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  1. Rusty old nail update. Been a bit busy on a few other of the fleet last few weeks, partners Civic had a gearbox and clutch change, Old Golfs needs an MoT and also there’s a rusty vw camper in the unit next to the beast, so I’ve renamed a corner of the workshop “the bay of decay”. Works continuing in the rear arch, but not much photo worthy to add. As you can see, it’s still raining rust underneath, and it’s not been outside in moisture for about two years.
  2. Dolphin glaze is a type of stopper, Like a fine filler to even out scratches, small low spots etc. You want a smear of it after you’ve 99 percent clagged it. It’s good stuff, but shite as a filler for wonky bits. Im still finishing off my Daihatsu arches, along with about 1000 hrs more welding hours! Jesus, the Japanese are good at building rust buckets.
  3. Try S and T chroming, for the front bumper. Beleive it or not they may be able to fix it. We used to send them allsorts from damaged classics. Guys are wizards.
  4. On the subject of strong Chrysler’s, I beleive the old imperial model is one of the few things banned in unlimited bangers, for being too strong!
  5. Not sure how you would put this back on the road for any less than mega coin sadly. Big old beast that would run you for a couple of grand in paint work after repairing it. Sadly, like so many old motors it needs an owner with money, a love for it, a fully equipped workshop and even more money if you can’t paint it yourself. It would be cheaper to do a better one if you fit the criteria. Ive fixed worse, but 5 grand won’t “put a dent in it” excuse the pun.
  6. I’d look for an old school body shop with the Cedric. It’s gonna need a pull I reckon looking at it, and that’s not the type of work most classic places do. If it needs aligning, there’ll be no jig plan for it, so someone experienced will need to put it in place by eye / laser level. You need Arthur Tussik, if you fancy a trip to Russia.
  7. Honda repairs are the flavour of the month. I thought Jap stuff was invincible, but the old VWs are sitting there with a grin on their faces. Civic: Finally fitted a replacement gearbox, and new clutch. Doable In about 5 hours with a ramp, so went well. Now you can hear a small whine when accelerating. Think it’s fan belt area, it’s probably been doing it for ever, but couldn’t hear over rattling gearbox. New set of tyres needed for this, to get rid of the crap budgets, and service of the brakes, and it should be sorted. Accord: Much better with the steering rack adjustment, although the offside compliance bush in the wishbone is now knocking. I’ve got the parts, so need to get on this. Fourtrak: Still going on the welding, and may never get to the end. I’m sure the bits I’ve welded will need doing again, by the time it’s all done. Mk2 Golf: needs an mot in August, so developed a knock from underside last time I went out. split exhaust rubber. These seem to be made from stringy cheese these days. It goes through them like front tyres. T25: Still doing T25 things, like being awesome, drinking fuel, and quietly rusting. So, the teenage Hondas are demanding attention, and the 30 year old VWs are getting on with it. Funny old world.
  8. To remove the rear end on the Fourtrak, I had to cut every single bolt. And the bushes too. Cos the bolts were fused into the bush. Ive been on mine for a while, take it steady and it’s not the mission rushing it becomes. Or scrap it. I’ve had dreams of binning the Daihatsu, but there’s a stubborn part of me that won’t give up. Problem if you bin it will be the nagging feeling that you’ve done the worst of it, that’s what I decided. Do it if your enjoying it, bin if it’s driving you mad. That’s the mantra I’ve been working too, and as my cars still fucked, has to be sound advice.
  9. In a most un Honda like occasion, the Accord went on the two poster today. Its always been a little lacking in steering feel, but lately I’ve had a mysterious clonk, and you could feel it through the wheel, plus a bit of shake through the wheel when hitting a bump at speed. I put the steeering down to being a modern motor, and decided that the old mk2 has warped my expectations of how a car should turn in. So today, another check over all ball joints, bushes etc. All good. Felt a little play in the rack, put it down to power steering pump not running. Kicking my heels, I wondered about steering rack play, and a quick google showed it’s adjustable.The highlighted bit near the pinion is the adjustable thingy. So, crack the 40mm locknut, wind adjuster all the way in, torque to 4nm, then back it out 20 degrees or eighth of a turn. Lock up locknut and done. I did it with a protractor for accuracy, as I’m now a lecturer and not a standard spanner monkey with a buzz gun. Marked it before I moved anything, and the adjuster ended up about 90 degrees further in than before I started, so the adjuster should and now is be 20 degrees loosened from tight, before I started it was 110 degrees. The result: steers like new, instantly felt less assisted almost, and on the way home at 70mph +vat, it goes in a straight line with your hands off the wheel. 2 things to take from today. 1.Honda steering is adjustable if a bit wobbly. 2. This is as exciting as Honda Accord ownership gets.
  10. Try a good starter would be the first thing. You have high fuel pressure needed and they struggle to build it turning over slowly. (All common rail derv similar). Lift pump would not do anything for this issue I’d have thought. Think you could get a 1.3kw or 2.0kw starter on these. The 1.3kw is shite, especially after 12 years odd.
  11. The HDI likes to spin fast to fire I find. Think there were even 2 power levels of starter motor. Does it turn over as quick cold as hot, or any difference?
  12. With petrol and diesel, I can’t see every country going all electric in the next decade. We currently build cars for export that don’t meet uk emissions standards for example, the rest of the world are behind us on this sort of thinking, so I can’t see companies such as shell, BP etc just stopping making fuel as we know it. Maybe we’re screwed when Africa’s last Hilux / Landcruiser packs up, but the sun will have burnt out several years sooner.
  13. Another day, another 7000 miles of MiG wire sacrificed to the gods of rusty Japanese steel. Inner sills then... Original is spanked Folded some strips to length and blobbed them on With a coat of zinc primer, the inner sills started to come together Strengthening panel at the bottom of the quarter panel. This was not even attached to the box section I chopped off No Now I could attach the outer to some steel, so I cut it to size. Fitting well in the door shut area the hole to close up in the under arch, but shows the three sill layers together. Most the metal in this pic has never been in a Daihatsu factory. New sill will fit lovely. Gonna butt weld it, so hopefully should look nice and neat. Progress is good, but may slow a little. Partners Civic gearbox is crying enough and the Mk2 Golf is clonking over bumps, and has a months MoT. Good job it’s holiday time soon!
  14. Old Ford scene tax not kicked on this yet? Call it a Mexico, and someone will Chuck five grand your way. Id have a few hours of fun with the digger and rusty van. Be about the first time in the history of the planet any one had fun in a escrote van.
  15. Crikey, reckon that vans coming out chunk by chunk! Scraps up in price here, I’d try and load the chunks onto a trailer and bin it, if you can find enough steel left!
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