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  1. Yep, Amber indicators. It took its toll, as cars do... I've added yellow bulbs. I wanted to paint the lenses yellow, but trying to hand paint them yeilded poor results. Luckily I managed to remove the paint. Perhaps I'd better use the spray you can get. Looks OK I guess.
  2. 10 Internet points to anyone who spots what this weekend's faffing has brought about...
  3. I was brought home in one like this in 1980. My little boy was brought home in this, back in 2012
  4. @Datsuncog That's awesome, thank you. Let me know once my tat box is ready to post and the cost please.
  5. Did someone spill their curry in the spare wheel? Should have used the hook!
  6. @ProgRocker - Wasn't it the Smart fourtwo that was rear engined? I thought the forfour was standard FWD layout? Then there's the Chevrolet Corvair, which was a huge success *
  7. Yep, the one reason that of all the money I owe, my priority is paying back HMRC the money they accidentally gave me many years ago. Still my fault of course... Agreed about not burying your head on debts. The best way if things are a bit tight is to start making a token payment, this goes wonders toward how future debt collecting goes and how they treat you. @outlaw118, While we are on the subject, why is it that low value debts, say 500 quid ish, they seem to chase with more fervor, yet if you owe thousands, the chasing is a bit more laid back? Is it to do with the fact* that debts under a grand are not worth going to court over? *I was in debt collection years ago, and this was regularly mentioned. May have just been that company's policy...
  8. I've got that model, and the HW Superbird. I'll try to take pics at some point to show the many differences.
  9. Then there's the dozy idiots who will stop and wave you across a roundabout when they have right of way. I just sit there and wait - 'I can do this all day' 😂
  10. I agree completely on the Samara, it could have been great. I had a 'Flyte' special edition and it was woeful. It had a tiny 'sports' steering wheel which made the steering feel even heavier. Plus it was mostly held together with filler when I got it. Would have loved to keep it but I did not have the skills to save it. Brochure pics. And this was my one. Rip K927CGS
  11. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/592034441617578/ New springs ALL ROUND?? Am I missing something?
  12. 2 things are bugging me at the moment. 1. Remember I got offered a new position within the company I work for back end of November? Well, I still have not been given a date for the change, anything in writing, or indeed the increased salary. And now I'm being dragged into a big transformation project in my current department, even though I'm likely to be moving departments in the next month. And I know it will happen as I have interviewed my replacement, offered her the job and she has taken it. Oh, but we have to find a replacement for her current role! And the merry go round starts again. I'm not making sense am I? Anyone know of an Inventory /Procurement role coming up somewhere? 2. People who park up on a road with lots of parked cars at night / early morning and leave their lights on. So when you are driving along, or coming around the corner, you stop / pause thinking there is a car coming, then nothing. Only to discover Dick Head sitting in his car chatting on the phone with his engine running and lights ablaze. Fucking have some courtesy eh? Cunts.
  13. @Datsuncog Doc junior has asked for this gold thing, if it is still around next time please..
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