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  1. Angrydicky

    Morris 1300

    This ADO looks fit Rob! What's the gearchange like on it? My Austin was pretty good but a friend's very similar Morris had a gearchange like stirring porridge, first gear could only be found by going diagonally up the gate!
  2. That looks like one of those horrible pinch points you sometimes get, with a small bridge. There's a wall/barrier on both sides of the bridge. There's one on a country road near where I used to live in Southend (Shopland Road for the locals) seen lots of near misses there as there's enough room for two cars to pass safely but not anything bigger. Unwritten rule is smaller vehicles normally give way to HGVs in that situation anyway. Either way it looks like the lorry driver hasn't really done anything wrong. He is close to the barrier on his side but the road is super narrow!
  3. Nope - all petrol 600s had Honda engines and gearboxes with the exception of the 620 ti. Defo Ronda. I think @Ghosty will correct me if I'm wrong, but I reckon you're thinking of the 400 series, where autos were Honda and manuals K series.
  4. I've bought another Rover. It's an R reg 620 manual in JWG. To be honest I haven't even heard it run as it was an executors sale and the keys weren't present at that time, but it was cheap, has a good MoT history and is very clean and tidy with a set of new Firestones on it (which would have cost more than the purchase price) and new discs and pads (possibly calipers too) on the back. It's got a grey, rather than beige, interior sadly, but it looked immaculate with lovely clean seats. 96k on the clock. MoT March, but it's just been sat on a driveway since the last one. Did I mention
  5. I think he was suggesting it may have been "decatted" by a previous owner for performance. I'm told you can buy empty cat shells which can then be fitted in place of the real thing, so for a visual inspection at an MoT it will appear to be ok.
  6. Surely a Marina O series would have a different crank, being RWD?
  7. If that's true, what a twat. Skizzer is sadly missed, he's a top bloke with a top fleet.
  8. That’s a nice old 1956 Glamorgan registration on your Audi (assuming the previous owner hasn’t kept it). Would have looked good on your A30!
  9. They’re quite thin on the ground now, that generation of Primera. Do they rust as badly as the Almera? Look forward to seeing the daylight pics. Childhood memory of these was a daft old neighbour having one (R126 AVX) driving home drunk from the pub (as he did all the time) and clipping the front bumper of my granddads Fiesta Ghia (P739 LEV) as he was reversing onto his drive. Grandad, taking no shit, saw it, went out and confronted him, smelt the booze and called the cops, who then came and breathalysed him. 3 times the DD limit IIRC. He obviously received a nice long ban for that.
  10. I think my favourite is the Rialto saloon, in beige. Very Autoshite!
  11. I honestly can’t see anyone taller than 6’ getting behind the wheel and being able to drive a Robin/Rialto by the way. I’m 6’ and have had to remove the drivers sunvisor so I can see where I’m going! They are tiny inside and you’ll be very cosy with your front seat passenger if you have one. Not great for social distancing!
  12. Tank looks pretty good inside. I think that'll be fine with some fresh petrol. Stick an inline filter on there and forget about it.
  13. Also, +1 on CHG, a really nice bloke and a big Reliant enthusiast.
  14. The correct mirrors are unavailable new, the going rate is a whopping £50 each for secondhand ones so most tightarse Reliant owners fit shit aftermarket mirrors when the original ones get broken. I managed to get one for the drivers side and I've just managed to find a cheap passenger side one. I couldn't see a thing in the mirrors it came with, the correct one I got made a big difference. Steering should be pretty light but mine did get quite heavy as my old front tyre had a slow puncture (since replaced). Brakes need a good shove but you should have a decent pedal. Master cylinders are
  15. Those later Renault 5s are getting more and more appealing as they get older. One of only a few cars that silver doesn't look terrible on, either.
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