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  1. Cool, yeah I’m not even sure if they would fit mine, I’m pretty sure mine are the older 3/8” UNF thread so these might not be correct anyway. Later cars had M12x1.5.
  2. I don't know who it was but I could do with them for my Reliant Robin with 10" Mini alloys if they do happen to still be available! I'm refurbing the alloys and the nuts are quite rusty, they spoil the look of it!
  3. As a follow up to this, over the course of the week as I was working outside, I noticed it was the same four chavmobiles (a Focus, Skyline, Fiesta and a Fiat 500 Abarth) that were making the majority of the noise. The worst one by a long stretch was the Fiesta, a MK6 with blacked out windows, 'sick' lows, stickers, and a hugely loud popping and banging exhaust. The Abarth was the only other one that popped but it was nowhere near as bad as the Fiesta. The lad with the Fiesta seems to stop outside our house to drop off a girl who lives probably 3-4 houses along. Why he doesn't drop her off outside her own house is beyond me, maybe her dad has had a go at him about his car. I watched him as he then took off, flooring it through the gears then deliberately lifting off to make it bang, bang, bang, just as he went past her. Anyway he turns around in the cul-de-sac and came back up the road towards ours. By this point I'm standing at the end of the drive giving him a filthy look and shaking my head. He got stuck in traffic right opposite the driveway. He clocked me shaking my head at him and shouted (over the noise of his car) "Why are you shaking your head?" so I shouted back "It's your flaming exhaust mate, it's far too loud, what a racket!" He just laughed and floored it away, popping and banging. I wouldn't have normally said anything but I think this lad is taking the piss, the exhaust is so ridiculously loud, the bangs are like fireworks going off plus he's always trying to make it bang with his driving style. He didn't look like the typical chavvy thug, just a daft kid but I had to say something, since he wouldn't let it go. I did laugh to myself afterwards thinking what Victor Meldrew would have said in that situation. I'm only 29 but I despair of the yoof of today, I really do!
  4. Just stuck a hosepipe into the waterways in the engine and it ran clear straight away, no sign of any gunk although difficult to get it round the back of the engine! Yeah I agree about the thermostat. It was running too cool when I got it and I suspected it had been removed. I was right. I bought a new one and fitted it. To be fair, with the new thermostat it’s held a good temperature in the middle of the gauge for 6 months or so, but now the weather is hotter it’s struggling. Last thing I want is the head gasket to blow so I want to get this cooling system sorted out.
  5. Engine bay. Note the bits of wood screwed over the heater ducts (what a bodge) Engine looks lovely and clean inside which is good news.
  6. @plasticvandan would cutting a hole in this fibreglass panel behind the rad to aid cooling be advantageous? The air flow to the rad is pathetic really.
  7. Nice one, I’ll give him a call when the time comes. I should have mentioned it when I ordered the radiator from James the other day, but I decided I’d spent enough for the moment! Joe wanted £100 for a heater kit.
  8. I agree. How many of us can afford to splash £9k on a car? I certainly can't. The cheaper stuff, the bread and butter, is ignored as it doesn't generate fancy covers or big ad revenue.
  9. Heater vent! Although obviously there's nothing connected to the back of it currently.
  10. Thoroughly recommended, unless you’re over 6ft or 40” chest! In which case you probably won’t fit 😂
  11. No idea. Maybe? Most things are either Ford or BL parts bin, so it’s entirely possible!
  12. Looked really clean and tidy when you dropped by the other week Steve, sounded good too!
  13. I too used to buy PC in the late 90s early 2000s. Loved it but lost interest when Will Holman left. The content and writing both went downhill imo.
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