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  1. That Alfa looks a nice place to sit. Lovely.
  2. Update with pics: The german selection Had the Beetle 20 years. Then the Japanese selection Plus a mk1 Zafira. Which in 4 years I have never taken a Photo of. As a footnote, in the first pic the Honda was being jump started by the 30 year old GTI. Not the other way as many would assume.
  3. My recently acquired Accord has a pair of Royal Blacks on the back. They are shit beyond words. So rubbish they seem to not even feature on google.
  4. I’ve got a unit on a farm, plus a driveway that could take seven at a push. Only three are ones I would not sell, so trading a few pays for the storage / workshop.
  5. 3 old VWs, a Daihatsu Fourtrak, newer VW, two Hondas and an old Zafira. So eight. And that’s after fleet reduction. Aiming for 5 in the end. obviously when I say 5 I mean 29
  6. 13 year old Honda Accord, with touch screen sat nav. Pretty easy to use too, miraculously.
  7. It’s only original once. my take is it’s better to be modded than squashed. Squashed is sadly what happens to nearly all cars, when you think about it. My house was built in the 20s, I no longer have to piss in a bucket, or use candles. Because it’s been altered/ updated or changed. Times change, and old stuffs left behind. I like an original car, but you’ll need brand new to acheive it.
  8. I had a Tourer one I sold on, had both rear abs sensors done, and used two cheap sensors. It fixed it fine.
  9. As stated rustoleum is a brand, American I beleive. It has a high build, and can be rollered on, then cut back and polished, very similar to two pack. It has some durability too, so is a cheap substitute to a respray. Rust paint I think has metal filings in it, so they rust in the damp. I’ve seen it used on plastic parts and it rusts up. Not my thing, I like a ratty looking car but it has to be patina, not faked for me.
  10. Ideally you want to kill off the rust, paint, then underseal. Have a look at buzzweld and bilt hamber stuff, it’s brilliant.
  11. In the vw world, it’s not uncommon to paint your van with Rustoleum Combi Colour paint. Maybe something like this would make it more red? (Check out google for some rustoleum respray). You’d probably repaint it for £50 that way, and itd be more saleable. Ive a good mate with a similar persuasion for painting stuff matt black, apocalypse mods etc, but he always struggles to get rid of a car he’s modded, so fine if you wanna keep it years, but if your likely to get bored.. Just a thought, really. I’m a firm fan of modified stuff, so it’s not I don’t get it.
  12. Have a look at your steering uj on the column near rack. They can seize / start to seize and mess up the steering how you describe.
  13. Is three and four injectors leaking? There looks a little funky around the head there. They have a crush washer that leaks in old age, although there about 50p each.
  14. Same view on the later stuff, it’s why I bought a Honda Accord as a potential replacement. No room in my life for DPFs and electric handbrakes, amongst other reliability issues. I’ve got three VWs from between 1988 - 2002 and they are the best of the era, all things considered. Just a shame they are getting on, and just like rear wheel drive volvos used to be, the owners of the decent, non trashed ones won’t sell them.
  15. Should have a sticker in the door showing either 90/110. 90 has no intercooler. No dpf on any Ive ever seen. Cam position sensor can cause awkwardness on these if I remember right.
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