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  1. Nothing new, nothing out. Still got: T25: Had this 13 years now, loads of engine work / new exhaust this year. Still awesome The Mk2. Was going great til the gearbox gave up. Currently broken. Partners Civic still here, thermostats stopped working yesterday. Had a CV boot this year too. My daily: had a new crank sprocket and fan belt. Had about 3 years, cost £700. 220k ish now.. Fourtrak: Broke my hand and my bank account on power for the MiG. Still broken but shinier underneath than on top these days the old Bugs still here, still broken and less pretty than before. Next up if I ever finish the Fourtrak still got an old Zafira outside the unit. No idea why.
  2. The long and winding road that leads to more metal splinters but with optimism and a bit of welding we can rebuild the mighty Daihatsu bigger and better
  3. Thread resuscitation: Spent ages back end of winter / early spring rebuilding my VW T25 engine, which went through my project funds like an oil rig fire. so the old Daihatsu took a bit of a back seat for a while, but I did continue the grind of cleaning up the whole underside of the shitbox. Clean machine Detailing World territory “Been in cleaner swamps” Drove myself insane and deaf with one of these Then had an issue with my trigger finger, so was on the go slow (looks like carpal tunnel) for a while. Did a bit at a time, rust killer as we go I love you, Bilt Hamber Hydrate 80 After a very not short while, it was ready for some primer Under the boot floor Nearside rear arch and rear chassis Gearbox area, looking back Inner arch and crossmembers, it’s the bit where all the suspension and rear axle go in the bad old days inner arch was like this a while ago So, yeah I’m still going with the old knacker and yeah, it needed so much welding it gave me carpal tunnel Gotta love a Fourtrak
  4. rickvw72


    My old beetle has a high ratio GT Beetle gearbox (rocking horse poo!) and a 90 mph speedo. Ive twice had it off the clock. Im still having therapy.
  5. Progress achieved! T25 engine in and running. Whizzed it past my mates unit, and he mistook the engine tune for a Subaru. So that’s an improvement over its old brick in a washing machine tone! It’s basically a beetle engine with water in. Old van cleaned up well. MoT Wednesday, Santa Pod Friday is the plan! In other fleet news: Civic driveshaft and top mount replaced. Sounds simple, but wasn’t. Had to eventually cut the old driveshaft in half and press it out the hub, on the hottest day. Right laugh. Accord needs a service. It’s on about 212k now. The old Mk2 is out now. Shouting at modern traffic. Hilarious fun. Unlike present Vpower prices. Coupled with the above is a different type of hilarity. Fourtrak. Obviously needs a bit more welding. Been on back burner for a while but I’ll crack on soon.
  6. T25 engine update. After my compression tester read 95-100 on another car, i tested it again with a mates snap on tool and got 160ish on all cylinders. Great news. So I took out the engine. Few wires, 4 bolts, a throttle cable and 4 bolts and she’s out. Revealing the worlds most borked exhaust system. Exhaust removal wasn’t smooth. Ended up cutting it to bits, and having to replace all the studs in the cylinder heads. (Took 2 weeks of spare time!) Whilst out though I cleaned up the engine.replaced all the pushrod tubes. One had a serious leak. Painted up pulleys, covers and engine mount bar, new water pump, rebuilt rockers, new gaskets and a very expensive thermostat and housing went on. Also all new engine mounts. put it back in Prepped and painted the silver tray thingy. Looks great! This pic is under the rear of the van looking up. Plumbed and wired up. Should get it going next time. Need to put the exhaust on, fill it up with oil and coolant and a few small jobs. Other fleet news: Civic suspension clonking, Accord needs a service. Mk2 back out, but gear linkage is acting up. Fourtrak is awaiting a bit more welding…
  7. Although there’s logic in the advice, diesels do provide a different experience in general, more torque, more robust physical engine components, and lower road tax just some. Also I think there’s a bit too much panic about diesel distruction that I’ve rarely witnessed. Stuff like turbos, injectors and fuel pumps don’t break every week on every car / van that’s diesel powered. Ever seen a courier in a sprinter? That’s destruction testing for real there.
  8. Spring update time: T25 engine out. This is actually to remove the exhaust. It’s an exhaust so crusty, that it’s basically dust. I’ve been unashamedly bodging this through the last seven MOT tests, but the sands of time have run out for it. ooh nice! This escapade has been a full on war, 5 of the exhaust studs disintegrated on the heads, which has led to many hours of amusement with oxy acetylene, induction heaters, drills, taps the works. Got the last stud out today so the engine can be built up again over Easter holidays. We plan to camp in the van may bank holiday! Civic. Not much happening. Driveshaft still knocking and new one here. Should get done over Easter. Could do with a brake fluid change / coolant change too. Accord. The high miler daily finally cost some ££ to repair when the crank pulley failed this week. Cost £200 for new pulley and belt. Has developed a sporadic fault with rear central locking mech too, but an eBay replacement just £15 delivered. Gonna fix it over Easter. Mk2. Still in bed. With Vpower at near 2 quid a litre, it’s gonna be an expensive month. Gonna get it out over Easter i hope. Fourtrak. Despite what my partner says, has definitely not become a restoration project. So my Easter looks a bit like this: This may be the first time ever a Daihatsu Fourtrak and a mig welder have ever been spotted together. There’s also the bug and zafira. I don’t even know why I own a Zafira? These ain’t moved an inch in over 12 months. Might change if I get round to it over Easter.
  9. I’ve got an Accord 2007, and I’ve had a D5 v70 from 2004. The accords ace, mines a cheap, rough high miler and it’s been generally bombproof ( although the crank pulley died this week). The 2.2 diesel is smooth, quiet and powerful. I get nearly 50 mpg most of the time. Sat nav etc easy to use and every last thing still works. when I first got it, stuff like crap tyres, ancient brake fluid and tired suspension bushes ruined its drive. Now sorted it’s excellent. compared to the volvo I’d have them equal on build quality. The Honda is more economical and handles and steers better than the V70. It’s more reliable to boot. The Hondas heating and air con is great. Volvo was better looking, sounded better, and had a cracking stereo. I wouldn’t know what to change the Accord for, it’s a great package. Might be a bit too boring if only car, but I’ve got a couple of toys so the Accord is a useful, comfy workhorse. Mines done 210k now, I did have a thread on modern section, but nothing ever happens so I don’t update it.
  10. I’m a FE lecturer, and I don’t think I’m the only one here either. (Not sure who else is, heard it mentioned) Proper change from my first career as a mechanic, but still use the old skills with the new. Rewarding but challenging is how I’d sum it up.
  11. Let’s have a look then at the front… nice. cute face bumper and grille off. Around the steering box areas looking a bit rough. Tide mark of dirt is telling! off with the wings to get a better look Front panel un bolts. The steering box and chassis is fine, but the area of the front panel fell to bits. Front of chassis is very good. Front of Fourtrak is looking a bit sparse at present. My partner has summarised recent events as “scope creeping”.
  12. Fresh from the massive morale boosting primer going on, I decided to chuck the old rust bucket on the lift to wrap up some jobs in comfort. solid enough to lift!! The Fourtrak can fly! Off came the wheels Been dealing with the front condition of this thing by pretending it’s fine so far…
  13. 210k mile diesel Accord Mostly covered in filth and crammed full of stuff like… An engine and gearbox, plus tools etc. Rear seats were still up. And.. Big industrial welders. Terrible way to treat a car this nice when it would have been new!
  14. Changed from snorting filler and rust dust today, and started on the solvents. Been filling for a while on these arches, which are a free hand patchwork of metal pieces. Other side. Also made the bodywork that sits under the bumpers. Filler flatted down… The other side.. Passenger rear. Jotun Epoxy mastic paint can be seen on the chassis and inner arch. I painted this on last week, now it’s hard enough to seam seal. More plates than a Greek restaurant Masking applied. I’m still crap at masking up. Masking the other side too. Cos I hate myself Painted! With an aerosol. looking less patchwork Massive motivation boost here The other side. Been using Hycote brand aerosols, both here and with the zinc primer I’ve used on this car. Really impressed, covers well and easy to use. Inch by inch it’s getting there!
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