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  1. Keep your eyes open for a bright yellow Octavia- cos we must be fairly local! I’m in Belgium , heading for ‘ Manche’!
  2. Nice enough car. Get it sorted. Find a knowledgeable mechanic. Best guess is borked head gasket ( as you’ll discover when you fit the rad) & a goosed alternator. Hardly anything major..... Or flog it here, for pennies.
  3. S2000 is a high mileage rebuild, having covered @220,000. It had got to the stage that it was burning prodigious quantities of 10-60, thickest I could get. It sounded tired and my Mrss was losing faith. Long discussion on the route forward - she elected to rebuild. Im not good enough/ well enough/ knowledgeable enough s o we stuck it into the acknowledged s2000 expert in Fleet, with an open cheque book engine resto. It’s been there since Xmas... We’ve still got 3 yellow Fiat Coops, but only one in Uk, so that doesn’t count... Didnt matter too much during winter, the Octavia vRS sorted that - but the damn car is interminably hot inside, even with air on..Hence the SLK
  4. Well done, filters a def too. You’d be surprised how crackly it will become. You ou May find cold starts difficult, because the old fuel has broken down. I carry an old fairy liquid bottle, filled with new petrol, and squirt that into the carb mouth. Full throttle the pedal till it kicks then ease it into life. You may need to do this twice if the old fuels grim ,but once warm it should run ok. The 14? When I can find a use for it..
  5. What happened there? Whole piece has been turned on it’s head! They are the engine components from my s2000 Oh well. Apologies for the nonsense. Not retyping.
  6. Nice - but not where I was expecting it to be. Now vehemently complaining that her Octavia vrs is hot (& it is, and I can’t work out why), now needs a new exhaust system ( main dealer only or aftermarket tuning version) , weeping water pump and a noisy top end means it needs time out of action. so, this arrived yesterday I intended it to be a surprise, with a personal plate on it, but circumstances dictate she gets it now. Actions dictate happiness so marital harmony is restored. For now. Huge bills looming.
  7. Sao’s , mine ( I think) is unique, now. The 14 is laid up. One side welded, the other ( better) side awaiting treatment. It wouldn’t take much, now. But I can’t currently find a use. So it’s sitting, dry & warm ,awaiting its time back in the sun. Careful with that 5. With clean lines it’ll be a joy, but if rubbish finds its way into the carb/ pump; it will drive you mad.
  8. If one hose has died, the others will all be close behind, breaking up internally and jamming everything up. Replace the whole lot before you run it on anything other than an external can, ( via your existing pump ) or you’ll have continual problems for months. I’ve just resurrected a Sao Penza , off road over 20 years that another had hooked on the old fuel. I’ve replaced everything, but am still getting probs. Getting the old fuel all out is an issue, and modern fuels need modern pipe!
  9. When such has happened to me, I’ve simply crimped the pipe upstream, with a pair of pliers. It restricts/ stops the fluid reaching the crusty pipe, but you do loose that caliper’s use. Might be an idea if you feel the pedal dropping again. in extremis cut it through( on a healthier stretch) and bend it back on itself, sharply. And carry a bottle of brake fluid!
  10. Didn’t know that, ta Tatu. Not that I know N’y’thing about the Tico, so it’s sll a learning curve!
  11. Daewoo Tico seems to be a Polish creation based on Matiz running gear. How do I know?
  12. Change all the ht leads. Swopping the cap out disturbed them , allowing the microscopic hairline fractures to leak sparks ( more). It will continue to deteriorate each time you try to improve it, as the leads fail. Easier to spot in winter on a dark night, the only reliable proof now is to grab each lead , individually, whilst the engines running! New, good quality leads will transform the tickover.
  13. I passed thru this very village last week Prices? It’s simply supply & demand. Far far more houses here, than people, which is getting worse as the young under migrate to the cities. This is a very quiet part of the world. Everything except the biggest town are zombie like, with 80-90% of the houses shuttered up, and 25% up for sale. It’s quite depressing. At the same time, the villages are dying with very few now having much more open than very basic facilities. They are getting around this by having travelling markets, with allocated days in the square, for those still there to shop. Notaires fees are negotiable, and can be easily offset by by-passing the Estate Agent and going direct. Most Notaires know more about available properties in the area than Agents anyway! Use the Agent to get an intro, then ask the Notaire to go through their books. They will be very happy to do so Leggett Immobilier is one of several Estate Agent franchises, using local Agents and taking an ‘on top’Commission. Set up to suit ‘ les Anglais’, the locals wouldn’t contemplate, as they just increase the price! Their House details usually include all costs (excluding Notaire) but if not - they’ll be happy to supply. And all this started because I asked about a BMW!
  14. Yup, agree completely This is Basse Normandie, a little west of Alencon. The lady in pink in one of the photos is a friendly Notaire, and of great help when I said the water mill was seriously damp, I meant this That’s the supporting wall on the top(2nd) floor. Wringing wet black rot, percolating down to the first floor.
  15. Brits, sadly. Even the French prefer them. We know enough local enough, so no big deal.
  16. That watermill, road frontage 28,000 inc fees. 1 acrre, 2 outbuildings, double garage- all on the other side of this ( very quiet) country lane. Enough!
  17. Expensive, for this kneck of the woods. There are 3 houses for every occupant. This morning we looked at an interesting 3 floor watermill , in 2 acres, with 6 stables, large barn (with 5 tractors in it - belonging to the Mayor) , 2 small Gites, a garage etc etc etc - asking 25,000 euros. Too much work. Seriously damp.
  18. Sierraman, if I end up with it, I’ll bear that offer in mind - if you collect quick! . I don’t want it, and will use it to drop the price further.
  19. ‘‘Tis for my Dad. He lives on the outskirts of Alencon, in what was a village but now a suburb. He’s pissed off having new neighbours in flash houses, wants out, to be in a quieter or non existent garlic munching community. Rub for us was that the field behind his house, that I’ve used as a landing strip ( to get there quickly) for many years is about to be built on. Intense housing, ( by French standards) means 5-6 houses on the acre. I’ve got a few months [ French!], but the time to move him is nigh.
  20. Thanks chaps So, probably worthless, as I suspected - but appreciate the info. Viewed as a liability, rather than an asset. This is what it attached too- shed at the far end Private 1/4 mile drivel to the left, 6 house hamlet. 2 acres, large 30’ tall barn, ( off to the right), orchard & fields inc, asking 48,000 euros ( so say £42000, (inc fees & notarie). Plenty to choose from here...
  21. I’m looking at a farm in Normandy, and this is sitting in a lean too, attached. They want to sell with everything in situ - is this worth anything? My BMW knowledge could be written on a stamp, and they didn’t want me approaching the car, as it’s exploratory right now. So, , can anyone glean any useful info from this pic, please?
  22. If it had been a saloon......
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