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The Doctor's travels through time. Fin.


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I'm starting a new thread, and hopefully turning over a new leaf (no, I'm not getting a bloody electric car). 

From now on, I'm going to buy and run what the hell I want, and have fun doing so.

I realise that a lot of what I do isn't exactly the 'Autoshite way', but then I've always been a bit of a inbetweener, not cool enough for Retro Rides, too nice for Piston heads, too childish for Autoshite, and too random for any one make sites. 

So yeah, I might spray a bonnet or wheels in Poundland rattle cans, or add a tacky roof rack, but that's just me, take it or leave it. 

I do have a car being delivered this weekend, so no collection thread I'm afraid. But wait and see what 'horror' appears next! 


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1 hour ago, TheDoctor said:

I'm going to buy and run what the hell I want

That was quick.  I'm glad.  This is pretty much what life (not just motoring) is about.  Spend less time worrying about what others think, and more time doing what makes you happy.  I don't think there's a single person on here who wished you ill - it's just you ask for advice and then, much like my 15 year old son, completely disregard it or get cross when people offer it.

Hopefully it's the free BX that's enroute, and it's a nice easy project for you.

Best wishes. Genuinely.

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Anyone wondered what 113 cars I've owned? No? Well here they are anyway, straight from the Excel file I have them stored in

EDIT - Now 118 - updated

Reg Make  Model Engine Body Colour
C Austin Metro 1000 Hatchback Beige
F Austin Metro 1000 Hatchback Red
F Austin Metro 1000 Hatchback Red
F155AYD Austin Metro 1300 Hatchback Black
M818MHX BMW 320i 2000 Coupe Green
D732EDX Chevrolet Celebrity 2800 Estate Gold
G Citroen AX 1100 Hatchback Blue
R223AWW Citroen Xantia 1900 Hatchback White
K176XHP Citroen AX 1100 Hatchback Green
J655YDT Citroen BX 1900 Hatchback Silver
2017 plate Dacia Logan MCV 900 Estate Black
Y374MNM Daewoo Tacuma 1800 Estate Silver
WJ05VCL Daewoo Matiz 1000 Hatchback Yellow
L Daihatsu Sportrack 1600 Hatchback Green
X744VHK Daihatsu Cuoure 1000 Hatchback Silver
R73VNO Daihatsu Move 850 Hatchback Silver
T418FAP Daihatsu Move 850 Hatchback Red
M Fiat Panda 1000 Hatchback Blue
H495REX Fiat Panda 903 Hatchback Black
D Fiat Panda 1000 Hatchback White
H502DRT Fiat Panda 903 Hatchback Red
F577VEV Fiat  Tipo 1400 Hatchback Black
K Ford Sierra 1800 Saloon Blue
H Ford Fiesta 1100 Hatchback Blue
K365UFJ Ford Sierra 1600 Saloon Blue
R Ford Escort 1600 Hatchback Red
M Ford Escort 1400 Hatchback Green
NML722X Ford Escort 1300 Hatchback Blue
W278UCE Ford Fiesta 1300 Hatchback Red
F50SNO Ford Fiesta 1100 Hatchback Red
R448FHK Ford Fiesta 1300 Hatchback Blue
R770FEX Ford Galaxy 2000 Estate Red
A307VEP Honda Jazz 1300 Hatchback Silver
SB52NSZ Honda Civic 1400 Hatchback Silver
M816FVK Hyundai X2 Pony 1300 Saloon Silver
H Hyundai Scoupe 1500 Coupe Red
J Hyundai X2 Pony 1500 Saloon Red
K Lada Riva 1500 Estate Beige
K927CGS Lada Samara 1500 Hatchback Beige
P352GON Lada Riva 1500 Saloon Red
G Lada Samara 1300 Hatchback Beige
G124XMH Lada Riva 1300 Estate Red
H197GFH Lada Riva 1300 Saloon Red
E128XUG (AXK881) Lada 1200s 1200 Saloon Grey
B317CJN Mazda 929 2000 Estate Grey
H Mazda 323F 1600 Hatchback White
K814SKL Mazda 323F 1600 Hatchback Red
F759EEW Mazda 323 1500 Hatchback Red
F186LMX Mazda 121 1300 Hatchback Red
H Mercedes 190E 1800 Saloon White
B413RPR Mercedes 230E 2300 Saloon Blue
L388FOB Mercedes E220 2200 Saloon Black
RY07RMU Mini Cooper 1600 Hatchback White
D4VHG (PP) Mitsubishi Legnum 1900 Estate Green
E Nissan Bluebird 1900 Hatchback Green
D Nissan Sunny 1400 Hatchback Grey
J29BGP Nissan Prairie 2000 Estate Blue
F352SRD Nissan Bluebird 1800 Hatchback Silver
G480SFG Nissan Sunny 1400 Hatchback Grey
H702VCA Nissan Micra 1000 Hatchback White
W118JTY Nissan Almera 1500 Hatchback Silver
D520CLL Nissan  Prairie 1800 Estate Green
W946ULK Perodua Nippa 850 Hatchback Pink
S Perodua Nippa 850 Hatchback Pink
T Perodua Nippa 850 Hatchback Purple
AE54SVP Perodua Kelisa 989 Hatchback Silver
P428NLU Peugeot 406 1800 Saloon Green
F354KKJ Peugeot 205 1100 Hatchback Red
  Peugeot 206 1400 Hatchback Grey
OV02UGO Peugeot 306 1800 Cabriolet Red
H299NPU Proton Saga 1300 Hatchback Silver
  Renault Grand Scenic 2000 Estate Red
R517NLJ Renault Megane 1600 Hatchback Red
  Renault Scenic 1900 Estate Grey
N236EYA Renault Clio 1200 Hatchback Blue
H Rover 416 1600 Saloon Red
M624FRG Rover 218D 1900 Hatchback Green/Black
K353XPM Rover 416SLi 1600 Saloon Silver
L353XPM Rover 416 Gsi 1600 Saloon Blue 
L565TAP Rover 416 Si 1600 Saloon White
N366EFV Rover 418SLD 1800 Estate Grey
M608AAV Rover 218D 1900 Hatchback Red
J495WHE Rover Metro 1100 Hatchback Red
WX14YJK Seat Ibiza 1200 Hatchback Black
G908XBM Seat Marbella 900 Hatchback Black
R Skoda Felicia 1600 Estate Blue
S Skoda Felicia 1300 Hatchback Green
EA04USH Suzuki Liana 1600 Estate Silver
T463JPV Suzuki Wagon R 1000 Hatchback Silver
W Suzuki Swift 1000 Hatchback Blue
D306ANR Suzuki Alto 700 Hatchback Red
Y615RNV Suzuki Wagon R+ 1300 Hatchback Silver
VRV567T Talbot Avenger 1600 Saloon Red
OBC512W Talbot Horizon 1100 Hatchback Beige
J88KLL Toyota Corolla 1600 Liftback Green
A241OTT Triumph Acclaim 1300 Saloon Gold
H Vauxhall Astra 1800 Estate White
2005 Plate Vauxhall Astra 1700 Hatchback Silver
NG03SVR Vauxhall Astra 1600 Hatchback Blue
R Vauxhall Corsa 1000 Hatchback Blue
G194UYJ Vauxhall Cavalier 1800 Saloon Blue
2003 plate Vauxhall Meriva 1700 Estate Grey
K Vauxhall Nova 1200 Hatchback Red
P161PVS Vauxhall Corsa 1400 Hatchback Green
R657CGP Vauxhall Corsa 1400 Hatchback Blue
D578LFX Vauxhall Astra 1300 Estate Blue
HG53FGF Vauxhall Corsa 1200 Hatchback Green
C330RRY Volkswagen Polo 1043 Hatchback Red
F Volkswagen Polo 1043 Hatchback Blue
J Volkswagen Passat 1800 Hatchback Red
B Volkswagen Polo 1043 Hatchback Blue
H953FLA Volkswagen Golf 1600 Hatchback Black
D504WJN Volkswagen Polo 1043 Hatchback Blue
N691GPU Volkswagen Golf 1600 Hatchback Red
G Volvo 340 1400 Hatchback Red
L622WUY Volvo 440 1700 Hatchback Green
G801MKR Volvo 740 2300 Estate Blue
K275DUX Volvo 940 2000 Saloon Silver
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Yeah mate, roll how you want to. Who cares? I’m not very ‘Autoshite’ either.

I drive a sports estate TDCi modern, a pampered MR2 turbo and the only one in the fleet that does fit the ethos here, is my chip fat fuelled Ssangyong. 
But I enjoy seeing and learning about the oddities of the motoring world, have my own ‘uncool’ want list etc, so I just hang around on here as somewhat of a voyeur, I guess.

Crack on!

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