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  1. Funnily enough it looks like I'm getting roped in to putting a pair of sills on the Visa belonging to my parents next door neighbours soon. It's a blue Y reg hatch. Haven't looked at it closely yet but I'm told the rust is localised to the sills. Would be interested in any leads for new sill panels, preferably ones that are a decent fit.
  2. I got taken to my school prom, and collected after an hour, in my dad's Mk3 Cavalier diesel while all the cool kids had limos and other expensive hired vehicles. What a load of dreadful imported rubbish the high school prom is. Nice cars though!
  3. Just to clarify, every house in the road she's been parking in has a driveway, but the spaces are in demand as its a short walk from the station and most roads are restricted to weekend parking only around there. Its a nice residential area and we didn't expect anything like that to happen. Unlike when I was 'hiding' the Sierra base for the duration of my parents house viewings and got three separate wankers on the doorstep moaning about it being outside (or in one case, opposite) their house for just a few hours! But it was to be expected as that road was full of twats.
  4. This has really pissed me off. My sister rents a room in a house in Surrey. The landlords won't let her use the drive and the road immediately outside is restricted so lately she's been parking around the corner in the next road along as its the closest unrestricted parking. She works in London and commutes on the train so she doesn't use her car much. It goes without saying its taxed Motd and fully legal. Obviously some bellend there is getting territorial about the space outside their house because she came home from work to find this note on the windscreen: Now of course she's really upset and has had got very anxious over it. She's only 19 and hasn't been driving long either. She's moved the car somewhere else and wasn't able to parallel park it because she was so worried. It has really fucked me off that some absolute twat thinks this is an acceptable way to behave. Apparently a white van has jumped into the space straightaway so that could be the culprit, but whoever it is, I hope they're proud of themselves at making her feel like that.
  5. That's the one, it would be a shame if it's gone.
  6. Really heartening to see a mag moving in the right sort of direction for the likes of us
  7. Yep, I do! He had an Ambassador too, around that time.
  8. F619 POO? They've had that for at least ten years to my knowledge, seen it out of the car park only a couple of times! Edit: its been out of mot since Feb, is it still there?
  9. That's an excellent point and thanks for telling me because my experience of clutches is with 50s/60s rwd British stuff, this modern fwd stuff is a mystery to me!
  10. I find buying and selling cars very stressful, hence I tend to hang onto stuff for several years! I do have a very clean and tidy Maestro I really need to sell if anyone is interested at around £850?
  11. Mines been doing that for months, going to see how long I can get out of it before a new clutch is required!
  12. Ken, you'd be better off taking the car off the stands at the front and letting the weight of the car shift the engine by jacking it off the ground on the breaker bar. Make sure your bar is a strongun! Leave it overnight and you might get lucky.
  13. PC is full of Porsche Boxters and BMW M3s nowadays so this would be far more interesting to read about!
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