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  1. This is a fair point. The flat part of the tread must be vertically below the arch, or it falls foul of 'the rules' I know this from my years as a 'blue forum' member. That's why a lot of modified cars ran stretched tyres, to achieve 'poke' without breaking the rules. Of course, this all is a moot point as an individual officer can make a call 'in their opinion' and it is up to the motorist then to prove innocence. That can get messy. Trust me, I ended up with 3 points and a fine many years ago for having no battery clamp - long before it became an MOT item. On a positive note, the Discovery looks awesome, and as long as you don't drive like a dick, you shouldn't* have any issues. *Not a lawyer.
  2. You're welcome to borrow the Fenlander if you get stuck ๐Ÿ˜
  3. Might need to find some of the missing lacquer too..
  4. I'd like the Panda please if possible?
  5. Well, it's yours, next time I'm posting stuff your way. Littlun says it's OK. What's the gendarme thing in the middle? I'm obsessed with French Solidos at the moment. ๐Ÿ˜
  6. Nice DS with the Autoshite initials on the roof ๐Ÿ˜ Who was it who wanted this?
  7. Phaeton They are just generic Solido wheels, I might change them when I find some decent ones.
  8. Having a 'can't do anything right' day, after starting to do the power steering belt and realising I can't. So I decided to paint the headlight trims. Hope they come out OK...
  9. Car boot sale was disappointing this morning. No diecast stalls. One stall had a box of Chinese crap, but managed to find these among them. 10p each isn't bad.
  10. I like the wheels on those, what make are they?
  11. Oh go on then, if you insist. I was bidding on a guisval one with no doors but got sniped at the last second. This was my consolation prize. I'm going to repaint it like my old one I had a few years ago.
  12. Can I get away with just saying that I had a Talbot Horizon delivered yesterday and not post pictures?
  13. Am I broken? Why does that appeal to me? I reckon a decent weekend detwatting it and then fix things as you go....
  14. Currently walking 2.5 miles to collect it. Damn I'm unfit!
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