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  1. Nice one Wuz. Look forward to the write ups
  2. You really need to speak to Paul Cunningham, down in Worthing.. He is an absolute encyclopedia on things 80-90’s Renault, and knows these like the back of his hand. He has broken loads and has immense knowledge on cross compatibility. He is a jobbing early Renault mechanic too, if you get stuck. A damn good one!
  3. kinda hidden by the tow car Richie. Safe n dry with my 313.
  4. I own one, albeit the bigger 1430. Bought in a Belgium & A framed to the uk a few years back - it’s “ time to shine “ has finally arrived... Actually, my eldest is currently working on it, at home, currently. He freeing off a very stiff engine, sadly neglected since acquisition. its an interesting mix of Fiat 128 3 p & Seat inept enthusiasm. Stuff that should be simple, isn’t -& vice versa. Just like the Ronda, frankly. its likely the screen will be coming out in the next few weeks, for adjacent rust repairs - so I can update then - if interested.
  5. Do they? Nuts, should never have sold mine.... in Mexico now, for chrissake!
  6. Same color as my Bravo HGT. Seemed rude not to....
  7. Cold? Standard start? Full choke NO throttle. You’ve proved it runs, it’s just your ‘ technique’. If you HAVE to move it, disconnect the king lead on the coil, & crank it in the appropriate gear. ( Reverse or first). Battery soft? Wind window down & walk beside it. You can’t do it far, or you’ll knocker the starter, but it will help you get it off the wall. Brakes are standard small Fiat, piss easy to rebuild/ repair. A strip/ clean will free them back up. I’d fit new flexi’s & pads whilst in there.
  8. We get door knocked constantly -and if someone is 'out front' -its a near cert. We are always polite whilst we ascertain if the door knocker actually knows what they are looking at. The vast majority have no clue -just see a profit from a bumbling old fool! Those that do know,& seem genuine enthusiasts, get as much time as circumstances permit- and we do take contact details (- should we decide to sell). In reality we've never sold anything that way- as short arms/ long pockets seem to come into play. We've offered several total bargains -all came to nowt. I had a lot of success in the past, asking, leaving notes etc- but it was on a near industrial scale. I'm too old/ too past it/ too many cars to be looking, now.
  9. I A frame back/ forth regularly. I’ve only once had an issue, at the French end of the tunnel - but they soon amended their view after a rapid maneuvering demonstration around the car park! I’ve had no issues since - although I won’t A frame across Germany ( unless it’s dark/ fast!)
  10. No idea. I will ask the kids to have a hunt.
  11. My HY van ( 73, swb- unused several years) has, I recall damn good brakes for its load capacity. Huge drums, but more than sufficient - even fully loaded, flat out. Drums get a bad rep, but well set up, are more than adequate. I’d get the shoes rlined to a more modern, harder spec, ( quick & cheap) & return to the issue if found wanting, once up/ running.
  12. Wouldn’t it be simpler to prime the oil pump with Vaseline, then remove the plugs & spin it on the starter? Or am I missing something? Tow dragging it seems a strange way to get it lubed up, with communication difficult if things don’t go right/ go wrong?
  13. Those Guilettas are unusually complicated lil’ things. i had 2 ( both lost in the big barn fire) , a bloggers 1800 & a race tuned, fully caged 2 litre. Even got a painting of the latter- done by a death row inmate, someplace) I do recall them as being fragile, unnecessarily complicated ( more so, pre internet) & pretty ordinary to drive. Lovely sound, mind. Sounded real quick., just wasn’t. I don’t recall serious rust ( concurrent with most Alfa’s of the era) but the brakes drove me nuts. . T’was always the detail.. I think, someplace I have manuals if needed? It’ll cost you far more than it’ll ever be worth - but heh, who cares? It’s an Alfa!
  14. Steering. Pump the tyres up. Mine felt heavy till I took it up to mid 30)’s psi for a few weeks, then back to 30. Seemed to sort it. Lumpy idle is cos it’s been sitting. Decent fuel & an Italian tune will almost certainly sort that. Well done, looks good.
  15. Clear cable tie the remainder on, Gary. You wouldn’t want to lose another!
  16. S’not me Cheg, mine is smoking like a damn chimney right now -& it’s deliberate!
  17. Thanks all. I used to bulk import these. ( still have a couple in store) This seems right. Proven Ownership from the early 90’s, & dates tie up. I’m surprised it’s still on 4x 160’s though. I was attracted because it’s literally rust free- nothing at all in all those key places. im running it rich, sod the smoke, till I’m happy it’s degumned the rings and settled down. I don’t want to seize this one. so gentle trips over the dark season, more use next Spring Bub- the Marea had a container of hardbacks bounce off it when they fell off a lorry. Buggered off, though I saw him watch it in the mirror. Sorted now, and also mot’d this week.
  18. I did. But couldn’t find a use, then, so passed it on to a mate Zee, thanks. I’m well used to 2 strokes ( owning a batch of 60’s Suzuki’s) & used to import/ resurrect these back when the wall came down. This is going to be treated VERY gently for the first few hundred miles, with a big tool kit in the boot. Niggly issues will abound, and it will be quite a while before I’ll trust it. Feels good though, on light load. “ Running In- Please Pass” is already adorning rear window
  19. nigel bickle


    Recall us exhuming this 2 stroke last Spring, and dragging it back from the West Country? well, today this happened- finally. As you can see, we missed a couple of minor items, but we rebuilt the whole damn front end, that had seized solid. Everything - brakes, suspension, steering etc Anyway, it’s back road legal- first time since 1995, Do I use it through winter, or wait till Spring? On to the 4 stroke Wartie next- have a nice Scirocco transplant awaiting!
  20. All done; ,all safe- leastways parked quietly in a residential street! A cursory inspection at the side of a busy road in torrential rain showed both shafts in situ, gear linkage as loose as a tarts draws- but working ,so my guess was clutch. Further confirmed by the van- towed (on a rope) normally with no extraneous noises. I've made Alex a few suggestions/ offers- which he can mull over. Essentially, he & his van ,are safe
  21. I am meeting him there @ 2 pm. We will look at options then. So, if you see a green Espero gently towing/a framing a Vito -give us a wave!
  22. Keep trying with that pedal, you need to dislodge the air pocket. Gentle pressure, then to see if you can stop air for fluid. Wedging the pedal down for a while might help- old ruse to leave overnight on a soft brake pedal
  23. Brake reservoir seems to be top right- as you look into the engine bay ( in front of passenger). I can’t find another compartment so would wager they are joint. If you can find fluid, brim it. pump pedal like a nutter till you feel slight resistance - then off you go.
  24. Seems to be hydraulic, with a concentric slave inside the bell housing. unlikely it’s failed catastrophically, so if you can find a bottle of fluid, and the filler, jumping on the pedal like a demented bunny should/ might bring it back. Haventbyet found the reservoir, but I’d bet it’s part of the brake reservoir. See if one compartment is empty.
  25. RAC abandoned me for 18 hrs last year. Gave up at that stage and abandoned it. It cost them a 4 figure sum, in Court. Can you not find some brake fluid someplace- or is it cable? I’ve driven many a mile, clutchless - with well timed gear changes Don’t get too cold.
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