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  1. Definitely. Name and shame! It's the buyer who is a long way from the seller of a car, not the other way around!
  2. Christ! Probably the oldest thread of mine that’s ever been resurrected! I sold D748 PJN to the owner of Ville Vans who converted it into a highly fashionable van. I saw a photo of it a while after and it looked very nice, though I don’t think much remains of the original car. It was very rusty!
  3. So currently, the spare parts required list stands thus: Steering wheel. This is the same as GS2 Devons up to about 1950. Bonnet release 'T' type handle - same as Atlantic and probably A40 Sports Good drivers door - the other three doors are fairly easy repairs but the drivers door is totally shot I also need one sill trim, and the pieces of trim that go on the bottom of the rear wings, either side of the rear wheel spats. If anyone on here does have leads on these parts or happen to know any other Hampshire owners they could get the word out with I'd be very grateful
  4. @Mat.T's mate with the British car collection invaded by urbexers is also the proud owner of two Hampshires. All these cars are in better condition than mine so you can see why the club thought it made a bit more sense to break LOB up to get some more solid ones back on the road.
  5. Hi Jon! Thank you for your kind words. I've been a member of the ACCC since I was 19 in 2011 and they have always been very friendly and supportive towards me. I have already had a lot of excellent advice from several people. Two people say they have decent secondhand steering wheels (awaiting pics and prices) but it's the body panels I'll struggle with. I think pretty much the only thing I could use off that ute would be the drivers door, but I hate to think how much it would cost to get sent to the UK from NZ. It's a really kind offer though!
  6. What a find! They have the appearance of Ozzie or NZ imports possibly. Wonder what the story is there?
  7. Just checked them out, I'm very impressed. I had previously used a different provider and the service and quality were poor, to say the least. These look great. Anyone know how much he charges?
  8. I was under the impression this could just be left as it is while it's off the road (untaxed since 1988) as it predates the 1998 SORN introduction. However, I've had a letter from DVLA, requesting I tax or SORN it. Does anyone know if it they've changed the rules and it has to be SORNed, maybe once it changes hands, or whether the letter was a generic one, sent to the new owner of any car that is neither taxed nor SORN?
  9. The front numberplate and mounting bracket on the Hampshire was very bent and twisted. But it looked like it would straighten out ok. Doesn’t look too bad in this photo. You can see how bent it was here: I carefully separated the numberplate and backing plate. Dressed out the damage and blasted it: The backing plates on A70s and A90s are extra long, incorporating those ears on the sides presumably to line up with the position of the mounting brackets on the bumpers. These are not available new, so I wanted to save these as often restored cars
  10. I'll definitely be contacting Craftmaster when the time comes. I have spoken to Adam before actually.
  11. Yesterday I spoke to Austin aficionado Dave Whyley (who probably knows more about Counties Austins than anyone else). He said Smiths stuck the knobs to the switches with a blob of some kind of sealant or glue on the end of the switch. The only way to get them off is to warm them carefully with a hairdryer. I have borrowed one now so shall have another go at the switches when I get a moment. Both Dave and Ray Dawes, who does the Austin Counties spares say they have good secondhand steering wheels. Awaiting pics and prices. The wheel is apparently the same as the early, floor change Devon (
  12. Give the nipples a good tap on the end with a hammer. You might end up distorting the ends a bit but you can always fit new ones. Hopefully this will shock them free if they're not too rusty. Much easier than trying to extract the broken remains of an M7 (I'm guessing) bleed nipple.
  13. I’ve been thinking about the paintwork and the more I think about it, the more I think coach paint is a really good idea. I’ve never hand painted a car before and don’t want it to look totally shit and full of brush marks. I’d be tempted to do just the bonnet, roof and the worst of the rusty bits. I guess, clean the surface rust back to bare metal, zinc primer, then paint over the top of that? I really like patinated cars but when’s you get to the stage of having great big patches of surface rust where the paint has fallen off, it’s maybe gone just that little bit too far. Does anyon
  14. That’s a good idea. I don’t own one, I don’t have the hair for it but I’ll see if I can borrow one!
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