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  1. It didn't take place in the UK.
  2. I know where Sam Pilgrim lived before he just bought his new house. His parents and brother are still there. I would never disclose such information. People have a right to their privacy. The fanboiz clearly never saw what I saw, before he was YouTube famous.
  3. 😂 Unsure. Red faced bloke named Phiw.
  4. From my own car. I assume this is supposed to say 'aftermarket' springs!
  5. You're like Rocky, with an added cheeky jab of the snooze button. Go get 'em, Champ.
  6. Amazing. I feel like I'm seeing things! No offence intended, re rot. I'm obviously misremembering things - in a good way. I look forward to seeing it come on!
  7. Well jel, innit!
  8. Is that the bronze one? Hopefully something is happening, good to hear he still has it, at least. You've got me wondering, now. But I am sure that another popped up, in quick succession. Perhaps a silver one?
  9. Does anyone know if the two? of these that featured on here, are still being restored? I've loved these things since I was a kid. Just watching a furiousdriving review of one, and it reminded me of the rotten ones from this site!
  10. Likewise with myself. I'm sure the history books would survive!
  11. I'd have the plate off this if it was closer and I could be arsed. 😂 'Robbing' is BS. The plate belongs to whoever owns the car.
  12. These are new to me. Luckily the right man is in possesion of this one.
  13. Rub her nose in it?
  14. Added a couple more. An R5 Maxi Turbo and a 205 T16. The Renner isn't in the Philips livery as I would prefer. But IMO this one has better looking wheels. The 205 isn't the Evo model, but they only do that in 1:12, for some annoying reason and the 1000 Lakes works liveried car that they do still looks like this one, but costs a lot more. Why don't they make a Lancia 037?! I may end up with one and an Evo T16 from IX Models or whatever they are called. Hey ho. I plan to display these better. I just need to cut a hole in a wall, to do so.
  15. Don't worry about it, mate. Money comes and money goes. If it makes you feel better, I continuously spunk a lot of money on my MR2 turbo and many of those parts aren't even on the car. £800 of used, Boxster S calipers, anyone? Makes more sense* than any ISA m8. In all seriousness though, it's just about finding the balance. Spend a bit, save a bit. Have fun and if it's not for you, learn from it and move on. Man Maths says if you shift it on now for circa £3K, then that is £3K you didn't previously have. I'd actually hang onto it, though if you can. It's a definite future earner.
  16. I chose the right machine, given the drivers roads traversed.
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