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  1. Neither would I have been if I'd chromed them!
  2. Well, having had half an hour or so to spare, I got Sharpie happy on one of the Matchbox Mercs. Nowhere near the standard of the Bunglebus Kustoms version, but blacking out the lower sections made a big difference. Being a 123, the bumper end caps should be blacked out, but I didn't really want to add any more black to it. So I just extended the rubber trim on the front bumper around the corners and added one to the rear bumper. Some silver on the door handles and mirrors break up the black. Some amber on the indicators and a bit of detailing on the grille. This is why most of my diecast cars stay unmodified but it was a bit of fun! 🤣
  3. Well, for once, a visit to Tesco wasn't a complete waste of time. Yaasssss! Not one, but two as well. One can stay virginal and unopened, and one can get a bit of detailing. If anyone is desperate for one, there were still a couple there, that I can nip out and grab tomorrow. (Although it looks on here that I've been the only one unable to get hold of Matchbox up to now...) I'm liking this one as well. As Senior Cog's detailed pics showed, this is a really nice model/toy. And as bog stock everyday stuff also floats my boat, this also appealed. I do like the real life Mazda 3 too. That was it though really, I was tempted by the Kangoo and the Dodge flareside pick-up thingy but I put them back reluctantly. No Capri, naturellement... I've also got a few winging my way from Ana's site on FB. I've got the yellow MGBGT and red Mister Two in the little boxes, and a carded Mitsubishi 3000GT, which I missed from the last release. Missed out on the Capri by milliseconds. Come to the conclusion that that little blighter is going to elude me...
  4. Early morning visit to Morrisons paid off! Chuffed to get a Mk1. Quite like this colour scheme, some of them have been a bit meh, But the highlight has to be, Yessss!!!! It's already been mentioned on here, but what an absolute honey this is. The detailing for a £2 toy is amazing. No Cossie sadly, the box had already been rifled through. I was surprised to find the Escorts TBH.
  5. Indeed. As you'll know, Corgi did a decent job on the Sweeney Cortinas, Wish they'd do the Nova Green 549 too but I don't suppose Target or Law & Order are as fondly remembered by collectors as The Sweeney. Shame as I like the S-pack Cortinas...
  6. Looks great, not a million miles away from Ford Nova Green of the period. (Always wanted to do a Matchbox Cortina the same as that one, appeared in at least two BBC programmes of the time.)
  7. Feeling thoroughly f***ed off with smol diecast after trawling around all the shops the last couple of weekends! Both Tescos both Asdas, several B&Ms, absolutely zip. Tesco had three MB Rancheros on a peg this week, so they have obviously got a new case in, but that was it. Three Rancheros and three airport tugs. I only want the Merc estate and the MGB. Aldi had two big bins, but as mentioned, all previous case stuff. Grabbed a Volvo estate though as I do want one to customise with a gffer style colour scheme eventually. Think I need to step back a bit as at the moment I'm minded to get all the Hot Wheels and Matchbox out off the loft and have a fire sale of the lot, apart from a few favourites.
  8. Yep, I was fairly sure that the Solido Fiesta was the same as the Detail Cars casting, albeit with the wider arches of the rally version and the fuel cap crudely tacked on to the usual Fiesta location, But like you, I'm not sure now. Its due to the Century of Cars partwork I think I've got confused between Solido and Detail Cars. I subscribed to it at first (then got bored with it, like most partworks!) and I was certain that, for example, the MG Midget and bathtub Taunus, badged as Solido for the partwork were Detail Cars castings, Dunno, I'm confused now! I've still not got over finding out that the 'Corgi' Mercedes CLK was one of many Chinese 'High Speed' castings that were sold over here with Corgi packaging. Another odd tie in...
  9. I thought the Detail cars releases were Solido castings? Or a lot of them were? Quite a few of the castings ended up in the 'A Century Of Cars' partwork series from yonks ago, with Solido on the base. I've got the green Mk1 Cortina, as above, as well as the red Capri GT, got them both from the autojumble at the Ripon classic car show in the early 2000s. I liked the Capri at the time as it was about the only affordable Mk1 with half decent detail. However, like yourself, once the Vanguards Vista Orange GTXLR came out, I had a new favourite. I find the Cararama Capri to be pretty good at capturing the shape and proportions, and you can't argue with the price, but the detailing is pretty clumsy and the opening doors make it a bit toy like. (Still hunting for the Detail Cars yellow Fiesta 1300S, but the prices they go for nowadays are just silly!)
  10. Man, those Minichamps are awesome. The first ones I got were part of a prize package that I won from Diecast Collector magazine, Toyota Corolla T Sport, Mercedes 500SL and Bentley Arnage in 1/43 and the Escort Mk1 in 1/18. I was already well into my Vanguards collecting by then, but even compared to them, I was blown away by the Minichamps stuff. Sadly I ended up selling the 1/43 ones during a diecast cull, but the big Escort remains with me. Since then, I've added quite a few more, I've been lucky to grab a load pretty cheaply, second hand. A lot of them have been '80s and '90s Mercs, as they are about the only company to have been really bothered to model them. As Iain says, for the era, the detail is staggering, Among the favourites in my collection are the Mondeo saloon, I've also got the Citron yellow version, In fact I've just installed this in the Ford section of the display cabinet as I was reminded of how much I like it! The Mercedes W124, I like the fact they modelled the turbodiesel version, complete with the slats in the front wing, Models of diesel cars are fairly uncommon. But it's the interior detail that makes this one for me, with the wood trim, the gearshift panel perfectly reproduced, a Becker radio cassette and even a period carphone. Brilliant! The C124 is also a lovely looking thing. Opening bonnet and boot on this one too, Another one I was glad to find was the yellow W202 C Class. Interior features the Sport spec seat trim, carbon-look dash trim and colour coded gearshift and steering wheel. A contrast to the red Esprit version. The Esprit was intended by MB to be the 'youthful' version so it was based on the povo Classic spec, but got lowered suspension, carbon look trim instead of wood and some wacky trim combinations, this being one of them, Still want that blue facelift W202 though as that looks the closest to the two real blue C Classes that I owned. The Astra OPC/VXR is another fave. The outer box wasn't in the best condition but I wasn't complaining at a tenner! Sadly there a few of them seem to have suffered with storage under previous ownership, because as can be seen with the yellow C Class, Minichamps can be prone to paint imperfections over time. The red C Class, and the Mondeo also have a couple of spots. But they were cheap and still look decent.
  11. Delta of Stockton? I remember a couple of theirs lasting until around the millennium.
  12. Yep, Matchbox did. You may fall lucky and find a black one...
  13. Oh man, seeing all those Mira/Pilen/Joals takes me right back to holidays in Benidorm in the early '80s. I always had to bring a few back. Problem was, I didn't appreciate the delicacy of them and subjected them to the type of play that my other cars got! They didn't last well under hard use (much like the real things in most cases...) The Mira Seat Bocanegra and Pilen 124 Sport were my favourites. When the a pillars broke off the 124 and the suspension collapsed, it was toast sadly... Well, had a tiring day traipsing round the shops. Asda, George at Asda, Tesco, Smyth's and Entertainer. No Escorts to be found so sod it. Did find the Patrol, blue Quattro and blue '70 Firebird at Entertainer and they were on 3 for 2, so the day wasn't a complete loss. So last weekend and this weekends Hot Wheels haul has filled in a few gaps. Need the green 2018 Camaro to set this Then & Now pairing off. A pair of GT3s, Love this casting, Love this, reminds me of going to a few of the World Finals at Santa Pod throughout the '90s
  14. It'd be nice in just one bright colour. This is a model of the one driven by Björn Waldegård for the X pack brochure.
  15. I'm not even going to bother getting in a tizzy hunting for the RS right now. It was always going to be one for the scalpers. Our local Entertainer is ridiculous. I've gone there many a time and found the shelves full of new case stuff but all fantasy/ peg warmer castings. I don't even think the sought after ones get on the pegs. Ditto Smyth's at the retail park. My local Morrisons tend to get some cases out a few months after release, so I've ended up getting the sought after ones eventually when all the fuss has died down. It took me about 6 months to get the yellow Civic Type R and the black Sierra Cosworth.
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