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  1. Yep, the more I examine this car, it's definitely had one or two non-careful previous owners. Tell tale signs: Almost no oil in engine. Tyres all different random makes and tread levels. Steering slightly pulls to the left Tyre issues (see above) Kids sweets and broken toys stuffed in various crevices. Badly touched up scrapes, scratches and dings. Brake issues. Sucker mark on inside of windscreen right in driver's line of view... I reckon it was a 'school run mum's car, then after that possibly a takeaway delivery car.
  2. Meh. Knew there was a problem due to lots of vibrations that seemed to get worse over the journey yesterday. I haven't really taken the car above 50 since I got it... Jacked up and rotated wheels, looking and feeling for any issues. Yep, that's fucked. Looks funny on spacesaver. Just popped a part worn on for now, will check all tyres properly and replace as needed soon. This 'cheap runaround' is going to be anything but that at this rate!
  3. Yeah the front rack is cool, and what I liked about it. However I've been told it's actually a Raleigh accessory, so not original. πŸ™„
  4. The photo earlier in the thread is at a M&S petrol station, surely that counts? That was on the way back when a lorry wandered out across my lane mid overtake, and I have no horn to alert them. 🀣😳
  5. It certainly is. Is that a good thing? It was pretty cheap, and seems functional.
  6. Off on a collection mission tonight.......with a difference. πŸ€”
  7. Grille came out ok, not a bad colour match either, considering I used Montana Ancient White. If I rub the bumper down with some very fine 600 paper and then prime and paint it should be ok I reckon. Checked the oil in the Matiz , only to find out it was not even reaching the dipstick! That might explain the tappyness when cold. 😬 Popped to Tesco to grab some 5W30 FS, and spotted a K10 Micra so had to take a quick snap. No idea what is going on with the colours in the pic though! Finally, just a pic of the AX, because I can, and just to prove I didn't actually paint it green!
  8. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/515160262921930/ Love it!
  9. Yeah, somewhere from 94 - 97 would be my vote. Pretty much everything I've owned in that bracket has been the right mix of interesting, simple, reliable and comfortable. 1995 Rover 418SLD Tourer would be my choice.
  10. Nice. Mine was Β£118 for the year, I thought that was good! Maybe companies are having to fight for the business a bit more at the moment?
  11. @Crackers, I see the Jingling was still misbehaving then. It was spitting petrol at @Slowsilveryesterday, we never did discover why. πŸ€”
  12. I didn't take many pics on Saturday, apart from this. Spotty Toledo, but at least the rusty bits are protected from the elements now.
  13. There isn't an advert as such, it was mentioned on the Shite cars for sale page on FB. Will tag you
  14. Do we have anyone near Selby? Need to collect a bumper for the AX, if I can't get seller to courier it.
  15. I'm aware of this for sale, sadly too far away for me at the moment... Β£350 Needs work. @jollyfkr2?
  16. Ha ha. Well, yes, I have plenty paint - but there's no pink going anywhere near this car! πŸ˜‚
  17. Only I could make it worse than it was previously. Before After I haven't prepped properly, meaning the plastic on the bumper has gone 'fluffy'. Needs rubbing back and redoing. And I ran out of paint, so it looks patchy.
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