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  1. Yeah, I've took my time today. Both sets of shoes changed. Bled and working. Battery cut off fitted to Punto so I can avoid whatever is draining it. My back is sore now. Pics. Metro hit an ominous milestone today Tried the wide wheel on the front - not much rubbing. Painted front steels silver to match
  2. Today has been a fun day of changing brake shoes, adjuster and cylinder. Took a while to bleed them and the brake fluid came out looking like cappuccino 😳 Time for a fluid change I think! About to go back out and do the other side, luckily just the shoes to change on that side
  3. Urgh. Someone left an interior light on all week.
  4. I've bled the system more and now I can get the air to go warm. If I have it cold and wait for a bit, then flip to hot it give a blast of lovely hot air, but then gradually gets cooler, but stays relatively warm. It's a hell of an improvement over where it was.
  5. Unfortunately it does feel like it is doing something - there's a thud and the fan note audibly changes, so I'm quite sure it isn't that. If only.
  6. Screw that. Its an end of life car, I'll just cope with a tepid heater until I'm finished with it. 😕
  7. Both hoses are hot at the bulkhead, so I'm at a loss.
  8. Done the thermostat on the Punto and bled the system. Is this a heater matrix and should I be worried that a previous owner thought to leave one in the car? Still can't get the heater to blow warm. 😔
  9. Ah. Adjuster snapped. Cylinder is also leaking so have ordered one to be safe
  10. Good old Fenlander still plodding on, that's nice to hear. Did you notice there's chrome plates also on the back door sills? It was a little touch my littlun asked me to do, I cut down the front ones from another car and screwed over the top of the plastic ones. 😁
  11. So, I've ordered the brake shoes for the Metro, I may take a day off work to sort. Anyone fancy helping? I hate drum brakes! Still haven't got round to sorting the Punto heating, but I just go out with coat, scarf, gloves etc. It is proving to be very capable in the snow/ice, I guess it helps having half decent tyres. Of course I haven't tried out its rally capabilities with a few handbrake induced slides round corners, that would be childish and irresponsible.
  12. https://m.facebook.com/groups/712366136149860/permalink/726754328044374/ @trigger 🤣
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