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  1. Think that's one and the same car, I've only ever seen it from a distance but did once see it waiting at the traffic lights at the Leigh end of Bellhouse!
  2. Good point, they are getting very thin on the ground now. I imagine the scrappage scheme hoovered most of them up. There are two in Southend. One, an immaculate pre-facelift in a metallic Aqua colour, with a personal plate. It's obviously a fairly high spec one with smart wheeltrims and colour-coded bumpers. Lives in the car park of a block of flats, obviously well cared for but never seen it on the road though. The second, a red 3dr RL, R955 YHJ I think it is, locally supplied by Godfrey Davis and looking very tidy with its hubcaps intact. That one is driven by an elderly couple. Only seen one in Suffolk, a tidy low mileage auto one in a car park in Bury St. Edmunds but I was driving another car at the time and didn't have my phone with me to snap a pic!
  3. Oh yes please Bramz! I guess this means I'll have to tidy up the wheels now!
  4. Holy thread resurrection! Not much has happened with Chloe the Clio. I’ve just been using it, doing some quite long trips in it including nearly every weekend to work on the Royale which is at my parents in Southend. In the last month I’ve also been to Wolverhampton and to Oxford in it. Hasn’t missed a beat. Mindful the MoT was approaching fast, I bought a new back box on eBay as the old one was really rotten and blowing badly. It had a slight blow until I clobbered a nice fresh and large piece of roadkill on my way to work and broke BeEp’s homemade hanger on the centre pipe. I repaired his hanger using a bracket from some old dexion shelving. I then fitted the back box myself one Saturday, not too bad a job and chucked a couple of new mountings on there. Much better, nice and quiet now! I also had a look at the heater blower, which worked when it felt like it but reaching down past the wiper motor and wiggling the multiplug usually got it going again. I took the wipers off (discovering the splines on one of the arms are all stripped, amazingly it doesn’t slip) and the plastics to gain access. Managed to get the plug off and one of the pins was quite burnt. Cleaned it up the best I could with a small screwdriver, and it seems ok now. I had some trouble with the engine getting sluggish to start when sitting for a few days. I decided the battery was kaput, bought a new Yuasa battery, re-engineered either DodgyTom or BeEp’s earth terminal bodge so it’s actually tight, and it was great for a few days but now it’s getting sluggish to start in the morning. So must be some kind of current drain, not sure where. i chucked it in for an MoT today at my usual place and this happened: That was reassuring but it wasn’t all plain sailing. I was asked to come and have a look at the car on the ramp. The tester showed me the drivers side calliper was binding and had worn one of the pads right down. I guess this is the source of the scraping noise under braking, I had convinced myself was the rear brake shoes until I pulled a drum off to have a look. In my defence, 10 months ago when I last checked them all four pads were fine. The tester reckoned it was the slider rather than the piston that was sticking, so I’ve ordered a slider kit and a set of pads, will tackle the job later in the week. She said it should have failed but passed it because she knew I’d repair it. I also had my attention drawn to a very worn steering rack (with plenty of play on the drivers side) and a leaky front shock. The rack is a job I’ll do in the spring - it’s far too cold at the moment. Ive also just had two new ditchfinders put on the back as the old ones were very old and one of them had a puncture. They go with the two new fronts I had fitted shortly after purchase. The plan for the near future is a full service including plugs and leads, and obviously the calliper and pads as mentioned. I took the Renault 11 trimz off mostly to clean them which I’ve done and also because it’s so difficult to get the airline on the valve when you’re pumping a tyre up all the time. I actually quite like the utilitarian look without them, being a base RL model it shouldn’t have full trims anyway, it had centre caps originally. i just took these pictures so you can see it still exists! To be honest, we all know this is an end of life car and has been for at least the last three years, but I’ve never scrapped a car and don’t intend to start now. So, it will be repaired!
  5. Another bad driving rant. No, putting stupid "Child on board" and "Grandad's taxi" signs in the back of your pointless SUV does not make it ok for you to pull out from a side road, in front of me when I'm doing 40 in a 40 zone, causing me to brake sharply, then proceed to dawdle along at 30 you stupid old bastard.
  6. I think Kelisas feel a bit like a late Rover Mini to drive. Similar gearbox and noise. Extremely high-geared which takes a bit of getting used to, but super economical and not much to go wrong with them. Yes the 3-pot engine is quite unrefined and that harshness hits you when you first start it up, but it's surprisingly quiet at speed. My sister owns a blue one she's called Ella (numberplate is EU06 LLA). It's been a great little car, very reliable and I have first refusal when she upgrades as I love it!
  7. 1999 is 20 years old now, and the last of the era of good cars before they started getting stupidly complicated and fragile.
  8. It was in series 2 episode 3, ‘The Wapping Conspiracy’. Aired 1989. Has this car featured in other stuff then, or are the sightings from this series? Not sure if it’s on YouTube.
  9. Apologies if it’s already been posted, but I’m just working my way through the box set of The New Statesman and there’s an Invacar in one of the episodes. The scene is almost identical to the one in Ali G. Invacar is VPG 245S.
  10. Looks amazing! Please get a period radio in it ASAP though!!
  11. Aren't these autoboxes the ones that Renault claimed were sealed for life, but actually require an ATF change every seven years or they start fucking up big time? Hence lots of tidy low mileage autos stuck in second gear etc.
  12. Hi Rob, It's ok, don't worry! I think I have all the info I need from the man who's sold me the parts! But I know where you are if there's anything else I need Fortunately, the job doesn't look too daunting, though in hindsight I should have just cut my losses and bought a later car like this, would have been a lot cheaper!
  13. That looks fantastic Rob! I might be hassling you for pictures of the injection wiring if I get stuck next week, as I'm converting my Royale to injection power! Hey Steve, how good is your memory? Do you remember the Senator that used to be all overgrown outside what is now Gates Appliances in that old forge building on Great Wakering High Street? That was there for years and years. Used to be a MK1 Transit luton used for storage outside the greengrocers nearby too.
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