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  1. It's a winner machine that's for sure. Manual gearbox makesbit better in my viewpoint. 2 randoms please when / if it comes up for sale again.
  2. It's annoying, my missus is away for two days so it would be a perfect time to replace the rear springs, but I'm confined to my bed at the moment due to my back. Getting old sucks. 😔
  3. Just to report, drove the Fenlander to Chelmsford and back yesterday afternoon and it was fine, apart from the occasional slight cough it has always had, you know, the one I was trying to eliminate by replacing the fuel lines and filter in the first place? 😂 Oh well, it's not causing any issues, I'll just ignore it.
  4. I see oval tracks in that car's future if not careful. 😔
  5. I've hurt my back and I mean really hurt it. Well, to be more precise, my back/side below my ribcage. I twisted when moving a rack yesterday and felt it go. I've woken up in agony this morning and unless I'm completely still I'm in searing pain. Even when still, the pain is still there. Going to dose up on painkillers as I need to take my missus to the station this morning as she's away at a work meeting for two days. I'll not tell her this, but not sure if I can manage alone... I had to get her to sit me up earlier 😩 I guess that rules out finishing the work on the car 😂😢
  6. It's not me, I'm sad to say. This car has never been available at the right time for me, otherwise I'd have loved a go.
  7. I think if there is doubt in your mind at all, it is the right thing to do to walk away. It's been a while since I've actually viewed a car before buying, but I'd rather walk away and wonder what if? than buy it and be kicking myself for ignoring my instincts.
  8. Mind you, now all I can taste is diesel. Some pictures, just because.
  9. I found out that I should have been priming it with the ignition on to let fuel past the cutoff solenoid. Sucked the fuel through the pump via the return pipe, hooked the jump leads to the Corsa and voila!
  10. New filter added. Still nothing apart from a few coughs. Fucksake! Corsa has the right idea
  11. Yeah, it's definitely not a misfire, but I think it's a combination of a couple of things, perhaps a steering bush as well as unbalanced wheels maybe.
  12. It's more the noise than the feel, but yeah I can feel it through the wheel
  13. I'm confused. There's a horrible shaking from the front of the Corsa at certain speeds, like a duff ball joint or something. It's occasional though, depending on road surface or in fact how quickly I accelerated. I've had the car up on the jack and I can't detect any movement. Could it be as simple as needing the wheels balanced? I've just had a thought while typing this, that I only jacked up each side individually, perhaps if I get both wheels off the ground it will become more apparent. Possibly steering related?
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