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  1. I dunno who these people are, but they clearly know what's up. I received the ultimate accolade for mine, when mountain biking. Two lads with a VW Transporter were loving my bike carrying set up and tyres. 😂 These Santa Cruz riders normally do not lower themselves to talk to the rest of us.
  2. 😂 He's heard it from me for years.
  3. It depends what you want from a car. For me, I think 90s Toyotas have it nailed. Overbuilt, tough as old boots and as reliable as they come. Some creature comforts and one eye on safety. That's why my MR2 turbo is never going anywhere. The 'best' car I have ever owned though, is one that continues to fly under the radar and is worth buttons. My 2004 Ssangyong RX290. These, to me are pretty much peak 4X4. Mechanical injection, not rust prone, separate chassis, 3.5T towing capacity, veg friendly, comfortable and well appointed, good road manners, good off road (diff a little low), capacious inside. They do anything you ask of them and just keep going and going. Mine's what, 18 years old? Yes it just failed its test, but on some play in a front bearing (sorted), handbrake cables (my fault, forgot to add circlip and they came loose lol) and a brake pipe. I'll sort that this weekend. I've owned this for 6 years, now and it is no bother. Another I really don't plan to sell. Compared to the competition, how many of them can manage an MOT without being or needing welded? At less than half the age, many are a mess. I wouldn't have rated them really when new and expensive, but as a basic, yet comfortable workhorse that you can rely on to fire up whenever you need it and bits aren't falling off it, they can't be touched IMO. Hats off to Ssangyong on this one. #peak4x4
  4. This classic* sometimes gets a top of the line outdoor cover, mind. I'm sure it doesn't scratch the paintwork at all, when I fling the caravan awning material over the screen. ðŸĪŠ
  5. I went with the carport option, for now. Works a treat at keeping 90% of the weather off and allows for a beneficial breeze to circulate. As said by others, avoid outdoor covers at all costs.
  6. Share the wealth, man. I loaned you the patent for the MAGNAFUNNEL14 and you don't tell me about the spout? sadfaceemoji
  7. My mate says this one has been in Dulwich Village, possibly on Turney Road, for about a week. No obvious security to be seen.
  8. Unfortunately for you, Lizzy never means it. 😎
  9. You did the right thing by just stairing and then stepping on it.
  10. Yeah. It's my era, too. Just they always remind me of jeans - and being a Mac Daddy, of course.
  11. Chris Cross sounds like the kind of knacker that would struggle to put a pair of jeans on.
  12. Welcome, Exec. Your Mr T will run forever! What other models are you planning to acquire? As said, we like Toyota's around here. Mine says hi.
  13. Nice, mate. Looks a lovely example. I'd consider 110 miles away as close, for buying a car!
  14. Cheers, fella. It's well handy, now. All me MTB gear stashed under the floor, today. Ideal. I'll write something up for the SW20. 👍ðŸŧ
  15. I dunno what is a good or bad effort TBH, mate. But 5 in a Xsara is it? sounds decent to me!
  16. Always a pleasure to roll with the hatch glass open, Slow asphyxiation via WVO. I dig it.
  17. I don't give a shit about my paint and JB is the same. They definitely would scratch a decent finish. I use HDD magnets to keep this piece of caravan awning stuck to my Quickjack, in case of driving rain. They're powerful, eh?
  18. You can't beat a magnetic tractor funnel.
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