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  1. Top job on the car there Vulgalour. ? Did a google, i thought i'd post some pictures as they're ace: taken from here: https://aceac.weebly.com/ac-ace-radiator.html
  2. No brakes and the frame is filled with petrol. ?
  3. Cool Dat. Have a 323 of the same vintage, boot seal also leaks. ?
  4. Reverse engineering and chod? ...I think i'm in heaven. ?
  5. Was it overheating according to the gauge only? It would be worth checking the temp of the hoses + rad using a dedicated temp gauge (infrared one or a multimeter- probe one, etc) to find out if the actual coolant/water is really getting above 95c - 105c (not sure of exact max running temp for these engines so i've used a ballpark figure). Edit: Ah okidoke
  6. As both top and bottom panels for the siba system are basically rusted into non-existence on mine my plan will be to make a simple enclosure. Because cheap. ? In the following (*insert number of years) later if i sell the invacar then that person can replace any stuff with genuine parts, eg. the seat, the "gubbins covers" etc and I'll do my best to ensure any changes are totally reversable. I like the idea of the invacar as a funky 3-wheeler and as an occasional getabout but i also keep in mind the history of it so i won't be doing anything too crazy. Cheers for the headsup none-the
  7. ? Been in the garage and got the following done: finished bolting up the dynastart screwed the ignition cam on to the dynastart rotor bolted on the engine cover that holds the points checked timing is good on the points (only did the forward-direction points for now) verified continuity when the points are closed and made sure they actually go open circuit when they physically separate (cleaned the points contact surfaces too) From the start i had assumed the carburettor was almost certainly a writeoff because the throttle and choke were both seize
  8. Btw, i forgot to add "rebuild the carb" to the list also. Yep, 2 sets of points. Timing is fixed (so no advance/retard) but mirrored so it runs well when going backward. Cheers. I haven't opened mine yet but i believe this is the same thing: http://www.dynamoregulatorconversions.com/siba-and-bosch-dynastarts.php
  9. Got a decent step forward in progress today: The engine turning over! ? I've bypassed all the normal starting circuitry and dynamo + reverser system (the siba black box of gubbins) for testing. I took the 4 fat dynastart wires (labled B1, B2, A, HE) and after some head-scratching tracing the circuit path around the black box (set to the forward start position) I wired it up in the same way on its own and success! The first 2 false starts were me pulsing it to make sure it starts spinning instead of going up in flames from a possible internal short! The reason i
  10. Ta. ? Something puzzling me, any idea what the rope is for? Random invacar progress pic for the sake of it: £15 for a Dynastart puller? You underestimate how much of a cheapskate i can be, Mr Villiers. ? Nearly broke my gear puller doing it, but it worked.
  11. @egg Cheers, i've taken a punt on the only Villiers 197cc 0.015" rings on ebay, auction ends in 3 days. I'll be sure to let you know if i need the FB group. According to this http://www.users.waitrose.com/~colinatkinson/mq29.html all villiers 197cc engines had a bore of 59mm as standard so that fact along with busmans' comment gives me enough of a reason to put in a bid on the rings on ebay. @LightBulbFun True, good catch on the overlap. Regarding the Villiers repairer website I thought that too but after looking i couldn't specifically find rings for 0.015" overbore on a
  12. Shame i'm one of those non-facebook people. Found the cause of the seize, top end. At least that's not an unknown now, also as 2 strokes go, top ends almost seem like consumables so i can't be too disappointed i suppose. ? Can't get the piston out of the jug, one day i'll buy a mapp gas torch and see if i can free it up. Hammering some wood on the piston didn't budge it.
  13. Cheers for the headsup guys, very good to know.
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