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  1. Don't forget Essex 😁 The epic 23 hour collection trip certainly won't be forgotten in a hurry. 😆
  2. Holy crap, that poor 320i must think nobody wants it.
  3. Yeah, alternator fitted and the 'extra' wire doesn't appear to affect anything...
  4. Yeah, arrived this morning. Haven't had a chance to check how they work, as flattened the battery again. Need to get it out for a run to charge it, but can't as it won't stay running.... Catch 22 situation
  5. After doing some faffing on the Mazda, we left to go out shopping. As we drove out of the car park entrance, there was a loud bang, as if we'd crashed. Turns out I'd left the driver's side rear door open, it had swung open and hit the wall as we went past. Not too much damage, but still feel really silly.
  6. HT leads on. No change. Will keep trying...
  7. I think it's fine. I started it up again today, bearing in mind I haven't driven anywhere, and only ran it for 10 minutes yesterday, and it started without much difficulty. I'd call that a success. Just the running issues to sort now.
  8. Holy shit. They did a saloon? Wow.
  9. That would work, I think the rolling radius won't be much different.
  10. Piddly 13s on this I'm afraid. Have you got nothing on rims? This will be 4 x 100 I think...
  11. Just to confirm - yes it does. 'Fully loaded' 'top of the range' etc.
  12. Getting a bit of a list together.. Dizzy cap Rotor arm Vacuum hose, and lots of it, but need to check the diameter. Fuel hose. Alternator and Power steering belts. Rocker cover gasket Satin black paint for window surrounds etc And then the more expensive stuff. Two tyres (Will do part worns to start with) Battery? Depending on how knackered this is.
  13. Plugs en route, wheel bearing I will assess once I actually get the car moving - not sure which one needs doing.
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