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  1. And i thought i was a bit dodgy for wanting to fabricate a tuned 2-stroke pipe for the mk12c and occasionally run it fairing-less for 'weight reduction yo'. 😂 I wonder if the top speed of a mk12 would top out due to limited gearing or if i could get 50+ mph from the old villiers engine with some porting and the tuned 'zorst.
  2. One of these will probably give you your answer. 👍 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Combustion-Leak-Tester-Kit-Head-Gasket-Block-30ml-Fluid-15-tests-Petrol-Diesel/123735248113?hash=item1ccf320cf1:g:TNYAAOSwHP1dptmu
  3. Fine by me: i'm not bidding so you can go ahead and bid away guys.
  4. Neat. Currently my vehicular budget is being streched on welding + fabricating consumables for my rusty 4-wheeled turdboxes and any money i put toward the invacar will be for stuff like the seized rear bearing and all-round brakes first and foremost. I should have some Invacar progress in the new year though, no guarantees however as my productivity/workrate is a fickle bugger.👍 😉
  5. Bloody hell, looks OEM. Tob jop there. 👍 Got an ebay/web site link for the type of carpet used?
  6. The throttle cable thing and vacuum line coming out of it tells me its a cruise control box on top of the original mani. Probably.
  7. If it's a more modern coilpack, any idea what method it uses to send a crankshaft position signal to the coil? You could be hotwiring the car all day and still have no spark because the crankshaft position sensor or its wiring is duff. Does it still use a dizzy? Got any close-up pictures under the bonnet and of the associated plugs for the coilpack, etc? Would help to check continuity to ground so you can rule out some of the pins before bashing 12 volts down 'em. 👍 Edit2: Just re-watched one of the Sana videos, i assume the module under there is the coil pack? I numbered the wires t
  8. Top job on the car there Vulgalour. Did a google, i thought i'd post some pictures as they're ace: taken from here: https://aceac.weebly.com/ac-ace-radiator.html
  9. No brakes and the frame is filled with petrol. ?
  10. Cool Dat. Have a 323 of the same vintage, boot seal also leaks. ?
  11. Was it overheating according to the gauge only? It would be worth checking the temp of the hoses + rad using a dedicated temp gauge (infrared one or a multimeter- probe one, etc) to find out if the actual coolant/water is really getting above 95c - 105c (not sure of exact max running temp for these engines so i've used a ballpark figure). Edit: Ah okidoke
  12. As both top and bottom panels for the siba system are basically rusted into non-existence on mine my plan will be to make a simple enclosure. Because cheap. In the following (*insert number of years) later if i sell the invacar then that person can replace any stuff with genuine parts, eg. the seat, the "gubbins covers" etc and I'll do my best to ensure any changes are totally reversable. I like the idea of the invacar as a funky 3-wheeler and as an occasional getabout but i also keep in mind the history of it so i won't be doing anything too crazy. Cheers for the headsup none-the-l
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