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  1. Yeah, white 68 reg. He's had this particular one at least a year. At least the last six months with a big bollard-shaped dent in the nearside front corner of the (plastic) bumper.
  2. Our local Parcelfarce man (top bloke btw) drives a LWB Sprinter, so much more capacity than a RM Partner. It's unliveried, do PF drivers have to buy/lease their own vehicles or do PF not bother signwriting them anymore? He drives like a loon so I'm guessing he's not paying for it.
  3. It was Hampshire Cunstabulary who were the culprits in this case, only about the fourth time I've ever visited the county in my life, and certainly won't be rushing back there. Definitely 34. Had the "evidence" photos from them and everything. Just pure revenue raising, positioning the van like that.
  4. Well done. The first time was fair enough, I was flying along and not concentrating. The second time was a bloody piss take, I was slowing down from 50 in an NSL as I saw a 30 sign in the distance, and as I drew level with the sign, just round a gentle bend was the bloody scamera van. 34 in a bloody 30. I've never been one for slamming on the brakes when I hit a 30. Pissed off was an understatement.
  5. Couldn't agree more. I've had the misfortune to do two, both a complete waste of time and money. I'm a lot more careful these days, but if I do get caught by another sneaky scamera van I think I'll just take the points, as I really can't be arsed to go through that rigmarole again.
  6. @trigger has also been on the receiving end of Facebook's wrath recently!
  7. I don’t understand. Just stick it behind the passenger seat then move that seat back until the can can’t roll forwards. It’s never going to fall over sideways due to the shape of it, unless you’re driving like a loon. Oh, edit are you saying that is the seats all the way back? By Jove there’s a lot of space in the back.
  8. Bit late now, but in the future, transport them in the rear footwell wedged behind one of the front seats. They never topple over there.
  9. I remember seeing that Carlton parked in that spot a good 5-6 years ago.
  10. I learnt to drive in a BSM Corsa D Diesel, KV57 TVC. Absolutely dog slow, with no redeeming features. 1248cc apparently.
  11. I'm with @Split_Pin on the MK1 Megane. I've never driven one admittedly, but I think the styling is really nice and the interiors look very comfy. Much prettier to look at than the later Meganes, anyway.
  12. Lucky find that spares car, and it's so similar to yours. I think you've done really well. It was well past restoration, and was destined either to dissolve into the ground or be crushed, and you've managed to save all those GR8 bits off it. Excellent!
  13. Had to run an errand up to Leicestershire today, so took the old £250 Ronda. Great car, never missed a beat despite having to negotiate many badly flooded roads that would have caused moderns with their daft snow scoop air intakes to expire dramatically. The A14 and A1 were both closed in places, due to flooding presumably, so I had fun getting to my destination. The sat nav took me through central Leicester, which was no fun at all. Traffic was bad and I didn’t know the area. I did see an R reg, dark blue Almera saloon in Leicester, looked very original on local “JF” plates, s
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