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  1. I will add “Facebook expert” to my CV. My take on its simple. Original author is documenting work he is carrying out on a public forum. Other members are posting their opinions. My opinions come from a 20 year career restoring and repairing cars, and the last five spent teaching motor vehicle engineering and MoT testing, and the ongoing refresher training for the IMI. I won’t further add to this post past reiterating it should get checked over by someone in the flesh. From the pics given I don’t beleive it to have structural areas repaired to a solid enough standard. By the way, I love old Caddy’s so I’d love to see it fixed and on the road.
  2. I’ve mentioned in the past about this type of repair and it’s structural safety. It’s interpretation of rules or technicalities you are arguing over. Most mot people would class these panels within one foot of structural points. Technically you could argue they should pass. Dont see many testers just waving it through merrily though sadly. If rot to this extent is not failable, things like discovery mk1s would never die. I’ve never seen one rot it’s chassis but the bodies are usually fucked. My concern would be these are the issues seen, and discovered so far. No one here knows how the chassis and underside is. If I owned it I’d get it tested, worth the cash to know it’s structurally good enough in your mot testers eyes, or you could find way more issues too...
  3. Just washed and polished the Mk2 Golf. MoT time monday!
  4. Tap it round with a chisel, sort of castle shape bit at top. Done loads on Peugeot’s, not usually that tight either.
  5. On the subject of 43 mpg I’d guess it’s about right. I’ve run a couple of Pug 1.9tds in the past, and never got great mpg. One was a 405, that I ran 3 years / about 50k. I appreciate that they were 1.9 not 1.8, but the engine seems closely related. For me, the non PD VAG 1.9 was my first 50mpg banger.
  6. Bit of a fleet churn this week. In:Out: Current fleet status: Less French, still silver. Fleet size eight. Money in bank burning a hole... Must not. Aiming to reduce to a “sensible” 6.
  7. Nice Accord! I really fancied one in that colour when I looked. How whistle is it on boost? He one I’ve bought sounds like a lorry turbo. Mine does pull hard from low down, wondering if it’s been played with? Or it’s about to explode
  8. I had some wood stuff in an old Isuzu Trooper. It was an RS model which was full of the options. It looked like werthers originals had melted on its dashboard. It didnt look anything like wood. Grim, but essential to the overall experience.
  9. I think they made them too 2002, which makes mine fairly late. Im pretty sure Daihatsu is a subsidiary of Toyota, same way as is Lexus. Ive been told that the Fourtrak chassis is almost a land cruiser 70 or 80. I wonder how similar the mechanicals are, for example the Land Cruiser has a 4.2 straight six, this a 2.8 straight four.
  10. Cheers for the fuel tank experiences. Progress is slow this week, as I’ve got two of my fleet mot tested and cleaned up ready for sale. I also bought another car. Taking me to a nice even ten. Oops. Turned the beast around though, next jobs are to replace the rear body mount, and rebuild the floor and inner arch. When this is done I reckon I’ll be about a quarter of the way through welding it up! I do love this monstrosity! Maybe too much. It’s rather fucked.
  11. rickvw72

    Civic duty

    Chester Le Streets about three hours away, so a little far sadly.
  12. Years ago I bought a VW T2 bay window camper. I got it running and took it to my local tester (I was an apprentice mechanic at the time). I thought I’d get a failure list to work to. On my return to collect it end of day, I got the 3 page fail certificate. Tester says “ive chalked the welding so you can see it” Outside in the yard the guy had drawn a line all around the outside of the van, on the yard itself.
  13. DJS Automotive, Earl Shilton. Excellent MoT garage, owner has Bedford CFs and a Mk1 RX7.
  14. rickvw72

    Civic duty

    Where about a are you in the country? Im after a gearbox, and would consider taking the car if your around the midlands.
  15. To be honest, the list shows welding, corrosion in general to be an issue. Maybe it is a little rough? Just a thought. If I’d have took my 1999 Daihatsu Fourtrak in for an mot before stripping it for work it would have had a similar fail sheet, and it would of deserved it too. Impressively, said Fourtrak had rust advisories at seven years old. My local mot man is perfect to be fair. Has a few old Bedford CFs, and early Mazda rx7. I’ve used him for years. I used to take an unbelievably rough looking 3 series tt here every year, undereal tide lines and the works. He used to go nuts with advisories. I asked him why on that car, and not others. his answer “that’s so rough the police will pull it for fun, and my names on the mot certificate” Fair point I thought.
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