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  1. Get the fancy fuel pump guts and she'll maybe do a Rex-ton, in the back half. ðŸĪĢ
  2. Yeah, my RS1600i was like this, So was thr mk6 1.8 TD that I had.
  3. 30 years on, it will be fine. 👌ðŸŧ
  4. Shifted these roofing sheets about half a mile, from my parents to my sisters. One Time rolled up on me in a Corsa and politely pulled me over (headlight flash). He was sound as. Just recommended I tie something visible to the back of the load. TBH, I usually do. 😎
  5. You, sir, do not know your SsangYong's.
  6. LOL @ the vids stuttering like fuck, but me on the edge of my seat* waiting to see them open on the same car as I have outside. THE INTERNET: PURE FUCKING MAGIC *Lying in bed
  7. Moar cup holders needed. Nowhere to keep a Big Gulp.
  8. Spotted Eminem, earlier. Seems he has moved on from Mercedes/fallen on hard times.
  9. I drove past JB's place just before. He's currently ridding it of that foreign badge and injecting some much needed style. 👀
  10. Strong, with Italian style and smells great. What a charming compliment, sir.
  11. You may recall one Rexton turning up to tow your SW20 away. 🙈
  12. Do it @dome You too can be this happy* *Family may not share joy
  13. Clutches are for wimps and losers. As are accurately selecting gear levers. Or something. 👀 My straight through system gives no gainz. It just makes me smile, as the 5 banger reverberates off walls etc. You can hold a civilised convo in yours and you even have a rear carpet! Ooh la la.
  14. What a day! Does it get any... No point continuing that sentence. Two 290 Rexton's in the same place, perplexing stickers and a drag race, no less. I've piloted this mighty beast and the results are favourable. Silent as a fish and goes like a great. She's so refined. It's like chalk and cheese, comparing it with mine. WELCOME 2 SSANGYONG NE ENTHUSIASTS VND M8 Member count: 2
  15. There she is 💊ðŸŧ Oooh fwiend. Car fwiend. 👍ðŸŧ👍ðŸŧ
  16. They were the previous generation A4 saloon and IIRC, had an A4 cabby dashboard. You can't buy certain parts for them, either. I'm sure someone on here said you cannot get bootlids at all.
  17. Sunderland Uni carpark, next to the Glass Centre.
  18. Orange sidelights (and yellow fogs) are a JDM thing, also. Seen here as original equipment on my Toyota. LBF, what amuses me about the federal stuff is when they see a car with side repeaters, they don't have a descriptive term for them. You would think common sense would tell you what they were. You can just say see my 'Toblerone' side repeaters not illuminated, as the Japanese actually understand lighting a car safely. 😂
  19. A 30 year old, brittle piece of cheap, minor plastic disintegrating. Fucking Toyota shite. #scrapit ðŸĪŠ
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