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  1. So, while in the model shop on Sunday, as mentioned I couldn't leave without doing a purchase. With all the Vanguards models there, and that range being a weakness of mine, I went the predictable route... I love the old pre-Corgi slidey yellow box era cars, and the Onyx green Granny is one that has eluded me for a good few years. My obsession with Vanguards goes back to when I happened upon them on a small model stall in a local shopping arcade circa 1996. I had always wanted a nice model of a 105E Anglia, as the 105E was one of my Dad's favourite cars. Just like the Corgi Classics of a few years earlier I was quite excited to find a new model range of 'bread and butter' classics at a reasonable price. Back then cars like 105Es, MK1 and 2 Cortinas, Farina Oxfords and the like could still just about be seen on the roads being dailied. Without hesitation I grabbed the white/maroon flash Anglia super, and still have it now. Somewhere... A few years on, and on a day trip to Whitby, circa 2000 and after the usual struggle to park, ended up in a side street. Right opposite a model shop. Lovely! In there was a selection of the latest Vanguards releases. By then they had properly upped the game. Loads of nice detailing, separate glazed light units, realistic wheels (especially the Marina Super ones) and sprung suspension. But what grabbed me was the subject matter. Allegro!!! Marina!!! MK1 Granada!!!!! Cars I had been wanting for years but had either not been modelled, or modelled in period and expensive/hard to find. I was spoiled for choice but ended up with the MK1 Granada Ghia in white and the Marina 1.8 Super, also in white. And that was it, some 25 years or so later I'm still buying them. Although not as many nowadays as they are somewhat more expensive than the £9.99 that Marina cost all those years ago. Favourites include the Copper Brown Consul GT (Not the Sweeney car honest guv as we've put a black vinyl roof on it), the green Talbot Sunbeam Ti, the Granada MK2 series 2 2.8i, the signal green MK4 Cortina 3.0S and the Cavalier MK2 SRi 130. I also have all of the Boy Racer collection, the Hidden Treasures barn find collection, the Taxi collection (bought cheap when I was on the taxis myself) and a couple of specials like the Haynes box set Capri 2.8i and XR3, and the Ashes to Ashes Granada police car and shot-up Quattro set. Ah, memories. (Wipes tear from eye)... So, this Granny leapt out at me, Onyx green is one of my favourite 70s Ford colours and looks great on the MK1 Ghia. It came with everything, as can be seen. The only thing that gave away the fact that the car had ever been unboxed was that the mirrors were loose in the packet rather than on the sprue. The car itself doesn't look like it's ever been on display. (It does look better with the mirrors though) Price; I was well happy M8!
  2. So, as mentioned, I finally found a guy on a diecast site willing to buy all 71 of the James Bond partwork collection I had. By good fortune, he was only about 15 mins down the road from me, and he owns a model shop. This came as a surprise to me as I had no idea there was still a good old-fashioned old school model shop in Teesside, so it was easy for me to drop the models off and have a look around the shop. Fark me! The place looked promising from the outside, I knew the guy is big on trains (he's an official Hornby, Farish, Bachmann etc, stockist), so there were a few trains, and diecast buses and trucks in the window. Went in, and I only knew the bloke! We both worked at a shop in Redcar nearly 30 years ago and we were both mad on cars and passed our tests at about the same time. Much reminiscing of flying about in my 1 litre Metro MG replica back in 1991! Had a nose around the shop and it didn't look too bad. Anth is also a stockist of Oxford diecast, it's the first time I've actually seen most of the 1/76 range in the metal and I'm tempted to start a collection of those! At least they don't take up much room... He looked through the James Bond stuff, liked it and payment was sorted. He was at that time going through a collection of 300 Corgi OOC buses that he'd just bought, all mint, now needing reuniting with their boxes! Anth said, look through that door, the "main stuff"s through there. Went through into the back room, Holy Shit!!! Sadly, he doesn't really deal in vintage or play worn stuff, so nothing to threaten Tat Friday! But the place is a treasure trove for anyone, like me, who likes stuff from the 80s/90s onwards, Vanguards, Minichamps, Norev, Solido. Absolute shitloads of buses, EFE, Britbus, Corgi OOC, etc. Quite a few cheapies, like unbranded partworks, Cararama, Oxford diecast, etc. He said he does deal in a lot of French stuff, I did see the likes of Renault Lagunas, Renault 19s, Meganes and the like, plenty of AS friendly stuff. Prices were very reasonable: unboxed but mint 1/76 buses started at about £5 up to about £40 odd for sought after mint/boxed. 1/76 Oxford diecast like Capris, XR3is were between £3-£5, a mint Cararama 1/43 BMW E46 (never seen one in that scale and a very nicely detailed one it was too) caught my eye at a fiver. Naturally, I was attracted by a massive amount of Vanguards, all part of a massive collection that looked like brand new, around the £15 mark on average. I meant to take photos but frankly I was like a kid in a sweet shop and clean forgot. I don't think I took most of it in, but I will return and get pics. So, anyone with any sort of interest in the above could do worse than give TigerTaz models a look. They have a website and any shiter within reasonable driving distance from Stockton on Tees should give them a visit. I got the impression good deals can be done face to face in the shop itself. But a lot of his prices knock the stuffing out of eBay chancers. Of course , I couldn't leave empty handed could I? More soon.
  3. That Hot Wheels Doorslammer 2002 is cheap at 4 quid, they're going for double that on the FB diecast sites over here. There's a Datsun 510, a Porsche 911 and an Alfa GTV in the series as well. I quite fancy the Datsun.
  4. Great resto work there Doc! Today I finally sold the James Bond partwork collection that has been cluttering up the loft for the last 10 years or so (in doing so I today discovered a veritable Aladdin's cave of diecast only 15 minutes drive from me, but that's another story.) While getting it all down from the loft, I came across two more candidates for the occasional series "Bloody hell, I forgot that was up here", sub-section "Blooming Nora, was there ever a time when I could afford 1/18 scale stuff like this?" First up, The UT Models Escort Cosworth. This model holds particular memories for me . In 1997 myself and the future Mrs_201 had just got together and had gone to Keswick in the Lake district for a week. On a day trip to Bowness in Windermere, we found the big model shop there, and I saw this Cosseh there, I had been wanting this model for a while, so I grabbed it as it was up for reasonable money at the time. For a model that's getting on for 25 years old, it's aged pretty well. The bumper/splitter is done well, nice little details like the headlight washers, the Ford badge is nice and clear, Underbonnet detail shows its age maybe, but stuff like the cam cover, the various reservoirs and strut tops look okay. Please excuse the slight dog-dick pink tinge in the photos, it is actually quite a vibrant red in the metal. Best angle for an Escort Cosseh? The wings look good, nice details like the Cosworth and Ford badging, tail lights, bootlock and exhaust tailpipe. Love the dash detail, the white clocks and auxiliary gauges, the heater controls and trip computer are like the real thing. Even the rear seats have belts and buckles added. The only mod I made to it was a dab of Tipp ex on the top of the gear knob to replicate the insert on the real thing. Definitely a keeper this one, even though 1/18 isn't really my thing any more. Memories of a great week away (yes, you can add as many fnarr fnarrs as you like there...) Also, Yes, the boxes on both these models have suffered from years of storage, plastic window boxes were never a favourite of mine anyway. I got hold of this around about the early 2000s at the once-legendary and much-missed Modelzone at the Metro Centre, Gateshead for something like £19.99 which even back then seemed stupidly cheap for one of these. It took my fancy as I always liked Mantas anyway and this one seemed a bit pimped up (I was in my Max Power phase back then) with its big diameter ATS Cup wheels, Manta 400 style mirrors, Morette style quad lights, bee sting aerial and big bore exhaust. Under bonnet is much better represented on this one, Revell really captured the lines of the real thing well, not a line out of place, Again, interior is really well done, the clocks look great in the factory white on black with orange needles, the good old cranked-over gear lever is there and the shape of the dash brings back memories of the real thing. The Recaros are spot on too.
  5. Looks like a Matchbox VW Fastback. Edit, great minds think alike Eddy!
  6. Just nipped to my local Aldi asnd grabbed a couple of packs of Hot Wheels, The '96 Porsche Carrera is a favourite casting of mine and I'm liking this yellow version, and though the Acura NSX isn't really my thing, it's a nice wee version. And I was pleased to get the one with the Lotus and the Chiron together, Alas no sign yet of the pack with the gold Porsche 944, the hunt continues!
  7. I believe so. I think it's meant to represent an open window to show off the interior detail.
  8. That Capri is a close relative in the Ford press fleet to the 2000GT John Alderton drove in the 1970s sitcom My Wife Next Door,
  9. Ding dong! Mail call! More GM shite arrives at Mini-Cavcraft towers. This is one I've been wanting for a long while. I've seen the official Ixo branded version (silver) and there seems to be two partwork versions, in white, and this black one. I recently missed out on the Ixo version for £17 on eBay and kicked myself for it as they rarely appear for less than the £30 mark, whether partwork or not. So when I saw this for less than £7 from a French seller with £6 postage.. Oui, Merci beaucoup! For a partwork, the packaging isn't bad. A nice card background inside the clear case, with a facts & figures card on the back (reminds me of the underneath of 70s and 80s Siku cars). Nice plinth as well, The model itself is a good 'un, nicely detailed headlights, and grille with GTE logo. Liking the Manta style door mirrors too, Paint is nice and shiny, the shape is absolutely bob-on and oh, those wheels make it don't they? Interior is well done, check out those Recaros, The rear end is just as good, I like the rear screen elements, nice tail lights and, though the potato cam pics don't show it well, the GTE logo on the boot even has the tiny 'fuel injection' lettering in red underneath, Sadly, it is going to have to stay on the plinth for now, as underneath we have the Ixo curse, A triangular screwdriver is on order...
  10. Metros seem to be mentioned a few times in this thread. My first crash was in this, I was 20 and it was my first brand new car, it was only about 6 months old at the time. I was travelling along a local road when a car slammed it's brakes on (to let another car out of a turning). The car behind that also braked hard, and I ran into the back of that one. My fault, luckily it was a fairly low speed crash and no one was hurt. The Metro came off a lot worse (surprise surprise) than the Cavalier MK3 it hit, mainly because the Cav had a towbar. So the front of the Metro got well V-shaped, the bonnet, bumper, panel behind the bumper, and radiator all had to be replaced. The Cav got away with a damaged rear bumper. The Metro got repaired at the main dealer, and I traded it in for its later cousin, a 100. I crashed that as well, but it was a write off that time...
  11. Went to Tesco earlier. I got quite excited to find a full box of Matchbox kit... Nah! All releases from last year still, so if anyone needs a Lotus Europa, Thunderbird, Caprice, Ranchero or banana car, there's shitloads of them here! Although it was nice to see the return of the Alfa Giulia as they sold out pretty quickly first time round. Did have a good rummage just in case a stray Merc W123 wagon turned up but no dice. 9 packs were still 8 quid, one day I'm going to crack and get one just for the Jag XK8, W123 and Sambar... Usual haunts again produced nada worth having. I enjoy the thrill of the hunt as much as anyone, and secretly uttering "Fugginggetinthereyabastard!" in a crowded supermarket when something turns up but days like today, and not finding anything on my want list (apart from the fluke Volvo 850 in Matalan) basically since before Christmas is why I sometimes say Fuck it and get them online.
  12. Lol! I knew they'd end up in Tesco as soon as I got them! (Any Tesco other than the one in Middlesbrough of course...)
  13. I did pay a bit over the odds. £2.00 a piece for the HW and £2.50 a piece for the Matchbox, but the seller makes up boxes for her customers so I only pay one load of postage for several cars. My source is 'Ana's Hot wheels for sale UK' on Facebook. She mainly gets her stock from suppliers in the US so only has sales now and again, and you have to be bloody quick when stuff like the Scooby and BMW come up as it's a fight to get the sought after stuff. She also gets a lot of rare and older HW stuff that we don't get over here. I've given up on The Entertainer in our town. Always loads of new case stuff in stock but never the sought after ones. I have a feeling they never actually see the shelves once the case is opened...
  14. In other news, I had a mail call. Firstly, old and new RSessessess from Hot Wheels. Typically after searching for the orange Escort and drawing a blank, I nabbed one from my regular FB seller and all of a sudden they seem to be everywhere. The Focus though seems to be a bit of a rarity in this colour scheme. Now some hot Matchbox action, I got this to go with the R53 Cooper I already got. Not as popular a subject as the R53, but a nicer model IMO with more detail. The pillars are properly blacked out, with a panoramic roof. Nice tampo printing front and rear too, And..... Been after one for bloody ages, now I have it! Pictures don't do this car justice, it's flipping brilliant. And another one I've wanted for ages, Not as pretty a colour as the previous orange release but still... and what about the artwork on the packaging! Again, nicely detailed front and rear, Finally, sadly there's no MK1 Civic yet, so have a latest model Civic instead! I've got a few of the Hot Wheels Type R version of this shape Civic, so it's nice to have the cooking version as a contrast.
  15. Aye, I once had an Auto-Pilen Mini Cooper which was the Spanish Authi version with the Innocenti style grille badge and tiny Rostyle wheels. Also had a Seat 124 1600 coupé by the same manufacturer but premature zinc pest saw them in the bin sadly. I remember holidaying in Spain in the '80s and seeing a lot of Authi Minis and Victorias there. It's a shame we didnt get the Victoria over here. The Italian Allegro (Regent) is scarce even over there. Allegro fanatic Colin Corke recently imported one, the only Regent in the UK.
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