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  1. First proper girlfriend had a pre-facelift Nova GTE (I think, certainly a sporting one) it was silver with brown tartan seats this would have been back in 1999/2000 so they weren't so rare back then. A few years later another girlfriend had a pre-facelift Skoda Felicia in black. It was nicknamed Curly as the number plate was P***UBE, sadly it was written off crashing into a taxi after we had been to Meadowhall for the day 😞
  2. Yeah I'm hoping so, looked on eBay and it's not a mega expensive part (unlike the back box I had done a few years ago!)
  3. Got a blowing exhaust, sound like it's at the front. Hopefully I'll get that looked at this week. Can't really grumble the Ceed rarely costs me money.
  4. Bet it was a brilliant day out!
  5. Galaxy around 21 minutes in
  6. Brilliant, the Sierra looks great I've really enjoyed this thread 🙂
  7. Quick quiet and clean........ I may have already posted this video so apologies if so
  8. That's my neck of the woods! As I said on YouTube all the best people live in N. Lincs!
  9. The drivers side washer jet on the Ceed has always been shite, they aren't adjustable so I stumped for a genuine Kia replacement, really easy to fit too. I've ordered a pattern replacement for the passenger side so will be interesting to compare both parts.
  10. Saw this stunning beige maxi at a garage near me (there was some Bentley's and stuff but who cares about those?) Apologies for upside down pics they still upload upside down even when I've flipped them FFS!
  11. Forgot to mention there was a bit of a knock going over bumps, assumed it was drop links but ended up being bottom ball joints, both replaced and now feels much better.
  12. Dan302

    Spotted today

    What a beauty . Sorry they are sideways!
  13. Saw this left hand drive Nova (Opel Corsa?) at Tesco today
  14. At the garage where the tyre is being fitted saw this sweet A112
  15. MOT passed the other day with 2 advisories. 1. Child seat fitted so seat belt not checked. 2. Front near side tyre worn on the outside edge. The tyre is being replaced with a budget one later today so all is well with the Cee'd.
  16. I look forward to more fettling videos! (Trying to look on the bright side of the MOT fails)
  17. Back in the late 90s my Dad and sister shared a 1990 Clubman diesel in silver. No turbo and sounded like a tractor. Had a load of rust spots sprayed by a mate of dads and it was looking really tidy again.........and was subsequently nicked by joy riders. Who the bloody hell joy rides a normally aspirated diesel Maestro????
  18. Liked for the Mk4 Astra content not the finger injury!
  19. Couple of spots from the other day
  20. Always enjoy your car fixing posts
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