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  1. Can't be the back box, it's not original, and on the opposite side to the knock. The Metro is going in to get the clutch done on Monday, all being well.
  2. Can't seem to get the fuelling right and there's the knock from the rear that I can't trace. It's doing my head in. It's going to be easier to sell too. I'll probably sell the Metro too, so if anyone wants it, find me a Suzuki Wagon or something to replace it.
  3. Well, I finally hit the bottom. Burnt out completely at work and been signed off. I can't do this anymore with crap cars. Got someone coming to look at the Fenlander in the next few days. Not sure what to do about the Metro. I desperately need to do the clutch, it is starting to slip a bit now. Been quoted anything from 125 to 360 to get it done but the cheaper price is too far away. I might just have to get something cheap and modern for a while until I recover. 😕 I'm fine though, I'll be back once I'm normal again. If ever.
  4. I doubt it's made that much of an impact on here, but I've not been posting much as I'm going through a difficult time. Job is difficult - I've ended up taking a backwards step due to a department reshuffle. It hasn't affected my money, but I'm back to the old stress + the pressure of the new role I took. Plus my mental state isn't pretty right now, struggling with executive disfunction and the usual anxiety. Hence why I'm not trying to sell / buy a car really. I think having two working cars is better for me than only one and/or trying to obtain another.
  5. Changed the fuel hoses to clear to try to chase the air leak. I just love* the taste of diesel... Absolutely no bubbles in the 'in' pipe, but occasional small bubbles in the return hose. I'm suspecting a small return pipe may be at fault, and air is jumping back in when I come off the accelerator.
  6. Ebay. They are OK, but the holes are a bit wonky so they don't quite sit on the axles right. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/173542239782
  7. No, I was looking for the original pictures, covered in glitter and shit..
  8. Shitroen is getting better. Can anyone find the pics of what it used to look like? @Datsuncog?
  9. The PandaRod is coming along slowly...
  10. Having discovered that the Maestro I'd promised to @Six-cylinder didn't work, I set about repairing it. Drilled out the rivets and cleaned all the contacts - good as new! Now to figure out how to screw it back together and get the battery door to stay shut...
  11. Goals? https://m.facebook.com/marketplace/item/3256536867777371/
  12. Did you get that Escort off me or do we have identical ones?
  13. It's a bit tatty and the door is broken on the bottom. I'll send it to you, you can make one good one out of the two and send me the remaining one/bits as I'll modify /custom it. Drop me a pm with address etc as I don't have it..
  14. Yeah, sounds like a plan. I'll dig mine out tomorrow...
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