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  1. If I didn't know better, I'd think that was the chassis from a Counties Austin!
  2. I reckon it’s worth a try. You’ve already cut back the surrounding paint so it probably won’t be too far off.
  3. Why not just get a tin of the correct shade red paint and respray it?
  4. You’ll probably get several increasingly threatening letters from the DVLA demanding you tax or SORN it. I phoned up and spoke to a very apologetic chap. I had a bit of a moan about it but he said it was out of his hands as a computer glitch was sending the letters out despite owners not able to SORN cars untaxed that long. (My Hampshire was last taxed 1988). He told me to ignore the letters. Mind you, I haven’t received any since I had a moan so perhaps that worked.
  5. This is great advice. I've bought a nice new Autosparks loom for my A55 Cambridge about seven years ago, which I promptly installed on the back seat because fitting it looked too daunting. The wiring on that car is an absolute deathtrap of completely knackered original, and previous owner additions, with loads of scotchlocks. This post has encouraged me to have a go, so thanks for that. My only concern is that the car has a turn-key ignition switch retrofitted in place of the original ignition/light switch, with the lights being on a toggle switch. It has a non-standard starter solenoid too. So the wiring isn't going to match up there at all.
  6. 1.35 a litre for unleaded in Norfolk now. Robbing bastards! I guess they’re trying to recoup their losses from last summer.
  7. Here's a useful Whitworth chart which should help you. 3/16" is one down from 1/4" and 5/16" is the next size up from 1/4". Those will be the three most common sizes you'll encounter, along with 2BA cap head screws holding smaller things on, such as the dynamo regulator. You can get a bag of these on ebay and just cut them down to suit, if you need to replace any. We've got loads at work so I just nick them from there when I need any. https://www.samstagsales.com/whitworth_table.htm
  8. Remove the inner part, weld a big nut on and apply breaker bar?
  9. What a thing of beauty this Rover is! Have a look at https://www.remotefobcentre.com/ They repaired the central locking fob for my 600 back in November. Same day turnaround and bloody good service, it cost just under £30 including next day signed for post. Still working well, unfortunately I only have the one fob for it. Mine is the two-button Valeo type one which is a bit more unusual, but he can do those and the more common Lucas one. Thoroughly recommended.
  10. The ‘600’ badge on my bootlid was badly on the wonk. I’m guessing it was stuck on like that at some bodyshop as I can’t believe it left the PDI like that. I rectified it by fitting a secondhand bootlid complete with badges. The replacement bootlid has overspray over the rubber buffers which shows the donor car had had its bumper painted at some point. The bootlid has some chips and scratches (the car it came off had done 170k) but is many, many times better than the original (see pictures above). And yes, the replacement badge is stuck on straight, and after cleaning all the greenery out from around it, it looks pretty good.
  11. It is tricky. There are two other suppliers I’ve found since DMB stopped and Retro Plates is not only higher quality, but much friendlier, quicker, and more helpful than the other two. He is more expensive, but you get what you pay for with this sort of thing.
  12. My Rover had nasty modern plates on it when I got it, and the rear one was delaminating as well. I’m unsure who the supplying dealer was, but it’s a North West London registration. My old 45 came from SMC Rover (Uxbridge) and had dealer plates on it. Using pictures of the 45 plates, I had them replicated for my 620, by “Retro Plates” on Facebook (not sure if he advertises them anywhere else). He can be contacted at retroplates[at]hotmail.com They’re £60 a pair so definitely not cheap, but the quality is very good and the font is pretty much spot on. He can do a variety of different fonts and is very friendly, quick and easy to deal with. Theyve made such a difference to the look of the car (along with the replacement bonnet and bootlid, another story) I’m very pleased.
  13. Highest reading I ever saw on a drink driver was 201. On Traffic Cops a few years ago.
  14. Bit late now, but heat is your friend with this kind of job. A blowlamp on the bolts, and a decent impact socket would crack them off no bother, and you’ve got the bonus that you can clean up and reuse the original bolts.
  15. Let me guess. An old Ford of some description?
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