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  1. @nigel bickle , can you get my Lancia paid
  2. How about this Hunny... https://auto.mercadolibre.com.uy/MLU-468159238-opel-indiana-kadett-_JM#position=46&type=item&tracking_id=b83dc1e3-4dc2-40bc-a051-fc0ef439a338 grummmm
  3. yeah, but think of the money and fame
  4. What a gorgeous piece of kit! There was a Chevette Crew Cab pick and (Viva HB) Van
  5. I was just thinking of putting my name down on a new Vauxhall Viva and reading the reviews etc when I came across this strange creature, the Grumett Indiana, Grumett were based in Uraguay and had Vauxhall make up glassfibre molds for the HC Viva and Chevette, Here's the Indiana And here's a Chevette:
  6. Can you drop off the Scimitar on the way and sort me out for the Lancia please?
  7. I've tried PMing, @nigel bickle are you here?
  8. has anyone heard from him lately?
  9. Did you win the Y10 at Anglia Car Auctions? A friend went and I asked him to bid to £500 so got very excited...turned out he forgot. Glad you've got it though, I really didn't need it!
  10. My son is bothering me about getting a Corsa, he's 18, how was the insurance for your daughter?
  11. It's a Wrigley Union Electric trolley, stuck in a field for years, wheels and steering seized, it's natural home was an Essex train station apparently, anyway it had to be dragged onto the van using a pick up truck, it's no bloody pixie! Using the previous owner and her surprisingly useful daughter ...and then finally back to the dungeon after a brutal de-seizing...
  12. I know you guys will understand...
  13. Does it have a tow bar? Might be up for this to take abroad, do let me know!
  14. Boringly it's just a bit too tall, lovely though
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