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  1. Can’t believe no one’s mentioned the Avenger rear lights. Rather than tool up for new rear quarters for the facelift model, Rootes designed and fitted a blanking plate to fill the gap left when the old “hockey stick” rear lights were removed.
  2. Fuck. 20,000 faultless miles covered in the Ronda 600 and I went to start it to drive home, and the engine spun over really fast like it had no compression, and refused to start. Possibly a snapped timing belt. It was running perfectly Saturday when I parked it, lucky it didn't let go at 60 mph I suppose. If it is the belt, it's only 5 years and 30k old so I am a bit surprised.
  3. Another thick twat who has obviously failed to read the detailed listing or look at the 12 photos.
  4. Angrydicky


  5. Oxfordshire roads are absolutely piss poor. I had forgotten how bad they were until I visited my mate there the other week. Another mate lives in Corby. Roads there are even worse, potholes everywhere. He reckons Northamptonshire County Council don't bother maintaining the roads in Corby because they can't be arsed, Corby is too shit.
  6. Sorry to hear your dad is parting with his 620 Nige, I hope it finds a good home! Obviously I'd flog the Beemer on if it was mine and continue using the Rover. Does it have much in the way of issues? (apart from having the oldest cambelt on autoshite (TM)
  7. It would be nice if there was a company that offered unloved, shite classic driving days, but I guess they would quickly go bust offering those 😂
  8. Yeah, it looked like the RR guy recommissioned it, got it back on the road (and it looked bloody lovely, props to him) before advertising it for sale. Then it went to a car ruiner.
  9. That was funny as fuck. IIRC, they even tried crowdfunding their fines and the costs of getting the cars trailered back to the UK! https://www.thedrive.com/news/28082/several-modified-and-stance-cars-seized-by-german-police-en-route-to-worthersee-in-uk
  10. Ah, that’s a lovely car, what a shame it’s fallen into the hands of a helmet.
  11. Angrydicky


    Dealers highlighted in red were apparently “BMC service sign holders”.
  12. Angrydicky


    Here we go. Here’s all the Southend dealers from 1960. I have included the key which shows the kind of dealer they were and which franchises they had. A mark in the first column means they had an Austin cars franchise. Theres some in Rayleigh and Rochford I’ve included who probably would have registered their cars at Southend council.
  13. What’s stopping the scrote just cutting either side of that cable and taking the whole thing including the guard thing though? Sorry for the thread hijack btw!
  14. I’m well paranoid about the cat getting nicked from my Ronda 600. It’s the real McCoy and worth a few quid. A few guys on the 600 fb group have scrapped their originals and replaced with aftermarkets, so they get the benefit rather than some scrote, but I like mine actually passing the emissions test every year. I wonder if there’s some way they could be marked so if found by police in the boot of a stolen Golf with a load of others they could find their way home. I have thought about stamping mine with the car reg.
  15. Technically this Somerset is a BMC car as it was built a year after the BMC amalgamation (1953) although it is an Austin design. The Hampshire is too old. Ah well it’s a relation.
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