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  1. I’ve no idea, it’s certainly possible. I know someone from Wiltshire bought it for spares in the late 1980s, but he sold it to another chap in the same area who kept it until he gave up driving in 2013.
  2. That was really good Trig! Having never driven a column change Victor, it was interesting to note the gate is exactly the same as the Fords of the same era. The gearchange looks surprisingly slick too! That exhaust sounds great when you put your foot down!
  3. Yes, that's the wiper motor. Standard Lucas one used on most 1950s/60s British stuff!
  4. I must admit, it had been so long since I’d driven it I’d forgotten how quick it is! Well, compared to the Standard 😂
  5. Thanks for the thought, but I've already been there The ledger revealed it was supplied new to an A.C. Starr Esq. on 18/9/1953. Here's the Somerset outside the address it was first registered to, in Romford.
  6. I gave my Somerset a grease up earlier, followed by a bath and a quick blast up the road: It ran really well but the multimeter confirms the alternator is goosed, it’s only showing 12.5v at idle and not much more when I blip the throttle, which would be below par for a dynamo, let alone an alternator. I chucked the multimeter on the Rover battery to check it, 14.3v at idle. The alternator came in a conversion kit a few years ago, it’s a proper cheap no name one. Squeals like a bastard when it’s cold too. Anyone got a good one kicking around?
  7. Brave man, parking with the front bumper overhanging a kerb 😂
  8. Wow that’s looking even better. Great job on the wheels and the new chassis plate - to my untrained eyes it looks great! I was thinking about the number plates and actually pressed plates were very popular at the time (my dads FB still had its original pressed ones) and the ones you’ve got are really convincing. They are the correct 3 1/2” characters, correct font and border. Really nice and I don’t know where they came from but I haven’t managed to find any as good as that. Most repro ones, as you know, look shit. As for raised digit plates the Ace peak plates look amazing and they’re very period for an FB but at around £200 a pair they’re not cheap, but would set it off magnificently. Tippers Gothic look pretty close to Bluemels too but POA so I’d guess a similar price. I’d you’re not prepared to spend that sort of money, I’d just repaint that front one and stick with what you’ve got, as whatever you get will probably look less authentic!
  9. Here’s my observations on the subject. London, Surrey, the Isle of Wight and South Essex are great for Shite. Most other places I’ve been in the country seem to range from acceptable to utterly piss poor. Manchester was crap. I barely saw anything over 10 years old when I was there, same with Leeds and Nottingham. East Anglia and North Essex doesn’t seem to have much older stuff. Neither does Wales apart from knackered farmers 4x4s. Birmingham was acceptable, as was the West Country. .The South coast was ok but seemed to get progressively more barren through Portsmouth, Hampshire until you get to Dorset which isn’t too bad.
  10. Are you from Southend? There’s older cars all over the place. Most of the very old stuff owned by giffers who keep hold of them forever but even so the local gumtree and Facebook selling sites are full of 1990s and 2000s stuff.
  11. You must be blind, it's one of the best towns in the country for older cars!!
  12. That looks great. I was about to comment on F being extremely late for a MK1, but AnthonyG beat me to it! I quite like the vinyl roof. A lot of older cars had aftermarket vinyl roofs back in the day, nearly all of which have since been stripped off.
  13. I believe @Split_Pin is local!
  14. My work (Past Parts) has stainless resleeved cylinders on the shelf. I’m sure last time I checked there was a full car set there; master cylinder, front wheel cylinders and rear frame cylinder. Beware: there are some really crap repro wheel cylinders doing the rounds (we don’t stock them) buy original where possible. The little A30 looks fabulous! I like how whoever upgraded the engine has retained the original gearbox and transmission tunnel. Often they fit the A35 tunnel and gearbox with remote change.
  15. I quite like the bare steels look on rough cars of that era anyway.
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