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  1. Yeah, it would be nice to have had some kind of update from drivewaymyway during this whole thing. I don't want to look a gift horse in the mouth because it is a cheap motor but if there's no response i'll have to cancel and i'll put my funds towards buying an A-frame. Edit2: I'm getting the A-frame, budget gone. Good luck with the sale (to someone else, no hard feelings)
  2. Yeah, i looked around the site and i cannot find the PM function, i suppose it's because i'm a relatively new member the admins haven't green-lit my account for the feature. Was wondering about that in my previous post.
  3. Throw an Opcom/Vauxcom/Scan tool at it and check if the vehicle speed sensor is working correctly. They tend to die at junctions if the ecu isn't getting the speed signal (could also be wiring between the speed sensor and the immo pickup or the immo pickup and the ecu)
  4. Top bloody job! Congrats to you Doc and Mr mystery.
  5. You might be able to get it for 300 if you get the seller to put you through to the chav who bought it. He'll probably love to get 300 for something he just bought. "Made a kwik hundred innit fam"
  6. Seems to work when played with VLC. Love the sound of a good 2smoke, was it wet or is the carb a bit leaky?
  7. Bloody fantastic project. The only thing i'd change would be keeping it RWD but i don't know how common RWD gearboxes/adapter plates that fit the 1.8t engine are.
  8. Had one of those (still in the shed), they're bloody fantastic to whizz along touching 40 (just). Watch out for the fuel tanks, i went through 3 of the buggers before i realised the way they make 'em with the crappy welding on the threaded studs means that they will always start leaking after less than 50 miles, however that could have been because my particular one was so vibratey that it could shake the tits off of Pamela Anderson. My mates one was smooth as a normal moped and i think that allowed it to go faster, maybe his engine was slightly better balanced. Getting pulled over riding it is why i now stick to driving a car instead, the look on the coppers face was worth it though. Oh and i used to replace brake pads every 20 miles, but that was probably because i was too cheap to buy anything more than a £4 set of pads. Edit: Another thing to remember is that motorists don't expect you to be doing 40 if you're not pedaling! Me and my mate used to get cars pulling out in front of us at junctions because they would misjudge our speed.
  9. I must admit i have a slight soft spot for stance cars but even i can see that the green Merc deserved it.
  10. BlankFrank


    You can tell they're crap when even seasoned Autoshiteists won't touch 'em.
  11. BlankFrank


    Flatmate of mine had a City Rover, felt nippy for the first day until the rear suspension decided it wanted to live in the boot and promptly smashed its way right through the mountings going over a speed bump.
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