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  1. Prices seem to be rising on them, I paid £400 for this, 4 years or so ago. It was mot’d on arrival too, although it arrived on a trailer with a popped brake pipe. Welded up and re motd I thought it was worth a grand when I bought it, there’s several now 4 grand plus for sale. They live in the shadow of the defender, like other Far East off-roaders, and a lot of 4x4 types appear to only appreciate Land Rover only. Mines got 5 link rear suspension, LSD, twin wishbones at the front, heated electric mirrors, windows the works, all still working at 19years old. I personally think there be
  2. Mine is good value I believe, but there are others out there. I found the website box pod to be useful when looking. I was the first to take a workshop on at my location, after mad cow demolished livestock farms, and I have the only one the (massively wealthy) land lord sees from his house, so have always kept it decent looking outside. It’s helped me build a good relationship with the landlord, and it’s helped keep the cost down I’d guess.
  3. Quick update. Struggling with pics of late, as my phone battery is knackered, so cuts off if you use it as a camera! But progress is being made. Dirty, deceased and not very structural. This was taken after I ground the worst flaky stuff off! Of course, all of the panelwork under the bumper was missing. Can it technically be rotten, if it’s fell off?With the inner made up and welded on, I made up this panel above, and zapped it on. To celebrate more metal going in, I removed some more from the wheelarch. Since this pic, I’ve repaired the inner arch, primed it and
  4. I’ve got one on a farm, although the rent is 500 a month. Depends what your budget is I would guess. I think my mate paid 120 a month on a council garage though, without power. Good places to look I find are obviously farms, but also any local old mills, or former works sites. Often the various buildings are divided up after a works closure, and usually have power, space and solid floors etc. Be prepared to build your own facilities, or refurbish whatever you take on. Mine is well equipped as I ran it as a business in the past, so aquired a lot of kit along the way. Keep looking, th
  5. I’d try to do it as originally intended, so I’d fold a run of steel to go from the remains of the intermediate sill, down to the bottom flange. Repair floor or inner sills, plug weld to this new bit, grind and then plug weld the outer sill or patch to it. You’d then have three seperate 1mm bits joined, and full strength. Welding 2mm to Japanese tin would be a challenge I’d guess, without blowing a golf course amount of holes anyway.
  6. Bank holiday + half term = fun. Started by washing and taxing the Mk2 GTI. Filled it up with fuel and had some great fun on the lanes between my house and unit. I’ve had this nearly 13 years now. I can’t imagine ever selling it. Probably my favourite car of all time. Welding continues on the Fourtrak, new 235 amp welder a revelation. I’ll take some pics next time, as I’m onto the passenger arch now, and it’s starting to be made of actual steel at the back, rather than corn flakes and mud. Both Hondas have needed fuel. Cleaned out the Civic washer bottle that was gummed
  7. That looks like reinforcement panel, probably for the rear jack point on the sill. If you remove it, beware of the 2 post ramp. If you patch it, it just wants to be strong, not pretty. The sill should probably be welded to three layers on the bottom flange front and back, two in the middle.
  8. Excellent thread, makes me wish I’d photo’d all my scrapyard finds for posterity, as most are gone now. Local yard used to have sierras, cortinas, metros and allegros still a few years back. All gone now sadly, having been sat there 30 years.
  9. Fourtrak progress is slow, but continuing. To spur myself on I made a purchase: An old Murex 235 mig welder. 235 amp, 3 phase beast. Had a play yesterday and it’s an excellent bit of kit. 30 years old, so it’s a classic. (Not as old as my 1967 compressor though.) Accord boot took it with the seats up. Accord and Civic are the only fleet on the road at the minute, and both continue as Honda intended. I had an accord thread which I won’t continue as there would be nothing to report, although I washed the Accord this weekend with Bilt Hamber snow foam, first time I’v
  10. Bought a Pug 106 years ago, (used to sell loads of them), went to pick it up, old man ready to drive it back. Get about 1 mile and headgasket blows on said 106. On the M42. Luckily I had a straight bar in my car, a V8 Range Rover Classic. If you’ve ever towed a 106 with a Range Rover there’s two things to remember. You won’t see the 106 in the rear view mirror, 3ft away on a pole, and you won’t feel the thing when driving. Forgot about the old man after a while. Think I heard him scream when I hit about 90.
  11. While at college me and a mate as passenger, cruising in my rough as fuck 1974 VW Camper. Cruising till the steering wheel came off going round a major roundabout in Leicester City Centre. This sent the horn into demonic mega screaming mode, which both highlighted the situation to a busy city centre, and pissed me off as the horn never fucking worked with the steering wheel attached.
  12. Had a few of these, all great! Had a very late 97 diesel estate for about 4 years, went everywhere in it. Would have loved an executive back in the day.
  13. I always dressed the same in all my cars. Apart from the Fourtrak. It’s sensible to wear overalls to protect yourself from the interior in the Japanese Range Rover.
  14. The common mod is to put new seals in the boost pipe joints, push in joints and secure with a self tapper. Ths clip mounts wear over time, and they open up under boost slightly.
  15. There’s your issue! well found. These always have oil in the intake system when they’ve done some miles. I’d leave the turbo til it blows. My PD golf always had an oily intake. I had it from 145k to 196k, and it saw full boost most days, never was an issue.
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