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  1. Nice save! These look so good in saloon form and with the paint patina, missing wheel trim etc, looks like the sort of car you used to see just parked at the side of the road in London. I love it. I’ll have a proper read of the thread later.
  2. Lovely! Was it owned by a bloke in Devon for years? I seem to remember one a few months ago that was teetering at death’s door.
  3. The problem is that these local authorities get away with introducing this anti-motorist bullshit because people just bend over and take it. You’ve got to fight it! These councils have clearly been watching London to see how it goes there so they can gauge if they can get away with it or not. Vote out the anti-car councillors. Vote out the anti-car parties (SNP, Labour, Green). Join protest movements. Cut down cameras. This is our hobby and passion under threat from this pseudo-green excuse to raise revenue.
  4. These antisocial cunts are something we used to have to suffer on a daily basis when we lived in Essex. The poor dogs were petrified (all the neighbours ones as well) and it was literally the same three or four cars bombing down the road then letting go of the throttle so it would bang on the overrun. One particular twat in a Fiesta I actually moaned at because he was the noisiest and most prevalent of the lot. He laughed and bombed it away, but…I never heard/saw him again, so maybe he started going a different route to avoid me?
  5. Derbyshire has to be the worst place I’ve ever driven for Lycra warriors. Every time I’ve been there I’ve encountered the cycling clubs cluttering up the road. They are so difficult to overtake, especially in a slow car at a busy weekend when you’ve got all the tourist traffic as well. A complete pain in the arse and I understand your frustrations!
  6. Definitely unloved nowadays, the only 600 worth* preserving is the Ti, according to the experts*.
  7. Great update. 600 rear calipers always seem shit, mine certainly are. It needs the handbrake pulled on much higher than you did there to get it to hold on an incline, so I always leave it in gear when parked on a hill for this reason! I’m surprised it always seems to pass the mot, but there we go. PAS oil cooler pipes, they all do that sir. I got lucky with a good secondhand set from a breaker but even those were starting to go. I have heard it’s Honda overengineering and there’s no real need for an oil cooler for the PAS fluid. So you can just bypass it by removing it and joining the ends together. The benefit of this is that the ends of the pipes are already flared for the rubber hoses to clip onto so there’s less chance of it leaking. That box of relays is a new one on me and I’ve driven 600s for a few years. Is it only applicable to the Ti? Mine have been the lowly and unloved Honda engined models.
  8. Key number is stamped on the front of the ignition barrel, it'll be an FP prefix. The keys had been lost on one of mine, I just ordered a couple of new keys on ebay, about £3 each or something.
  9. Front inner wings are the no.1 rotspot on these, if you look up under the wheelarch you will see two ventilation holes which allow mud and salt to get thrown up and lie in the box section there. Virtually every one is rotten or has been patched up here. If yours is ok then get the dirt out and block the holes asap!
  10. Wow, that’s lovely. I’ve got two of these. A black 1958 with column change that I’ve been on-off restoring for over 10 years and a Tweed Grey with floor change 1959 that I acquired recently. It was a lot cheaper than yours but it’s pretty rotten in the usual places so not a weekends recommissioning. Unfortunately. They are lovely, lovely cars and it’s a shame they’re so rot prone. Yours looks amazingly solid. Good luck with it!
  11. Apparently it's been bought as a spares car for a better one he has.
  12. Can’t wait to see this back on the road. One of my friends sent me a picture of an old car that has recently appeared on a front garden near him. There’s been a few old cars at that house over the years but mostly 70s stuff. Anyway it turned out to be an LD10. The reg has dropped off the system but was issued in Southampton around April 1948 so she’s quite an early one.
  13. I wonder how much it would have cost them to get it recovered, storage etc. Bear in mind they won’t get a penny out of Piers towards it, only the auction price for the car minus Copart fees.
  14. My Austin Hampshire is pretty massive on the roads yet gets bullied relentlessly by idiots in moderns every time I take it out. The amount of stupid overtakes and just abysmal driving in general it attracts has to be seen to be believed. It nearly got written off by some twat in an insignia overtaking me on my outside as I’m about to turn right on a NSL road. That was the very first time I took it out and it was only because I was on the ball and saw it barrelling up behind me at 60+ and thought “he’s not stopping” that I didn’t get killed. Because getting T-boned at that sort of speed in a car with no crumple zones, airbags or seatbelts I would have been. The rear indicators are small and feeble (although my road positioning meant anyone with half a brain would have realised what I was doing) so I’ve bought an LED indicator conversion kit which should hopefully make them a bit more obvious.
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