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  1. Did you win the Y10 at Anglia Car Auctions? A friend went and I asked him to bid to £500 so got very excited...turned out he forgot. Glad you've got it though, I really didn't need it!
  2. My son is bothering me about getting a Corsa, he's 18, how was the insurance for your daughter?
  3. It's a Wrigley Union Electric trolley, stuck in a field for years, wheels and steering seized, it's natural home was an Essex train station apparently, anyway it had to be dragged onto the van using a pick up truck, it's no bloody pixie! Using the previous owner and her surprisingly useful daughter ...and then finally back to the dungeon after a brutal de-seizing...
  4. I know you guys will understand...
  5. Does it have a tow bar? Might be up for this to take abroad, do let me know!
  6. Boringly it's just a bit too tall, lovely though
  7. Is it as tall as it looks? i.e. What's the seat height?
  8. Thankfully Tractors never needed them! Part 3 is being fetched next weekend funnily enough! A Mark 25!
  9. Sadly not, it's got a Villiers petrol engine I think it should have a Briggs & Stratten but I'm unsure of what model Wheel Horse it is at the moment!
  10. That's the idea, I can't imagine they're particularly valuable though!
  11. I've always been a fan of odd shite and yesterday I acquired these! So the first is a 1957 Stothert & Pitt 28" Vibrating Roller, complete and working apparently, not tried, to be honest it was so terrifyingly heavy just collecting it was traumatic! The second is a 1976 Wheel Horse garden tractor with a 5hp Honda engine. Yeah, I'm a bit mystified myself!
  12. Agreed, I have been offered £225 for scrap but I'm loath to scrap what is a cracking car
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