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  1. Well, never did get to the Audi's exhaust (imbibed a few drams of Speyside's finest instead!), but did manage to achieve this... Yes, this carbuncle will be used to lift out the 323's engine, and lift in the new one! I don't have access to a proper engine hoist, and anyway, the car is on a rough bit of ground that wouldn't suit one. I had the steel (work were going to throw it away! Galvy angle iron!), and the chain pull may have followed me out of some previous occupation, so t'was all free... my favourite price. After this task, it will all be stored again, it and some other bits are destined to become the framework of my Trabbi-sheltering garage lean-to one day. Also, first commute in the Trabster today... no issues... big fun. Had forgotten how much I like seeing that wee blue roof around the place!
  2. Well, old Rosie did not let me down... MOT passed without advisories! Brakes are rubbing a wee bit, but working well according to the machine, and it was great to take her out for a proper run again. East Germany 1, West Germany nil. Having said that, my new Magnaflow cat has arrived, so I'll slot that in this weekend and try the Audi Coupe again. Cheers all.
  3. Replacement Mazda lump arrived today, very quick despatch! Yeah, need to get the jeep fixed really... Plenty of room though! Looks right, will get a better inspection of it on Saturday. Onwards!
  4. Right, a plan has been formulated, the wee Maz will hit the highway again one way or the other! It's desire to burn oil despite the cylinder head and rings having been done, leads me to believe something must be cracked. Sad times. However, I have sourced an engine using the power of eBay, and it will be delivered to our northern outpost by the end of the week potentially. It's previous home was under the bonnet of a 2000 Mazda Demio, which used the old 1.3 SOHC lump after the 323 had moved on to bigger and better things. This is what I hope anyway, I have done much internet research, it is definitely the same basic lump, but no doubt there will be myriad small differences to get my head around. I don't know for example, if the Demio always used a rotor cap n' dizzy? All the pics I've seen say yes... The inlet/injection manifold looks totally different, I'm just hoping it mounts up the same! Time will tell of course, but hopefully I'll be able to make a good unit out of the two I'll have. In it's favour, it has 62,000 miles on it, was driven by the owner of the breakers yard (who assures me it ran fine🀞), and is mine for £300 delivered. I have to tell you guys about it cos everyone else thinks I'm mad! Old cars eh?
  5. Yes it does! Hasn't been used in anger for years and years though... I'm always desperate to do so, but the power always comes back on too fast! πŸ˜…
  6. Audi still refusing to play the game... emissions good in three of the four categories, but lambda still out by miles. I have her booked in with MOT man for a new cat on Tuesday, and I'm hoping he'll just pass it after that. This was the view as I pulled up for the test this morning... He was pulling out the beemer after it's test, and the Hillman(?) was in for a front wing rust repair. Rosie, at least is progressing nicely... bumpers on and reverse and fog mounted, means that although scruffy, at least she's complete. Doggo approved... Cheers all.
  7. Hi all, Audi Coupe emissions appear to be greatly improved! No smell of fuel from exhaust! Can it be? Spent my day welding in a centre box/resonator to my stainless straight-through home brew zorst... I had read that too little back pressure can lead to rich running, and it certainly appears that was the case here. The MOT will tell for sure, but I'm pretty confident now (famous last words, but this run of luck has to change soon?!) Pics of install... Do not zoom in on welding, I am on emergency nightshift cover due to COVID absences at work, so finesse was not on the cards today! T'was bought on eBay from MIJ exhausts in the Midlands, great price and delivery again. I'd bought the wrong size pipe diameter (70mm instead of the required 60), but it fettled in ok. Rosie the Trabbi has been scrubbed, she needs some bodywork TLC, but nothing drastic. Just need to spray up the new bumpers, fit 'em, and she can follow the Coupe to the MOT man. Pic showing test paint of bumpers, using that chrome spray that never comes out very 'chromey', perfect methinks... Plan on compression testing the Maz tomorrow, still formulating a plan of attack there. If it does need a new head, I have deduced that the 1.3 Demio uses the same single cam lump, and will maybe be after a spares or repairs one of them... Anyway, onwards!
  8. Oh well... Joy was pretty short lived with the Mazda. With the coolant in I was able to run her longer, and as soon as she started to warm up the smoke was back, big time. Let her run for 10 minutes, but can't really keep doing that as it's filling the street. White, acrid oily smoke, nothing in the coolant now, so believe the head gasket is holding. Can only imagine something's cracked that opens up when warm? I had the pistons in my hands and didn't notice anything, but I suppose there could be something? I definitely put the rings in right way up, and placed the gaps as per the Haynes manual. Towards the end of the run, she started to cough a little, and there is oil on the spark plug insulators. I oiled everything up pretty good on assembly, I'm wondering if that's the wrong thing to do, seemed natural to lube it all as much as possible. Could it just be that and oil out the exhaust from it burning so much before? Will do a compression test when I've got a tester, but not looking good...
  9. I think it's a F430? Which somehow denotes it's 80cc's... It's great fun wringing it's neck through the woods!
  10. Managed to replace the original mullered locating pin for the cam pulley, by drilling and tapping the shaft, and using a cut-down 6mm bolt as a stud. All at 180 degrees from the original position... In pictures... Running spot on, just to put the cooling system back together and watch like a hawk for a wee while! Big relief here at Trabi Towers πŸ‘
  11. MUCH EXCITE! Hi all, I am taking a lunch break from the cars, on this beautiful Speyside day. I have had the day off work, as all my car parts have come in, and I'd much rather do that than work. Rosie the Trabbi... Running well as previously reported, but front nearside brake was not happy. On (and smoking) or off altogether were the options available. To access the offending cylinder requires hub removal, which is a massive pita without the proper puller. I had slightly loosened the hubnut, and spent some time battering her up and down a local rutted track, trying in vain to crack the hub off a bit, or work the cylinder back into life. No success, but great fun trying! https://youtu.be/THlPkBWjKG4 Anyway, bled the brake thoroughly today and mashed the pedal repeatedly in frustration, and hey presto!!!! Even stoppage capability is once again restored. Mazda 323... Why not start with the money shot...! received_396966095637704.mp4
  12. Have often meant to come down for that one, tend to enjoy the smaller car meets more than the big shows now though. DB's/Foad's is on my list at the moment, looks a great selection/turnout.
  13. Yeah, I have the VCDS for the big Audi mainly, but I did buy a lead to fit the Coupe... Shows nothing untoward, no fault codes and lambda readouts look good ( they're supposed to be around 1 apparently?). We'll get there in the end! Trabbies are of course exempt from emissions testing, so the race is on to see what gets back on the road first!
  14. Coil pack, a mysterious and ominous black box!
  15. Hi Matty, no it's a 1978/79 DT50 M. I had a 1985 model in my youth, and it's very similar, same bike really... Great wee bikes to learn on.
  16. Phew! Was losing my car mojo a wee bit, but remembered I have a Trabant... https://youtube.com/shorts/THlPkBWjKG4?feature=share Feel better now πŸ‘
  17. 'kinnell! No time for small talk the Split Pin!! πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
  18. Hi all, Can't seem to get anywhere with the cars at the minute, so have come on here to grump about it...! Audi Coupe... Still failing emissions. I have ordered a stainless centre box/resonator/silencer to cut in to my home made straight-through exhaust. It's the only obvious thing changed since it last passed the MOT, I wonder if the engine needs the back pressure to run 'properly'... it runs great btw, just rich apparently. Maybe a new cat after that? Running out of ideas tbh, my mechanic says that the injectors, if original, have done pretty well to last 210k, so could be worn. However, he also said that he can usually hear if that's the case, ie the engine would run rough. This one is silky smooth, but maybe they're worn enough to let too much fuel through, but all worn evenly? Who knows... Mazda disazda... The saga continues. Have been consistently let down by the local auto locksmith, and it seems to be a very specialised industry round these parts. I must have phoned a dozen guys, only to be redirected to the one I've been trying to get since the start! Anyway, I decided to bypass the ignition lock tonight, I really wanted to get it running after sitting fully re-assembled for two weeks doing nothing. I carefully removed the steering wheel cowl, and unscrewed the switch from the back of the lock. This left me with a screwdriver-turnable slot, excellent. The plugs were out, and coil lead disconnected. I sprayed a small amount of wd40 down the bores to prevent a dry run after sitting so long. Turning the 'key' resulted in a lovely smooth turnover. Encouraging stuff, that spurred me on to fitting the plugs and going for a start. It sounded exactly like it always did, an instant away from starting, then stopped. I assumed it was still pulling fuel up to the injectors, so tried again... At this point, it spun very briefly, went 'pop', and SHEARED IT'S CAMSHAFT PULLEY BOLT!!! before dropping the pulley itself overboard. Farrrk. I stress that I have never touched this bolt, but presumably the machine shop did in order to change the seal behind the pulley. The wee bit left in the camshaft was easy enough to remove at least, and when placed together, the bolt looks waisted. I wonder if they overtorqued/half sheared it, and then the shock of combustion finished it off... The pulley is located by a pin that sticks out into a cut-out on it, as it's come loose, the pulley has ridden over and smushed this pin over. Some damage to the pulley has occurred... This is all pretty gutting. Confusing also, because Mazda's b3 engine is supposed to be non-interference. Yet, when investigating the failure and trying to turn the camshaft by it's flats, the valves were clearly touching the pistons. Half a turn on the crank allowed free movement again, so hopefully nothing's bent. In summary, I think the pulley let go, slipped on the camshaft, and as things moved out of time, the pistons jammed against the valves. It hadn't actually started, so I am hoping against hope that it's all ok in there. I can only assume that the head being skimmed has brought valve interference into the realms of the possible, or that a valve stuck/dropped. No springs look to be broken, all collets are present and correct, and with the pistons out the way, it all moves around ok? Weird. Now need to source a pulley bolt and pin for a 30 year old motor, before trying again. Bugger. Edit... Turns out the Haynes manual knows it's an interference engine, so that explains that bit.
  19. Happy Easter! Might be getting somewhere with the wee Audi's emissions... and as usual me being an idiot could be the culprit. During the Mazda's oil-burning woes, I used four of the Coupe's plugs to replace the coked up ones in the 323. In order to prevent ingress of shite into the Audi's cylinders, I temporarily fitted the Mazda's old ones therein. They fit, are the same length etc, and run fine... hence me forgetting I'd done it! They are, however, a totally different heat range to the Audi's NGK Iridium jobbies. I removed them yesterday, to find the four Mazda ones covered in white furry deposits (too hot according to t'interweb). Replaced with originals now, starting and running well, so I'll book her back in this week sometime. Of course, I only got to thinking about the plugs after obtaining and replacing the air filter, fuel pressure regulator and both Lambda probes... Wee Mazda itself... Still waiting for the locksmith guy to arrive, in the meantime I tracked down a couple of key blanks online. I've let him know, so this should speed it up a bit when he gets round to us. Otherwise, I think I could get keys cut anywhere now(?), with the correct blanks, the VIN, proof of ownership etc. Be good to get the young 'un out in his car, he starts his uni course in September, and we'd like him well used to driving before that, as he'll be all over the country. Had the week from hell at work, so the cars, although progressing very slowly, have been a nice wind-down/distraction anyway. As have the old motorbikes, don't like to post without pics, so have some of them... Cheers all.
  20. Great thread, you are living the dream! Zaph looks a great addition to the fleet.
  21. Yes, my cars are always well-warmed up for the test(!), and it had a bottle of cataclean through beforehand too. He even let me away for a burn at the end of the test, and immediately tried again on my return, but alas. Still waiting for the probes, I'm quite hopeful it's them being past their best, as I say, she definitely starts and runs differently after cleaning them, so something changed... With that and the fuel pressure regulator replaced, I'll try again, he's usually very, very helpful, so I need to make a bit of the running this time! If running cool old cars was easy, everyone would be doing it!
  22. I am absolutely convinced of it, and mentally prepared for that being the case...🀬
  23. Well, one step forward, two steps back! Audi... Still failed on emissions, although the reconnected intake air temp sensor did bring the CO2 readings right down (they were just in and no more before). Lambda readings unaffected, ie still shite. I have been reading up (VCDS showed no fault codes, helpfully), and the fuel pressure regulator valve is a common failure point apparently. They get sticky, and allow the rail pressure to rise, so the injectors get more than they need. Anyway, easy to change and cheap, so one ordered. I pulled the lambda probes (one each side of the V, but none after the cat), they looked pretty clean, and the resistance was the same through both. I blasted them with electro clean anyway, and they did come up a bit cleaner tbf. Car started differently once all back together, revved up and held it for a few seconds before coming down again. Lambda fault codes were then present, which went away on reset, and haven't come back. Car running perfectly, and smells less fuelly maybe? Lambdas ordered anyway. My mechanic is due to ring when he has the front tyres in, so he'll check emissions again then, we'll get there. Mazda... Well, this is a palaver... I am ready to start the engine after a long week of re-assembly in between (and sometimes during) freezing snow showers, and pissing-down rain. Great, just get the key... oh no! Where the f*@k that's gone, none of us know. We've had the place upside down to no avail. In exasperation, I have contacted a local locksmith, maybe they can make a key up to suit. Whoever it was that said the lads would learn some new swear words during this engine work was certainly right yesterday...
  24. Cheers SP, booked in for 11:30...🀞
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