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  1. Hounslow/Heston/Southall/Hayes are really rough and dilapidated. However, only a short drive away Teddington and Twickenham are very nice (and full of older cars).
  2. I wonder if you could use a piece of metal a bit larger than the hole in the hubcap for the valve, with a hole in the centre the diameter of the valve stem, so the valve cap keeps it in place and the hubcap can’t go anywhere. Would need to be knocked up but would be worth it! Also, already suggested but it is a great idea to write your name and phone number with an ‘if found please return to’ inside the cap with permanent marker, in case the worst happens again! I seriously love this car, and hope to see it in the flesh soon!
  3. I've been to the Essex office twice - it's very straightforward. You give them your details the first time to sign up for a CARN ticket, have to agree not to take photos or take pens into the reading room (pencils are ok) and you are allowed in. You just order the ledgers you want to look at one by one on the computer, and your name comes up on a screen when it's ready. The assistant weighs the ledger on a set of scales before you are given it and after you give it back.
  4. It would be quite straightforward to go and see the information yourself, since you know the registration blocks used and the ledgers are arranged in block order.
  5. I lost a hubcap on my Atlantic once so feel your pain! It wasn’t quite as bad on there either as the rears aren’t really visible with the spats, so I just took one off there to replace the missing one on the front.
  6. I always buy and sell through here where possible. Hate dealing with the general public! Lying shyster sellers and unreliable, idiot buyers.
  7. Discovered it wasn’t water in the drivers footwell, but brake fluid! Master cylinder is leaking. Handy I work for a classic brake specialist so no problem to rebuild it. Might just need a hone and seal kit like I did with the Royale one, or if the bore is rotten, it’ll get sleeved. No massive issue, a bit annoying to have to bleed the brakes but never mind!
  8. Oh @plasticvandan I'm sure you'll know this - which oil is best to use? I'm guessing good old 20w50?
  9. Thanks! I'll have to try to find a pair of used mirrors from a Reliant specialist, these ones are completely crap. These alloys on the back are definitely wider than standard. There's a normal steel on the front but they're 10" all round. I set the tyre pressures as the front was 41 and the nearside rear was 41 but the offside rear was 27! I did them at 30 all round. Someone's made a half arsed effort to stick some sound deadening on the underside of the bonnet but it's all peeling off. Ideally it needs some in both front footwells under the carpet. The carpets are out at the moment because they were loose and it turns out the poppers on the floor which secure them have just rusted away, like the channel which is supposed to hold the drivers seat in the down position! Yes, the body and chassis can't rust but it seems everything else has! I guess the door is a common Reliant issue. I'll give repairing it a go, I've got some fibreglass and it's cheaper/easier than buying a new door. Apparently the heater was removed from this car as they can constrict coolant flow!? Knowing how prone they are to HGF and how inaccessible the engine is, I'm leaning towards leaving the heater out. I'm missing everything bar the pipes and it seems to run on the cool side anyway.
  10. Thank you and yes, of course you can have a go! I think the garage you refer to was Castle Hill Garage at New Buckenham. He is still going but moved to Wisbech a few years ago. Shame really, as that would have been very convenient for spares!
  11. Very small inside, I’m 6’ and when I indicate left the stalk hits my knee! Two people in the front is fairly cosy. Tiny steering wheel but steering is very light and surprisingly precise. Seems to handle very well, though I haven’t been brave enough to chuck it into any corners yet. Lots of cheap plastic rattly trim and not much sound deadening, so it’s loud! Clutch and gearbox are lovely, it’s actually very easy to drive and a lot of fun!
  12. So, shopping list for parts currently stands at: Drivers door - the fibreglass has cracked around the hinges and the whole thing has dropped. Drivers seat - current one is incorrect and fucked. Door mirrors - current ones are incorrect (too small) and they’re so loose I can’t see anything in them. Does anyone know what other vehicle the standard Robin mirrors come from? Already bought a standard air filter to replace the foam one it’s got on there.
  13. Removed the ‘gangsta’ window tints - much better!
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