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  1. I find most cars I own make people angry. Especially if painted in a colour other than original, that definitely winds people up. 🤣 Saying that, it's been a while since I've wound up the AS fragiles, think another silly paintjob or modification is in order. 🤔
  2. The thought had crossed my mind...
  3. The cup holders are my own addition by the way, not standard. 😁 It's a lot more tinny than the Baleno, and the 3cyl 1.0 is a lot less refined. Handles a lot better.
  4. The recall is apparently for front suspension strut corrosion - it's an inspection only, and if it is deemed to be faulty, they will replace Typically the technician I need is off sick, so either have to wait or go to another Suzuki dealer. Presumably this one: Reason for recall Corrosion of the front suspension struts may cause the steering knuckle to become detached from the front suspension strut leading to loss of directional control.
  5. Ah yes, the age old rust solution of washing the loose rust off, and then while sealing in the left over rust and moisture in with a coat of goo, drilling holes everywhere to give it the best chance of (not) rusting further. 🤣 Or am I missing something?
  6. Had a look at the Suzuki exhaust, but sadly it's going to need a garage - can't risk breaking the other bolt off, and I couldn't get a socket to grip it properly anyway. A couple of bodges to get round some of the day to day issues: An extra heater to supplement the meagre warming you get in the cabin And my favourite - this is to pull the window back in line when you close it, because otherwise it leaves a gap and water gets in.
  7. Couple of non digital photos of cars I've found of cars I owned in the past...
  8. Also found some non digital pics of my old 1.1
  9. Current photos of G401BLU while I'm the custodian. It's getting the odd run out here and there, but not being used much. Could do with a wash too. I must point out, it looks way better in the pics than in real life 🤨
  10. Slight oil leak = about a litre a day will be deposited onto your parking space. 🤣
  11. It has an interesting manual slide sunroof too. Not mine to do, although I'd probably say a red stripe would be better.
  12. Quattro is dibsded by @Tenmil Socket 928 and Alpine are both Solido Yes, there are two Corgi Cubs there, the Fire Dept thing in the row behind is also one. Price wise I reckon £3.50 for the decent ones, and £0.50-£1.50 for the more shit ones. Reasonable? So: @Tenmil Socket - £4.50 @sierraman -£4.50 @155V6 - £5 @bunglebus - £8
  13. You can't have it unless you can correctly identify it 😂😜
  14. Littlun having a clear out. Being very ruthless. Some decent, some needing tlc. Will be very reasonably priced. Any interest?
  15. Not sure, let me search on the web.
  16. Not sure if we've had this one yet... It's either a CEAT SPIDER or a SPIDER CEAT. 🤷
  17. Decided against fully refurbing the alloys, as two of them are badly corroded (there are 3 spares, but CBA to get them swapped), so just cleaned them up a bit and put some silver on, looks loads better IMHO.
  18. Fucking insurance swindlers. Insurance renewal for the Swift due 8th Jan. Renewal price - £338. Go Compare best price - £280 Confused best price - £233 Why is it funny? All 3 prices are from my current insurer, First Central. 🤷🤦 Will get on the phone tomorrow.
  19. Tweaked the carb a little on the 205, it's still not perfect.
  20. Have no idea where to begin under here 🤦 Peugeot looks marginally better without wheel trims tbh, pity the steels don't match 😬 I will get round to doing the alloys at some point, but it's too miserable outside. Did manage to fix the loose connection on the Suzuki indicator though, so I guess that's something.
  21. It's the Suzuki that has the fuel smell. But still worth checking I guess.
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