tampo printed decals here too. Slight disappointment in the tail lights having clearly visible locating pegs, which most manufacturers have largely done away with nowadays. Looks like they've carried on using the ones from the older flat fronted Mk2 casting. Only other real whinge is that they also appear to have used the old baseplate from the flat front version too, which was used on both base and sporty models which always resulted in a bit of an arse-up attitude. It shows more on this wide bodied version with the rear wheels not-exactly filling the arches. Still, these Vanguards are piss-easy to take apart and have a mess with, and I've managed to sort the ride height on a couple of the flat front ones. Couldn't pick up much detail on the interior as it's like the black hole of Calcutta (and because shite cam) but it has the right Scheel type seats with the roll-top headrests of an early Custom-spec car In all, I'm chuffed with it and it was worth the wait IMO. Just a shame the price stops me buying as many as I used to, but that's the times we live in now I suppose. I did have another newly released Vanguards model delivered today, but that's getting put away for Christmas! I'm expecting something rather special in 1/43 arriving around September though...
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