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  1. I'm going to guess a 1998 Corsa B 1.0 12v in Blue.
  2. @bunglebus That BTCC BMW is amazing, would love one of those. Did they do any of the other touring cars in 1:64 scale?
  3. Well that's the dodgy tyre situation sorted. Looks a bit over-wheeled, can you believe they are only 14s? 😁 As a plus point, the speedo is now more accurate!
  4. I've only driven one, a test drive of a rather tired diesel estate one, but it was amazing, especially on country roads. I bottled it because of an ominous hissing noise every so often and I didn't know if it was normal or there was suspension failure lurking. I will own one at some point I hope.
  5. Yeah, we had a purge to get rid of all the mackems, so a username with S.A.F.C in it would get you black flagged 😜😘
  6. Not yet, apparently one is on its way... I bet there isn't that much more room in the Maserati either.
  7. No, bigger tank in this. 34 quid to fill it the other day, from just above the red. Oh, and I've done nearly 100 miles since full.
  8. I've got a thing for taking photos of the Kelisa next to ridiculously huge moderns, don't know why... Did some 'off-roading' while in an overspill car park. That hill is steeper than the photo suggests. And hit a milestone. Was coincidental that I'd stopped and looked at the miles.
  9. That Junior is flippin amazing! Black bumpers and steelies FTW. I'd love (if I won the lotto) to go into a dealer and spec a brand new car in the most basic spec possible I was gutted when i found out they had stopped doing the Dacia Logan with steels
  10. They were moving abroad. Story seemed feasible as the whole house was very bare and she was an aussie.
  11. Let me know the page and I'll join 😊
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